Astrological Ramblings

Back in January on the subreddit r/letsfuckwithastrology, me and Natalie put out a “call” to people to participate in a questionnaire ON the Galactic Center. When we started this questionnaire we were putting out a “call” to people who specifically have planets, Chiron, the Major Angles, and the North/South Node conjunct the GC. The orb we were looking at (and still are looking at) is 10 degrees applying to the GC and 10 degrees separating from the GC (so from roughly 16-degrees Sagittarius to 6-degrees Capricorn). So, anyone with planets that fall somewhere from 16-degrees Sagittarius to 6-degrees Capricorn were invited to participate. We ended up then adding a few questions to the bottom of the questionnaire which also included some stuff about the oppositions to the GC, though this was only intended to be answered by people who had GC conjunctions and oppositions. **In the people’s chart that answered the questionnaire, the GC would be 26-degrees and some odd minutes Sagittarius. Currently, just for reference, the GC is at 27-degrees and 09 minutes Sagittarius. This blog post is going to cover some of the findings from the research thus far – some different patterns that I’ve noticed from going over the charts of the people who participated. Now, these patterns that I have really taken notice of weren’t originally in our frame of reference when the research began. These patterns came from the different research that I’ve done on whistleblowers, truth-tellers/truth-seekers, conspiracy theorists, etc. that, since now observed, have […]