Some thoughts on how to bring the Galactic Center shit “down to Earth.”

Just as a disclaimer – this is literally JUST an idea, I’m just fucking around with this shit and am in no way, shape, or form claiming that this is “correct,” or that I am any kind of expert in this particular area of astrology (I won’t do myself dirty/sell myself completely short though – I have a lot of astrological knowledge in MANY areas of astrology, but this particular are, the GC, is more of a “mystery” to me). I also reserve the right to to find this wrong later on…so, in other words, no one hold me to this shit 🤪Without playing around with ideas and theories and stuff like that, we wouldn’t ever learn anything new.

In the intro article that I wrote about the Galactic Center (GC), I mentioned the idea of bringing stuff FROM the GC “down to Earth.” In case I didn’t make it clear WHY this would be necessary in the first place (sometimes I’m not as clear as I would like to be 🤣), there is an idea that the GC is the source of all creation, and a life-line to the “other side” (or other realms, other dimensions, etc.). There is also an idea that the GC is a way to tap into this source of all creation, to tap into other dimensions, and even to be FED information from the source of all creation and/or from other dimensions. Why would this need to be brought “down to Earth?” Because the GC, I would think, could feed people some really weird shit that may not make a whole bunch of sense, and almost needs to be translated into our language here on Earth (the GC seems like it speaks a language all its own). EVERYBODY has the GC in their natal chart, meaning EVERYBODY has this potential in their chart. I won’t lie, though – the propensity to be really connected to the GC does seem like this would be the strongest with people who have planets conjunct the GC (and probably even planets opposite the GC, albeit in a different way). Currently, the GC is at 27-degrees 3-minutes Sagittarius (or 27 Sagittarius 03), but it moves VERY SLOWLY like a fixed star (it’s not a fixed star, but it moves LIKE one), meaning you will need to pull the GC in your own chart to know exactly where it was when you born.

In the intro to the GC article, I mentioned that there is the Galactic Center (GC), and then there is the Galactic Anti-Center (GaC) which is opposite the GC (right now the GaC is at 27 Gemini 03). I also mentioned that scientifically the Earth is 2/3 of the way from the GC, and 1/3 of the way from the GaC (this may or may not be a rough or crude estimation) – Earth is definitely closer to the GaC than the GC. In knowing ALL of this, in regards to this theory I’m playing with, we’d be looking for the place in the chart where the 2/3 and 1/3 point meet.

There are 360-degrees in a natal chart. Having the GC and GaC opposing each other, we are looking at two different sections of the chart with 180-degrees. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

So, we might theoretically be looking at two spots where the GC information could be brought down to Earth since we’d be looking at one point on the lower half of the chart and another point on the upper part of the chart. In doing the math here, 180 divided by 2/3 you get 120 and 180 divided by 1/3 you get 60. This would put this theoretical point where you could bring information down to earth 60-degrees from the GaC and 120-degrees from the GC on either part of the chart. Since the GC is currently at 27 Sagittarius 03, this would make these points 27 Aries 03 and 27 Leo 03 right now (and from the windows of degrees from 17 Aries 03 to 07 Taurus 03 and 17 Leo 03 to 07 Virgo 03. For example, in my natal chart the GC was at 26 Sagittarius 41 when I was born, so this would make the precise location of the points in my chart 26 Aries 41 (in the 4th House) and 26 Leo 41 (in my 9th House), and would make these windows from 16 Aries 41 to 06 Taurus 41 and 16 Leo 41 to 06 Virgo 41. You would need to see where the GC was when you were born to find the precise location for this in your own chart.

What I think might be really important here is if one has planets conjunct this particular degree, or within a certain window of degrees, to be able to bring the stuff one gets fed from the GC down to Earth. I would use a wider orb here – maybe something like 10-degrees on either side….or that’s what I’m starting out with regarding this theory (casting a wide net like with the initial GC research on reddit). This would put this window from 16 Aries 41 to 6 Taurus 41 and from 16 Leo 41 to 6 Virgo 41 based on my own chart – depending on where exactly the GC was when you were born this might be a little different “minutes” wise.

These windows of degrees in the chart seem, at the moment, where all the shit from the GC could be translated down to Earth. If one has conjunctions to the GC, but no planet (or the Sun/Moon Midpoint, Chiron, cardinal points, etc.) within that window of degree, they might be given a ton of information from the GC but never be able to translate or transmute that information down to Earth in a way that makes sense to them or anyone else. Luckily, there are two windows of degree for this (as of now I’m rolling with this, anyway), meaning it seems like there would be a better chance that something in the chart would fall within those windows.

This also brings the question of planets trine the GC to the forefront of my mind (since these windows of degree are essentially trine the GC). It probably plays in and plays out the strongest when looking at someone who has planets conjunct the GC (maybe even opposing the GC), and something trine it to bring that information down to Earth. The people that just have the trines to the GC but no conjunctions – they are able to translate (or transmute) the GC energy down to earth more easily, maybe, but they might not be as familiar with where that energy comes from if they don’t have a planet conjunct the GC as well (meaning they may not really know what they are able to translate in the first place). It does seem like a planet (or whatever) falling within these windows of degrees could serve as a filter for bringing the stuff the GC feeds someone down to Earth – it could be used as a vehicle this way. The closer the planet (or whatever) is to the actual exact points, 60-degrees on either side of the GaC and 120 degrees from the GC, the better this planet serves as vehicle for bringing shit down to Earth.

