Galactic Center Thoughts part IX or: The FUCKING LIGHTNING ROD

Fucking badass – Lightning striking 3 buildings in Chicago

Definition of a Lightning Rod (or Lightning Attractor) – “A metal rod or wire fixed to an exposed part of a building or other tall structure to divert lightning harmlessly into the ground.

I wanna talk about lightning rods for just a second (and I promise this will go somewhere in just a second, lol, bear with me). A lightning rod is a protective thing keeps buildings and other structures from being decimated by lightning strikes. Another definition of a lightning rod is “a person or thing that attracts a lot of criticism, especially in order to divert attention from more serious issues or to allow a more important public figure to appear blameless.” In terms of a natal chart, I might tailor this definition just a little bit: |

“a place in the natal chart that takes the impact from a surge (or even overflow) of energy from another place in the chart.”

Where the fuck am I going with this? The Galactic Center/Galactic Anti-Center Axis, with the Galactic Anti-Center playing the role of the lightning rod.
**As an aside – I told myself on the day that I actually started drafting this blog post (July 4, 2021) that if the sky started with it’s lightning and thunder and shit that I was *probably* on some kind of semblance of the right track. And what the fuck do ya know? LIGHTNING! Fire in the sky ^_^**

In the last blog post about Out of Bounds Planets and their possible connection to the Galactic Center (since OOB planets feel like they have a similar energy to the GC), I mentioned a quote from Julian Assange that I am going to re-mention here because it REALLY got me thinking A LOT about the GC, and specifically the Galactic Anti-Center aka GaC (these next two “paragraphs” (the quote and the paragraph of text after it) are taken from my last blog post verbatim. This quote comes from a 2010 interview for Anorak News that he gave talking about WikiLeaks and his role in it):

“We always expect tremendous criticism. It is my role to be the lightning rod….to attract the attacks against the organization for our work, and that is a difficult role. On the other hand, I get undue credit.”

The notion of him being a “lightning rod” is interesting here – or rather the notion of the area opposite the GC (the area that composes the GaC) being a hypothetical “lightning rod” of sorts. The area opposite the GC being one that is struck and charged by the GC, but by way of taking the hit from the GC (perhaps, so everything around the GC, planets there or not, isn’t completely decimated). It kind of gives another flavor to how I’ve talked about the GaC being an area where we are “blinded” due to the bright ass star that is close to the GaC in space. Maybe it’s not just the blinding from that star – maybe the area across from the GC is also the area where the “lightning” from the GC strikes – and lightning is bright as fuck, too. Without a planet conjunct the GC, though, and just a planet opposite the GC (planet conjunct the GaC), there is nothing conjunct the GC to kind of “absorb” some of the charge – meaning the fucking lightning striking a planet conjunct the GaC (without a planet conjunct the GC, too) feels like it would be massive.

When I read that quote above (and this sounds fucking stupid lol) but it was almost like lightning stuck me and I fucking UNDERSTOOD HOW the Galactic Anti-Center functions (or…errrr….how I THINK it MIGHT function). I realize that Assange wasn’t talking AT ALL about the GaC when he made that comment (he was talking about himself being like a lightning rod for WikiLeaks), but looking at his chart and his own connections to the GC (he has Venus conjunct the GaC), I started making this lightning rod connection with the GaC …. and goddamn – feels like it fits. Here is a picture of his chart again so you can have a visual of what I’m talking about:

As you can see, he has nothing conjunct the GC, but he does have Venus opposite the GC/Venus conjunct the GaC. Here, the GaC and Venus function as the “lightning rod” for all of the energy of the GC. Regardless if someone has a planet conjunct the GC or not, the GC is STILL a player in the person’s chart (there is just such a massive amount of energy and charge around the GC, it feels like it matters in the chart regardless of if there is a planet conjunct the GC or not), which also makes the GaC a player in the chart, too. In his particular case, with nothing conjunct the GC to kind of transmute or absorb some of the energy from the GC, the energy absolutely has to “strike” somewhere else. This, I think, is where the GaC comes into play. This part of the actual sky is much more calm than the GC, which already makes it a perfect sort of place to get struck by this hypothetical lightning. Yes, it’s surrounded by space dust and it’s near a very bright and blinding star in space, but things are “calm” there …. which makes it seem that it would be even more “vulnerable” to the notion of it being a lightning rod in the first place. He also doesn’t have a planet or tangible body in the sky sextile the GaC or trine the GC. You know how I’ve mentioned before that the area sextile the GaC and trine the GC (from roughly 16-degrees Leo to 6-degrees Virgo and 16-degrees Aries to 6-degrees Taurus) is where the GC stuff can be brought “down to Earth.” Yeah, that makes even more sense in this context, especially since lightning rods have to be GROUNDED to the Earth. The grounding for the lightning rod in this case is the sextile to the GaC and the trine to the GC. Astrologically, it feels like Assange was left “wide open.” Yes, he has his Midheaven sextile the GaC, but this isn’t a tangible body in the sky (and the Sun, the planetary ruler of his Midheaven, does fuck all regarding the GC/GaC Axis).

