Astrological Ramblings

Asteroid Astrology! While asteroids aren’t necessary to read a chart (the meat and potatoes will always be with the planets, the nodal axis, etc.), they can add another layer to chart weaving (and asteroids are also just A LOT of fun!). A friend of mine made the comment a while back that the incorporation of asteroids is like the fine tuning of an instrument, and I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. As I’ve been going through my website (on the back-end cleaning things up), I noticed that while I have certainly written about certain asteroids (and have done even more videos for the YouTube channel on asteroids) I have never written about HOW to read asteroids in a natal chart….so that’s what this post is about. Obviously, this is an opinion piece, MY opinion on how to read asteroids in a chart. But! The way that I do this does resonate with clients, so I feel like I’m doing something right with the way that I approach reading the asteroids. First of all, there are SO MANY asteroids to choose from in the asteroid databank, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin. If you are wanting to start fucking with asteroids but aren’t sure where to start, Chiron should be at the top of your list with which to look. Starting with some of the major ones to see where they land in your chart like the Asteroid Goddesses (Vesta, Pallas, Juno, and Ceres) might be […]


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