Astrological Ramblings

Charts where the Natal North Node is at 0 degrees Aries…..these charts absolutely fascinate me. This is because when you have your Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries, your Draconic Chart is the exact same as your Natal Chart.  Since the conjunction and opposition are karmic in nature (especially in regards to this type of chart), it would reason to guess that this type of Draconic Charts would give a real soul purpose to the native in this particular lifetime. What exactly that purpose is? Lets explore some ideas 🙂 *Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries* This causes ones Draconic Chart to look the same as their Natal Chart; all of the planets and aspects are conjunct when doing a synastry report between the two charts. The closer that your Natal North Node is to 0 degrees Aries, the more similar the two charts will appear. Here though, I’m talking about people that have their Natal North Node either at 0 degrees Aries or conjunct the Aries Point within 5 degrees. There are some theories that I have about what this can mean for the person who has this type of Draconic Chart (and mind you, these are all just theories that feel like they might be right). When studying these types of charts, there isn’t a whole lot out there about these types of Draconic Charts, so I figure I’d throw my ideas out there into the fray. As an aside, these charts are of particular interest […]
In the first posting about Draconic Charts, I went into what exactly they are and what they are thought to represent, along with my own personal beliefs about these charts. In this post, we’ll get into how one should approach reading a Draconic Chart and the lens in which they should probably be read. The Draconic Chart can either be read as it’s own entity, or can be read in conjunction with the Natal Chart. Really, I find the later is the more complete way to read these charts, but on their own they are also very interesting. Read in conjunction to the Natal Chart, you are looking at charts with two different types of energy and two different purposes. You can think of the Natal Chart as the outward manifestation energy and the Draconic Chart as the inward manifestation of energy. That’s not to say that the Natal Chart is only an outward manifestation of energy (clearly it isn’t when looked at on its own), but put up against the Draconic Chart the Natal Chart is infinitely more outward than the Draconic. Another way that I like to think of these charts is the Natal Chart is like the EGO and the Draconic Chart is one’s ID (like Freud’s theory of the ID, EGO and SUPEREGO). The Natal Chart is how one presents themselves in this lifetime, how they are in the here and now, the EGO of the charts. The Draconic Chart is primal like the ID, and […]


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