Jean-Luc Brunel’s Death Chart

Oooooh yes – when I saw this fucker died the other day, and under similar weird circumstances as Epstein, I knew this would be a death chart I would dig into. Just for reference, Jean-Luc Brunel was the head of Karin Models and founded MC2 Modeling Agency (which was backed with Epstein’s money). He was stopped in December 2020 by French Police from boarding a plane to Senegal and was accused of several rape allegations spanning several decades (and they detained him for this). Brunel was formally indicted on one count of rape in September 2021.
……and then, around 1:00 – 1:30 am (accounts vary) on February 19, 2022, he was found to have hung himself in his cell in Paris by the guards doing one of the five overnight checks.

I can’t be the only person this strikes as extremely fucking weird (lol, I know I’m not). I also don’t think he killed himself. Lets take a look at some charts:

This is the chart for when Jean-Luc Brunel was found in his cell at 1:30 am on February 19, 2022 in Paris France

**Just a quick couple of things about reading these kinds of charts:
-The Ascendant/1st House cusp and the chart ruler represent the victim
-The Descendant/7th House cusp and the planetary ruler of the 7th House represents the perpetrator (or catalyst)
-Moon is always co-ruler in these charts
-You *usually* want to stick to traditional rulership with these kinds of charts. I don’t *always* follow this rule if I feel called to use modern rulership, but for the charts in this blog post, I did stick with traditional rulership.

I just want to make mention first that this is NOT when he died (I will get to the chart for when I think the time of death may have been a little further down in the post). The chart above is specifically for when he was found in his cell (and I went with 1:30 am as the time since more news outlets seem to be using that time than the 1 am time). Here are some things that stand out to me:
-He is represented by the Ascendant in Scorpio, along with Mars in Capricorn in the 2nd House. With Sagittarius actually on the cusp of the 2nd House, and Pluto and Mars falling in Capricorn, I’m thinking he definitely had some solid (Capricorn) knoweldge (Sagittarius) about something (I do think his resources were involved in why he died – and specifically here, this does feel “knowledge” or “understanding” based). From Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, you would go to Saturn in Aquarius in the 3rd House (where the chain of dispositions ends). Since the disposition chain ends in an intercepted sign, we probably won’t ever be given the information of exactly what happened to him (and I bring up information because the sharing of information is a 3rd House thing).
-The 4th House/IC has Pisces on the cusp with both the planetary rulers of Pisces (Neptune and Jupiter) in this house in Pisces. This makes me think that he was in his “home” (lol his cell) which makes sense because that is where he was found dead. There is also a possible tie to family involvement here, or the family being involved in the death of the person. I use the term “family” loosely here since Pisces in general is a more fluid sign – I don’t think this has to necessarily be his “blood family,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever did this (or ordered this) was someone who felt like “family” (or was tied to his notion of “family” in some way). The disposition chain ends here.
-The 7th House has Taurus on the cusp, with Venus falling in the 2nd House (and conjunct one of the markers for him, Mars). This does kind of make me think that money was a motivation here (Taurus energy deals with money), though I definitely still think what Brunel knew was also part of the motivation, too – Venus in Capricorn (the planetary dispositor of Taurus on the cusp of the 7th House) falls in the 2nd House and conjunct Mars in Capricorn (which is one of the planetary markers for Brunel). The ruler of the 7th House in the 2nd House in charts like these can indicate a “robbery.” I put this in quotes because I don’t think he was actually robbed of any belongings – just snuffed out and robbed of his knowledge. From Venus in Capricorn you would move to Saturn in Aquarius, and the chain of dispositions would end here. This person got in and got the hell out quickly.
–I also think with Taurus on the cusp of the 7th House, you’re probably looking for someone who is “sturdy” in build, maybe a little on the shorter side for a man, and probably appears pretty well put together. I might also think of someone who has a slow-burning temper (and wouldn’t fly off the handle – this is a calculated fucker).
-The 10th House has Virgo on the cusp with Mercury in the 3rd House in Aquarius (and intercepted). This makes me think that the person who did this got in and got the hell out of that prison/jail (I don’t think it was an actual guard involved in this, but I wouldn’t doubt it if someone got in (somehow, someway) and then impersonated one). From there you would go to Saturn in Aquarius by traditional rulership (also in the 3rd House) which definitely makes me think they got the hell out of prison/jail quickly (“short distance” travel is something else this house deals with). The disposition chain ends here.
–Virgo on the cusp of the 10th House makes me think the whole thing was incredibly organized
**The Moon is also in the 10th House, and since the Moon is always the co-ruler of these charts, it makes sense that THIS is when he would be found since the 10th House is so out in the open and public.

Noooooowwww, here is the chart when I actually think he may have died (or sometime around THIS time):

Chart for when I think Brunel may have actually died – 10:30 pm on February 18th, 2022 in Paris, France

This, to me anyway, looks more like a “death chart.” In this chart, you have the Moon, which is always co-ruler of these charts, in the 12th House. This *can* point to someone passing on (might be part of a death pattern). Also, since Cancer is on the cusp of the 10th House (10th House can represent law enforcement and the handling of the case, the way the public views the case, even stuff dealing with the perpetrator), and the Moon is in the 12th House, I’m thinking that it’s very possible that someone is keeping something about his death hidden and we’ll probably never know all the details.
**The Moon is also conjunct the fixed stars Labrum (which can indicate “dishonest income) and Alkaid (which can indicate “death”).
-He is represented by the Libra Ascendant and Venus in Capricorn. Technically, Venus is in the 3rd House, but since it is conjunct the IC/4th House cusp, I would probably read it in both. I almost wonder if with the 3rd House involvement, if maybe he was moved around a bit before passing (like moved to another location in the prison/jail to be “offed”). Since it is so close to the 4th House, this definitely shows Brunel being at “home” (which was the jail/prison). From Venus in Capricorn you would move to Saturn in Aquarius in the 4th House, and this is where the chain of dispositions ends. This makes sense since he was found in his cell dead. I won’t go into the 4th House dispositions since the planetary ruler of the 4th House, Saturn, falls in the 4th House in Aquarius. Since Capricorn is on the cusp of the 4th House, this feels more like someone that was a part of his “business” family more than anything (this is the kind of “family” I think makes sense here).
-The 7th House in this chart has Aries on the cusp, with Mars in Capricorn as the planetary dispositor. This makes me think that the perpetrator had some kind of opening to do this (I’m wondering if all the international chaos in the world plays into this at all? Lots of things to distract the masses at the moment), and took impulsive action. Don’t get this impulse mistaken, though – Mars in Capricorn is strategic as fuck, and I do think this strategy had been in the works for a while (but the opening hadn’t presented itself before then). When this opening presented itself, the perpetrator acted on it quickly and impulsively. From Mars in Capricorn, you would move on to Saturn in Aquarius in the 4th House. They did their job and got the fuck out (the other chart echoes this notion).
**It’s interesting that in both of these charts the planetary rulers are flipped – in the top chart, Brunel’s marker is Mars in Capricorn, and the marker for the perpetrator is Venus in Capricorn. In the second chart, the marker for Brunel is Venus in Capricorn, and the marker for the perpetrator is Mars in Capricorn. This, in my opinion, makes that Mars/Venus conjunction really important.
**The fixed star Sheliak is at 18-degrees 53 minutes Capricorn conjunct Mars and Venus. This star can indicate a few different things, but some of the main ones are “trouble with authority” and “death by violence.”
-In this particular chart, his reported death makes more sense. Taurus is on the cusp of the 8th House, and Taurus rules over the throat (which, if he did die by hanging (or strangulation)….and I am inclined to think that he did, it makes a lot of sense). In these charts, the 8th House can show the manner of death. There are no planets IN the 8th House, but the North Node does fall there. This does make me think, if anything, that this might have been kind of “meant to be” if you will (or something kind of fated about the timing of this whole thing).
**And take a look at where that North Node is…at 26-degrees 30 minutes Taurus, which happens to be conjunct the fixed star Algol at 26-degrees 10 minutes Taurus. Algol can indicate “loosing your head,” strangulation, danger to the throat and neck, murder, and violence. Now, I also realize that the North Node moves a little more slowly, but this happening to be in the 8th House of this chart, along with the planetary ruler of the North Node, Venus, conjunct Sheilak, indicating “death by violence…..this just doesn’t seem like a suicide to me.

