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If you would like a reading done by yours truly, email me at, or message me through the website. We can set something up and work something out! I’m fair with my pricing; full chart readings usually start at $60 USD and go up depending on what you want. I will work with you though, and I am fine doing split payments. 🙂

“The Biography” Natal Chart Report —Starts at $60 USD

This would be a personalized natal chart reading compiled in a report of 20 plus pages all about you! It includes information on the Houses, Planets and Aspects in your chart and how that all comes together to create the uniquely divine individual that is you. The planetary bodies analyzed here are the Sun, Moon and all the planets, as well as Chiron and the North and South Nodes

“The Quick & Dirty Lowdown” — $20 USD for 20 minutes kind of thing

This is a much shorter version of the above Biography Natal Chart mentioned, and is done over the phone. Text me and let me know you’re interested in obtaining this reading, as well as your pedigree information (Date of Birth/Time of Birth/Place of Birth) to 713-543-1878, along with any specific questions you may have. After that, we can set up a time to talk over the phone. If you don’t have any specific questions, I will let my intuition guide me through the reading and really focus on things that speak to me. Keep in mind I am operating under Central Standard Time, but am more than willing to accommodate people in other time zones ^_^

“Karma’s Only A Bitch If You Are” Karmic Report—Starts at $60 USD

A Karmic Astrological Reading/Report. This one is a lot of fun to work up. It includes information about possible past life situations and themes, as well as what the point of this life actually is for you. What your soul wants to evolve into in this lifetime and where your soul wants to go. The Draconic Chart will be gone over as well

Asteroid Report ———Price Upon Request

*This report can be added on to the Basic Natal Chart Reading, or done a la cart. It would cover the major asteroids Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta. Chiron would be included here if done a la cart. It also includes Eris, Pholus and Nessus. If there are other asteroids you want to know something about instead one of the ones listed, let me know and I can swap one of my usual ones out for ones you want to know about

“Don’t You Want Me, Baby?” Synastry Chart Reading ——Starts at $60 USD

This is a Synastry Chart Reading complied into an easy to read report form. This is a report done up about you and another person, and what you both bring to (and into) your relationship with one another. Planets, houses and aspects between both charts are thoroughly considered to give you a clear idea of the definite strengths between your individual energies coming together, as well as possible difficulties and how to get past them. This synastry report can be done with all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones.

“The Story of Us” Composite Chart Reading —Starts at $60 USD

This Composite Chart Reading is written up in report form (usually over 20 pages) of you and another person of your choice. Basically, a Composite Chart takes the averages of the different planetary positions between two people’s Natal Charts and creates a whole new (hypothetical) chart. Where Synastry Reports show the different individual strengths and weakness between two people, this is a chart of the actual relationship and how you function as “one.” It can help to give a clearer idea of your strengths and weaknesses as one entity, as well your relationships core purpose.

A la Carte Reading ———- Price Upon Request

This reading is based completely on some specific questions that you want to know more about in your Natal Chart (or any sort of chart, really). For example, maybe you’ve had a full natal chart reading before, but are still really curious about diving deeper into your 8th and 12th Houses, as well as your Pluto and North Node Conjunction. This is the reading that will answer those questions. I will dive into those questions while still taking the whole chart into account (and I will go much more in depth than I do on the forums that I creep on and answer questions). So, basically, a mini-reading about stuff that you are really interested understanding better.

Transit Report —— Price upon request, but I’ll work with you

This reading is a report of the Transits in the Sky at a certain time and how those impact your natal chart and progressed chart. This will give you an idea of what is coming around the corner in different areas of your life (things such as if you’re about to meet someone special or if you should jump and make that move across country). Transit readings can also be done to synastry and composite charts as well. I say price upon request because the price will really depend on how far into the future you’re wanting me to look, if there are certain areas of life you’re only wanting me to focus on, etc.