The Eighth House or: “The Bridge Between the Conscious & Unconscious Mind.”

The 8th House is a place that frequently gets brought up by people on forums, and I personally get a lot of clients asking questions about this particular house. What is it about this house that makes people so curious? What makes this house so intensely questioned, yet so misunderstood? I believe that this has a lot to do with the “unknown” quality of this house, since much of this house isn’t openly known or understood by the native. Above everything else that the 8th House represents, I find it to be representative of a bridge between the deep conscious (the 4th House) and the unconscious (the 12th house). The energy of the sign that sits on the 8th house tends to be on this 8th house bridge….not completely under a fog like it would be if it were in the 12th house, but somehow removed from the native. You probably use the energy in a more passive fashion, and this energy is waiting for the native to jump on that bridge to consciously claim it/them as their own in an active way. The same could be said for any planets and their energy that are found residing in this house. Until you claim these energies consciously for yourself, you may difficulty knowing when/where/how/why to use the energy in the first place.

The 8th House is traditionally said to rule over the areas of life dealing with sex and death. I personally disagree with this, only because it is so simplistic. Sex is involved with this house, but it isn’t the sort of sex that is fun or light, but the soulful merging with another person that tends to happen during sex when you really love someone and you can feel your souls becoming one while being intimate together. This sort of merging tends not to happen with just “anyone.” Also, the deep and soulful merging with another person that this house rules over doesn’t have to use sex as it’s only vehicle. There are other ways that you can deeply and soulfully merge with another person, such as being in a deep state of meditation with your “other,” spiritual experiences, hallucinogens (hahah, just kidding….kind of), etc. My point here is that the merging of souls is actually what matters here, not the actual sex part. Sex is just one way to achieve this state of deep and soulful merging that the soul of a person does need. And honestly, sex is probably the most understood way of achieving this soul merging on this planet, in this dimension (where we have physical bodies to keep our soul’s separate from those of other people). Other dimensions and other places probably have better ways to describe exactly what the merging of souls really is, probably because in other dimensions and other places there is no physical shell to keep one another so distant. Death is another area of life that gets lumped in with this house (and is a real pet peeve of mine). For me, physical death has always been better represented by the 4th House/the IC, especially with the IC being thought of as the “beginning and the end” of the natal chart (which is how I personally think of it). However, the 8th house absolutely does represent death and then rebirth (or transformation) in this particular incarnation. When a person transforms beyond what they have been into something new, and all that they could be, in this lifetime.

Transformation is absolutely a major theme of this house, as has been indicated in the above paragraphs. The sign’s energy that rules this house wants you to transform and actively embrace it’s energy, claiming it as your own. This house also wants all the planets that are found there (if any) to be claimed by the native and used as transport for evolving into a “higher” (and more spiritual) state of being. Depending on the chart of the person in question, the soulful merging that I mentioned above may not even have to do with another person at all, but may actually have to do with merging the parts of themselves that they actively claim from other areas of their chart with the energy of this house that is on that 8th house bridge. By merging these parts of yourself, you would end up engaging in that deep and soulful merging that the soul craves (and probably in the most important way…by feeling more complete in yourself).

Fears and learning to let go (and actually being able to let go) are also massive things that this house deals with. Until you fully embrace the sign’s energy that rules the 8th house cusp (and any planetary energy there) there may be a lot of fear dealing with the energy that the sign (and planets) represent. And the fear is there because you don’t fully know when/how/where/why to use that energy. For instance, someone with Cancer on the 8th house cusp may have some fears dealing with becoming a mother/parent (or just feeling uncomfortable with this notion). They may also have fears or issues with actually showing all the care and nurturing that Cancer typically wants to show. As another example, lets take someone with Capricorn ruling their 8th house cusp. This person may have issues and fears with fully understanding their own authority/being authoritative (or just authority in general), as well as having fears about maintaining stability (possibly feeling decently unstable at times) and having fears about persevering through & against all odds. There could also be some real fears with the concept of “transformation” in general, since Capricorn tends not to “do” change as well as other signs. Letting go of things (and learning to let go of things) is also something that this house absolutely rules over. On the opposite end of the axis, you have the 2nd house, and the 2nd house’s goal is to acquire as much as it can in the physical world. It want’s to acquire money (that it makes itself), values & self-worth (that are their own), and above all else, stability & security. The 8th House really isn’t about any of those things. The 2nd teaches how to gain things, and the 8th teaches you how to let go of things and how to learn to live with “less.” Since the 8th house is a very spiritual place, less is necessary for transformations here to occur (without all the extra shit and noise that we acquire in the physical world). There is also usually some fear of letting go of operating in the way that we have always operated from this house before we step onto that 8th house bridge and claim that sign (and planetary) energy as our own.

As far as the idea that this house rules over other people’s money and other people’s values, I feel like this really only comes into play if the deep and soulful merging that is needed to be done by this house happens with another actual person. Since you would be so deeply enmeshed with the “other,” you would merge your values and your money (etc) with your other. However, I don’t believe that money is really the point of the this house at all. Yes, the house rules over banks, loans and inheritances, but still, money isn’t the point. The point is to learn to do with less (from the physical world). I’ve always believed that if money was involved with this house at all on an individual level, it would be for the benefit of self transformation, and possibly even somewhat karmic (whether a financial gain or a loss). This house does give and take away though (especially things of benefit in the physical world), and if money were to be misused or abused, I imagine you would have to learn to do with “less” (financially) in this area of life.