Here’s the $64,000 question: If Epstein didn’t kill himself, and Brunel didn’t kill himself……then why the fuck is Jizzlane Maxwell still alive?

Lana Clarkson Death Chart

Lana Clarkson died on February 3, 2003 at 40 years old in record producer Phil Spector’s home. It is said that they met while she was working at the House of Blues in LA earlier than night and I guess decided to go for some after hours fun or some shit at his house. Driver was waiting outside for them to do…whatever they were going to do in the house, and the driver heard a gunshot while waiting. Spector comes out of the house with the gun saying “I think I just shot her” OR “I think I’ve killed somebody” (I’ve seen both quotes). He has maintained that it was an accidental suicide and that she “kissed the gun.” She was found in his home dead with a single gunshot wound to her mouth. He ended up being sentenced to 19 years to life in prison but died earlier this year on January 16, 2021 before he was eligible for release.

This might sound real stupid, but as familiar as I am with a lot of the music that he produced (George Harrison’s “All Things Must Past” would probably be in my top 5 favorite albums of all time), I am NOT super familiar with this case. Which, again, sounds really stupid because it was so highly publicized.

So, lol, I won’t lie – this fucking chart is weird (I think it’s weird – though I can’t quite place my finger on why yet). More than that, I think the VIBE of this chart is just…weird. There isn’t anything off the bat that stands out to me like this was planned, premeditated, or that he (or she) even knew what the fuck they were doing in the first place…that actually stands out to me the most – the fact that I don’t think either of them were real clear about what the hell they were doing. There are a few “death pattern markers” that I notice – ruler of the 8th House, the Sun, in the 1st House and the ruler of the 4th House, Venus, in the 12th House. Neptune in the 1st House can show some kind of secret shit, though here it doesn’t seem like planning something secret – more like something secret about what they were doing in the first place (I’m thinking something drug or sex related….or BOTH). Actually it feels like something secret about him more than it feels like something secret about her (though I could see it applying to both parties). Pisces falls intercepted in the 2nd House (which Neptune rules), and since it falls in the 1st House, I do feel that there was just a general lack of clarity on both of their ends. Neptune is also under the Sun’s beams, which tends to indicate “grave danger.” In the case of Neptune, I’m thinking any clouding or fogginess that influenced this whole thing put her in that grave danger this placement alludes.

Since she is the victim, you would look to the Ascendant in Capricorn and planetary ruler of Capricorn, Saturn Rx, in Gemini in the 6th to represent her. By way of first dispositions, you can definitely see that she was at work when the events were set in motion (6th House deals with the work that you do, among other things). I feel like she was just kind of living her life and not really doing anything that she wasn’t used to doing (even if this was the first time that she met Spector, I don’t think she was unfamiliar with meeting people like she met him and going off with them – and I say that with absolutely no hint of judgment, just what I see). Though I will say that with the Rx motion of Saturn, she maybe DID have some reservations about going off with Spector that particular night. Why? Not really sure, but I do think they were there (and were clearly ignored). From there you would go to the planetary ruler of Gemini, Mercury, which is in the 1st House in Capricorn. Now, something I DO notice here that you usually don’t pay a whole bunch of attention to in these kinds of charts is Chiron. Chiron conjuncts Mercury by 4-degrees, and conjuncts the Ascendant by 1.5-degrees. This feels like a wounding of the mind, honestly, or a wounding regarding her having the “authority” to think straight. The mutual reception between Mercury and Saturn kind of strengthen all of this for me. This is where her chain of dispositions ends. Could this be something like drugs? Absolutely. Could it even be something like mental illness? That’s also possible.

Now, we want to look at the Descendant chain of dispositions, since the Descendant and the planetary ruler of the Descendant show the perpetrator. The Descendant is in Cancer and the Moon, which rules Cancer, is in the 2nd House in Pisces and it falls in interception. This is also important because the Moon is co-ruler in these charts (meaning it is also the co-ruler of Clarkson). This makes me think that she had something that he wanted, though really, with the Moon being intercepted, I’m not even sure that HE realized he wanted what he wanted from her. The Moon in Pisces intercepted thing just feels REALLY unclear from both points of view, and I kind of feel like these were two people who really didn’t know what the fuck they were doing at this particular time (it all just feels REALLY cloudy – and this is another reason that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they were both intoxicated or something like it). From the Moon, we then go to Jupiter RX in the natal chart. I will be looking at Neptune (since it is the modern ruler of Pisces), but for the dispositions of the “story” itself I usually look at traditional rulership. Jupiter RX in Leo in the 7th, this would show them ending up in some place that was familiar to him (which is exactly what they did – they went to his house). The Rx motion of Jupiter stands out because while Jupiter RX can see “the big picture” and be incredibly intuitive, it tends to have issues when it needs to break things down from a logical and rational point of view (and there was clearly some issues in the logic and reason area since Chiron is conjunct Mercury). Jupiter Rx CAN do this, but it has to do this backwards – figuring out why it knows what it knows piece by piece to make sense of what it knows from a logical and rational point of view. I also get the feeling that he had a feeling that they shouldn’t do what they were doing, either, but couldn’t make sense of why (kind of like knowing a car is going to get into a head on collision before it happens, but not being able to stop the driver or even have logical/rational sense of why you think that in the first place…and then it happens). Then from there we would look at the Sun in the 1st House in Aquarius (closely conjunct Neptune) which leads me, again, to think of intoxication (though I think it may have been something kind of weird – like not a commonly used substance or something). I mean, the usual suspects may have been involved too, but I do think they were partaking in something that isn’t used as often recreationally. Shit, even whatever they were doing sexually may have been something weird – whatever this is (sex or drugs or whatever), it was something that he impressed upon her (something he suggested they do or something he gave her to take). Probably something he liked or something he valued that I don’t think other people were as privy too. From there, you would go to Saturn in the 6th, and then to Mercury in the 1st (and I think it’s in this mutual reception that she dies). Saturn can represent the body in charts like this, but Mercury being impacted by Chiron like it is…the whole mutual reception just feels like incredibly bad judgement. I get the feeling that they were probably screwing around with that gun (simulating blow jobs or whatever they were doing), and I think it went off (and he realized that it went off and he had a real “what the fuck did I just do?!” kind of moment). Probably did some back and forth for a few minutes trying to realize WHAT had just happened, what he just did. Realizing that he made a very bad error in mental judgement, but it being too late to do anything about it.
**By sign, the Moon in Pisces (ruler of the Descendant) and Saturn in Gemini (ruler of the Ascendant) make a square aspect – and moving closer together since Saturn is Rx and the Moon is applying to Saturn. This also shows the wheels being set in motion for all of this to occur.

The 10th House Cusp is in Scorpio, and both the modern and traditional rulers of Scorpio, Pluto and Mars respectively, fall in the 11th House. I do feel like this case was investigated, but I also have to wonder if there are things that the public doesn’t know about the case (I’m thinking that there probably are – I’m thinking some things were kept from the public). Even though Mars and Pluto are in Sag (which is very truth loving and truth seeking), I’m thinking with Jupiter Rx in the chart what they kept private was something that had to do with Spector but not necessarily the case itself (or more like by-proxy related to the case). If Spector had weird sexual proclivities, these may not have been mentioned in the case (and if anything weird that he enjoyed sexually was divulged, I’m guessing they didn’t really crack the ice). I’m thinking it may not have been mentioned because while it maybe DID apply to the case, I think they felt like they had enough information to give the public to explain what happened without mentioning these particular things/this particular thing. It’s also possible they didn’t think that the public would understand whatever was kept hidden (like they wouldn’t be able to make logical sense of it, or it would open up a whole other can of unrelated worms….which also seems possible). The ruler of the 4th House, Venus, falling in the 12th House definitely leads me to also think that there are things about this case that were not mentioned to the public (and since Sagittarius rules over the 12th House cusp some of the truth, again, feels hidden here).

