Lana Clarkson died on February 3, 2003 at 40 years old in record producer Phil Spector’s home. It is said that they met while she was working at the House of Blues in LA earlier than night and I guess decided to go for some after hours fun or some shit at his house. Driver was waiting outside for them to do…whatever they were going to do in the house, and the driver heard a gunshot while waiting. Spector comes out of the house with the gun saying “I think I just shot her” OR “I think I’ve killed somebody” (I’ve seen both quotes). He has maintained that it was an accidental suicide and that she “kissed the gun.” She was found in his home dead with a single gunshot wound to her mouth. He ended up being sentenced to 19 years to life in prison but died earlier this year on January 16, 2021 before he was eligible for release.

This might sound real stupid, but as familiar as I am with a lot of the music that he produced (George Harrison’s “All Things Must Past” would probably be in my top 5 favorite albums of all time), I am NOT super familiar with this case. Which, again, sounds really stupid because it was so highly publicized.

So, lol, I won’t lie – this fucking chart is weird (I think it’s weird – though I can’t quite place my finger on why yet). More than that, I think the VIBE of this chart is just…weird. There isn’t anything off the bat that stands out to me like this was planned, premeditated, or that he (or she) even knew what the fuck they were doing in the first place…that actually stands out to me the most – the fact that I don’t think either of them were real clear about what the hell they were doing. There are a few “death pattern markers” that I notice – ruler of the 8th House, the Sun, in the 1st House and the ruler of the 4th House, Venus, in the 12th House. Neptune in the 1st House can show some kind of secret shit, though here it doesn’t seem like planning something secret – more like something secret about what they were doing in the first place (I’m thinking something drug or sex related….or BOTH). Actually it feels like something secret about him more than it feels like something secret about her (though I could see it applying to both parties). Pisces falls intercepted in the 2nd House (which Neptune rules), and since it falls in the 1st House, I do feel that there was just a general lack of clarity on both of their ends. Neptune is also under the Sun’s beams, which tends to indicate “grave danger.” In the case of Neptune, I’m thinking any clouding or fogginess that influenced this whole thing put her in that grave danger this placement alludes.

Since she is the victim, you would look to the Ascendant in Capricorn and planetary ruler of Capricorn, Saturn Rx, in Gemini in the 6th to represent her. By way of first dispositions, you can definitely see that she was at work when the events were set in motion (6th House deals with the work that you do, among other things). I feel like she was just kind of living her life and not really doing anything that she wasn’t used to doing (even if this was the first time that she met Spector, I don’t think she was unfamiliar with meeting people like she met him and going off with them – and I say that with absolutely no hint of judgment, just what I see). Though I will say that with the Rx motion of Saturn, she maybe DID have some reservations about going off with Spector that particular night. Why? Not really sure, but I do think they were there (and were clearly ignored). From there you would go to the planetary ruler of Gemini, Mercury, which is in the 1st House in Capricorn. Now, something I DO notice here that you usually don’t pay a whole bunch of attention to in these kinds of charts is Chiron. Chiron conjuncts Mercury by 4-degrees, and conjuncts the Ascendant by 1.5-degrees. This feels like a wounding of the mind, honestly, or a wounding regarding her having the “authority” to think straight. The mutual reception between Mercury and Saturn kind of strengthen all of this for me. This is where her chain of dispositions ends. Could this be something like drugs? Absolutely. Could it even be something like mental illness? That’s also possible.

