Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28, 2023 at 3:23 pm central time
(Transit Sun at 5-degrees Scorpio/Transit Moon at 5-degrees Taurus with the Lunar Nodes at 24-degrees Libra and Aries)

**Why am I doing a blog post on this? Because I wrote WAAAAAY too much about this for an Instagram post 😂 and wanted to put it somewhere. So here we are. **

I have woken up in the morning with the song “Come Undone” by Duran Duran in my head multiple times over the past 6 months (since the eclipse in early May 2023). This song has come through even more often over the past week or so….and I know it ties in with this last eclipse along the Taurus/Scorpio Axis (the first eclipse along this axis took place on November 19, 2021). There is such a feeling of coming undone with this eclipse (and really, this whole eclipse series). This isn’t meant in a scary or ominous way. In fact, sometimes we must come undone in order to come (back) together. Sometimes things have to come undone so “better” things can take their place.

-Purge and Release have been major themes under this whole eclipse series. Transformation has been another theme. The point of these things is to bring you greater stability, security, and comfort. Is it “comfortable” as you’re going through (and have been going through) the process? Probably not. Does it mean you’ve, maybe, been in the process of coming undone or undoing things in your life? Probably so.

“Can’t ever keep from falling apart at the seams. Cannot believe you’re taking my heart to pieces.”

This eclipse is the last thrust towards releasing and purging what needs to be released or purged in your life. This will look a little different for everyone (it really depends on what the eclipse is doing to your personal natal chart). This could translate to the complete purge and release of a person, place, thing, etc. It could also be a purge and release situation where you’re not completely getting the person, place, thing, etc. out of your life…but rather transforming this into something else (purging what was to usher in something new…and this IS a partial eclipse after all). Scorpio energy (where the transit Sun is) deals heavily with purge and release on an evolutionary level. Scorpio energy can also hold on to things for dear life…even though this energy KNOWS how sweet purging and releasing can be (whether that be a complete release or a transformation). Since this is eclipse is a hybrid one with the Transit South Node in Libra and the transit North Node in Aries, concepts of the self v. relationships probably DO factor into this (at least for a large percentage of people).
**The Transit Sun is also conjunct the Shapley Attractor which gives this purge and release (or transformation!) all the more power. On the flip side of that, should you decide to hold on to something instead, holding on will be even more powerful. Transit Pluto is squaring the nodal axis, giving this an even greater evolutionary flavor, and an even greater push towards transformation and release. To ignore this makes the whole thing feel more difficult.
**The transit Moon is conjunct the Dipole Repeller. This could feel a little like falling into the void. It might not be a bad thing, though (and if it doesn’t feel great, it will pass).

With the transit Moon in Taurus and the transit North Node in Aries, these are the types of questions to ask yourself under this lunation:

– “Does holding on (to something) bring me security and stability? Or does it take my ‘heart to pieces’?”
– “How have I been giving my power away?” or on the flip side of that “How have I been trying to exert power and control over something else to my detriment?”
– “Are my relationships evolving or are they staying exactly the same as they have always been?”

The transit North Node is loosely conjunct transit Chiron, which does add an element of pain to all of this. At the same time, though, it can also add an element of healing. The healing comes when your own independence, drive, instincts, and self aren’t forsaken. Transit Chiron is also quincunx Venus in Virgo (Venus is the ruler of the South Node AND the Moon in Taurus), meaning they are not seeing or feeling one another clearly. Venus in Virgo values notions like helpfulness; don’t forget about helping yourself, too, here. Also, try to wash for being a glutton for punishment. Virgo energy can tend to be and feel guilty and shameful for things that it has no reason to feel guilty and shameful for (or it feels this in disproportionate levels for what the situation calls). Being a “glutton for punishment” say, by way of holding on to things and people that need to be released (or just holding on to the way that things ARE rather than leaning into the transformation necessary) isn’t the way to go here. THIS ends up being where the pain of Chiron comes into play if this being a glutton for punishment (or something like it) isn’t seen.  

The South Node is quincunx Neptune Rx in Pisces. Neptune Rx wants to break through the illusions and “clouding” that Neptune tends to deal in. Since it’s quincunx the South Node, and the South Node is where we are more “comfortable” or what we are more “familiar” with, it might be even harder to break through here. Not impossible, just more difficult. Make sure you’re seeing things as clearly as possible, especially regarding anything that you might be trying to release, purge, and/or transform.

Saturn Rx in Pisces trine the Sun and South Node while also sextile the Moon and North Node stands out as well. Saturn in Pisces can point towards structures (Saturn) dissolving or coming undone (Pisces). This “coming undone” naturally wants to happen, but we can’t get lazy with it (trines can be lazy sometimes since things come so “easy”). If things feel like they are coming undone….keep consciously going with it (the sextile from Saturn to the North Node and the Moon wants this).

Happy release, purging, and transformation everyone! I hope, in whatever way that it comes, it brings you all the stability and security you want and need.  

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