Definitely play around with this and I’d love to hear any thoughts that anyone has. I will probably make a video about this over the weekend and link it to this post, lol.

To find the GC in your own chart, go to and under the fixed star list (once you’ve picked the extended chart selection at the top, you will go the to the bottom where it says “additional objects” after entering your information). Go down to the G’s and pick the option that says “Gal. Center, SgrA*.” Then run the chart 🙂

A little light introduction into the magic of the Galactic Center

I have never written about the Galactic Center, but it has been a focus of mine and on my radar for well over a year and a half (probably closer to two years at this point). Natalie (my partner in crime) and myself have tossed around ideas about the Galactic Center (the GC) – even during the process of creating the Star Cards, we would still toss around ideas about the GC here and there. So, earlier this year after the release of the Star Cards, we put out a “call” to anyone who might have planets conjunct or opposite the Galactic Center. For anyone who is interested about the original post on our subreddit, r/letsfuckwithastrology, here is the link:

Why did I post that here? Because this post actually gives a decent over-view of where our minds were at the time that we put out this “call” to anyone who may have planets conjunct the GC or opposing the GC. Also, the post tells you how to pull the GC on your own chart. It isn’t a fixed star, but it moves very, very slowly like a fixed star moves – currently it is at roughly 27-degrees Sagittarius. Below you will find my chart with the GC pulled so you can get an idea of what the symbol will look like when you pull it in your own chart.

The Galactic Center is in the cluster fucked 1st House, where the symbol “*Gala 26 41” is in the house. So….for reasons that you can see from the chart, the Galactic Center, and understanding it better, are VERY personal to me.

The Galactic Center is thought to be several things – a lifeline or phoneline to other dimensions (to the great unknown), the source of all creation, a place from where “divine” information comes from, and other magical things. The reddit user u/6footsiren put it beautifully when they called the GC a “command center” – this definitely feels like a very apt way to think of it. Mayan’s called the GC, the center of our galaxy, “Hunab Ku” which they considered to be the supreme Godhead. The Mayan’s seemed to work quite a bit with the GC from an astrological perspective, but it isn’t as worked with across the board in the astrological community today….which, I think, should be changed. Scientifically, the Galactic Center is a super-massive black hole in the center of our galaxy (our Sun orbits the GC, so some have theorized that the GC is like a “hidden” luminary in the chart). There is a radio source that is found to come from the GC (which is why it has the name Sagittarius A – that’s what the source is called) that was discovered in 1974….which, lol, is weird (this radio source is particularly “bright” and “complex”… and coming from the center of our galaxy). It is hidden from the human eye due to all the space dust and other shit that is obscuring it from view, though the GC itself is not hidden from the human eye.

When I found out about the GC a long time ago, it didn’t catch my attention the way it did about two years ago (I guess it wasn’t the time for it to catch my attention a long time ago). But once it really caught my attention, it REALLY caught my attention (and caught Natalie’s attention, too) and got us thinking about the nature of black holes in general. I’m not going to use the correct word here, but they do something like “suck” things into them….and once that something in space is sucked into them, they are fundamentally changed. They go through a process of spaghettification that pulls the object vertically and horizontally, completely changing the object in question. This then got us thinking……is that what happens to planets in the natal chart when they are conjunct the GC? Obviously the planet isn’t falling into a black hole in real life, but in terms of the natal chart it seems like having planets conjunct the GC would fundamentally CHANGE them (and actually here I’m thinking this change could be more like a “CHARGE”). There is just something SO Uranian about the GC as it is (to me the GC feels very Uranian in the way that retrograde planets and out of bounds planets tend to have an affinity to Uranian energy ). There is also something very Plutonian about the GC as well, the “transformative” aspect of it.

On the other side of the sky is the Galactic Anti-Center, which is next to a very bright star and is a much “calmer” area of the galaxy over all. There is a lot of space dust going in this area, which makes me wonder if the brightness of the star Elnath (which is close to the anticenter) and the space dust might cause planets opposite the GC to be “fogged” over – harder to access in some way, harder to “see” in real life. I have seen the anti-center as theorized as where the information from the GC can be brought down to “Earth.” I can see that train of thought, and have played around with it myself, but from a scientific point of view, it doesn’t quite make sense. The Anti-Center is 1/3 distance from Earth, and the GC is 2/3 of the way from Earth (that’s probably a really crude estimate, but you get the idea)….which makes me think that where the information from the GC is brought down to Earth is actually at the point in the chart where the 2/3 and 1/3 meet. This is also the place where any planets opposite the GC are best able to be seen.
**Since the GC is thought of as a phoneline to other dimensions, there is a theory that the GC gives people information from “somewhere else,” and other things along those lines. While I think this is possible for anyone, I do think it’s probably stronger for those with actual planets/cardinal points/etc. conjunct the GC.
******I’m very on the fence about the Galactic Anti-Center, and what it actually DOES mean. I KNOW it means SOMETHING, just not totally sure WHAT (and exactly HOW they impact planets conjunct it)*******

I will definitely be writing more on this subject because I don’t think it’s talked about enough in Astrology or used enough in practice. All of this research is to be able to use the GC better, and to understand it better. For now though, I have made some videos on some stuff about the GC that has been noticed by both myself and Natalie (I will link them below for anyone who is interested in order). Eventually I will write out the stuff that I talk about in the videos, lol, at some point. If you only wanna watch one, I would watch the 5th one…this stuff is really on my radar right now at the moment.

