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If you are interested in a reading by yours truly (astrology or tarot), email me at, or message me through the website.

I do readings a couple of different ways:
1. We can talk on the phone/zoom/etc. I charge $50 USD for 30 minutes. We can talk about anything astrological that you want.
2. I do from-scratch reports of your reading (some people would prefer to read their reading as opposed to talking). These start at $100 USD.
**I’m fine doing split payments as well, such as half up front and half when the reading takes place or the report is complete.**

I do all kinds of readings:
-Natal Charts Readings
-Karmic & Past Life Readings (taking the Draconic Chart into consideration)
-Transits and Progressions
-Synastry & Composite Chart Readings
-Horary/Event Charts
-Life Span readings
-Solar Return and Time Lord Readings
…….and more!

Here is a sample of the Karmic/Past Life work that I do in the report form, so you can see what to expect (in either report form or over the phone):
Sample Report (<—— click it)

**I also do tarot and oracle readings, too. These are done over the phone or zoom (or something like zoom). These run $30 USD for 20 minutes. Ask the cards anything you want ^_^