Houses in Interception

I find houses in interception to be particularly interesting when I find them in a client’s natal chart. Some astrologers disregard the idea of intercepted houses as unimportant….to each their own, everyone reads a little differently. I feel like when intercepted houses are in a client’s natal chart, to leave them out of a reading would be doing the client an injustice. Intercepted Houses are when a house is located between two separate house cusps, but the house and sign in question rule over no actual house cusp of the own. An example of this below:

An example from a client’s chart with Aquarius Intercepted in the 3rd House, and Leo Intercepted in the 9th House (along with their Mercury, Sun and Moon also in interception). Aquarius and Leo are circled in Purple ^_^

As you can see from the example above, Aquarius and Leo rule over no house cusps of their own. Aquarius falls under the domain of Capricorn’s house, and Leo falls under the domain of Cancer’s house. Neither sign has any real way of easily expressing itself outwardly to the world in a specific area of life (or just in general). The sign itself, as well as any planets that may find themselves inside the interceptions, operate under a sort of “fog,” kind of like the 12th house. You may not be fully aware of the sign and/or planetary energy that resides in the intercepted house, or there may be something kind of fucked about the way this energy manifests in your life. It also tends to be that the intercepted house’s energy (and any planets that find themselves in them) were not taught by the parents/caregivers in early childhood as something important to the native’s development (or was outright ignored or arrested). Some examples of what it can mean when planets find themselves in an intercepted house:
*The Sun-There may be some issues in fully understanding one’s own sense of self/ego/life force
*The Moon-The person may not fully understand their own emotional core (or even want to acknowledge it).
*Mercury-The person may have some difficulty in actually understanding their own mind and it could operate a little differently.
*Venus-There may be some issues with the person knowing how they need to give and recieve love, as well as knowing what/who they love in the first place
*Mars-The person’s drive, aggression and/or passion may be under a fog and not as easily accessible.
*Jupiter-The person may not feel that they can fully expand in the areas of life where the house in interception falls.
*Saturn-The person may have difficulty when it comes to taking on responsibility, as well as implementing structure in their own lives.
*Uranus-The person may have issues really hoping or wishing for things, as well as really being able to appreciate their own “specialness” or unique invidiuality.
*Neptune-Since Neptune makes things cloudy on it’s own, this placement would be ripe for causing the person to con-themselves in some way relating to the sign & house in question that it falls
*Pluto-The person may have some real issues with their own personal power and how to best use it (if they realize they have this personal power to begin with).
***Mind you, these are just examples of what it could mean when a planet is in an intercepted house. You would need to take the entire chart into account (especially the sign in interception that rules the planets as well as the house it falls in) to know exactly how having a planet intercepted would manifest in one’s life.***

And what does it mean to have the different signs in intercepted houses?
*If one has the Aries/Libra Axis in interception, this can cause the native problems/clouding with understanding themselves and the concept of the other, and with being able to understand the value of the balance between the two.
*If the Taurus/Scorpio Axis is intercepted, there can be some difficulties with really forming your own values and keeping them separate from other peoples. Also, there can be some issues in knowing when to hold on to something/someone, and when to let go (and how to do this).
*When the Gemini/Sagittarius Axis is intercepted, there are may be some issues with knowing when (or how or where) to use the “lower” mind as well as the “abstract” mind (and really trusting your abilities in these areas). There may be a sort of mistrust of the mind, and this may not be fully understood.
*If the Cancer/Capricorn Axis is in interception, there can be some issues with really being in tune with your public & private life (possibly not fully understanding them, and what you want and need in regards to them). You may also not be as not comfortable with the ideas of being caring/emotional (the Cancer part) and really coming into your own authority (the Capricorn part).
*When the Leo/Aquarius Axis is intercepted, your need to been seen and heard is clouded and hidden (the Leo part) which then causes you not to be able to embrace your unique individuality and really contribute something to the collective (the Aquarius part).
*If the Virgo/Pisces Axis is in interception, there can be problems with actually being able to function easily and be of proficient service in daily life. This can then lead to issues with actually being able to reach the dreams that you do have for yourself (possibly not knowing how to even go about this).
***Again, these are just examples of the Houses in Interception alone. You would need to take the entire chart into account to really get the full picture.***

When you have houses in interception (and if you have an intercepted house in your chart, you will also have another interception on the opposite side of the axis), it means that certain signs are also duplicated. In the above example, their 6th and 7th houses are ruled by Taurus, and their 12th and 1st houses are ruled by Scorpio. As you can imagine, this kind of throws the whole chart off balance because each sign needs to be able to openly express itself. It is important here to balance your chart by freeing these houses (and planets) from interception. And how do you do this, you may be wondering? Well, there are a few couple different ways. First, the person needs to become comfortable with the energy of the sign of the house cusp where the intercepted house falls. Using the picture above, my client would need to become intimately familiar with Capricorn’s energy as the 3rd House cusp ruler (and Uranus in the 3rd not in interception), as well as Cancer’s energy as the 9th House cusp ruler (and Venus in the 9th not in interception). Since the cusp ruler acts as a grantor or denier of access to the Intercepted Houses in question, the better the “terms” the person is on with those House cusp rulers (and the more they understand how that energy works in their life), the easier access they will have to the intercepted houses and to then pulling the houses from interception.

