Hi fellow travelers 😺 welcome to Saturn Season.
In life I am many different things (as we all are), but it’s not until recently I felt fully comfortable calling myself an Astrologer in a professional capacity. Now, that’s not because of lack of experience or knowledge of this vast subject, for I’ve been studying and soaking this stuff up for the past 20 plus years (fuck, has it really been that long!? Where does time go?). It’s just that I never felt “professional” enough to give myself that label. Or maybe I had to go through my first Saturn Return to truly realize that an “Astrologer” is what I always have been, label attached or not.
Astrology is so much more than the Sun Sign Horoscopes that you will read online, trying to predict your upcoming month or giving you keywords about how you “should” act because you are a certain Sun Sign. We are all complex beings, and our own Natal Charts are pictures of just how complex (and divine) we all really are in our own unique ways…..like a cosmic finger print of sorts. Even twins can have different Natal Charts depending on the times that they were born.
When reading charts (all different types of astrological charts), I try to tailor the experience to the person as much as possible. What do you really want to know? Which of life’s many questions would you like made just a little more clear that would help you on your soul’s journey? If you have any questions about what it is I do, or what I can do for you, message me/leave a comment here, or you can shoot an email to [email protected]. Interested in having me read for you? Hop over to this page. Until you have questions of your own for me, feel free to check out my musings about different astrological topics under the astrological ramblings section, and my instagram @saturnseasonastrology. Wanna learn some astro stuff, but prefer to watch videos rather than read? Check out the Let’s Fuck with Astrology YouTube channel. If you are interested in learning the language of astrology for yourself (and I mean REALLY learn this shit and how to REALLY read a natal chart), check out the Star Cards
I accept donations, too! There are certain kinds of work that I do for people (like crime charts) that I don’t outright charge for (I’d feel like a total dick doing that, lol) – but I am happy to accept donations. Or if you wanna donate because you like my work and my research, you can find me on PayPal by searching for [email protected]. (I don’t actually expect anyone to do this, lol, but figured I’d throw it out there). 
Love your resident Star Witch,
Obligatory picture of myself lololololololol

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