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United States Uranus Return disclaimer – This isn’t a piece to fearmonger. Do I think this topic is “concerning”? Absolutely. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. Do I think it’s something that one should sit around being afraid of and worrying about it? No. Worrying about the future very rarely does anything helpful. Knowledge is power and knowing what energies are coming around the corner via astrology can help one to be prepared for things to come. Being prepared (a productive use of energy) is very different than worrying (a useless expense of energy). Just to start this off (as a continuation from the last post on Uranus in Gemini) here are the 4 most recent periods of time in history that transit Uranus was in Gemini (over the past 300 or so years) before the 2020’s:-July 10, 1690 through Nov. 4, 1690; April 28, 1691 through July 31, 1697; Dec. 16, 1697 through May 18, 1698-June 19, 1774 through Dec. 1, 1774; April 8, 1775 through July 12, 1781; Jan. 12, 1782 through April 28, 1782-June 2, 1858 through Jan. 1, 1859; March 14, 1859 through June 27, 1865; Feb. 17, 1866 through March 27, 1866-August 7, 1941 through Oct. 5, 1941; May 15, 1942 through August 30, 1948; Nov. 12, 1948 through June 10, 1949 Fast forward to the future: Transit Uranus will move into Gemini on July 7, 2025 for the first time.-It will slip back into Taurus on November 8, 2025 through April 26, 2026-Enters Gemini on April 26, […]
Transit Uranus in Gemini Disclaimer – This isn’t a piece intended to fearmonger. Do I think this topic is “concerning”? Absolutely. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. Do I think it’s something that one should sit around being afraid of and worrying about it? No. Worrying about the future very rarely does anything helpful. Knowledge is power and knowing what energies are coming around the corner via astrology can help one to be prepared for things to come. Being prepared (a productive use of energy) is very different than worrying (a useless expense of energy). We need to talk about something that has been on my radar for several years at this point (lol here is a video I did about this subject in the fall of 2021), and that something is Uranus moving into Gemini (here is a link to the recent video on YT I did about this same thing). This has been on my radar not only because the US is about to have its Uranus Return (which, lol, historically signals some kind of shit), but also because the world in general feels like it’s gone off the rails and devolved into chaos just a little bit (which makes me wonder what stuff will look like once Uranus actually moves into Gemini). Here in the US everyone has been so focused on Pluto’s Return that Uranus’ Return seemed to be completely overlooked by most until recently. In my opinion Uranus’ Return is the bigger deal […]
Asteroid Astrology! While asteroids aren’t necessary to read a chart (the meat and potatoes will always be with the planets, the nodal axis, etc.), they can add another layer to chart weaving (and asteroids are also just A LOT of fun!). A friend of mine made the comment a while back that the incorporation of asteroids is like the fine tuning of an instrument, and I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. As I’ve been going through my website (on the back-end cleaning things up), I noticed that while I have certainly written about certain asteroids (and have done even more videos for the YouTube channel on asteroids) I have never written about HOW to read asteroids in a natal chart….so that’s what this post is about. Obviously, this is an opinion piece, MY opinion on how to read asteroids in a chart. But! The way that I do this does resonate with clients, so I feel like I’m doing something right with the way that I approach reading the asteroids. First of all, there are SO MANY asteroids to choose from in the asteroid databank, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin. If you are wanting to start fucking with asteroids but aren’t sure where to start, Chiron should be at the top of your list with which to look. Starting with some of the major ones to see where they land in your chart like the Asteroid Goddesses (Vesta, Pallas, Juno, and Ceres) might be […]
