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Asteroid Chariklo – Asteroid Number 10199 – Discovered on February 15, 1997 How to Read Asteroid Chariklo in a Natal Chart (things she might want to express):-States of transition or being in a state of flux-Where one may not get the “credit” they deserve (or may not give themselves the credit they deserve)-Devotion, duty, and love (and being devoted, dutiful, and loving in relationships)-Healing with feminine/receptive energy (and transmutation of pain)-“Wise Woman” archetype (or just “wise female/receptive energy”)**Even a place where the feminine and masculine sides of energy are blended-Boundaries-Doing things (all of the above and more!) with grace and tact**The name Chariklo means “Graceful Spinner” As I have started going through the motions of cleaning stuff up across the board (on the site, on the YouTube channel, etc.), it was noticed that THIS blog post was started two years ago and never finished. Absolutely unacceptable on my end because I love Chariklo so much (I really, really do!). Also, I recently had a client with Chariklo prominently placed in her chart which we spent a good part of the reading talking about. To say she’s been on my mind lately is an understatement, lol. It’s also been a long time since I’ve done a blog post….and it’s about damn time I did one. Chariklo seemed like the perfect subject with which to jump back in. Side note: What is a prominent Chariklo (or any asteroid) in a natal chart? In my opinion, you would want to see Chariklo conjunct […]
Here is a video I did on this for those that prefer watching over reading. Ahhhhh Nessus! The centaur in mythology generally gets dubbed as the “abuser” asteroid in astrology. While, yes, I do think that Nessus can tie to abuse (and the propensity to abuse), this feels like a more extreme way that this asteroid can play out. Before getting into WHAT this asteroid can signify in a chart, let’s talk a little bit about his mythology. Also, just for reference: Nessus is asteroid no.7066 in the asteroid databank. Who the fuck was Nessus? He was a centaur who was the son of Centauros (and Centauros was the son of Ixon and the nymph Nephele). In some versions of the mythology, it is mentioned that he is the son of Ixon and Nephele (so I’m really not sure who the fuck his parents were hahaha and it probably doesn’t matter for the purposes of this post….I just like trying to nail down the family tree). Like most of the centaurs (sans Chiron), Nessus was rowdy and debaucherous – always down for fucking and fighting, especially once a little wine or whatever entered the system. He was also one of the surviving centaurs at “The Centauromachy,” the wedding of Pirithous & Hippodameia, which was a battle where a bunch of centaurs died (the post that I did on the centaur Hylonome explored this event). What Nessus is probably the most known for is his story with Hercules and Dejanira (also […]
There are so many postings out there about relationships, and how to find the best possible mate by way of one’s birthchart. “What sort of person would I best with?” is a question commonly asked. There are a few different things that I always look at first and foremost when being asked these sorts of questions by clients (and answering questions as I creep on forums, hahah)….and this sort of question gets asked A LOT. Everyone wants to find their person (well, most people do anyway), so these are useful things to pay particular attention to for anyone who wants to learn more about astrological pairing from the natal chart. I have a visual below, with the different things that I’m talking about in this post circled so you can follow along with a visual. I know us into astrology (for fun, vocation, or both!) are VERY visual people. **Just to make it clear, I’m only talking about good pairings based on the natal chart. Obviously, actually seeing how these aspects would play out would depend on the actual synastry and composite charts between two people. I’m also NOT strictly talking about SUN signs, but talking about that Sign’s ENERGY in general. **Obviously, you would have to take the whole chart into account. Just because someones Descendant is in a certain sign does necessarily mean that the particular sign’s energy in question would be a good pairing for the person. This post should really be used as more of a […]


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