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If you are interested in something more hybrid or focused in nature than what I have listed below (or even something less expensive than what a full chart reading entails), email me at I’m happy to accommodate and tailor the readings to what you want.

I am also happy to split the payments, such as half upfront and half when the work is completed. Let me know you want to pay this way and I will draft an invoice for you that utilizes this feature.

Here are some samples of my work in report format so you can have an idea of the work that I do (click the links/text below):

“The Biography” Natal Chart Reading

Karmic/Past Life Reading

These are not complete samples for privacy reasons. The natal chart reading that you order will cover EVERY house (not just the few shown in the sample). It will also have a light introduction in the last section dealing with the Nodal Axis.

I do all kinds of other readings as well:
-Transits and Progressions

-Horary/Event Charts

-Crime charts/missing people charts (I don’t charge a standard fee for this work – I feel like an asshole asking someone to pay me straight out for something like this, but I’m happy to take donations! My paypal account where I take donations is linked to my email,
-Life Span readings
-Solar Return and Time Lord Readings
…….and all kinds of readings in between.
If you are wanting me to do something for you that doesn’t have a “pay here” option, email me and I will draft the invoice for you ^_^

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