Ellie’s Magical Chart Weaving Learning Machine

Something I put up on Instagram

I have been asked by people before if I was ever going to teach an astrology course (which is something I have wanted to do for a while), but the time wasn’t right before.

Now…..the time is right for something new. Fuck yes.

This course will be 16 weeks – I have settled on that (there is no way we can get to everything I think is really important in only 12 weeks). This would make the course last from April 24, 2022 through August 7, 2022 (Sundays for an hour to an hour and a half each class). I’m not sure about the time of day right now, but I’m thinking around 1 or 2 pm CST. These will be done over zoom, and they will be recorded so that students can have a copy of each class. There will also be homework involved which students are free to do or not do – I just want to give everyone learning from me every opportunity possible to learn as much as they can.

The course will cover the following:
*All the signs
*All the planets
*All the houses
*The different ways that natal charts are created (house systems)
*Planetary dispositions (by house and sign)
*Intercepted signs in houses
*Retrograde planets (this will probably be a whole week to itself)
*Chiron, the Nodal Axis, and Black Moon Lilith
*Aspects between the planets (the major aspects and the quincunx)
–we may go into the “minor” aspects
*Midpoints will at least get touched on
*The actual synthesis of the chart (weaving it all together, looking for chart signatures, etc.) – this will be a couple of classes at the end of the course

Since I consider myself to be an eclectic astrologer, I combine traditional and modern methods to chart reading and will teach different methods from different schools of thought throughout this course that I implement in practice.

This course will be $500. I am willing to do payment plans. I will also make myself available to students a couple of days a week for any questions they may have (not sure which days and times yet, but I won’t leave anyone learning from me in the lurch).

If anyone is interested in taking this course, email me at saturnseason@gmail.com or at ellie@saturnseason.com (it’s a new email that will go along with the facelift my website is getting soon, lol) and let me know. Space is limited – as I mentioned in the picture, I’m only taking 4 to 8 students max (I want people to be able to learn from me and from each other in a more intimate setting).

This will be a lot of fucking fun! I hope to see some of y’all there ^_^

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