All in all, I do think this was probably an accident…..a very, very tragic accident. I don’t think accidental suicide is the right way to put it, though. I think more than likely they were playing around with the gun during sex or whatever, and it went off. As someone who has fired guns, I know you can certainly tell the difference in weight between a loaded and unloaded firearm….but if they were fucked up, I’m thinking it would be possible NOT to pay attention to that (or to think something wasn’t loaded when it actually was).

I am very curious about whatever they actually DID keep secret about him (things that weren’t mentioned to the public). Not gunna lie – I almost wonder if this could have to do with something belief related (something darker in nature) that also translated to the sex side of things. I don’t think he would’ve necessarily picked her up FOR this purpose on that night, but I almost wonder if what wasn’t mentioned to the public wasn’t mentioned because it tied in with something along those lines? There are a few fixed stars that stand out that kind of allude to this:
-Atria @ 20 Sagittarius 54 conjunct Pluto can point to shit like an “interest in freemasonry” (and I bring that up since the cusp of the 10th House bends to Pluto in the 11th in Sag). I also want to make it clear that I don’t necessarily think freemasonry is a bad thing (I think there are probably bad sects of it and it can be used negatively like anything else, but I don’t think it’s universally bad). Really, what stands out about the mention of “freemasonry” here is the idea of secrecy. The cusp of the 11th House (which would be like the cusp of the 5th if you were to slip the chart) is @ 27 Scorpio 46 which is conjunct the fixed star Agena. This fixed star can indicate “occult learning,” and with the 11th House functioning like the 5th when you slip the chart (making the Descendant the Ascendant, essentially), it makes me think that sex for him may have had occult leanings. Though, again, I don’t necessarily think he picked HER up for that reason on this night (or if he did, he didn’t realize he was doing this). The fixed star Skat @ 8 Pisces 52 is conjunct the Moon (which is both Spector by dispositions from the Descendant AND the co-ruler of the chart). This fixed star can indicate stuff like occult or hidden interests.
-A few other interesting things here are some other fixed stars. The fixed star Sheliak @ 18 Capricorn 53 is damn near exactly conjunct Mercury. This fixed star can indicate stuff like sexual “adventures,” disgrace, and death by violence (and dying from a gunshot wound to the head is incredibly violent). Bellatrix @ 21 Gemini 28 is within a degree of Saturn, and this fixed star can indicate things like accidents and sudden dishonor. I bring up both of these because Saturn and Mercury (and their mutual reception) does seem to me where she actually died.

The Yogurt Shop Murders: An Event Chart

On December 6, 1991 in Austin, Texas, shortly before midnight a police officer on patrol noticed the “I Can’t Believe it’s Yogurt!” shop off of W. Anderson Lane going up in flames and called it in to the fire department, to which AFD arrived and put the fire out. Once the fire was out, AFD noticed that there was much more to all of this than just a run of the mill fire – they found the bodies of four females inside the shop. The victims were Amy Ayers (13 years old), Eliza Thomas (17 years old), and sisters Sarah Harbison (15 years old) & Jennifer Harbison (17 years old). All four had been shot execution style and piled on top of each other, though Amy’s body was found away from the other three – the bullet missed her brain (they found a second bullet wound in her head which the other girls were lacking) which seems to suggest that she moved herself from the pile. Eliza Thomas & Jennifer Harbison were employees of the yogurt shop, while Sarah Harbison and Amy Ayers were said to be visiting Sarah’s sister at work.

There were so many fuckups with this case – so, so many. I’ll link some articles below if you want to read about this case in further depth (since the case is long at nearly 30 years old at this point, I won’t be covering all of the history here). APD was already starting with a fucked crime scene since AFD had to put the fire out (this isn’t their fault – the fire fighters had no idea they would find four bodies in the aftermath of the fire) – and as far as I’m concerned, APD’s biases and just wanting SOMEONE to hang for this crime fucked the case further.

Two men ended up going to prison for this – Michael Scott (who was essentially coerced into confessing – a picture of Scott having a gun held to his head during the 18-hour interrogation by some piece of shit detective that worked for APD showed up online) and Robert Springsteen confessed to these murders. This was 8 years after the murders occurred in September 1999, though these men were on APD’s radar in the early years of the investigation…and it’s like APD just couldn’t let them go – even though there wasn’t any forensic evidence actually linking these guys to the crime. Both Scott and Springsteen were convicted of these murders (in 2002 and 2001 respectively), with Scott getting a life sentence and Springsteen being sentenced to death. In June 2009, both men were released on bond from prison, and in October 2009, both men had the charges against them dropped and they were exonerated. The reasons for such had to do with the coerced confession, the lack of DNA evidence (there was DNA found at the scene that didn’t match either of these men), and the major one – Scott and Springsteen’s confessions were used against one another at their trials which was found to violate the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment.

So, nearly 30 years later, the families and the city as a whole still have no idea who actually committed this particularly heinous crime – snuffing out the lives of 4 teenage girls whose lives hadn’t even really had the chance to begin yet feels particularly tragic and unnecessary. And I guess this is where myself and people who engage in this kind of astrology come into play … to try to give answers to events that are long overdue for fucking answers.

Since we only know the exact date and that the fire was called in shortly before midnight, I set the chart to 11:40 pm on December 6, 1991. Why 11:40? I don’t know, honestly it’s just the time that I felt instinctually inclined to use as far as when the fire was probably called in by the patrolling officer. A picture of the event chart is found below:

The first thing I notice about this chart is that the chart ruler is Mercury Rx! This stands out because this WHOLE CASE was handled so fucking poorly from the start, and just feels very Mercury Rx in nature. WAY too much BULLSHIT NOISE (which Mercury Rx is known for) across the board. The next thing that stands out to me obviously are the angles (which is what you should always look at first when reading a chart this way).

The Victims – Ascendant @ 7 Virgo 28
The Victims are always indicated by the Ascendant and the chart ruler (in this case, the chart ruler is that Mercury Rx I mentioned before in Sagittarius in the 4th House). By dispositions, you would then go to Jupiter (since it rules Sagittarius) in the 1st House in Virgo conjunct the Ascendant. That means that Mercury and Jupiter go back and forth in a mutual reception (or what feels like back and forth) – so there is no final dispositor for the girls’ side of things but instead the mutual reception between the two. Also, it should be noted that Mercury Rx and Jupiter are in an applying square aspect between one another (it would be applying here since Mercury is moving retrograde/backwards), making it a more insidious square aspect. It should also be noted (which I will talk more about in the Perps section) that Jupiter is the traditional ruler of the Descendant, which makes Jupiter one of the representations OF the perp/perps in this case. This makes this particular square aspect even more insidious since we see tension between the victims and the perp(s), moving closer together in motion.

With the chart ruler in the 4th House, this makes me think that the girls were comfortable and familiar with where they were when this happened, in the Yogurt Shop. I almost get the feeling that the perp/perps were patrons of the shop earlier in the night and came back right before closing at 11 pm, claiming that someone had left something in the shop (a wallet, a pager, a passport or something, perhaps?). The chart being ruled by Mercury RX makes my mind go this way. I also think this patron, or these patrons (and I’m inclined to think that there IS more than one perp here) were people that Jennifer Harbison and Eliza Thomas had served in the store before (or at least ONE of the perps were known to at least ONE of these two girls as someone who came to the shop somewhat often). Harbison and Thomas, one or both of them, didn’t feel threatened by this person (or these people) normally – though all the girls were clearly in more danger than they would’ve thought since Mercury happens to be “under the Sun’s beams” in this chart (Sun & Mercury are within 3-degrees of one another and moving closer together with Mercury being Rx which can indicate the victim(s) being in immediate danger). I have this feeling that they let this person/these people into the shop shortly before closing (hell, maybe this was even AFTER they’d locked the doors and closed up shop) to retrieve this item that was claimed to have been left behind. Once inside, this person/these people attacked, probably surprising the fuck out of them. Another possibility might be a door in the back having been left unlocked on accident (forgotten about, as how Mercury Rx can function – or even NOT forgotten about but just unlocked for the purpose of carrying out closing duties like taking out the trash, etc.), leaving them vulnerable to someone attacking them once they’d closed the shop for the night. I could even see a mix of the two occurring – a patron Harbison and/or Thomas knew comes (back) to the store shortly before or after closing claiming they left something behind in the store (from earlier that day or even some other day – wanting to search the stores “lost and found”). The girls let this person in – they know him as a patron and aren’t concerned. In the meantime, someone comes into the back of the shop (through a back door or some shit that was left unlocked) to keep the girls from escaping once they realized that the person up front wasn’t there to retrieve anything.

