Astrological Ramblings

I have never written about the Galactic Center, but it has been a focus of mine and on my radar for well over a year and a half (probably closer to two years at this point). Natalie (my partner in crime) and myself have tossed around ideas about the Galactic Center (the GC) – even during the process of creating the Star Cards, we would still toss around ideas about the GC here and there. So, earlier this year after the release of the Star Cards, we put out a “call” to anyone who might have planets conjunct or opposite the Galactic Center. For anyone who is interested about the original post on our subreddit, r/letsfuckwithastrology, here is the link: Why did I post that here? Because this post actually gives a decent over-view of where our minds were at the time that we put out this “call” to anyone who may have planets conjunct the GC or opposing the GC. Also, the post tells you how to pull the GC on your own chart. It isn’t a fixed star, but it moves very, very slowly like a fixed star moves – currently it is at roughly 27-degrees Sagittarius. Below you will find my chart with the GC pulled so you can get an idea of what the symbol will look like when you pull it in your own chart. The Galactic Center is in the cluster fucked 1st House, where the symbol “*Gala 26 41” is in the house. […]