Another way to free the houses and planets from interception is look at where the ruler of the intercepted houses fall in the natal chart. In the example in the picture above, The Sun (the ruler of Leo) falls in the 9th House (in interception), and Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) falls in the 3rd House (not in interception). When the ruler of an intercepted house falls IN an intercepted house, that particular planet won’t be of much help since it can’t fully express itself “properly.” In my client’s case above, they would want to to look at Uranus and the 3rd House (of which the 3rd House deals with communication and the mind, among other things) to pull the houses out of interception. I have found that only one house needs to be pulled out of interception and usually the other intercepted house follows suit.

What the hell orb should I use? And when? And why?

**I know this post deviates quite a bit from the out of bounds stuff I was talking about last week. I’m not through there at all, but the topic of orbs has come up many times on the forums that I creep on (and answer questions), and it struck me that this would make a good post.**

What is an orb exactly you may be asking? An orb is how close together planets are in aspect in a natal chart (or any kind of chart, really). Why are they important? The tighter the orb between two planets, the more that particular energy may manifest in the person’s life. Which ones to look at first? I generally like to look at the orbs between the aspects made by the luminaries and the chart ruler (ruler of the Ascendant) first. An example of an aspect’s orb from my own chart can be found in the pictures below. In the first picture, circled in purple, you can see the conjunction between Pluto and Mercury in Scorpio in the 11th at about a 5 degree or so orb. The second picture is of the different aspects in the chart. You will notice next to the little symbols in the boxes there is also a number. That number is the orb between the aspects.

In purple: Conjunction between Pluto and Mercury at a 5 degree or so orb in Scorpio in the 11th.
In Black: You can see where the Pluto and Mercury conjunction appears, with the orb “5”

Different astrologers have different ways of reading charts and reading the orbs made between planetary aspects. Some use a 10 degree orb across the board, and some use a slightly larger orb or slightly more narrow orb all the time. Some open that orb up somewhat for certain planets and narrow it some for others. I tend not to think anyone is wrong in this regard; it really all comes from personal experience and what just “feels” right to the astrologer. For me personally, it does depend on the feel of the entire chart somewhat, but I do have some “guidelines” that I generally follow. They are as follows (for a Natal Chart):

No.1 – I tend to go by the 10 degree orb rule for aspects between the planets, luminaries, and Chiron. This has just always felt right to me personally. Every once in a while I *may* open this orb just a touch if the luminaries are involved in some capacity, but then I will only usually open it to 12 degrees. Also, when I open this orb slightly, this part of the chart really needs to be “speaking” to me in someway, for some reason.
No.2-For aspects made to the North and South Nodes by the planets and Chiron, I really don’t like to go above a 5 or 6 degree orb. This is because the North and South Nodes aren’t even real celestial bodies but hypothetical points.
No.3– For asteroid aspects, regardless of what the asteroid is making an aspect with, I really like to keep these even tighter, usually in the 3 degree range (though depending on what planetary body is involved, this orb may end up widened to 4 or 5 degrees).
No.4-For me to count a fixed star aspect, regardless of what the fixed star is making an aspect with, these orbs have to be really fucking tight, like an orb 1 – 1 1/2 degrees (maybe 2 degrees if the connection seems really outstanding due to other factors in the chart). This is because fixed stars don’t move around and are always found in the same location in everyone’s chart. An example is Algol, which is always at 26 Taurus.
No.5-As far as orbs having to do with a Stellium (and what a Stellium is), I have another post on this for your reading pleasure.

I also have a few different guidelines for different types of charts, as you will see below:
**For Transit Charts, I do use the same guidelines for orbs listed above for the Natal Chart, but I use them slightly differently. For planet to planet connections, I use the 5 degrees before the transit planet becomes in exact aspect with the natal planet (ascending), and the 5 degrees after becoming exact (descending). For example, if you have your natal Moon at 20 Libra, transit Pluto would be considered to be in opposition anywhere from 15 to 25 Aries. And with the transits, the more exact the orb, the more the particular transit will be felt (usually).
**For Synastry Charts, I use the same ascending and descending orb mentioned above, but I really like synastry aspects to be a little tighter. I usually will only go to a 10 degree orb with the luminaries, around 7-8 degrees for the planets and Chiron, with the Nodes, Asteroids, and Fixed Stars remaining the same.
**For the Composite Chart (midpoint method), I really like to see even tighter aspects (since this chart is based off of the midpoints between both people’s charts). For the luminaries I usually try to keep it an 8 degree orb, and for the planets and Chiron I try to stay around a 5 or 6 degree orb. I like to keep the aspects made to the Nodes at 4 to 5 degrees. With fixed stars, I really want them between a 0 and 1 degree orb, and for asteroids, around 2 degrees is good with me.
**I tend to keep the aspect’s orbs the same as the Natal Chart ones when reading Draconic Charts…..since it is essentially a type of natal chart itself, just the chart of the soul across all incarnations (in this dimension, in this plane. I won’t go into what I mean about that right now. That’s another post for another day). For even more reading pleasure, here is my post on Draconic Charts.