The Perpetrator(s) – Descendant @ 7 Pisces 28

In these kinds of charts, the perpetrator(s) are indicated by the Descendant. We are talking about a Pisces Descendant, which makes this chart have TWO planetary rulers for the perp(s), Jupiter by traditional rulership and Neptune by modern rulership (though I will say that since this crime occurred at night, I would give Jupiter a little more weight here). Jupiter falls in Virgo in the first house conjunct the Ascendant, which means that this perpetrator surprised the girls with his actions in a big way (probably by drawing some weapon they weren’t expecting once he was in the shop) and was up in their space. From there by way of dispositions we go to Mercury in the 4th in Sagittarius (since Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo), which will then dispose of itself back to Jupiter in Virgo in the mutual reception mentioned in the Victim’s section.

**With Jupiter being opposite the Descendant, I’m thinking that we’re dealing with someone much more deliberate than he appeared to them normally – he may have appeared more harmless, maybe a little spacey normally (perhaps like he wasn’t always “on Earth”). I actually think this perp is someone who was probably college aged at the time, and maybe it’s Jupiter’s influence, but I’m thinking they may have attended a religiously affiliated university. Here in Austin, St. Edwards University and Concordia University come to mind, though with Pisces ruling over the Descendant we might be dealing with someone who actually went to school somewhere else – there could be a foreign element at play here, too, or they could’ve just been a transplant to Austin. The foreign element could make them an actual foreigner as well. With Jupiter in Virgo, it makes me think of someone pretty tall and lanky. Jupiter tends to indicate something “big” about the person, but here this feels more height related than anything else.

Even though I would give Jupiter more weight as the main Descendant ruler in this case, I still want to look at Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. Neptune falls in the 5th House in Capricorn. Perhaps it is common sense (it does seem like to corral 4 girls you would need to have at least two people involved in the crime), but it’s also the dual nature of Pisces that makes me think two perpetrators (this isn’t universal with a Pisces Descendant, but fuck, I feel it here). I feel like Jupiter is representative of one perp, and Neptune is representative of the other. The second perp – I have to wonder if this person had some kind of addiction issue. Pisces ruling the Descendant definitely plays into this train of thought, for sure, but so does Neptune falling in the 5th House (the 5th House is, like, the pleasure house, among other things). It’s in Capricorn, which almost makes me think of someone who represses some kind of addictive urge until they just can’t anymore. This could be an addiction to anything, though with the ruler of the 7th in the 5th House, and rape being a hallmark of this disposition (and there was evidence that one of the girls had been raped), I’m almost wondering if this Neptune in Capricorn person was a serial rapist (or at the very least, this wasn’t their first rodeo with rape), or some other kind of sexual deviant. Supposedly the police found the motive to be “robbery,” but I’m gunna go on out here on a limb and say I think the motive of this crime was really for the person signified by Neptune in Capricorn to “have a good time” (though I don’t think this was necessarily the motive of the Jupiter in Virgo person).  Next in line with the dispositions is Saturn in Aquarius (since Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn), also in the 5th House, which kind of reinforces that this person wanted to have a good time and have a weird kind of control over the girls (or that is how it feels to me here). From here you would go to Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, which also falls in the 5th House in Capricorn. This is where this chain of dispositions stops since it would bounce back to Saturn in Aquarius, being part of the mutual reception between both planets.
-I have the feeling that the actual brains behind this whole thing was probably the person represented by Neptune in Capricorn. I actually don’t think the Jupiter in Virgo person knew exactly what the plan was when they surprise attacked the girls (maybe this person just thought it would be a robbery) – but the Neptune in Capricorn person had other plans…and the Jupiter in Virgo person didn’t resist them. The Jupiter person just feels more out of the loop to me, and I don’t think they were really in any control – though I do think they were absolutely how the Neptune in Capricorn person got their foot in the door.  

The 5th House has even more importance here than just being where one of the rulers of the descendant falls – in crime charts when you’re dealing with victims who are underage (I tend to look at victims under 16 as being part of this house), you want to look at the 5th House and its rulership since the 5th House tends to also represent children. The 5th House has Capricorn on the cusp, which makes its planetary ruler Saturn in Aquarius. This makes me feel like the girls felt powerless to what was going on around them. Saturn in Aquarius would then dispose of itself to Uranus in Capricorn (where they would go back and forth in a mutual reception in the 5th House). You could technically stop with Saturn in Aquarius (since Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius), but I like to look at BOTH traditional and modern rulership.

**This part is pure visualization, but as I was typing all of this up, I envision someone banging on the shop door/windows after they’d closed up shop for the night. This person was known to at least one of girls that worked there and seemed frantic yelling through the glass that they thought they forgot something in the store (earlier that same day/night or even a day or two earlier). Since Mercury Rx feels so important to the overall tone of the chart, beyond just representing the victims, I have to wonder if they were yelling about forgetting a pager in the store or something like that (it was 1991 after all and I’m thinking that something communication related may have been involved), or even a driver’s license (since Mercury deals with cars and transportation). Other things that seem likely are something Jupiter related – maybe a textbook or something along those lines, or even something like a passport. Whether this item correlates more with the Mercury or Jupiter (or even both) doesn’t really matter. I do think something along these lines transpired. I also think that the girls had been doing their nightly closing routine of taking out the trash and all that shit, and probably left the back door unlocked as they were doing this. If something like this happened, it would’ve given the other perp the opportunity to sneak in the back door and hide in the back of the store. After the perp got inside that claimed to have forgotten something, he probably pulled a weapon on the girls, and they really weren’t expecting this. Some of them probably tried running to the door at the back of the shop, where they were surprised by the second perp lying in wait who was then able to corner them further. **

The I.C/4th House @ 5 Sagittarius 54 & The Moon

The 4th House ruler and the 4th House in general is also something you want to look at in these charts. The Moon is another planet that you always want to look at in charts like these, for it operates as co-ruler. In this chart, the Moon is in Sagittarius in the 4th House loosely conjunct Mercury (and by proxy, the Sun). Something like the Moon falling in the 4th House backs up the notion that the girls were in familiar surroundings and comfortable at the Yogurt Shop. The Moon, even though it isn’t tightly conjunct the Sun, would still be considered “under the sun’s beams” (any planet within 17-degrees of the Sun is considered as such), which also backs up the idea that the girls were in much more danger than they realized. Since we’re talking about the 4th House, and we have the Moon and the ruler of the 12th House (the Sun) there, this can show the start of a death pattern (since the 4th House is very much “cradle to the grave” energy).

Another thing to notice about this house is the fact that Mars is damn near dead-ass conjunct the IC, and Mars is also the ruler of the 8th House (which can also point to a death pattern, with the ruler of the 8th House in the 4th House). Mars can be incredibly violent and aggressive, which definitely fits here by the way that these girls were murdered. This could definitely show something like fire being used somewhere in the crime, though while the crime feels a little more planned out overall, the fire part almost seems like it was done on the fly.

The 10th House @ 5 Gemini 54

The 10th House can represent a few different things in a chart like this. It can represent the way that the public reacts to the case. It can also represent law enforcements handling of the case. The planetary ruler of this house is Mercury Rx in the 4th House in Sagittarius. First, this shows that the girls were in a public place (10th House ruler in the 4th can show this, and they were in a public place – this is reinforced further since Mercury Rx is also the chart ruler representing the girls). Beyond that, though, you’re looking at a case that would make the public very curious (which it did and still does). Scattered and lack of good communication would also be great ways to describe this case (and the handling of it). The Austin Police Department, as far as I’m concerned, were far too dogmatic in a very backwards way (per that Mercury Rx in Sagittarius) about who was to blame for this all of this. They were too inflexible about looking about other leads, getting too fucking hung up on the noise surrounding the case and trying to make what the officers thought happened fit the case at hand.