If anyone wants to be a part of the research, email me and let me know 🙂 I’ll send you the questionnaire that we shot to people via reddit.

More to come….later… the research unfolds.

Lana Clarkson Death Chart

Lana Clarkson died on February 3, 2003 at 40 years old in record producer Phil Spector’s home. It is said that they met while she was working at the House of Blues in LA earlier than night and I guess decided to go for some after hours fun or some shit at his house. Driver was waiting outside for them to do…whatever they were going to do in the house, and the driver heard a gunshot while waiting. Spector comes out of the house with the gun saying “I think I just shot her” OR “I think I’ve killed somebody” (I’ve seen both quotes). He has maintained that it was an accidental suicide and that she “kissed the gun.” She was found in his home dead with a single gunshot wound to her mouth. He ended up being sentenced to 19 years to life in prison but died earlier this year on January 16, 2021 before he was eligible for release.

This might sound real stupid, but as familiar as I am with a lot of the music that he produced (George Harrison’s “All Things Must Past” would probably be in my top 5 favorite albums of all time), I am NOT super familiar with this case. Which, again, sounds really stupid because it was so highly publicized.

So, lol, I won’t lie – this fucking chart is weird (I think it’s weird – though I can’t quite place my finger on why yet). More than that, I think the VIBE of this chart is just…weird. There isn’t anything off the bat that stands out to me like this was planned, premeditated, or that he (or she) even knew what the fuck they were doing in the first place…that actually stands out to me the most – the fact that I don’t think either of them were real clear about what the hell they were doing. There are a few “death pattern markers” that I notice – ruler of the 8th House, the Sun, in the 1st House and the ruler of the 4th House, Venus, in the 12th House. Neptune in the 1st House can show some kind of secret shit, though here it doesn’t seem like planning something secret – more like something secret about what they were doing in the first place (I’m thinking something drug or sex related….or BOTH). Actually it feels like something secret about him more than it feels like something secret about her (though I could see it applying to both parties). Pisces falls intercepted in the 2nd House (which Neptune rules), and since it falls in the 1st House, I do feel that there was just a general lack of clarity on both of their ends. Neptune is also under the Sun’s beams, which tends to indicate “grave danger.” In the case of Neptune, I’m thinking any clouding or fogginess that influenced this whole thing put her in that grave danger this placement alludes.

Since she is the victim, you would look to the Ascendant in Capricorn and planetary ruler of Capricorn, Saturn Rx, in Gemini in the 6th to represent her. By way of first dispositions, you can definitely see that she was at work when the events were set in motion (6th House deals with the work that you do, among other things). I feel like she was just kind of living her life and not really doing anything that she wasn’t used to doing (even if this was the first time that she met Spector, I don’t think she was unfamiliar with meeting people like she met him and going off with them – and I say that with absolutely no hint of judgment, just what I see). Though I will say that with the Rx motion of Saturn, she maybe DID have some reservations about going off with Spector that particular night. Why? Not really sure, but I do think they were there (and were clearly ignored). From there you would go to the planetary ruler of Gemini, Mercury, which is in the 1st House in Capricorn. Now, something I DO notice here that you usually don’t pay a whole bunch of attention to in these kinds of charts is Chiron. Chiron conjuncts Mercury by 4-degrees, and conjuncts the Ascendant by 1.5-degrees. This feels like a wounding of the mind, honestly, or a wounding regarding her having the “authority” to think straight. The mutual reception between Mercury and Saturn kind of strengthen all of this for me. This is where her chain of dispositions ends. Could this be something like drugs? Absolutely. Could it even be something like mental illness? That’s also possible.