Just thought I’d throw my own hat in the ring on this subject. What rules for orbs do you personally go by, and why?

The Moon Out of Bounds or: “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

In the previous post about Out of Bounds planets, it was mentioned which planets go out of bounds, and which ones do not (so I won’t recap all of that here again). We’ll jump right in with the planet that gets out from under the Sun’s grasp the most often, which is of course the Moon. The time that this happens with the most frequency is every 18.6 years or so (when the North Node is at 0 degrees Aries), and the Moon gives a giant middle finger to the Sun’s gravitational pull, and does what it wants, how it wants, when it wants. Now, what does it look like when the Moon goes Out of Bounds you ask? And how does this manifest in a person’s life? Let’s take a look at what can happen.
**Keep in mind that the closer to the maximum declination of 28.5 degrees that the Moon finds itself, the more extreme the OOB Moon will be felt by the person and will come out to play in real life.**

When the Moon goes out of bounds, the person will absolutely feel it even if the OOB Moon isn’t as easily “seen” outwardly (though it usually is to some degree). Being out of bounds frees the Moon from any restriction and being “fenced in” that it might feel or face (from the sign that it falls under, the house that it resides in, and the aspects it makes), as well as from any outward restriction that society tries to impose. It also can cause the person to feel that they don’t quite belong here or anywhere, that they don’t quite fit in to societal norms, and some may actually feel that they are not actually of this planet/this dimension. Point blank, most all people that I’ve known with the Moon OOB have a distinct feeling, and usually quite early on, of being different from other people. This can be a more “positive” type of difference (such as being some sort of visionary genuis and using this ability towards bettering the world somehow), or a more “negative” type of difference (such as someone who doesn’t give a fuck about any laws that are set up in society, and breaks them every chance they get). A lot of the time, the OOB Moon person will be a little of both options above. Either way, or any way, this distinct feeling of being “different” can cause the person to feel some very intense loneliness at times, while other times they may fully delight in this feeling of being different from the masses.
*I put positive and negative in quotes above because depending on the way you personally feel about those examples in question will depend on if you think they’re positive or negative.

Another common theme with the Out of Bounds Moon tends to be a sensitivity that runs deep to their very core (and very big emotions and feelings), though the outside world may not ever know or realize this about these people. They are deeply emotional (even in the less traditionally emotional Moon Signs of Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn), and they know this about themselves and all the vulnerability that can come with it. While vulnerable, some people with the OOB Moon will embrace this vulnerability easily, while others will try to stuff it away in a place that no one else can reach it. It does tend to be sensed in some way by other people and by the world, even if the person has tried their best to hide it away. This can cause the OOB Moon native to be left wide open for people to mercilessly walk all over and all across any personal boundaries they try to set up. This isn’t always meant in an intrusive way by the person walking all over the boundaries of those with the OOB Moon; the person in question may really just sense the OOB person’s vulnerability and want to be of help. Though, there are those people who don’t necessarily have the best interest of the OOB Moon person at heart while walking all over their boundaries. They may be trying to find some weakness to exploit, or have some other nefarious reason for their actions. Luckily, being massively intuitive is also a card that the OOB Moon person has in their back pocket and they are usually able to tell (or feel) the difference between such people. Not only intuitive, these people seem to have some kind of link to the subconscious/unconscious mind (whether they realize this or not), as well as being highly empathetic beings.

Since boundaries were mentioned in the paragraph above, these people tend to be able to shatter boundaries themselves. Though this isn’t usually in an intrusive way of getting into the personal business of other people/walking all over personal boundaries, but more of a way that they don’t see universal boundaries (and norms) in the same way as other people. This can be seen in the OOB moon person shattering the boundaries of traditional society and thought; they can been found talking about things that don’t typically get discussed openly in public, to thinking about the “impossible” and making it possible, to being their different or “weird” selves in ‘out in the wild’, to completely shattering societal conventions in favor of living lawlessly (and this can be found in the friendly type lawless person all the way over to the sociopathic criminal). Regardless of the personality here, there is probably a different sort of code that these people live by…..which is how we end up with the visionary genius, the weirdo, the sensitive empath, and the sociopathic criminal all as possible outcomes here (among other possibilities). All of these people tend to view the world differently than other people, and thus their morals and ethics will be colored by how they view the world (and vice versa). To see what sort of code the OOB Moon person lives by, you would want to look at the sign the OOB Moon falls in, the house in which is resides, and any aspects made to the Moon.