Here’s my advice to APD….if y’all happen to read this, go back to the original case files and look at the crime as if it just happened. I know that’s hard to do after 30 years, and really, I’d pull some new blood into this – new eyes that don’t have any bias regarding the case. I would bet a little money THEY HAVE ONE OF THE PERPETRATORS NAMES IN THE FUCKING CASE FILE. This may not have ever been an actual person of interest, but I would imagine that names of patrons who went to the Yogurt Shop in the days/weeks/months/etc. leading up to this event were taken down – THEY NEED TO GO THROUGH THESE FUCKING NAMES. I also think they need to probably have a lead detective on this case that’s pretty intuitive/leads by intuition (will kind of roll with hunches they have and see where they lead while not becoming to set on any one hunch). Mercury Rx needs to learn to trust it’s intuition, so it would make sense that this case would be served well by someone who does trust their intuition (not making arrests and bullshit based on intuition only but is comfortable with exploring intuitive hunches). THIS WHOLE CASE NEEDS TO BE WORKED FROM THE VERY BEGINNING ALL OVER AGAIN. Crime scene photos also need to be poured over in massive detail. I really think APD has exactly what they need to nail the correct person/people to wall for this crime (assuming this person/these people are still alive – a lot can happen in 30 years’ time). The details of this case got super fucked by too much of what feels like mental dogmatism in all the wrong areas and towards all the wrong leads (per Mercury Rx in Sagittarius). They have all the details they need to solve this mother fucker. They just need to do it.

-As I’ve mentioned before, I really think they are looking at two perpetrators for this case, though only one might be in the case files. This part is more intuitive than anything, but I also think it’s very possible that there is an age difference between these two perpetrators. Exactly how much of a difference, I’m not sure, but maybe something like one of them having been college age in 1991 with the other being 10 or so years older.
-I also want to mention the possibility that one of the perps knew one of the victims’ families in a by proxy kind of way. Kind of like the perp knew one of the families of the girls but didn’t know them well (like a friend of a friend kind of thing). I make that mention because of the mutual reception between Mercury and Jupiter being in the 1st and 4th Houses. It at least seems like a possibility that should be explored if it hasn’t already.
-It would even include the possibility that one of the perps was an employee or a previous employee of another business in that same strip mall (or in the area close by). Perhaps because one of the rulers of the Descendant falls in the first house – it seems like one of the perps may have been very comfortable in the Yogurt Shop himself, and very comfortable with the area. They may have even lived in the area at the time this happened.  

I don’t normally mess with fixed stars in regular natal chart readings unless requested, but there were a few that really stood out in this event chart that I wanted to mention:
Ras Algethi is at 14 Sagittarius 45, which happens to be conjunct the Sun in the event chart. This can indicate some kind of nefarious plan carried out (and this fixed star is a reason that I do think there was some pre-meditation to at least some of this crime).
Manubrium is at 13 Capricorn 36 which happens to be conjunct Uranus within a degree and within a couple of degrees of Neptune (both which have to do with the perp’s side of things). This fixed star can indicate fire, arson, or the burning of a body being involved.
Sinistra is at 28 Sagittarius 21, which happens to be within 2-degrees of the Moon. This fixed star can indicate lust and sexual aggression.
Sabik is at 16 Sagittarius 34, which is conjunct Mercury by a degree and the Sun by a couple of degrees. This fixed star is like the pervert of the bunch. One of these perps was a massive fucking pervert (and people like this should absolutely be on APD’s radar).  Anyone in the case file who before this crime or has since this crime had any kind of run in/arrest for being a fucking pervert, child-molester, rapist, etc. should most definitely be explored as a possible suspect.
Vega is at 15 Capricorn 19, and this one is really interesting because it happens to be EXACTLY Neptune, one of the planetary rulers of the Descendant. This might explain how they got so fucking lucky by getting away with this for so long – there is definitely a luckiness to this fixed star. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be caught, though.

If anyone has any information about this case, contact the Austin Police Department’s Homicide Cold Case division at 512-477-3588.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Chart

I want to start this off with a disclaimer: I mention different governments, and different things tying to different parts of the entertainment industry in this blog post. I want to make it VERY CLEAR off the bat that I AM IN NO WAY SAYING that everyone involved in the entertainment industry, and everyone involved in the governments (or the people that subscribe to the belief systems of these governments) that I mention are awful and morally corrupt people. I don’t want my words twisted that way. I do think that there are several players, from many different arenas, that were involved in Epstein’s death though, and I’m not going to be shy about mentioning them here. But I also don’t want my shit twisted.

Everyone and their mother knows who Jeffrey Epstein is, so I’ll save you the introduction. This is a chart that I’ve wanted to dive into full force and do a post on for a while now. The weird circumstances surrounding his death definitely give credence to numerous conspiracy theories as to what really happened in his cell on August 10, 2019. Did he hang himself (either because he felt forced or on his own volition)? Did someone else come into his cell and kill him? Did he actually even die that day (or was this just a story sold to us and he’s off living somewhere else in hiding/under protection)? While his death chart certainly does lack a certain amount of clarity in SOME areas, it’s loud and clear in others.

This is the chart for the time that Epstein was found in his cell unresponsive at 6:30 am on August 10, 2019 in New York City, NY.

Keep in mind, with the chart above I’m going off of the time that he was found unresponsive in his cell. Why would I choose to use this time instead of the time of death on the death certificate? Honestly, and this is more intuitive than anything, I don’t trust the time documented on the death certificate (I mean, can you blame me with all the fucking weirdness surrounding this whole thing?!). I have also seen his time of death as different things across the internet; from the 7:36 am time listed on the death certificate, to 6:39 am places, to it being mentioned that he probably actually died several hours earlier than the time of death that was called (?). Whatever way you slice it, I don’t like it and I don’t trust it. Who’s to say the time that he was found in his cell is even “accurate”? I definitely have thought about this, too. I feel like, regardless, the 6:30 am time that he was found is a sort of happy medium between all the different times that he could’ve actually died. So that’s why I’m going with this time and not the others.

The first thing that you want to look at in charts like these is the Ascendant and where the ruler of the Ascendant falls, since the Ascendant represents the victim. In this case, Epstein is represented by the Ascendant in Leo, and the Sun (the ruler of Leo) finds itself in the 12th house. By way of the disposition chain from the Ascendant, Epstein’s chain ends here in the 12th house (since the Sun is in domicile in Leo). The chart ruler falling in the 12th house in a chart like this usually shows that a death has occurred (meaning, I definitely don’t think he’s still alive and being a gross piece of shit…..motherfucker is definitely dead).

The Sun here is interesting because of it’s interactions with other planets and just by virtue of being in the 12th house. Since he was incarcerated at the time of his death, and his body was found in his his cell, the 12th house theme makes sense here (since the 12th house represents many things, but being and feeling imprisoned are definitely among them). It’s also very close to Venus in the 12th, and very close to the Ascendant and Mars in the 1st house. Venus stands out here because it’s the ruler of the 10th house (since the 10th house cusp ruler is Taurus) and is one of the major angles in the chart….meaning it needs to be given attention. The 10th house can represent a bunch of different things; law enforcement’s response to the case, what they know or don’t know (or choose to divulge), the public’s reaction to the case, and also things like a parent being involved or knowing more than they claim to know about a death/case. Obviously I don’t think Epstein’s actual parents were involved in this case, but it does beg the question of someone that felt like a parental figure to him being involved in his demise (more on this in just a little bit). I feel like it could also point to law enforcement (or some parts of law enforcement… pars of the fucking JUSTICE DEPARTMENT) knowing more about this case than they claim to know. Other parts of law enforcement are probably just as in the dark as everyone else.
**I’m not saying that the actual justice department had anything to do with his death per se, but I do think parts of it have at least AN IDEA of what actually happened. I don’t buy that they don’t for one fucking second.**
-Another thing to point out here is that Venus is within 17 degrees of the Suns body. So is the Ascendant, and Mars (in the first house). Mars in the 1st house can indicate some kind of aggression or violence towards the victim. With the ruler of the 9th house cusp being Aries, and Mars being in the 1st, this also sort of backs up the notion of the catalyst/perpetrator being from or having allegiance to a foreign nation (even if they actually are a US citizen). I also feel like beliefs come into play here (also very 9th house in nature), and these beliefs coming face to face with Epstein. There is also the possibility that this perpetrator (maybe not the person who actually did the killing, but the person who made the call to have him “offed”) was some kind of guide/guru/teacher for Epstein.