Now, we want to look at the Descendant chain of dispositions, since the Descendant and the planetary ruler of the Descendant show the perpetrator. The Descendant is in Cancer and the Moon, which rules Cancer, is in the 2nd House in Pisces and it falls in interception. This is also important because the Moon is co-ruler in these charts (meaning it is also the co-ruler of Clarkson). This makes me think that she had something that he wanted, though really, with the Moon being intercepted, I’m not even sure that HE realized he wanted what he wanted from her. The Moon in Pisces intercepted thing just feels REALLY unclear from both points of view, and I kind of feel like these were two people who really didn’t know what the fuck they were doing at this particular time (it all just feels REALLY cloudy – and this is another reason that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they were both intoxicated or something like it). From the Moon, we then go to Jupiter RX in the natal chart. I will be looking at Neptune (since it is the modern ruler of Pisces), but for the dispositions of the “story” itself I usually look at traditional rulership. Jupiter RX in Leo in the 7th, this would show them ending up in some place that was familiar to him (which is exactly what they did – they went to his house). The Rx motion of Jupiter stands out because while Jupiter RX can see “the big picture” and be incredibly intuitive, it tends to have issues when it needs to break things down from a logical and rational point of view (and there was clearly some issues in the logic and reason area since Chiron is conjunct Mercury). Jupiter Rx CAN do this, but it has to do this backwards – figuring out why it knows what it knows piece by piece to make sense of what it knows from a logical and rational point of view. I also get the feeling that he had a feeling that they shouldn’t do what they were doing, either, but couldn’t make sense of why (kind of like knowing a car is going to get into a head on collision before it happens, but not being able to stop the driver or even have logical/rational sense of why you think that in the first place…and then it happens). Then from there we would look at the Sun in the 1st House in Aquarius (closely conjunct Neptune) which leads me, again, to think of intoxication (though I think it may have been something kind of weird – like not a commonly used substance or something). I mean, the usual suspects may have been involved too, but I do think they were partaking in something that isn’t used as often recreationally. Shit, even whatever they were doing sexually may have been something weird – whatever this is (sex or drugs or whatever), it was something that he impressed upon her (something he suggested they do or something he gave her to take). Probably something he liked or something he valued that I don’t think other people were as privy too. From there, you would go to Saturn in the 6th, and then to Mercury in the 1st (and I think it’s in this mutual reception that she dies). Saturn can represent the body in charts like this, but Mercury being impacted by Chiron like it is…the whole mutual reception just feels like incredibly bad judgement. I get the feeling that they were probably screwing around with that gun (simulating blow jobs or whatever they were doing), and I think it went off (and he realized that it went off and he had a real “what the fuck did I just do?!” kind of moment). Probably did some back and forth for a few minutes trying to realize WHAT had just happened, what he just did. Realizing that he made a very bad error in mental judgement, but it being too late to do anything about it.
**By sign, the Moon in Pisces (ruler of the Descendant) and Saturn in Gemini (ruler of the Ascendant) make a square aspect – and moving closer together since Saturn is Rx and the Moon is applying to Saturn. This also shows the wheels being set in motion for all of this to occur.

The 10th House Cusp is in Scorpio, and both the modern and traditional rulers of Scorpio, Pluto and Mars respectively, fall in the 11th House. I do feel like this case was investigated, but I also have to wonder if there are things that the public doesn’t know about the case (I’m thinking that there probably are – I’m thinking some things were kept from the public). Even though Mars and Pluto are in Sag (which is very truth loving and truth seeking), I’m thinking with Jupiter Rx in the chart what they kept private was something that had to do with Spector but not necessarily the case itself (or more like by-proxy related to the case). If Spector had weird sexual proclivities, these may not have been mentioned in the case (and if anything weird that he enjoyed sexually was divulged, I’m guessing they didn’t really crack the ice). I’m thinking it may not have been mentioned because while it maybe DID apply to the case, I think they felt like they had enough information to give the public to explain what happened without mentioning these particular things/this particular thing. It’s also possible they didn’t think that the public would understand whatever was kept hidden (like they wouldn’t be able to make logical sense of it, or it would open up a whole other can of unrelated worms….which also seems possible). The ruler of the 4th House, Venus, falling in the 12th House definitely leads me to also think that there are things about this case that were not mentioned to the public (and since Sagittarius rules over the 12th House cusp some of the truth, again, feels hidden here).

All in all, I do think this was probably an accident…..a very, very tragic accident. I don’t think accidental suicide is the right way to put it, though. I think more than likely they were playing around with the gun during sex or whatever, and it went off. As someone who has fired guns, I know you can certainly tell the difference in weight between a loaded and unloaded firearm….but if they were fucked up, I’m thinking it would be possible NOT to pay attention to that (or to think something wasn’t loaded when it actually was).

I am very curious about whatever they actually DID keep secret about him (things that weren’t mentioned to the public). Not gunna lie – I almost wonder if this could have to do with something belief related (something darker in nature) that also translated to the sex side of things. I don’t think he would’ve necessarily picked her up FOR this purpose on that night, but I almost wonder if what wasn’t mentioned to the public wasn’t mentioned because it tied in with something along those lines? There are a few fixed stars that stand out that kind of allude to this:
-Atria @ 20 Sagittarius 54 conjunct Pluto can point to shit like an “interest in freemasonry” (and I bring that up since the cusp of the 10th House bends to Pluto in the 11th in Sag). I also want to make it clear that I don’t necessarily think freemasonry is a bad thing (I think there are probably bad sects of it and it can be used negatively like anything else, but I don’t think it’s universally bad). Really, what stands out about the mention of “freemasonry” here is the idea of secrecy. The cusp of the 11th House (which would be like the cusp of the 5th if you were to slip the chart) is @ 27 Scorpio 46 which is conjunct the fixed star Agena. This fixed star can indicate “occult learning,” and with the 11th House functioning like the 5th when you slip the chart (making the Descendant the Ascendant, essentially), it makes me think that sex for him may have had occult leanings. Though, again, I don’t necessarily think he picked HER up for that reason on this night (or if he did, he didn’t realize he was doing this). The fixed star Skat @ 8 Pisces 52 is conjunct the Moon (which is both Spector by dispositions from the Descendant AND the co-ruler of the chart). This fixed star can indicate stuff like occult or hidden interests.
-A few other interesting things here are some other fixed stars. The fixed star Sheliak @ 18 Capricorn 53 is damn near exactly conjunct Mercury. This fixed star can indicate stuff like sexual “adventures,” disgrace, and death by violence (and dying from a gunshot wound to the head is incredibly violent). Bellatrix @ 21 Gemini 28 is within a degree of Saturn, and this fixed star can indicate things like accidents and sudden dishonor. I bring up both of these because Saturn and Mercury (and their mutual reception) does seem to me where she actually died.