I could see the Out of Bounds Moon as possibly manifesting as a sort of extreme depending on the sign the Moon falls in. For example, since there is something very Uranian/Aquarian about the OOB Moon anyway, I’d imagine that the person with an OOB Moon in Aquarius would probably become even more visionary in their thoughts and probably quite intuitive and spiritual (since Aquarius is a universal sign), and using this for the good. Someone who’s easily able to connect with the collective on a subconscious/unconscious level and in a very humanitarian way. I could also see the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction; someone who almost goes “mad” from all of their visionary thought, or someone who says “fuck this” to society and when doing this leaves the concept of “humanity” behind…either by way of walking away from society entirely and living out in the woods in a Unibomber-esque fashion, or just really not giving a fuck about society in general and the impact that they have on it.

As someone with their Moon in Capricorn Out of Bounds Moon, I’d love to hear any personal experience of having one from anyone reading this. Let’s discuss! 🙂

For furthering your reading pleasure, the first post in this series on Out of Bounds Planets can be found here:
Introduction to Out of Bounds Planets

Introduction to Out of Bounds Planets

I have a personal fascination with Out of Bounds Planets (aka “OOB”). This fascination began for me when I realized that I had 3 planets considered OOB in my planetary makeup. This got me curious about what exactly this meant for me, and what this meant for other people with OOB planets, and how a planet being OOB would manifest in one’s life. Let’s start with some general housekeeping and understanding of what an OOB planet actually is. A planet is considered OOB when it’s declination is anywhere beyond 23 degrees 27 minutes north or south of the equator. When the planet goes out of bounds, it means it that is is no longer under the dominion of the Sun…..and out of sight and out of pull, the planet can behave how it wants. Certain planets tend to go OOB more often than others, while some planets never go OOB at all.

***To see if you have any planets OOB, go to and create your natal chart (create an account first if you don’t already have one). Once you have created your chart and have it pulled up, click on “additional tables” that you will find above the natal chart that you created. Once clicked on, the first page of the PDF should look like the image below. You will want to turn your attention to the “Declination” column, and see if any of the declinations in your chart exceed 23 degrees 27 minutes. If one does, the you have an OOB planet (or you could have a few, as in the case of yours truly). ***

An example from my chart of the declinations of my out of bounds planets. My Moon, Venus, and Uranus are all OOB, along with my True North Node at 0 Aries 17.

The Moon goes OOB the most often, with some years producing more OOB people than others. This has to do with the Nodes of the Moon; every 18.6 years or so the North Node finds itself at 0 degrees Aries. The years this occurs, the Moon can find itself at a declination up to 28.5 degrees. The closer to 0 degrees Aries your North Node is, the further OOB your Moon will be. In the last 70 years or so, the years that have produced the most OOB Moon people are 1950, 1969, late 1987-early 1988, and 2006. Mercury, Venus, and Mars go OOB somewhat often, but they usually don’t exceed a declination of 27 degrees (though every once in a while Venus and Mars can reach 28 degrees). Uranus and Pluto don’t go beyond 24 degrees (if they even ever really reach a declination 24 degrees), and since these are much slower moving planets, these planets going OOB tend to be a generational thing, and felt on a generational level. Jupiter hardly ever goes OOB, and when it does it never goes far beyond that 23 degrees 27 minute mark. Saturn and Neptune never go OOB, as well as the Sun (duh).

Since OOB planets have moved beyond the Sun’s line of sight, they are able to operate in a “different” way than they typically would. This “different” sort of way could be a way completely abnormal to the planet and the energy involved, or it cause the planet’s energy to become exalted and extremely well-developed. Planets OOB tend to produce visionary, free-thinking, and deeply original people in all areas of life, but especially in the arenas dealing with the planet and its energy. These people tend to operate outside of the confines of regular society, thinking and living outside of the box. The person will probably be regarded as “weird” in some way (which many OOB people don’t mind, and kind of enjoy). Depending on the planet involved and aspects made to the planet in the chart of the native, the OOB planet can be a positive or negative attribute. The further OOB the planet is, the more that OOB energy will be expressed, noticeable, and felt by the native (and other people). Because the Moon goes OOB the most frequently with the highest declinations, it’s OOB effects tend to be seen and felt the most.

I know there are astrologers/students of astrology that don’t pay much attention to Out of Bounds planets. This could be due to lack of information on the subject, not realizing OOB planets are a “thing”, or just a personal preference of not believing them to mean much in the overall makeup of the chart. I disagree with the last part very much. Being born in late 1987 myself, I went to school/grew up with people born during the height of an OOB Moon season. Now, I realize that adolescence is a strange time and teenagers can be kind of strange in general while on their quest to find and figure themselves out. But the group of kids my age, in my “class” seemed to be a hodge-podge of extreme emotional weirdos; from people that were just crazy intuitive from a very young age, to those that were more eccentric than your everyday teenager, to those who just really & truly had no fucks to give about anything, my class had them all (and at a higher rate it seemed than the class above and the class below mine). Because of my own experience, and watching people my own age operate a little different than other people, I just can’t believe that there isn’t something to Out of Bounds Planets in one’s natal chart.

