Chiron (the wounded healer) in the natal chart shows where our source of deepest wounding is in our lives. This wounding usually occurs during one’s childhood (what are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives have a tendency to fuck us up the worst), and it is a deep wound that never quite heals itself completely or correctly. Ironically enough, we are usually quite skilled at healing and helping OTHER people in the very way that we ourselves are wounded……we just have a hard time helping and healing ourselves. This all goes back to Chiron in mythology. The quick and dirty version of events goes as follows: Chiron is wounded by Hercules on accident with arrows coated in Hydra blood, and the wounds made by these arrows caused wounds that would never totally heal (and were quite painful). Chiron being immortal (a product of rape (his first wounding) and the offspring of Kronos and Philyra) meant that he could never die, but those wounds from the arrows would also never heal. Chiron wasn’t able to be released from his wounds until he took the place of Prometheus. Prometheus was chained to a rock by Zeus for his crime and had his liver eaten by an eagle daily, his liver then healed, and the bird would come back the next day to start the process over. By taking Prometheus’ place, Chiron was then made mortal and was finally able to die and be released from his wounds. 
……yeah, a depressing fucking story. Good news is that it doesn’t take death to release us of from our Chiron wounding in this lifetime. Just like in the mythology of Chiron taking one for the team for Prometheus, the way to handle and heal our own Chiron is to help other people that find themselves in similar sorts of circumstances of where we ourselves our wounded. The only way to work our Chiron out is to work THROUGH it, and the best way to work through it is by helping and healing someone/something else.

**I want to point out that these are just the descriptions of Chiron in each of the Houses. How all of this will play out in reality will depend on the chart as whole (such as different aspects made to Chiron).**

Chiron in the 5th House: Chiron in the 5th House can show some difficulty with how the native expereiences joy and pleasure. It may feel almost impossible for this person to really let their hair down, let their creativity and self-expression come out, and just “play.” Childhood can prove to be a more difficult and serious time for the native, with them possibly not being allowed or afforded the freedom to really “play” like children are usually allowed to do. This could be because of their parents just straight up not allowing the native to be childlike in childhood, instead wanting them to grow up and get serious at a young age. It could’ve also been out of necessity for some reason, such as the native was forced to grow up quickly because of the responsibilities placed on them (such as having to play a surrogate parent to younger brothers and sisters because the parents worked and needed a babysitter). This lack of being able to play can cause the person to end up feeling shy and awkward around their own peers growing up, never really feeling like they are able to get in on the fun other people are having (or possibly, that they aren’t even worthy of having this fun in the first place). It can also make the native apprehensive in regards to their own children, or even just the possibility of having their own children, due to the way they were brought up. There is probably some fear that their own wounding stemming back from childhood will follow them in the parenting of their own children. People with Chiron in the 5th are actually quite superb with children though (their own or other people’s), and children are actually a huge key in the person’s healing. Just working with children (probably children who’ve had a hard go of it in some way), playing with them (and thus learning how to really play and be childlike themselves) is deeply healing for the native and their Chiron wounds here.

Chiron in the 6th House: When Chiron finds itself in the 6th House, this tends to mean that the native has some wounding dealing with their own health, to their own sense of perfection and what that looks like, to daily routine, and to service. If the wounding has to do with the health (physical and mental) of the native, it could be anything from real health issues that the native experienced growing up and the trauma from this really left its mark, to the person being so wrapped up in the idea of being healthy that they almost become chaotic about it. They may be too rigid in terms of keeping their body perfect and healthy that they actually end up making themselves anxious about the whole thing and causing things like psychosomatic illnesses to occur. If the idea of being healthy deals with the native’s wounding, they could’ve grown up in a family that was too strict in terms of health (such as what the native could and couldn’t eat, etc). Growing up there could’ve been issues that the natives had with following the rountines of mundane daily life (either too rigid in structure, or way too lax). There could also be issues dealing with the idea of service; perhaps there was a time in the native’s upbringing where they felt that someone should’ve been of service to them in some way, and it didn’t happen. Since helping people heal themselves is a way to heal one’s own Chiron, the best way the person can start to heal their 6th House Chiron here is to serve other people (this usually comes naturally to Chiron here). This can be a very physically healing placement for Chiron; these people can very easily be born natural healers. By helping and healing people in the areas of health, perfection, routine and service, they are able to heal their own Chiron wounds.

Chiron in the 7th House: Chiron here in the 7th can indicate some type of wounding regarding intimate one-on-one/close relationships. These could be relationships that the native witnessed growing up that were’t very functional (such as that of the parents). Maybe the native’s parents divorced, or they weren’t particularly close to either parent growing up. It could also deal with wounding that they experienced early only (in adolescence or childhood) pertaining to a boyfriend or even a close and intimate friendship. Regardless of how this wounding manifests itself in the native’s life, it tends to leave some serious abandonment issues in its wake. Chiron in the 7th can also have taught the native early on about how cruel people can be by way of things like the native suffering from some form of neglect, and even outright abuse, from those that are supposed to be closest to the native. Because of all of this, the native can have a difficult time forming really functional relationships of their own as adults. I do believe they try here, but something about Chiron here in the 7th causes the native to be attracted to people who are already wounded themselves in some way that just doesn’t tend to work out with Chiron’s wounding here. Also, the native may attract people to them that can sense Chiron’s wounding here, and this person may exploit the native’s wounding in some way. Basically, issues dealing with close intimate one-on-one relationships need to be healed, and one of the best ways for the native to heal their own Chiron here is to help other people. Whether this is just by way of being an ear for friends to talk about their own relationship issues (these people usually give really good relationship advice), to actually being a relationship therapist, or something in between. By helping other people in this area of life, they will be able to learn more about the way they function in relationships, and why…..thus helping to heal their own wounds here.

Chiron in the 8th House: Chiron finding itself here in this house can cause the native to have some kind of wounding regarding the different themes ruling the 8th House. More often than not, the wounding tends to have something to do with sex, money, and/or loss. If loss is the wounding here, the native could’ve lost something or someone very important to them in their early life. This could be losing someone that was very important to the native by way of death (the 8th House traditionally rules death, but it’s the death of other people, not of the native), to losing someone they cared about who moved away beyond their grasp. It could also just be that the native lost something very important to them, something they tried with all their might to hold on too and were not able. The wounding could also deal with the way the native thinks about sexuality, and this could be due to the early family’s attitude and approach to sex in general (it may have been taught as something completely off-limits and dirty), or could be due to the native having suffered some form of sexual abuse in their childhood/adolescence. Other people’s money can be a theme of wounding in the native’s life, and there could be some reason stemming back from childhood that makes the native think less of themselves if they should ever need financial help from anyone. They might have a downright aversion to ever borrowing money from anyone. If this is the case, it could have to do with their own families attitudes about borrowing money, or maybe their own family was involved in some type of borrowing that went horribly wrong (leaving the family in a financial cluster fuck). If any of this rings true for the person with Chiron in the 8th, helping other people in these same areas can help them to heal themselves. If you have an aversion to borrowing money, lending to other people could help you to heal. If sex is the wound, guiding other people with healthy forms of sexual expression is a great course of action (something you are probably very good at). If loss is the wound, helping other people to “let go” of the things that they carry in this arena will help you to heal yourself. Also, since this house is like the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, the wounding tends to exist on this bridge…..making it somewhat harder to heal than in other houses. But once Chiron heals itself here, the transformation is magnificent.

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