Next, you want to look at the Descendant, for this represents the perpetrator (if there is one) or the catalyst to the event. The Descendant/7th house cusp is ruled by Aquarius, which makes Uranus in the 9th in Taurus the perpetrator/catalyst by first dispositions along the dispositor chain. This automatically makes me think that the person who actually pulled the trigger for this to all happen wasn’t from this country (even if this person lives in this country they don’t pledge allegiance to this country). The reason I say that is the connection to foreign places and the 9th house (usually representing long distance travel, far away places, and foreigners). I’m thinking that this person is probably a lot different than the way that they present themselves (Uranus), and they will do whatever is necessary to keep the stability and security that they have (Taurus). This is someone who is probably pretty high up on their professional ladder and was damn sure not going to fall off of it. I also definitely believe that money was a major motivator for all of this to happen, much more so than this person (or even “people” since Uranus is involved and Uranus tends to rule over the collective and groups) being afraid of Epstein actually talking to the authorities. Epstein was holding out on this person, these people, by way of money/resources and maybe even information. (The ruler of the 2nd house cusp ruler, Mercury, falling in the 12th house shows the hiding of resources/money, and possibly even information.) I mention the money thing because of Taurus’ involvement (Taurus rules over our own resources….so here we could be looking at the resources/money of this one person, or a group of people). The next place we go on the dispositor chain is Venus in Leo in the 12th (since Venus rules Taurus). This is interesting because Venus in the 12th is conjunct the Sun (the Sun represents Epstein). It is here in the 12th house that the perpetrator (or the person sent to do the deed) comes up close and personal physically with Epstein in his cell (when the actual death occurs, in my opinion). Because the Sun is sandwiched between Venus & Mars (both planets within 17 degrees of the Sun’s body, as is the Ascendant which is also representative of Epstein), I’m treating both planets as aggressors here….albeit in different ways. To me, Venus is more the person who made the call to have him terminated (lol) and Mars was the actual act of “termination.” I actually have a feeling that the actual killer probably wasn’t from this country either (they could’ve had them flown in from somewhere else). Honestly, the killer could have some kind of background in military; this wouldn’t surprise me in the least (especially with the Mars connection here). Next (and last) along the dispositor chain we have the Sun in Leo in the 12th house. This is where the Descendant dispositor chain ends, since the Sun is domicile in Leo.

You also want to look at the Moon in these sorts of charts, because the Moon always operates as co-ruler of the victim. The Moon in the 4th house isn’t usually a good sign of life in these sorts of charts (as the 4th house tends to indicate “womb to tomb”). Another ominous thing to this aspect is that the cusp ruler of the 12th house (Cancer) has it’s ruling planet in the 4th house (the Moon), which can show either the start of a death pattern or an actual death, depending on the chart. The Moon in the 4th also tends to show the person in their “home” (which, at the time of his death, his cell was his “home”). Another interesting thing about the 4th house is Jupiter being there in retrograde making a loose conjunction with the Moon. Jupiter is an interesting one here, because I feel like it could actually be representative of a couple of things. Jupiter here could show a lack of personalization between Epstein and the actual killer (meaning that the person who physically killed Epstein wasn’t angry at him personally, maybe didn’t even know him personally, etc). The separating aspect (and retrograde motion of Jupiter) also make me think this….that there wasn’t a strong connection between them. Jupiter is also interesting for another reason that I will come to here in the next part (I don’t want to get too ahead of myself).

There is a lot that I’m going to go into in this section, so bear with me, lol. This chart has an interesting Yod formation that stands out to me. The Yod includes a few other planets, but I’m specifically looking at the sextile between Saturn in Capricorn in the 5th, Neptune in Pisces in the 8th, and the Sun in Leo in the 12th (with both Saturn and Neptune making quincunx aspects to the Sun). In a Yod pattern aspect, you have the Sextile aspects that operate harmoniously, while they each put stress on the Sun & feel stress from the Sun. Now, the harmonious thing….just because two planets are in a harmonious aspect doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good together, just that they just understand one another. I actually don’t read Saturn and Neptune as individual people here, but I read them as groups of people; groups that operate separately from one another but have shared interests from time to time. Think of these two groups as if they operated like the different Mafia families used to operate once the commission was formed. Those families, for the most part, stayed out of one another’s way, had their own territories of operation and ways of operating, but they came together when there were problems and things needed to be handled. They also did share some common interests and would come together for those common interests. This is exactly how I think of these two groups, the Saturn group and the Neptune Group. Who are these two groups?
The Saturn Group: Saturn falls in the 5th house conjunct Pluto (both being retrograde). Saturn is in Capricorn, but the actual 5th house cusp ruler is Sagittarius. I feel like, with the 5th house and its natural connections to things like self-expression & entertainment (such as the arts/music/film industry/modeling industry/etc), and its natural connections to children (the 5th house also rules over children), this is what represents THIS group. The two big daddy powerful planets here in the 5th (Saturn and Pluto) make me think this group also represents very powerful people (both foreign and domestic, since the cusp ruler of the 5th IS Sagittarius). I actually have a feeling that while Epstein worked with BOTH the Saturn and the Neptune groups, it was the Saturn Group that he was probably dealt with on a daily basis. I actually think he was probably more closely linked to the Neptune Group, though. There are a couple of reasons that I mention this. The first being that the 4th house cusp ruler (Scorpio), finds its planetary ruler (Pluto) in the 5th house (and the 4th house represents the victims home in a chart like this, but also the core of the person in traditional astrological chart reading). Another reason that this feels right is because the Moon in this chart is in Sagittarius (though in the 4th house), but linking the 4th and 5th house together by way of Sagittarius.
—I’ll just come out and say it: this group definitely has ties to Hollywood, music, politics, and the modeling industry. I mention all of these different industries because of Sagittarius’ expansive reach. The people involved in this group come from a bunch of different backgrounds and they all come together under some backwards belief system (retrogrades in these charts tend to show a sort of backwardness….I’m actually quite fond of them in regular astrology readings). This belief system is also more hidden, as is all the power that some of these people have. I very much believe here that those in any real power in this group are behind the scenes since Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde and fall in the Capricorn section of the 5th house….which isn’t actually the FACE of the 5th house (that’s Sagittarius, which actually rules the house cusp). These people find the “work” that they do enjoyable with the ruler of the 6th house (Capricorn) falling in the 5th house (which also represents pleasure and leisure). It can also show dealings with children (and obviously, these fucking creep assholes peddle in the business of raping/molesting/fucking children and teenagers). I feel like not only does this group have a lot of power, but also a lot of money. The money exchange, information exchange, or even just resource exchange happens with the Neptune Group frequently.
The Neptune Group: Neptune here falls in the 8th house (the house that you typically look at for death). Now, on it’s own, Neptune in the 8th house can show a lack of clarity as to what actually caused the death of a person (Neptune can be an unclear bitch like that). For this reason I don’t think we’ll ever really KNOW what exactly happened to Epstein in his cell for absolute certain. The 8th house also represents other people’s resources, debts, taxes, and transformation (among other things). Neptune can represent things like spiritual leanings (or what is thought of spiritual), though I’m thinking with the retrograde motion of Neptune this spirituality that this Neptune Group subscribes is not used correctly (or they use this spirituality as some kind of fucked up mask). I feel like this group claims to be one thing, but they are really something different underneath, and probably VERY secretive about all of this. Pisces ruling the 8th and Neptune in the 8th also makes me think of far away places. In the traditional zodiac, before Neptune was known to have existed, Pisces was ruled by Jupiter (which is very much known for foreign things, places, and people). This group does not have their home base in the US, but they definitely operate here. With the fluid nature of Neptune, they have probably made their way across several different boarders (you can probably find members of this group all over the globe). I also wouldn’t be surprised if this group has a way of using some sort of a sense of martyrdom to do their operating (hiding behind this notion of martyrdom). I mention that because there isn’t a planet that tends to feel like more of a martyr (or even a victim) than Neptune. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the US Government was involved with this Neptune Group (like, they are really jerking each other off), especially since the 4th house can also represent things like home and country in regular chart readings, and you have Jupiter (which used to rule Pisces) falling in the 4th house. And in this case, we’d be looking at Epstein’s home country.
—I’ll just come out and say it, I think the Neptune Group very much points towards PARTS of the Israeli Government. I also think it points to PARTS of the US Government (since I think both of these sides are actively fucking each other). I want to make it really clear again that I am not ragging on those of the Jewish Faith, people that live in Israel across the board, or even everyone in the Israeli Government. I say the same thing about the US Government; not everyone in the Government is involved in this. IT’S JUST CERTAIN PARTS THAT I’M TALKING ABOUT HERE.
—-I make mention about the Israeli Government because of all the supposed ties that Epstein has to parts of their government (specifically Mossad), and really, it kind of fits here.