Pluto’s Return (part III): 2022/2023 Solar Return Chart for the US

In the last post about Pluto’s Return, I went over the US’s 2021/2022 Solar Return Chart. In this post, I will be moving forward in time to the US’s Solar Return that starts in 2022. With regular Solar Return charts for people, you generally don’t want to look too far in advance since you need to have the location that the person is on their birthday/when their Solar Return happens. In the case of looking at a country, I have set the reference location to Washington DC, the nations capital. Unless something happens between then and now that changes where the nations capital is, this Solar Return chart will still be valid this far into the future. Below you will see the Solar Return chart I’m talking about:

US Solar Return Chart for 2022

The Solar Return Ascendant is in Gemini, which makes the SR Chart ruler Mercury…which falls in Cancer in the 1st House. While I definitely think we are pretty chatty as a nation this year, and really, probably more sensitive about how we communicate, I do wonder how this actually translates in real time. Do we use this for thinking/communicating in a more compassionate way, or we use to it as a way to further misunderstand one another (again, just being overly sensitive and offended about everything). It also feels kind of….scattered. This could really go either way at this point since we’re still so far out from the 2022 SR. The SR Sun is also in the 1st House, and I have to wonder if the “appearance” of the US is going to be of high importance or at least heavily discussed (and I mention “appearance” since the Ascendant and 1st House tend to deal with “appearance,” among other things, in the natal chart). I’m thinking things like states breaking apart, new states being created (hell, maybe Puerto Rico could even become a state at this point in time) – things of that nature which would actually change the physical map of the US.

The Solar Return Moon falls in Virgo in the 4th House. This makes me think that the emotional core of the country is probably pretty focused ON the country. Now, since this is in Virgo, I feel like we as a country might be pretty emotionally critical of one another and how this country is run – people trying to reorganize the way that things are handled (reorganization of “home” just seems *really* applicable). The way that we feel secure & safe as a country seem like they are the most likely to be critiqued, reorganized, and “perfected.” Of course, these being for the “good or the bad” really depends on what “side” you currently sit (or will sit at that time). I’d like to think that we give up the notion of “sides” in this country across the board, but the notion of sides is so ingrained in us I don’t think this falls by the wayside easy (and I also don’t think this notion will have fallen to the wayside by the time this Solar Return starts).

Solar Return Saturn really catches my attention for a couple of reasons. The first is you always want to look at where Saturn is in a SR Chart since it shows where you (or the country in this case) will put in the most work and/or be tested. This is going on in the 9th House, which automatically makes me think about this testing and/or work having to do with 9th House shit – higher education, religion, travel, higher courts, etc. Higher Courts is something that I can’t shake my attention from in this case, and in the case of the US I’m thinking this testing or work will have to do with the Supreme Court. Since Saturn is retrograde in the SR, it makes me automatically think about the Supreme Court having to decide on a case that echoes a case from the past. If this happens to be the case, I think it really ends up disorganizing what the Moon in the 4th is trying to achieve since the Moon and Saturn are quincunx one another (and not seeing one another clearly). I also think we might be looking at a case that has to do with something American’s feel is protected or a “right.” Knee jerk, something like the 2nd Amendment seems likely for this kind of scenario – but intuitively that doesn’t feel right to me (I actually don’t think this will have to do with firearms or the 2nd Amendment – at least not directly). Since I’m kind of a history dork, lol, I decided to look up different Supreme Court Cases that were discussed/decided when Saturn was in Aquarius (since I do think, should Saturn go this way, it will echo a case from the past). Some possibilities that stand out to me are:
*Things having to do with Civil Rights, since several Civil Rights cases came up during the period of time Saturn was Aquarius from 1961 through 1964 (though interestingly enough, the actual Civil Rights acts of 1964 came to pass when Saturn was retrograde in Pisces on July 2, 1964 (Saturn would re-enter Aquarius briefly from Mid September through Mid December of 1964 before passing into Pisces for “good” for the next couple years).
* The Slaughter-House Cases stand out which were decided in April 1873 (when Saturn had just moved into Aquarius). This cases decision found that the Privilege’s or Immunities Clause of Fourteenth Amendment only protects the legal rights that are associated with federal US citizenship, not those that pertain to the states. The clause says “no state shall make or enforce any laws which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.” Perhaps something that echoes THIS very thing in some way comes up.
*Vermont v. New Hampshire was decided in 1933 (when Saturn was in Aquarius) decided the physical boundary between these two states. If it were to go the way I mentioned before with all the 1st House action during this SR and the physical layout of the US changing, something that echoes this seems possible to be discussed.
*Another thing that seems like it could be a possibility is something that echoes the New Deal that FDR created in 1933 when Saturn was in Aquarius. While the New Deal wasn’t a Supreme Court case itself, many of it’s policies found their way to the Supreme Court (some of which were struck down as unconstitutional). The New Deal encompassed programs like Social Security and the Emergency Banking Act (among several others). I almost wonder if something having to do with the New Deal is found to be unconstitutional today, or actually fails completely (Social Security seems up for grabs using that angle). Or maybe, some other kind of “New Deal” is created, or is tried to be created, and it’s totally shot down by the Supreme Court.
…..Really, we could be talking about anything that has to do with Supreme Court cases (cases that were discussed or decided at times in history that Saturn fell in Aquarius).
**I actually wrote this post before Biden’s speech to congress on April 28, 2021. There were several things about his speech that have a similar flavor to FDR’s New Deal in the 1930s.**

