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**If you are more of a watcher than a reader, I have the first part of this blog post in video form here. Part II can be here. **

In this research, I feel like we can’t have a discussion about the Galactic Center and NOT bring into the equation the weird (and even dangerous) beliefs that some well-known people with GC contacts have fostered and spread far and wide (the people that I’m looking at here have had their beliefs infiltrate other areas of life outside of just their members in some form or fashion). Since the GC falls IN Sagittarius (and Sagittarius deals with notions of truth and belief, among other things), I figured I’d might find some wonky shit going on with some well known people who are well known for the “witnessing” of their beliefs. I have said several times that I don’t think the GC is universally “good” or “bad” – really, it just kind of “is.” These people, I’m thinking, used their GC connections in fucking warped ass ways (and it does seem that while the GC can be a way to expose “truth” and find “belief,” it might also have an ability to warp “truth” and “belief” as well. Could they have done something GOOD belief-wise if they had wanted too? Probably so. Did they – some seemed to do worse than others.

I want to point out quickly the kinds of people that I was looking for:
-Their beliefs had/have an influence on over 1000 people in some form or fashion
-Their beliefs infiltrated other areas of life outside of JUST them and their adherents
-These beliefs didn’t have to ONLY be spiritual/religious in nature, but any kind of belief was up for grabs (religious/spiritual/philosophical/political/etc.)
-The last chart I looked at isn’t for a single person, but for a group with fucked beliefs

I also want to point out that I have never said that the GC is a “good” or “bad” thing – it just kind of “is” (like the rest of the chart). I do think the GC can act as an amplifier (and can warp things) just due to all of the energy that is going on in and around it (and just by the ways that black holes function). The person in question with GC contacts gets to “choose” how they use this amplification and this warping in their own lives, just as they do with the rest of the chart. I just think this is probably pretty strong in the people who have GC contacts.

The chart above belongs to the piece of shit, Keith Raniere, who started the NXIVM cult. There is no time of birth for him on file, but that’s okay for the purposes of this exercise. Here we have Jupiter conjunct the GC, and Mars is CLOSE to the window for conjunctions that’s being looked at for the Anti-Center (but honestly, it’s a little too wide here for me to really focus on it). Uranus, Mercury, the Sun & Pluto are all trine the GC & sexile the GaC (which actually makes me think this fucker had several ways that he could’ve brought the GC truth and belief “Down to Earth” (but, obviously, probably went with one of the more fucked up possibilities of the bunch)). He doesn’t have any OOB planets, though Jupiter is the closest to being OOB (which is interesting since Jupiter goes OOB the least of all the planet). Notice though, he doesn’t have Jupiter Retrograde. And he is now in prison (which is obviously a good thing) – for 120 years lolololololol. I’ve mentioned before that I think Jupiter Rx and a conjunction to the GC can function as protective forces for the person doing their GC shit (whether that GC shit is used for the “good” or the “bad”). So I think it’s interesting that he probably won’t ever be a free man ever again.
-While there may not have been 1000 members of the NXVIM cult, they did infiltrate other areas facets of life with their sex trafficking and other horrible bullshit.

LOL so this chart belong to L. Ron Hubbard, or aka: the dork who started the Church of Scientology. We have a good time of birth on file for him, so this chart is “correct” (the whole chart can be taken into account). He actually did a bunch of other shit (definitely check out his wiki which is linked to his name) – there’s too much shit there to go into in this blog post, lol, but check it out if you’re unfamiliar with him. Hubbard had his rising conjunct the GC, and the Pluto Polarity Point (that feels like it would be…..really weird…..and that seems to ring true in his case). He had natal Pluto conjunct the GaC, with his Moon in Virgo, Venus in Aries, and Saturn in Taurus trine the GC/Sextile the GaC. And what do you know? He has Jupiter Rx. This fucker was a part of several controversies (even one called the “Snow White Program” which dealt with the church trying to purge the US government’s files from any unflattering documents and records it had about the Church of Scientology….🤣🤣). He was also tried in absentia in France for fraud stemming from the church (he received a fine and 4 years imprisonment, but never did his time). Somehow this fucker got away with not ever having to really “pay” for anything that he did, and I do think him having Jupiter Rx probably plays into this (he was “protected” – as annoying as that might be to say or think).