In the next section, we’ll look at what it means to have an Out of Bounds Moon. Stay tuned! 🙂

Chiron in the Natal Chart or: “I’ll need some information first, just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts?” Houses 9-12

Chiron (the wounded healer) in the natal chart shows where our source of deepest wounding is in our lives. This wounding usually occurs during one’s childhood (what are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives have a tendency to fuck us up the worst), and it is a deep wound that never quite heals itself completely or correctly. Ironically enough, we are usually quite skilled at healing and helping OTHER people in the very way that we ourselves are wounded……we just have a hard time helping and healing ourselves. This all goes back to Chiron in mythology. The quick and dirty version of events goes as follows: Chiron is wounded by Hercules on accident with arrows coated in Hydra blood, and the wounds made by these arrows caused wounds that would never totally heal (and were quite painful). Chiron being immortal (a product of rape (his first wounding) and the offspring of Kronos and Philyra) meant that he could never die, but those wounds from the arrows would also never heal. Chiron wasn’t able to be released from his wounds until he took the place of Prometheus. Prometheus was chained to a rock by Zeus for his crime and had his liver eaten by an eagle daily, his liver then healed, and the bird would come back the next day to start the process over. By taking Prometheus’ place, Chiron was then made mortal and was finally able to die and be released from his wounds. 
……yeah, a depressing fucking story. Good news is that it doesn’t take death to release us of from our Chiron wounding in this lifetime. Just like in the mythology of Chiron taking one for the team for Prometheus, the way to handle and heal our own Chiron is to help other people that find themselves in similar sorts of circumstances of where we ourselves our wounded. The only way to work our Chiron out is to work THROUGH it, and the best way to work through it is by helping and healing someone/something else.

**I want to point out that these are just the descriptions of Chiron in each of the Houses. How all of this will play out in reality will depend on the chart as whole (such as different aspects made to Chiron).**

Chiron in the 9th House: When Chiron finds itself paying rent in the 9th house, the native’s wounding tends to have something to do with expanding oneself in life. The wounding here also has to do with being taught things in childhood that are just…..false. There can also be wounding concerning their abstract mind and the ability to use their mind in this way (or believing that they can’t). In childhood, there could’ve been some sort of wounding concerning the native not being “allowed” to expand their mind as far as it will go. This tends to have something to do with the phillosophical and/or religious/spiritual beliefs of the family that the native was raised. Maybe the native wanted to immerse themselves in some philosophy that was counter to what the early family believed to be correct? Maybe the native wanted to explore and expand their knowledge of the different religious beliefs across the world, but their family was very against the learning of these things? I would actually bet heavily that spirituality/religion are heavy players in the wounding here (since I’ve seen Chiron in the 9th manifest this ways more times than I count in the charts of clients and people I know). Depending on other factors, such as aspects to Chiron here, there could be some sort of perversion of beliefs that the native was taught growing up (and that kind of stuff can really fuck a person up). If any of this rings true for the person with Chiron in the 9th, getting in touch with that expansion that you so desperately wanted is a great start to healing. Engage yourself in a spirituality that fits you and resonates, and expand your mind all that you can. Another great way to heal help to heal yourself is to teach and learn from others in some capacity. I picture a group therapy type setting for people who have suffered this particular sort of wounding, with the native and everyone else sharing their experiences and teaching & learning from one another.

Chiron in the 10th House: With Chiron falling in the 10th, there can be a real wounding dealing with the concept of “authority.” There could have been an authority figure in the native’s life growing up (this could be a parent, or someone else) that they felt was only there to knock them down a peg or two and rain on their parade. Someone who constantly made the native feel “less-than” and somehow not worthy of the positive things that can come from this house. This can cause the native to have a shaky (to an outright distrustful) relationship with authority as they age. It can also cause the native to have difficulty harnessing their own authority, somehow feeling that they don’t have any real authority at all. There can also be wounding in the pubic spheres of life and the way that you feel about yourself within these areas (such as career ambitions, social status, and public presence). This wounding tends to stem from the native’s early family and possibly the way the family was viewed by society. Maybe, for some reason, the public persona and social status that the family had wasn’t very positive. Or maybe, the native’s family was at one point seen as the “ideal” in some way, but some kind of “fall from grace” situation occurred, making the family end up appearing very far from the “ideal” image they once possessed. One of the best ways that you can heal all of this wounding (if any of it feels true for you) is to really learn how to handle your own authority in a productive and positive way, thus building yourself up. Another awesome way to heal yourself is to build other people up in these 10th house arenas of life (something you are naturally quite good at).

