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Astrologer. Chart Weaver. Researcher. Truth Seeker. Fucking Weirdo. Star Witch.

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Welcome to Saturn Season Astrology, y’all.

I’m Ellie ^_^ your resident astrologer & star witch.

It took me a long time to become “comfortable” with calling myself an astrologer. This wasn’t because of a lack of knowledge – astrology has been a part of my lifeblood since I was a pre-teen (around 10 years old or so – I’m 33 now for reference), studying and soaking up as much information as I possibly could about this discipline. Maybe some of the reason I had a difficult time giving myself this label is because I don’t always feel like the most “professional” of people in general and I don’t take myself too seriously. This, though, doesn’t translate to not taking this work seriously (reading for people is a deeply serious thing to me). Maybe some of my apprehension with giving myself this label also had to do with not firmly falling into one specific school of astrological thought. Eclectic Astrology is my thing and is what you’ll get from me – I take things from Evolutionary, Psychological/Modern, and Traditional schools of thought and blend them together. We can embrace the new while still honoring the old (there is nothing wrong with that). I’m not really one to stuff myself in a box. I won’t stuff you in a box, either – I’d much rather help you break the fuck out of “boxes.”

Astrology is so much more and goes so much deeper than the Sun Sign Horoscopes that you will read online, trying to predict your upcoming month based solely on your “big three” or giving you keywords about how you “should” act because you are a certain Sun Sign. We are all complex beings, and our own Natal Charts are pictures of just how complex (and divine) we all really are in our own unique ways…..like a cosmic finger print of sorts (or perhaps, even like the “cosmic code” to this game called life). I want to help people to grow into the best possible version of themselves.

When reading charts (all different types of astrological charts), I try to tailor the experience to the person as much as possible. What do you really want to know? Which of life’s many questions would you like made just a little more clear that would help you on your soul’s journey? If you have any questions about what it is I do, or what I can do for you, message me/leave a comment here, or you can shoot an email to [email protected]. Interested in having me read for you? Hop over to my Menu of Services page. Until you have questions of your own for me, feel free to check out my musings about different astrological topics under the astrological ramblings section, and my instagram @saturnseasonastrology. Wanna learn some astro stuff, but prefer to watch videos rather than read? Check out the Let’s Fuck with Astrology YouTube channel. If you are interested in learning the language of astrology for yourself (and I mean REALLY learn this shit and how to REALLY read a natal chart), check out the Star Cards.   

I accept donations, too! There are certain kinds of work that I do for people (like crime charts) that I don’t outright charge for (I’d feel like a total dick doing that, lol) – but I am happy to accept donations.
**You can find me on PayPal by searching for [email protected]. (I don’t actually expect anyone to do this, lol, but figured I’d throw it out there).