So…..what exactly do I make of these two groups? I actually have a feeling that these two groups share in resources (and even information) when they need to, but otherwise they operate somewhat independently. They definitely have a friendly relationship. I think Epstein had a relationship with BOTH groups, but I actually think it was the Saturn Group that he was holding out on. Again, I don’t think he was taken out because they were afraid that he would talk (he wasn’t going to), but he was holding out on information, resources, and/or money that the Saturn Group wanted/needed from him. This, either directly or indirectly, impacted the Neptune Group (though I don’t think they were as concerned about this as the Saturn Group). The Saturn Group, I feel, made the call to the Neptune Group requesting that they “do” something about their Epstein problem. I would like to point out that while I think Epstein had more day to day dealings with the Saturn Group, he was more closely linked to the Neptune group (which is why they needed to be the one to actually take him out-had the Saturn Group done this, it would’ve been seen as stepping on the territory and toes of the Neptune Group). I actually have a feeling that the person who made the call/gave the okay to terminate Epstein was someone who was close to him in some way, and may have very well NOT wanted to do this (but did it to keep things amicable between the the two groups). I’m thinking that whoever they got to actually kill him was someone that was able to slip into the jail (masking themselves as a guard or employee) rather than an actual person who worked in the jail.

That Les Wexner guy needs to be further explored. So does anyone that happens to be above him (I know he’s got someone above him). That would be my advice here. Will it happen? Probably not. Really the whole motherfucking house of cards should come tumbling down, but the powers that be aren’t going to let that shit happen.

Isaac Kappy Death Chart

Originally I was going to do up a post on Jeffrey Epstein’s death chart, but then I had an epiphany (hahaha) that perhaps it would be more interesting to do one on Isaac Kappy. A death chart is looked at in the same manner as a “last seen” chart, only with these charts you’re not creating them to try to locate the person, but rather to look into the cause of death.
*I will probably still do a post at some point about Epstein’s death, in honor of that piece of shit just passing his happy death day anniversary!*
Anywho….who was Isaac Kappy? In case you aren’t familiar, Isaac Kappy was a character actor that had been in a few movies and seemed to have some more “well known” friends. Regardless of how he came about the information in the video below, it seems that he was “ahead of his time” in terms of the information that he had about so-called “powerful” people. Here is a video of his that he posted on Periscope on May 1, 2019.

He committed suicide on May 13, 2019. Just shy of two weeks after posting this. Let that fucking shit sink in for a minute. Let it also sink in that when reports of his suicide hit the media, it was first reported that he “forced himself off a bridge.” Ummm….wuuuut? That’s the weirdest fucking way to describe a suicide, but I digress.
*I also want to mention here that I don’t agree with or endorse everything that he talks about. I do, however, think he definitely did have some important things to share with the public.

Isaac Kappy’s Death Chart, May 13, 2019 @ 7:26 am in Flagstaff, AZ

To start out, we’ll look at the Ascendant (which represents Kappy) and the Descendant (which deals with any perpetrators). That makes Mercury in Taurus in the 11th representative of Kappy by way of first dispositions (since Gemini is ruled by Mercury). This makes sense here to represent him, because he was very into getting information (Mercury) to large groups of people (11th house), and this was clearly something that mattered to him and that felt was of value to share (Taurus energy). Next, by way of dispositions, you’re looking at Venus in Aries (since Venus is the ruler of Taurus). What he was exposing? Perhaps the selfish (Aries at a lower vibration *can* be selfish) hedonistic values (Venus) that appeared to impact a lot of the collective (11th house) of those in power, along with their subconscious insecurities (which also correlates to Aries energy). Something along those lines anyway. The next place we go with the dispositions from the Ascendant chain is Mars in Gemini in the 1st (since Aries is ruled by Mars). Mars in the 1st house in a chart like this tends to show some kind of aggression (or even violence) directed at the victim (self inflicted or caused by someone else). I feel like this is actually indicative of him jumping off the bridge. The whole thing feels very anxious (Gemini) and impulsive (Mars), but I don’t believe that he was actually suicidal. I do feel like he felt forced, though he was the only one to actually physically make himself jump off the bridge (more on that in just a second). The next place you go, by way of dispositions, is back to Mercury in Taurus in the 11th, so you know that this is where the disposition chain from the Ascendant (representing him) ends.

Onto to the Descendant side of things. So we have the Descendant in Sagittarius, and by way of 1st dispositions that makes the perpetrator (or catalyst for death) to be Jupiter retrograde in the 6th house in Sagittarius. This dispositor chain stops here, since Jupiter is in it’s home placement. This makes me think a couple of things. The first is that the catalyst for death was a “belief” that was somehow able to make it’s way into his mind. Though, because Jupiter is retrograde, I’m thinking that the belief in question was backwards, something that was “fed” to him that was wrong. In a regular natal chart, retrogrades aren’t bad or backwards (some might disagree, but I’ve never thought of them this way), but in this kind of chart the retrograde motion can definitely show something has gone amiss. It’s also very possible that Jupiter represents someone in “power,” someone with so much power that you don’t feel like you can fight them anymore. Because Jupiter falls in the 6th house in Sagittarius, it makes me think the catalyst in this equation had expansive amounts of influence in daily life (which is probably why he didn’t think that he could fight this catalyst any longer). I almost feel like it’s as if everywhere he looked he saw this catalyst and the values that they represented and thought “what the fuck?” I also think it’s very possible that this catalyst had creeped it’s way into HIS daily life, opposing his Mars (and maybe causing all of the anxiety that caused him to actually jump from that bridge).

Another planet that always needs to be looked at in a chart like this is the Moon, which always operates as co-ruler of the victim/missing person/etc. The Moon here is in the 4th is applying to a trine aspect with BOTH Saturn and Pluto in the 8th (the applying aspect is also known as a “sinister” aspect). If Kappy were a missing person, with the Moon in the 4th sinister to Pluto and Saturn in the 8th, you could probably assume that he was at least in danger of dying. We know that he is actually dead here though, so the aspect makes sense. I don’t really want to focus on the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in the 8th here (since we already know that he is dead), but instead want to focus on the Moon. The ruler of the 2nd house (Cancer) disposes itself to the 4th house (since that’s where the Moon falls in Virgo, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon). This tells me that he was in possession of something that someone didn’t want him to possess. Could this be an actual tangible item? Sure. Does anyone know if anything of his was “searched” by police after his death or if his house was ransacked? If not, I would bet more than being in possession of something tangible, he was in possession of some piece of information (especially since the Moon is also trine Mercury here, damn near exact at that). You’re probably thinking, “no shit he was in possession of information.” This piece of information is very, very specific though (detailed, and maybe even a little mundane on the surface….more Virgo in nature). This piece of information that I’m thinking about isn’t as salacious and flashy like name dropping a bunch of politicians, celebrities, and other shit like that, but appears a little more subdued. However, this piece of information is something that these “powers that be” didn’t want getting out. Jupiter (the catalyst) makes an applying/sinister square to the Moon, which kind of backs all of this up (a tension between the two planets). This makes me also wonder if this particular piece of information was something that he had a chance to mention in his videos before he died. He very well may not have, especially because both the aspects from the Moon to Mercury and the Moon to Jupiter are applying and not separating….meaning they hadn’t had a chance to become “exact” aspects yet. Here’s the thing about that though; that damn Moon/Mercury trine IS SO FUCKING CLOSE to becoming exact that I feel like he did probably drop something about this detailed piece of information in one of his videos. It might not have gotten a very long mention, probably didn’t get much attention compared to the other stuff called out in the videos, but I do have a feeling this piece of information WAS mentioned. I think this particular piece of information made these “powerful people”/this “powerful person”/this powerful belief very fucking nervous. Kappy makes mention that “Epstein was the keystone of the whole motherfucking matrix.” While that might be true, I personally believe there were/are people above Epstein’s creepy joker smiling ass (have you ever seen how that motherfucker smile with teeth…, it’s scary). I actually feel that THIS particular piece of information would be the thing to really bring the house of cards down.

