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Here is the video I made about the GC in the 1st through 6th Houses, for all of you that are interested (and watchers rather than readers). Here is the video for the GC in the 7th through 12th Houses. I wanted to type something up about some thoughts on the GC in the different houses – taking the conjunctions to the GC and everything else that has been the focus of the research off of the table for just a second. Regardless if someone has conjunctions to the GC, Jupiter RX, conjunctions to the Galactic Anti-Center, and/or trines to the GC (or some other things that I’ve mentioned), the GC still feels like it would be important in the chart. Since the Earth orbits the Sun, and the Sun orbits the GC, it seems fundamental to the chart, regardless of if the planets in your chart make any of the GC contacts I’ve gone on about in other blog posts and videos or not. . How might the GC/GaC axis function in your own chart just taking the houses into account? Let’s take a look at some possibilities, keeping the below in mind as you read: **Keep in mind that these are more general ideas and you would want to take the whole chart into account. These will probably need to be tailored some for the particular chart that you are looking at. Just use these to get your own creativity going for ideas and for synthesis. **Keep the […]