Chiron in the 11th House: Wounding from Chiron here will usually deal with groups, friends and acquaintances. The native may have issues with groups of people (and probably actively avoids large groups), and this could be due to something like the native having felt ostracized by groups and “cliques” during their childhood. Maybe they just never were quite able to connect to peers their own age, which naturally doesn’t feel very good in childhood and adolescence (the time when people really want and have a need to fit in). Maybe the groups of people that happened to be around the native growing up served as a bullying force, making the native’s life a living hell. There could also be some wounding dealing with the people the native considered friends. The native may have lost or felt abandoned by several friends as they were growing up. This could be an organic “growing apart” that sometimes happens between friends, to the friend(s) of the native chosing to go a different way socially/hanging out with a different group (one that maybe didn’t accept the native), to the native actually being fucked over by their friends. This wounding can also stem from the native’s hopes and wishes. As a child, the native may have had many hopes and wishes for themselves, for other people, and for the world (since the 11th house is a universal house). It’s very possible that time and time again something came along to piss in the native’s cornflakes and ruin those big hopes and dreams that they had. Disappointments in this area can feel absolutely soul crushing for the native. The native here is actually quite good at feeding into the wishes and hopes of others, really making them feel that what they are hoping and wishing for is possible and worth it…..and not only does this help other people, it also helps to heal the native. Also, the native here tends to understand group dynamics very well due to spending a lot of time staying out of them and watching how they work from the sidelines. You could be very healing for others in a sort of moderator position for some group structure (not actually being in the group, but being the person that people in the group come to talk about group issues). By playing this role, you would also be working through your own Chiron wounding.

Chiron in the 12th House: I won’t bullshit around here, Chiron in the 12th house isn’t an easy one. It isn’t easy because the nature of the 12th house is to cloud and confuse the planetary bodies that reside within its bounds. The 12th House tends to throw a fog over the sign and planets in its domain, making them less easily accessible for the person to understand (and this usually makes the unconscious quite uncomfortable here). Since Chiron deals with our deepest wounding, the native with this placement may not even be consciously aware of what makes them feel wounded (but they do feel wounded in some way), or why. This is a deeply psychic placement, and the native may have picked up on wounding from other people in their early environment (such as their parents, or a parent), and sort of soaked that wounding up and made it their own. For instance, if the native had a parent that was extremely anxious, as a small child the native may have picked up on this and taken this anxiety on as their own. In my blog post about the the 12th House, I mention that the 12th house also deals with the period before birth, with planets in conjunction to the ASC from the 12th usually representing their mother’s labor. With Chiron here in the 12th, something could’ve made the native feel uneasy and wounded before they were ever even born (for example, parental attitudes towards the impending birth of the child that the native picked up on in-utero), or the actual birth experience could’ve been wounding to the native in some way (such as being born with the cord around their neck). The other thing that Chiron in the 12th can point towards is the possibility of having secret enemies. This can be other people that are in your life that don’t actually have your best interests at heart (but you don’t realize this consciously), to the native themself being their own “secret” enemy (and this wounding will usually manifest by way of the native not living in reality enough). Like I mentioned above, the unconscious tends to be a scary place for these people to venture, but it is the key to healing this wounding. Usually this is best done by exploring the unconscious minds of other people first, helping others in this way. By doing so, they are able to dare and become brave enough to go off into their own unconscious mind. Once they start this process, they are able to get a hold of their own wounding in this realm, why it exists, and what they can do about it in reality.

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Chiron in the Natal Chart or: “I’ll need some information first, just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts?” Houses 5-8

Chiron (the wounded healer) in the natal chart shows where our source of deepest wounding is in our lives. This wounding usually occurs during one’s childhood (what are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives have a tendency to fuck us up the worst), and it is a deep wound that never quite heals itself completely or correctly. Ironically enough, we are usually quite skilled at healing and helping OTHER people in the very way that we ourselves are wounded……we just have a hard time helping and healing ourselves. This all goes back to Chiron in mythology. The quick and dirty version of events goes as follows: Chiron is wounded by Hercules on accident with arrows coated in Hydra blood, and the wounds made by these arrows caused wounds that would never totally heal (and were quite painful). Chiron being immortal (a product of rape (his first wounding) and the offspring of Kronos and Philyra) meant that he could never die, but those wounds from the arrows would also never heal. Chiron wasn’t able to be released from his wounds until he took the place of Prometheus. Prometheus was chained to a rock by Zeus for his crime and had his liver eaten by an eagle daily, his liver then healed, and the bird would come back the next day to start the process over. By taking Prometheus’ place, Chiron was then made mortal and was finally able to die and be released from his wounds. 
……yeah, a depressing fucking story. Good news is that it doesn’t take death to release us of from our Chiron wounding in this lifetime. Just like in the mythology of Chiron taking one for the team for Prometheus, the way to handle and heal our own Chiron is to help other people that find themselves in similar sorts of circumstances of where we ourselves our wounded. The only way to work our Chiron out is to work THROUGH it, and the best way to work through it is by helping and healing someone/something else.

**I want to point out that these are just the descriptions of Chiron in each of the Houses. How all of this will play out in reality will depend on the chart as whole (such as different aspects made to Chiron).**

Chiron in the 5th House: Chiron in the 5th House can show some difficulty with how the native expereiences joy and pleasure. It may feel almost impossible for this person to really let their hair down, let their creativity and self-expression come out, and just “play.” Childhood can prove to be a more difficult and serious time for the native, with them possibly not being allowed or afforded the freedom to really “play” like children are usually allowed to do. This could be because of their parents just straight up not allowing the native to be childlike in childhood, instead wanting them to grow up and get serious at a young age. It could’ve also been out of necessity for some reason, such as the native was forced to grow up quickly because of the responsibilities placed on them (such as having to play a surrogate parent to younger brothers and sisters because the parents worked and needed a babysitter). This lack of being able to play can cause the person to end up feeling shy and awkward around their own peers growing up, never really feeling like they are able to get in on the fun other people are having (or possibly, that they aren’t even worthy of having this fun in the first place). It can also make the native apprehensive in regards to their own children, or even just the possibility of having their own children, due to the way they were brought up. There is probably some fear that their own wounding stemming back from childhood will follow them in the parenting of their own children. People with Chiron in the 5th are actually quite superb with children though (their own or other people’s), and children are actually a huge key in the person’s healing. Just working with children (probably children who’ve had a hard go of it in some way), playing with them (and thus learning how to really play and be childlike themselves) is deeply healing for the native and their Chiron wounds here.