Now, we want to look at the Descendant chain of dispositions, since the Descendant and the planetary ruler of the Descendant show the perpetrator. The Descendant is in Cancer and the Moon, which rules Cancer, is in the 2nd House in Pisces and it falls in interception. This is also important because the Moon is co-ruler in these charts (meaning it is also the co-ruler of Clarkson). This makes me think that she had something that he wanted, though really, with the Moon being intercepted, I’m not even sure that HE realized he wanted what he wanted from her. The Moon in Pisces intercepted thing just feels REALLY unclear from both points of view, and I kind of feel like these were two people who really didn’t know what the fuck they were doing at this particular time (it all just feels REALLY cloudy – and this is another reason that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they were both intoxicated or something like it). From the Moon, we then go to Jupiter RX in the natal chart. I will be looking at Neptune (since it is the modern ruler of Pisces), but for the dispositions of the “story” itself I usually look at traditional rulership. Jupiter RX in Leo in the 7th, this would show them ending up in some place that was familiar to him (which is exactly what they did – they went to his house). The Rx motion of Jupiter stands out because while Jupiter RX can see “the big picture” and be incredibly intuitive, it tends to have issues when it needs to break things down from a logical and rational point of view (and there was clearly some issues in the logic and reason area since Chiron is conjunct Mercury). Jupiter Rx CAN do this, but it has to do this backwards – figuring out why it knows what it knows piece by piece to make sense of what it knows from a logical and rational point of view. I also get the feeling that he had a feeling that they shouldn’t do what they were doing, either, but couldn’t make sense of why (kind of like knowing a car is going to get into a head on collision before it happens, but not being able to stop the driver or even have logical/rational sense of why you think that in the first place…and then it happens). Then from there we would look at the Sun in the 1st House in Aquarius (closely conjunct Neptune) which leads me, again, to think of intoxication (though I think it may have been something kind of weird – like not a commonly used substance or something). I mean, the usual suspects may have been involved too, but I do think they were partaking in something that isn’t used as often recreationally. Shit, even whatever they were doing sexually may have been something weird – whatever this is (sex or drugs or whatever), it was something that he impressed upon her (something he suggested they do or something he gave her to take). Probably something he liked or something he valued that I don’t think other people were as privy too. From there, you would go to Saturn in the 6th, and then to Mercury in the 1st (and I think it’s in this mutual reception that she dies). Saturn can represent the body in charts like this, but Mercury being impacted by Chiron like it is…the whole mutual reception just feels like incredibly bad judgement. I get the feeling that they were probably screwing around with that gun (simulating blow jobs or whatever they were doing), and I think it went off (and he realized that it went off and he had a real “what the fuck did I just do?!” kind of moment). Probably did some back and forth for a few minutes trying to realize WHAT had just happened, what he just did. Realizing that he made a very bad error in mental judgement, but it being too late to do anything about it.
**By sign, the Moon in Pisces (ruler of the Descendant) and Saturn in Gemini (ruler of the Ascendant) make a square aspect – and moving closer together since Saturn is Rx and the Moon is applying to Saturn. This also shows the wheels being set in motion for all of this to occur.

The 10th House Cusp is in Scorpio, and both the modern and traditional rulers of Scorpio, Pluto and Mars respectively, fall in the 11th House. I do feel like this case was investigated, but I also have to wonder if there are things that the public doesn’t know about the case (I’m thinking that there probably are – I’m thinking some things were kept from the public). Even though Mars and Pluto are in Sag (which is very truth loving and truth seeking), I’m thinking with Jupiter Rx in the chart what they kept private was something that had to do with Spector but not necessarily the case itself (or more like by-proxy related to the case). If Spector had weird sexual proclivities, these may not have been mentioned in the case (and if anything weird that he enjoyed sexually was divulged, I’m guessing they didn’t really crack the ice). I’m thinking it may not have been mentioned because while it maybe DID apply to the case, I think they felt like they had enough information to give the public to explain what happened without mentioning these particular things/this particular thing. It’s also possible they didn’t think that the public would understand whatever was kept hidden (like they wouldn’t be able to make logical sense of it, or it would open up a whole other can of unrelated worms….which also seems possible). The ruler of the 4th House, Venus, falling in the 12th House definitely leads me to also think that there are things about this case that were not mentioned to the public (and since Sagittarius rules over the 12th House cusp some of the truth, again, feels hidden here).

All in all, I do think this was probably an accident…..a very, very tragic accident. I don’t think accidental suicide is the right way to put it, though. I think more than likely they were playing around with the gun during sex or whatever, and it went off. As someone who has fired guns, I know you can certainly tell the difference in weight between a loaded and unloaded firearm….but if they were fucked up, I’m thinking it would be possible NOT to pay attention to that (or to think something wasn’t loaded when it actually was).