Something else that I think of when I see Saturn in the 9th in Aquarius is the possibility of travel being restricted. Though, to me, this feel more INSIDE the country than strictly internationally. Maybe it’s the retrograde motion of Saturn (I can’t really put my finger on why I get the feeling domestic travel will be more restricted – it might have to do with the SR Saturn conjunct the natal Moon in the natal 3rd House…that comparison chart is posted below). Does this have to do with Coronavius (or some other virus)? Maybe, I guess it could – if something like another “lockdown” happened or some shit? Or maybe certain states/regions locking down while others stay open? Or maybe this kind of restriction doesn’t have to do with COVID at all and has more to do with keeping people separate in some way, for some reason? Something along those lines seems possible.

Comparison between natal chart (inside wheel) and solar return chart (outside wheel) for the United States

The SR South Node is in the 6th House in Scorpio, with the SR North Node in the 12th House in Taurus. This makes me think that the country this year just feels really *heavy.* Daily life feels heavier and more intense than it normally does at this time in the US (which, lol, is hard to imagine with things already feeling pretty intense right now). It seems like we’ll be dealing with issues stemming with power and control, and this feels even more amplified with Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio) falling in the 8th House. These may not all be direct and in your face exertions of power – almost like something being taken control of without realizing it’s happening (it definitely more “hidden”). We need to all be aware during 2022/2023 the ways that we are controlled, manipulated, and “under someone’s thumb) – even in the less overt ways. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, falls in the 11th House in Taurus. This makes me think that the way that this control reaches into the groups that make this country feel secure (this is could be groups that make the collective feel secure in this country, or even the way that this country exerts its power on a national stage) will need to be watched. This country needs to stop trying to control or manipulate other groups on an international stage. The people in this country also need to watch for how different groups control and manipulate behind the scenes or in a more veiled way – this kind of shit needs to come to light. Saturn is also squaring the natal axis, which does make me think concepts dealing with authority will probably get in the way of us as a country getting to the North Node – and really, progress here is a very relative term, since this depends on what you consider progress to be – it won’t be progress that everyone likes or considers progress). With the North Node in Taurus in the 12th, we’re looking as a country to kind of “ascend” to higher levels of stability – real stability – and this might look a little different than we can even imagine right now (especially with Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus – the stability that we all collectively want to find this particular year is very different than what we’ve had in the past). Does it actually go this way, though? I don’t know. Taurus on the 12th House cusp can also show holding on to baggage a little too tightly, which makes me think that collectively we’ll need to let some shit go (Scorpio South Node needs this anyway) in order to find the security and stability that will be sought out. I also think our unconscious values as a country will need to be sorted out …. or something along those lines since Venus, the ruler of the North Node in this chart, falls in the SR 12th House. In house overlays, the SR Venus ALSO conjuncts the natal Descendant. This makes me think that the shadow part of the country will probably have to be dealt with, at least a little bit, before we can move forward as a country and ascend. Specifically the values that we have about how we communicate as a country, how we are communicated to, and the unconscious thought processes that probably keep us more fucked than we need to be (like the values of the we have as a country that end up keeping us “down”). There are probably multiple things here. Perhaps it’s even any scattered quality to our values as a country that needs to be addressed (and they are pretty scattered). I think we probably fight all of this tooth and nail, though. Rather than sinking further into the abyss, we need to strive for a different kind of stability.

Pluto’s Return (Part II): US’s Solar Return for 2021/2022

This is Part II in the continuation of the series on the US’s Pluto’s Return, which started in earnest in early 2020 and will go on through December 27, 2025 (once Transit Pluto clears 2 Aquarius 33 in the sky which is within the 5-degree separating orb I use for transit to natal planets). This year when the US has it’s “birthday” on July 4, 2021 feels really important from a Solar Return perspective since 2022 is when transit Pluto comes home “exactly” to it’s natal position – this happens on February 20, 2022, on July 12, 2022, and on December 27, 2022. You might be asking yourself “can countries have Solar Returns?” Lol I don’t really know. I mean, if people have them, I don’t see any reason why a country couldn’t have them, too. Natalie and myself were talking about this a couple of months ago – if it is possible to look at a Solar Return for a country. We both kind of came to the conclusion that there really wasn’t any reason you couldn’t do a Solar Return chart for a country (in theory). If nothing else, it might give some ideas about what the country (any country who’s Solar Return you might look at) will be going through during any given year. In saying all of that, it would make the Solar Return’s for the US for 2021 through 2022, and also 2022 through 2023, extremely important since these Solar Return’s would also correlate with the time frame that transit Pluto comes home to it’s natal position. For this Solar Return chart, I set the reference place to Washington, DC.