Asteroid Chariklo – Asteroid Number 10199 – Discovered on February 15, 1997 How to Read Asteroid Chariklo in a Natal Chart (things she might want to express):-States of transition or being in a state of flux-Where one may not get the “credit” they deserve (or may not give themselves the credit they deserve)-Devotion, duty, and love (and being devoted, dutiful, and loving in relationships)-Healing with feminine/receptive energy (and transmutation of pain)-“Wise Woman” archetype (or just “wise female/receptive energy”)**Even a place where the feminine and masculine sides of energy are blended-Boundaries-Doing things (all of the above and more!) with grace and tact**The name Chariklo means “Graceful Spinner” As I have started going through the motions of cleaning stuff up across the board (on the site, on the YouTube channel, etc.), it was noticed that THIS blog post was started two years ago and never finished. Absolutely unacceptable on my end because I love Chariklo so much (I really, really do!). Also, I recently had a client with Chariklo prominently placed in her chart which we spent a good part of the reading talking about. To say she’s been on my mind lately is an understatement, lol. It’s also been a long time since I’ve done a blog post….and it’s about damn time I did one. Chariklo seemed like the perfect subject with which to jump back in. Side note: What is a prominent Chariklo (or any asteroid) in a natal chart? In my opinion, you would want to see Chariklo conjunct […]
Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28, 2023 at 3:23 pm central time(Transit Sun at 5-degrees Scorpio/Transit Moon at 5-degrees Taurus with the Lunar Nodes at 24-degrees Libra and Aries) **Why am I doing a blog post on this? Because I wrote WAAAAAY too much about this for an Instagram post 😂 and wanted to put it somewhere. So here we are. ** I have woken up in the morning with the song “Come Undone” by Duran Duran in my head multiple times over the past 6 months (since the eclipse in early May 2023). This song has come through even more often over the past week or so….and I know it ties in with this last eclipse along the Taurus/Scorpio Axis (the first eclipse along this axis took place on November 19, 2021). There is such a feeling of coming undone with this eclipse (and really, this whole eclipse series). This isn’t meant in a scary or ominous way. In fact, sometimes we must come undone in order to come (back) together. Sometimes things have to come undone so “better” things can take their place. -Purge and Release have been major themes under this whole eclipse series. Transformation has been another theme. The point of these things is to bring you greater stability, security, and comfort. Is it “comfortable” as you’re going through (and have been going through) the process? Probably not. Does it mean you’ve, maybe, been in the process of coming undone or undoing things in your […]
Here is a video I did on this for those that prefer watching over reading. Ahhhhh Nessus! The centaur in mythology generally gets dubbed as the “abuser” asteroid in astrology. While, yes, I do think that Nessus can tie to abuse (and the propensity to abuse), this feels like a more extreme way that this asteroid can play out. Before getting into WHAT this asteroid can signify in a chart, let’s talk a little bit about his mythology. Also, just for reference: Nessus is asteroid no.7066 in the asteroid databank. Who the fuck was Nessus? He was a centaur who was the son of Centauros (and Centauros was the son of Ixon and the nymph Nephele). In some versions of the mythology, it is mentioned that he is the son of Ixon and Nephele (so I’m really not sure who the fuck his parents were hahaha and it probably doesn’t matter for the purposes of this post….I just like trying to nail down the family tree). Like most of the centaurs (sans Chiron), Nessus was rowdy and debaucherous – always down for fucking and fighting, especially once a little wine or whatever entered the system. He was also one of the surviving centaurs at “The Centauromachy,” the wedding of Pirithous & Hippodameia, which was a battle where a bunch of centaurs died (the post that I did on the centaur Hylonome explored this event). What Nessus is probably the most known for is his story with Hercules and Dejanira (also […]
If you are more of a watcher than a reader, you can find me talking about Hylonome here ^_^ The asteroid Hylonome (asteroid number 10370) has been on my mind a whole bunch recently. Maybe it’s because some of the things that she represents have been a part of my life in different ways as of late (throughout most of 2022)….which is probably why she’s been on my mind and in my sights recently. So much grief and bullshit that has needed to be released. Her mythology is rather sparse – there isn’t a whole bunch on her, but her story is impactful none the less. Hylonome was a centaur who was the partner of Cyllarus. It is said in Metamorphoses that “many centaurs would be his mate, but one gained his heart; this was Hylonome.” It seems like this is made a big deal of in the mythology – that he chose her. I’m not saying that she didn’t choose him, too (she probably did), but it does seem to be mentioned specifically that he could’ve had anyone, and he chose her. It is also mentioned that she would do things to beautify herself for him such as “combing her glossy hair and twined her curls in turn with rosemary…” and “took care to look her best.” It is also mentioned that “she alone by love and love’s sweet words and winning ways held Cyllarus.”-Now….I want to interject here for just a second. Maybe I’m not reading the “correct” […]