Along with the Moon, Neptune in Pisces in the 10th stands out here because it opposes the Moon. The 10th house can show things like how the public responds to the case, how law enforcement handles the case, and can also represent the perpetrator’s home. I think here it represents Law Enforcement and the Public’s reaction. With Neptune here, you might be looking at something like LE being paid off by important people (if this is the case, it probably worked because of the separating square aspect between Jupiter and Neptune). If they were paid off, they probably didn’t like this (per the square aspect), but went along with it anyway. In terms of the public, people feel like this case is just a little unclear in general (which is totally Neptune behavior), some believing that Kappy was delusional or mentally unwell and some believing that there is more to his death than meets the eye. Personally, I feel that Neptune here opposing the Moon has more to do with WHAT the public is focused on. The public, on average, appears to be more focused on all the name dropping and flashier shit he said. Things like what dirty shit the Clinton’s are into or “little red pills” (which I’m assuming is adrenochrome). All of this is clouding what is ACTUALLY important and what could actually take these motherfuckers down (the important Virgo Moon detail that I mentioned before).
**As an aside, I’m not saying that the other, flashier stuff he mentions isn’t important. It should be looked into. I just don’t believe that the flashy stuff is what actually will do this matrix in. And the adrenochrome thing…..that to me has always felt like a bunch of disinformation. Something to make anyone who believes any sort of conspiracy connected to all of this sound fucking nuts. Do I think these assholes are doing terrible things to children? Yes. Do I think they’re bleeding children from other countries for their blood. No. People really need to get the fuck off this kick and focus on the actual stuff right in front of them. If some sort of tangible, reliable truth about this comes out at some point, I will eat my words. Until then, that whole thing seems like something was fed to the conspiracy community (those in the conspiracy community that don’t have discernment skills) and has trickled down through the ranks.

You might be wondering, what the hell IS this piece of information? That, honestly, I’m not totally sure about. I did do some rewatching of that Epstein Island video, and there were a couple of things that stood out:

1. Kappy mentions at 1:58 “that guy in Portland, the scientist that just got arrest for CP (Child Porn)…that guy is one degree of separation from Epstein.” This call out stands out to me because the people in question were never mentioned by name.
-I did a little research. The fucker he’s talking about is a creep named Niles Lehman. He was a chemistry professor at Portland State University that ended up sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison in 2019 for possessing child porn. How does this asshole connect to Epstein? Martin Nowak is how. In 2016, Lehman and Nowak collaborated on on research paper together. Why does that matter? Because Nowak was awarded a 30 million dollar research grant from Epstein in 2003. Not only that, but also Nowak appears to have been very instrumental in Epstein being allowed to keep his office at Harvard even after the 2006 charges he faced (they were definitely friends). Does just being friends with someone make you guilty? No. Should he be someone that is looked into heavily. Absolutely. Harvard placed Nowak on administrative leave in May 2020. He was a professor of Biology and Mathematics, who seemed to have an interest in evolutionary biology and infectious diseases. His Program for Evolutionary Dynamics is what was given the 30 million grant by Epstein.
**It has been rumored (not sure if anything has been actually substantiated) that Epstein was very interested in evolution and even topics veering into eugenics.**

2. Kappy mentions something about an investor from West Palm Beach, Florida. “The Florida Boys, the Glow Boys, Scott Israel’s of the world.” Later he also mentions another investor by the name of “Gabe Hoffman from West Palm Beach, Florida.”
-Scott Israel appears to be a former Broward County Sheriff (from 2013 through early 2019) who was suspended by Florida Governor DeSantis after the Parkland school shooting in 2018 (he and his officers were criticized for the handling of this). Why is he mentioned in this video? Not really sure….I’ll have to dig deeper. My guess is that he turned a blind eye to something that these “Florida Boys” were up to in West Palm Beach.
-Not totally sure what/who the “Glow Boys” are. It could just be a term used to describe these people (these “elite” connected to all of this pedo shit in Florida). When you try to search google, I come up with a bunch of different children’s event places and boys & girls clubs (which is creepy). If anyone has any ideas, leave them in the comments.
-Gabe Hoffman appears to be a hedge fund guy (founder of Accipiter Capital Management). He is also the owner and producer of the the documentary “An Open Secret” (about child sexual abuse in the film industry). Honestly, not totally sure about the whole backstory here between him and Kappy, but it seems Kappy took issue with the documentary film.

3. Talks about stuff going on “under the temple of doom” around the 6:00 mark.
-Again, not totally sure what he is referring to here, but I might think it has something to do with the “temple” on Little St. James (Epstein’s Island).

4. At 7:10, he says “Hey democrats! I’ll tell you what. I bet if you pull this Jenga we could do a lot of good for America and ‘Make American Great Again.’”
-This is very clearly calling out Trump. Did Trump have ties to Epstein. He sure the fuck appeared to. How deep do his ties go with this pedophile matrix? Who knows. I have this feeling that Trump is involved in his own thing that’s as bad as Epstein’s, but not part of the ring that Epstein was a part of. Actually, I feel like Trump and Epstein were “rivals” of sorts in this way. It also makes me wonder if the “PeePee” tape that Russia supposedly has with Trump and another girl isn’t just someone pissing on someone else, but an UNDERAGE GIRL pissing on Trump (or vice versa). I have no proof of that, but I do think it “feels” right.

5. “The Bag Man that holds the bags for the ‘Bad Men.’”
-NOW this one stands out. The definition for a Bag Man is “an agent who collects or distributes the proceeds of illicit activities.” This is probably how this house of cards could come falling down, by figuring out who the Bag Man actually is. Who handled Epstein’s money? What ties does this person (or people) have to the rest of this matrix? It might not be “sexy” and “flashy” like taking down a bunch of politicians and shit, but follow the money. ALWAYS follow the money. That’s probably how this will all come tumbling down.

Do I think someone or something got to him and threatened him and/or fucked with his beliefs (even if just in subliminal ways). You’re Goddamn right. In his last video that he made, he talks about being “a bad guy” and “letting the darkness consume me.” What could all this be about? He mentions that he “took some bait.” I’m thinking this could reference a couple of things:
He mentions “the little stuff creeps up on you, and if you’re not in a state of love and care you can make bad decisions.” I’m wondering if this “little thing” may have to do with the Virgo Moon detail that I mentioned before. Virgo can also be relentlessly critical, even towards itself when not necessary, causing guilt (most of the time unnecessarily). I’m wondering if he could’ve figured out this detail, connected the dots, and made a bad call towards handling it. This quickly impulsive decision could also allude to Gemini in the 1st in Aries. There is also a part of me that wonders if he was controlled opposition. I don’t think he KNEW initially that he was controlled opposition, but maybe figured out that he was (really just a puppet on string). By that I mean that someone initially reached out to him with all of this information (a lot of which appears to be true) knowing that he was the sort of personality that would take it and run with it (or hoping he would). Perhaps he figured that out, fucking with all of his beliefs about what was actually true and what wasn’t (Jupiter Retrograde on the Descendant), and made some kind of petty decision based off of figuring this out. He also makes mention in this last video about some things “planted inside of his consciousness” (which could also be representative of Jupiter retrograde fucking with his beliefs). He also mentioned not being threatened during this video, not being suicidal, but claiming that he was in danger, and that it would probably be his last video (it was). Do I subscribe to all of his beliefs? No. For instance, I’ve never been able to get on the QAnon kick (to me that has always seemed like one giant psyop). Do I think that he had some important information that should be looked into further? Absolutely. Especially the details that don’t tend to get focused on as much.