Above is the US’s Solar Return chart for 2021, which will start on July 4, 2021 at 10:52 pm. The Sun is obviously in Cancer since that won’t change in the SR chart, but it moves from the natal 7th House to being in the 5th House in the SR chart. To me, this feels like a much more emotional, moody, and sensitive self expression openly than the country may be used to operating. We’ve been “emotional” for a while as country, but during 2021/2022 this feels like it probably is intensified. I don’t think the sensitivity translates to being kinder to one another, but it feels more pissy in nature….expressing our pissy-ness as a nation because we get butt-hurt or offended by things collectively…just taking things WAY too personally (Cancer energy can get rather offended by shit, no offense, and when this energy feels offended it can get pissy and/or retreat into what’s most comfortable for it). Or, lol, it could express itself in a pissy or offended kind of way – perhaps creatively expressing itself from this place of offense and pissy-ness due to the sensitivity. This sounds pretty apt for now, even though the 2021 Solar Return hasn’t actually started yet.

The Solar Return Moon is in Taurus in the 3rd House (where the 5th House will dispose of itself since Cancer rules the 5th). Self-expression will need to be communicated, meaning a lot of this sensitivity, and feelings of pissy-ness and offense (and other shit) will “need” to be communicated. Since the 3rd House is “local” in nature, I think several regions of the US will probably kind of commiserate in their “offenses” together, perhaps only feeling emotional security when communicating with those that hold the same values they do, feel offended by the same things they do, or feel pissy about the same things they do (such as different regions, states, or other localities kind of banding together in this way – and the local aspect stands out with the 3rd House tending to deal more with “local” issues). Something along those lines seems really possible, anyway. Interestingly enough, the SR Moon is also conjunct one of the SR Chart Ruler’s (Uranus, by modern rulership of Aquarius). This puts the way the US expresses itself naturally and knee-jerk very enmeshed with the countries emotional core this year – I think there will be several parts of the country that no longer feel like they can count on the federal government for things (or won’t want to count on them) just due to the local flavor of the Moon in the 3rd House – and finding security from these more local areas instead of finding security as a whole. The coming together of the Moon and Uranus in Taurus (with Uranus in the 2nd House), changing emotional values and the way they are communicated seem really highlighted, too. These also feel like they could be incredibly erratic and unstable. With the Sun trine the Moon/Uranus conjunction, this doesn’t bother any of these planets (they feed off one another).

There is also something that I want to mention about Aquarius and Uranus energy thrown into the mix (with Aquarius as the Ascendant and Uranus the modern chart ruler) – while Uranus and Aquarius are both incredibly open-minded and tolerant, at the highest vibration both of these are open-minded and tolerant to almost anything. At a lower vibration, there can be an “Us v. Them” mentality to this sign and planet – only being open-minded and tolerant to those that are the flavor of open minded and tolerant that they themselves are. This is very much of a hallmark of the people in this country right now – only being open minded to those that share the same thoughts, feelings, etc. This will probably only get worse during 2021/2022 considering the way that we have been going as country (and with the Moon and Uranus fucking each other in the SR, it actually feels like this becomes even more erratic and unpredictable). Aquarius and Uranus energy is also very revolutionary, reformative, and rebellious. I’m not ragging on ANY of these things, because they are absolutely necessary catalysts for change (and, let’s face it, there need to be some changes made in the way the US functions). At a lower vibration, all these are notions that are necessary for any (positive) change end up devolving into chaos and what feels like finger pointing at the groups of people that are different than they are, or pairing off with groups of people that share their same views on things (and only sticking with those groups/people). This, I also feel like, will only get worse too. While there are definitely things that need to be reformed here in this country, we really do need to do this in the correct way and join together in the higher vibration of Aquarius/Uranian energy – not let it tear us apart.

This SR Chart actually has two chart rulers – Uranus by modern rulership of Aquarius and Saturn by traditional rulership of Aquarius. Saturn in the SR chart also shows where “work” is put in, and where “testing” happens. SR Saturn squares SR Uranus, which definitely makes me feel like there is a distinct tension here (duh, this is clearly already happening). I do think it gets worse, though. Saturn in the 12th makes me feel like the responsibility that the country actually has, that we have as a country, is clouded over….or the ways that we try to take responsibility are just off. It’s like trying to make progress, but only really causing more problems for ourselves in the name of the progress that we’re trying to make. I think it’s really important that during the 2021 SR return we as country actually ask ourselves what the fuck it is we’re fighting for, why the fuck we’re fighting for it, and adjust the way that we fight for it. This seems even more highlighted with SR Mars in the 6th opposite SR Saturn. The more that we just “fight” and the less we actually know what our responsibility as a country really is, the more fucked we end up. This is just a hint: we have a responsibility, in my opinion, to fucking come together and knock off the us v. them group shit. I think it’s also really important that we, instead of fighting one another, fight the real enemy here. We just seem really fucking lost about how to make any real progress (which is ultimately what Saturn in Aquarius does want – mastery over progress…and things along those lines). We probably end up shooting ourselves in the foot by way of the way we try to go about this.