Pluto conjunct the Natal Ascendant via Transit and Solar Arc (or: A Fucked Up Journey) **Trigger Warning – different kinds of abuse are mentioned in this article**Here is a youtube video that I did about the same kind of thing When I see this old picture of myself from a middle school yearbook, I think to myself “have you seen this girl?” I haven’t seen her in fucking years. I think some of her is getting flipped back “on” now, though (just through the lens of a 34 year old rather than a 13 year old). I have wanted to do a blog post about this for a while, and each time I start it, I stop myself. Do I really want to expose ALL of what I’m about to expose? Probably not (and I might take this down as fast as I post it, lol). However, since I’m in the throes of Solar Arc Pluto conjunct my Ascendant currently, it feels like the “right” time to further work through a bunch of shit that happened to me 20 years ago when Transit Pluto was conjunct my Ascendant, and how there are echoes of this part of my life in the present day. This isn’t strictly an exercise for my own benefit, though – I’m hoping that other people will benefit from this post in some way, and in seeing the trends and themes that can come back around through an astrological lens. I really hope that this blog post […]
Let’s talk about Circe (asteroid number 34). I really do like Circe, just like I like all of the “witchy” asteroids (Hecate, Cybele, etc.), which means I want to give her a fair shake. Due to patriarchal bullshit (and that kind of nonsense), over the years she has seemed to devolve into some kind of seductress, temptress, or man-hater – and none of the above is entirely accurate in my opinion. I also think that she represents more than just magical abilities and gifting in a natal chart, though I do think that this is obviously a big part of what she represents.**if you are more of a watcher than a reader, here is a video I did on Circe Before we get into the mythology, here is what I think she can represent in a natal chart:-Isolation and exile (this can be the self-imposed kind, the kind that is forced upon a person, or both).-Feelings of being intruded upon (this can be real or imagined, but I do think defense of the feeling of being intruded upon comes into play with Circe).-Feelings of loneliness – this is actually a major theme that I didn’t touch on in the YouTube video, but I do think it exists and I also think that this could be some of the reason why she turned humans into animals and kept them on her island.-Where you need to “meet your match,” both within yourself and in relationships with other people (say, via synastry, etc.).-Magical […]
Interview with an Astrologer-Philip Sedgwick also known as the mack fucking daddy of the Galactic Center (and Galactic Astrology) This conversation took place on August 11, 2022, over zoom. Philip’s parts of the conversation are in bold, and mine are not bolded. The parts that are in parenthesis are things that might be necessary for one to know for some context of the question and/or answers (and also for other side notes). This entire conversation was such a professional highlight ^_^ “Hey Philip!”“Hey Ellie. So, how the hell are you?”“I’m pretty good – I’m excited! How about you?”“I’m good. Do you want to ask me your questions, and that way I can have a little more of spontaneous response to them?” “Okay, sounds good! All of the questions were okay though, right?”(I always like to shoot over the questions that I want to ask in an interview before the interview happens). “Yeah, there’s a couple of answers that will be a little different than the track of the question, but nonetheless, it will work.” “Okay – that is fine. (I start getting my iPad out with the questions).“So, what got you interested in astrology in the first place? What was the spark?” “Well, I was in the Navy, and I was up for a security clearance, and one day I was in a coffee shop at the base where our ship was stationed, and this guy came up to me and asked me for my birthday. I told him, and […]


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