This chart belongs to the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith. There is a time of birth on file for him (it’s rated C, but it’s there so we’re going with it). You know, as weird as this sounds, I’m actually inclined to believe this fucker when he said that he was given visions and told to translate/write the Book of Mormon. That doesn’t mean that I agree with the Fundamentalist Mormon thing, but I am inclined to believe that Smith DID have SOME kind of contact with SOMETHING. Not only because of his chart and having Jupiter and the Sun conjunct the GC, but because WHEN he was supposedly told to translate the visions he was given into the book of Mormon, the date was September 22, 1827. On that day, the transit Sun would’ve been conjunct the Super Galactic Center (I will get a little more into the Super GC another time, but I do think the date is important here…and the fact that this fucking date is REMEMBERED from so many years ago also strikes me as interesting). Mars in his chart was OOB. However, I do think the angel could’ve picked a better “translator” – Smith has no trines to the GC/sextiles to the GaC meaning I think something could’ve gotten lost in translation as he was transcribing what the angel (or whatever the fuck it was) was telling/showing him. Another thing this could show an issue with is the reception of what he was set to translate – perhaps he didn’t bring it “Down to Earth” “correctly” (there were plenty of people who took issues with his beliefs). He also doesn’t have Jupiter Retrograde, so he was lacking one of the protective elements I’ve mentioned before. He and his brother were shot to death when a pissed off group of people got a hold of them in Illinois.

This chart belongs to the dickhead, Warren Jeffs, who was the leader of the FLDS church (I couldn’t mention Joseph Smith and then NOT talk about this asshole). Actually, I think Jeff’s creep ass is STILL the president of the FLDS church (even though he’s currently incarcerated). There is no good time of birth on file for him, but again, that’s okay for these purposes (we just won’t be counting the major angles or the houses). He has Venus and the North Node within the window that I’m looking for conjunctions to the GC, which puts the South Node conjunct the GaC. Both Pluto and Jupiter trine the GC/sextile the GaC, giving him a couple of different avenues to bring his beliefs down to Earth (and honestly, both feel kinda fucked here). Venus is OOB in his chart (this one clearly went OOB in a gross fucking way). Oh, and look! He doesn’t have Jupiter Rx….which seems important since he didn’t get away with his bullshit and is currently serving life in prison plus 20 years.

This is the chart for Kim II-Sung, the “Eternal Leader” of North Korea (running the country from 1948 to his death in 1988). He really could go on the list of politicians with GC connections that I want to do here pretty soon, but I put him on THIS list because of his philosophy/ideology of Juche (and this dictating much of how he ran North Korea). He has Jupiter Retrograde conjunct the GC (since the GC was at 25-degrees Sag when he was born, I would consider a 15-degree Jupiter as being conjunct). Pluto and Mars are conjunct the GaC, which also puts the Pluto Polarity Point (not pictured but directly opposite Pluto) right on the GC. His North Node, Sun, and Mercury Rx are trine the GC. His Mars is OOB. He does appear to have been protected via Jupiter Rx and the conjunctions to the GC because he died of a run of the mill heart attack when he was 82 (no weird circumstances surrounding his death, not assassinated, etc.).

This chart is a little different since it’s not for a specific person, but for the “start” of organization – the KKK. Since it was started by 6 different dick suckers, I decided to pull the chart for when the organization was created, which was on December 24, 1865 in Pulaski, TN. There is no time for this chart but that will be okay for this purpose (I just set the time to 12 pm). In this chart Venus, Mars, Mercury Rx, and the Sun are ALL conjunct the GC, with Uranus conjunct the GaC. Jupiter is not Rx in this chart and the klan, on the whole, has had many problems with the law throughout it’s history (rightfully so – they’re a bunch of assholes). The South Node is trine the GC (which is kind of weird, but with Mars, the planetary ruler of this South Node, conjunct the GC, I’m counting it). Mars and Uranus are OOB in this chart (both of which make contacts to the GC and GaC).

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  1. Joseph Smith dictated the words of the translation to scribes, mostly Oliver Cowdery. Because Joseph was translating a completely unknown language, he needed to rely on the Lord. One way the Lord helped was to provide physical instruments to aid Joseph in translating. Witnesses said Joseph looked into the instruments and that words appeared to him in English. The translation instruments included the “interpreters” or “Urim and Thummim”—two clear stones fastened in a metal rim so that Joseph could look through them. These had been given to Joseph along with the plates. Another instrument Joseph used was a “seer stone” that he would look into, often by placing it in a hat. Joseph had found this stone earlier and had used it to find hidden or lost things. He used both the interpreters and the seer stone as he translated, always relying on the inspiration of heaven. (

    • Ahhhh now that’s really interesting. I didn’t know about the tools that he interpreted with.

      I do feel like there was something amiss with the translation of WHAT he was translating – though maybe it was the tools used, or even the scribe, Oliver Cowdery. I definitely think he had contact with something though – that much I totally believe.

      • The whole ‘idea’ of the 2,000 year old scripture is that it was intended to show that the Lost Tribes of Israel moved to North America and, so, the USA is the Promised Land.

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