Astrological Ramblings

The idea for this entry came to me when I answered someone’s question on reddit about stelliums. The question of “What is a stellium?”/“Do I have a stellium in my chart?”/“Tell me about my stellium!” seems to get asked a lot. Whether I’m being asked about this directly when reading a client’s chart, or I just notice people asking these questions on forums (like reddit) as I creep in the shadows and answer questions (hahahaha!), it seems like everyone has questions about stelliums. But….astrologers can’t really seem to come to a consensus as to what exactly constitutes one. This is probably because there are many different ways to read a chart, and really, it’s such an intuitive process that no one is really right or wrong. Over the 20 years that I have been doing this, I have come up with my own “guidelines” for reading stelliums in natal charts, and rules for deciding what constitutes a stellium in the first place. But before we get to all that, first a bit of pertinent information:**A stellium is a massive group of planetary/celestial body energy in one’s natal chart in one location (such as having 4 planets in the 11th House). All of the planets might be in one house or sign, or the planets may cross over into two signs and/or two houses (though some astrologers don’t count a stellium as a stellium if all the planets aren’t in the same sign or house). Just as an example of what […]