Chiron in the 6th House: When Chiron finds itself in the 6th House, this tends to mean that the native has some wounding dealing with their own health, to their own sense of perfection and what that looks like, to daily routine, and to service. If the wounding has to do with the health (physical and mental) of the native, it could be anything from real health issues that the native experienced growing up and the trauma from this really left its mark, to the person being so wrapped up in the idea of being healthy that they almost become chaotic about it. They may be too rigid in terms of keeping their body perfect and healthy that they actually end up making themselves anxious about the whole thing and causing things like psychosomatic illnesses to occur. If the idea of being healthy deals with the native’s wounding, they could’ve grown up in a family that was too strict in terms of health (such as what the native could and couldn’t eat, etc). Growing up there could’ve been issues that the natives had with following the rountines of mundane daily life (either too rigid in structure, or way too lax). There could also be issues dealing with the idea of service; perhaps there was a time in the native’s upbringing where they felt that someone should’ve been of service to them in some way, and it didn’t happen. Since helping people heal themselves is a way to heal one’s own Chiron, the best way the person can start to heal their 6th House Chiron here is to serve other people (this usually comes naturally to Chiron here). This can be a very physically healing placement for Chiron; these people can very easily be born natural healers. By helping and healing people in the areas of health, perfection, routine and service, they are able to heal their own Chiron wounds.

Chiron in the 7th House: Chiron here in the 7th can indicate some type of wounding regarding intimate one-on-one/close relationships. These could be relationships that the native witnessed growing up that were’t very functional (such as that of the parents). Maybe the native’s parents divorced, or they weren’t particularly close to either parent growing up. It could also deal with wounding that they experienced early only (in adolescence or childhood) pertaining to a boyfriend or even a close and intimate friendship. Regardless of how this wounding manifests itself in the native’s life, it tends to leave some serious abandonment issues in its wake. Chiron in the 7th can also have taught the native early on about how cruel people can be by way of things like the native suffering from some form of neglect, and even outright abuse, from those that are supposed to be closest to the native. Because of all of this, the native can have a difficult time forming really functional relationships of their own as adults. I do believe they try here, but something about Chiron here in the 7th causes the native to be attracted to people who are already wounded themselves in some way that just doesn’t tend to work out with Chiron’s wounding here. Also, the native may attract people to them that can sense Chiron’s wounding here, and this person may exploit the native’s wounding in some way. Basically, issues dealing with close intimate one-on-one relationships need to be healed, and one of the best ways for the native to heal their own Chiron here is to help other people. Whether this is just by way of being an ear for friends to talk about their own relationship issues (these people usually give really good relationship advice), to actually being a relationship therapist, or something in between. By helping other people in this area of life, they will be able to learn more about the way they function in relationships, and why…..thus helping to heal their own wounds here.

Chiron in the 8th House: Chiron finding itself here in this house can cause the native to have some kind of wounding regarding the different themes ruling the 8th House. More often than not, the wounding tends to have something to do with sex, money, and/or loss. If loss is the wounding here, the native could’ve lost something or someone very important to them in their early life. This could be losing someone that was very important to the native by way of death (the 8th House traditionally rules death, but it’s the death of other people, not of the native), to losing someone they cared about who moved away beyond their grasp. It could also just be that the native lost something very important to them, something they tried with all their might to hold on too and were not able. The wounding could also deal with the way the native thinks about sexuality, and this could be due to the early family’s attitude and approach to sex in general (it may have been taught as something completely off-limits and dirty), or could be due to the native having suffered some form of sexual abuse in their childhood/adolescence. Other people’s money can be a theme of wounding in the native’s life, and there could be some reason stemming back from childhood that makes the native think less of themselves if they should ever need financial help from anyone. They might have a downright aversion to ever borrowing money from anyone. If this is the case, it could have to do with their own families attitudes about borrowing money, or maybe their own family was involved in some type of borrowing that went horribly wrong (leaving the family in a financial cluster fuck). If any of this rings true for the person with Chiron in the 8th, helping other people in these same areas can help them to heal themselves. If you have an aversion to borrowing money, lending to other people could help you to heal. If sex is the wound, guiding other people with healthy forms of sexual expression is a great course of action (something you are probably very good at). If loss is the wound, helping other people to “let go” of the things that they carry in this arena will help you to heal yourself. Also, since this house is like the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, the wounding tends to exist on this bridge…..making it somewhat harder to heal than in other houses. But once Chiron heals itself here, the transformation is magnificent.

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