I am very curious about whatever they actually DID keep secret about him (things that weren’t mentioned to the public). Not gunna lie – I almost wonder if this could have to do with something belief related (something darker in nature) that also translated to the sex side of things. I don’t think he would’ve necessarily picked her up FOR this purpose on that night, but I almost wonder if what wasn’t mentioned to the public wasn’t mentioned because it tied in with something along those lines? There are a few fixed stars that stand out that kind of allude to this:
-Atria @ 20 Sagittarius 54 conjunct Pluto can point to shit like an “interest in freemasonry” (and I bring that up since the cusp of the 10th House bends to Pluto in the 11th in Sag). I also want to make it clear that I don’t necessarily think freemasonry is a bad thing (I think there are probably bad sects of it and it can be used negatively like anything else, but I don’t think it’s universally bad). Really, what stands out about the mention of “freemasonry” here is the idea of secrecy. The cusp of the 11th House (which would be like the cusp of the 5th if you were to slip the chart) is @ 27 Scorpio 46 which is conjunct the fixed star Agena. This fixed star can indicate “occult learning,” and with the 11th House functioning like the 5th when you slip the chart (making the Descendant the Ascendant, essentially), it makes me think that sex for him may have had occult leanings. Though, again, I don’t necessarily think he picked HER up for that reason on this night (or if he did, he didn’t realize he was doing this). The fixed star Skat @ 8 Pisces 52 is conjunct the Moon (which is both Spector by dispositions from the Descendant AND the co-ruler of the chart). This fixed star can indicate stuff like occult or hidden interests.
-A few other interesting things here are some other fixed stars. The fixed star Sheliak @ 18 Capricorn 53 is damn near exactly conjunct Mercury. This fixed star can indicate stuff like sexual “adventures,” disgrace, and death by violence (and dying from a gunshot wound to the head is incredibly violent). Bellatrix @ 21 Gemini 28 is within a degree of Saturn, and this fixed star can indicate things like accidents and sudden dishonor. I bring up both of these because Saturn and Mercury (and their mutual reception) does seem to me where she actually died.

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9 Responses

  1. I’ve always felt it was an accident. Also that drugs were involved. Rumours are that Specter had unusual sexual tastes. Also that he had mental issues. A majority of women were cautious with him.
    I think Lana was afraid of her clock running out, and was desperate for change.
    As far as investigators not releasing ‘all’ information, I believe you’re spot on !
    Thank you for posting this! I have always wondered about the astrological data of the event.
    I love your blog!

    • You’re welcome! Thank for loving the blog ^_^

      And yeah….after doing this I did a little light digging into him….it definitely seems like he had some mental issues (and some very disturbing allegations his children made about things he had them do).

  2. I looked at Phil Spector’s birth chart and there are two inconjuncts: one connecting the Sun and Pluto; the other Saturn and Neptune. This was a man who didn’t like the idea of being controlled or manipulated, so it’s not a big step to understanding that he became a manipulator as a form of self-defence. But he wasn’t always able to tell reality from fantasy. (I may do a study of his birth and death, later, and the intersection of this ‘event’ in his life.)

    • You’re probably right about both of those things you mentioned with the inconjuncts….and you definitely should do a study on his birth and death when you have the chance ^_^

  3. I honestly don’t know. I think he was…*something* though (belonged to something/believed in something/etc.). I DO think there was something going on with him though. I don’t think whatever he was into necessarily had anything to do with her death, though. Not directly anyway. This really does just feel like a fucked up accident.

    What do you think?

    • Since Roman Polanski’s brush with Satanism, I’m open to the suggestion. However, I agree that this was an accident, and the hidden elements perhaps had to do with trying to ‘take the Wall of Sound’ down. Just a thought.

      • I’m open to the suggestion, too, lol. I don’t even really know if Satanism is what I would call what I think he was involved with. I can picture it in my mind….kind of (?)…but I’m not sure “Satanism” is the right term for it – I dunno what it is. But yeah…whatever all THAT is, it doesn’t really have to do with this particular case in a direct way.

        Maybe it could have to do with trying to “take the wall of sound” down, like you mentioned.

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