The SR South Node is conjunct the MC in Sagittarius, with the SR North Node in Gemini conjunct the IC. This tells me that this year the country was probably wanting to focus a little less on it’s public presence (perhaps in the case of a country this would deal with it’s place on the worlds stage). Though, since we’re dealing with the South Node, it’s easy to get “sucked” back into previous ways of operating. Perhaps during 2021/2022 we wanted to move away from the focus on the country’s presence on the world stage in some capacity, focusing on things more here at home (with the IC being the core of the natal chart, it would make sense for the IC here to be, like, the core of the country). Learning how to communicate and fucking LISTEN to one another as a country. Learn how to agree to disagree, and that can we take in information that doesn’t fit our beliefs or views. I definitely feel like the SR chart is begging for us to fix things with our one another and quit fucking around with foreign lands and with foreign people. We have a tendency to do that in this country – trying to help people in other countries without helping ourselves as well (and a lot of the time, this help is really “help” and not really wanted in the first place). Mind you, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help any other country ever – if we are asked to help with something on the international stage and we are actually in a position to help (without denying the people in this country), then we should. I think often we end up helping (or “helping”) other countries and getting in their business without taking care of the things and people here first. Really, it’s probably one of the reasons that we’re in the mess we’re in currently. We need to quit neglecting things here at home. Beliefs and truth are something that we wanted to move away from – not in the sense of the country and the people in the country not having their own personal truth (or national truth), but more away from dogmatism with these beliefs and sense of truth (Sagittarius can be incredibly dogmatic when it functions at a lower vibrational energy). I’m thinking that we want to move away from doing this both internationally and with one another in this country…but, again, the South Node is “comfortable” and “familiar,” and considering the way things have been going in this country, I feel like this probably gets worse before it gets better during the 2021 SR (if it gets better during the SR).

The SR North Node and SR South Node are also interesting to me because in the US’s natal chart, natal Uranus is at 8 Gemini 55 and the natal Descendant is at 12 Gemini 21 which is conjunct the SR North Node, and the US’s natal Ascendant is at 12 Sagittarius 21 which is conjunct the SR South Node. Here is a picture of the US’s Natal Chart to the 2021 SR Chart:

This makes me think it might be even harder for the US to pull itself away from previous ways of operating – we really won’t want to leave the comfort of the natal Ascendant and the SR South Node. This makes me think that what happens during this year pushes us towards the dealing with the shadow side of our country in some way (how we actually deal with that is another thing completely). From the previous article about Pluto’s Return, I mentioned the importance of Uranus in the US’s natal chart and talked some about the period of time when we have our Uranus Return being more concerning than the Pluto Return shit (personally, anyway). In the US’s natal chart, the Descendant in Gemini and Uranus conjunct the Descendant makes me think of chaotic thinking and chaotic communicating. I’m also going to throw the media into this mix – Uranus in Gemini definitely speaks of “media communications” and possible manipulation to me. ALL of these ideas ARE a part of this nations shadow side (along with many others – I could go on and on). Perception and manipulation are other key things here (and again, I think the media plays a large role IN this) – and really, I think we as a country have an even more chaotic perception of daily life due to their influence (and lets face it, reality is chaotic enough anymore). This goes for ALL sides of the media – and why the media has fucking “sides” at all is stupid.

So what does this look like for this year? I would love it if instead of staying in previous ways of operating per the SR South Node, we moved into the SR North Node (but did this by choice – it’s so much easier when it’s by choice). That we recognize the shadow sides of this country rather than ignoring them. That we learn to liberate the concept of universal brotherhood (what the shadow side of this country could be at a higher vibration…if it was free from the shadow) with one another, and much of this is done by not being so worried about being “right” and instead actually listening and discussing things with one another. Not being spoon-fed things from the media about the differences between us (which, I think, oftentimes the media makes the differences between us into much bigger differences than they are in reality – which serves to keep us more divided), and instead letting those differences radically unite us. Since there is always a perception bias with any kind of news media from the person putting the content out, my advice here is for everyone in this country to do their own independent thinking outside of the news channel they watch regularly – watch a different channel (you know the one, the news station that makes you gag to have on), just to get another perspective. That doesn’t mean that you have to AGREE with the other perspective, but watch it with a flexible mind. You could do the same thing here with ANYTHING belief related – learn how to listen to the other side. The lack of being able to do JUST THIS in America is a real problem – and this is the year that this country wanted to quit ignoring the need to DO this. Better than just watching news and such from a different vantage point, perhaps actually breaking through the barrier of needing the news to play middle man and actually talking to people who hold different truths and beliefs to be true would be a good thing. This is probably what would help us most as country, and this how I’d most like to see us change.

Do we actually DO anything of this, any of the positive things that could be done? I have no fucking idea. I’d like to think as a country we do, but really, who the fuck knows.