I really do think that the area around the GaC is the lightning rod (or something LIKE a lightning rod) for all the energy that the GC can’t “take” (for whatever reason). This also kind of goes along with the idea that I’ve mentioned in some videos and some of my other blog posts that the GC is “protected” (along with any planets conjunct the GC being “protected” as well). The GC DEFINITELY transforms/mutates/changes/charges the planets that are conjunct it, but it doesn’t destroy them (energy can’t be “destroyed” anyway). Because there is SO MUCH energy going on at the GC, it seems like there would be an overflow OF energy, regardless if you had planets conjunct the GC or not (though, I’m thinking right now, the overflow of energy would probably be greater for people who have no conjunctions to the GC but have a planet or something major conjunct the GaC, since in this case the area around the GaC AND the planet would function as the lightning rod). Just to be clear, though, I think the GaC will function like a lightning rod regardless if there is a planet conjunct it or not (this notion of a lightning rod just seems amplified if there is a planet conjunct the GaC).

Let’s talk for a second about people that have NO planets conjunct the GC or the GaC – how might this axis function? Regardless if you have planets conjunct these places in the chart or not, you still have the GC in your chart which emits a shit ton of energy in the house which it falls. This might mean that there is a lot of “energy” in the house that the GC falls (and this energy might be kind of “weird”), or the way that you relate to the areas of life that this house deals with might be kind of “charged,” or “weird”. The overflow from this “charge” then strikes the area conjunct the GaC and completely rocks it’s quiet little part of space. Not only is one *maybe* kind of blinded or unclear about the areas of life where the GaC falls, but it is also left vulnerable to this energy surge from the GC (and is completely NOT expecting this). Where the GaC falls by house, you might find that the houses “areas of life” are susceptible to shocks and “upsets” that seem to take it by surprise. The GaC still feels like it would function as this hypothetical lightning rod even if there isn’t anything conjunct the GC or the GaC. This may or may not be as noticeable for people who have no planets conjunct either the GC or the GaC – I’m on the fence about how much it would be felt if you didn’t have any planets or anything major along the GC/GaC axis. I’m thinking, though, that something would still have to be felt SOMETIMES (even if not all the time). I would also venture to bet that people who have no planets conjunct the GC or GaC, but have the “grounding” needed (a planet trine the GC/sextile the GaC), might feel the energy from the GC/GaC axis more and might even have an easier time grounding the energy/doing something with it.

Lets say you have someone who has planets conjunct the GC, but no planet conjunct the GaC…how would this function? So in this case, hypothetically, you would have the planet conjunct the GC “absorbing” a lot of the GC energy (lighting it the fuck up). It still probably wouldn’t absorb ALL the energy, though, and in comes the lightning strikes to the GaC. Even without a planet conjunct the GaC, the GaC is still an attractor for these lightning strikes, meaning the house where the GaC falls will take the impact. It does seem like without an actual planet as the attractor, the entire house where the GaC falls would take the impact. How exactly does this translate? I could see there being issues in a lot of the areas of life in the house where the GaC falls. With no planet or other major planetary body to take the hit of the lightning strike, I could see this leaving the person not really knowing WHAT to do about the shock (or hell, they might not even be aware as much about how MUCH these areas of their life actually take “hits” to begin with). What probably helps the translation of this is having the “grounding” sextile to the GaC/trine to the GC (and planet conjunct the GC), though these people might not be as clear that there is anything they need to “ground” in the first place (which seems like it *could* cause a whole host of issues). While that planet (and area) conjunct the GC might be protected, they are left wide open where the GaC is found in the chart.

Then there are people who have BOTH conjunctions to the GC and conjunctions to the GaC. In this case, you have the planet conjunct the GC “absorbing” the GC energy (and “protected”), but again, there is so much energy with the GC that the lightning will strike somewhere else. In comes the planet conjunct the GaC to function as a clear attractor for the energy surge. While the planet conjunct the GC might be protected, that planet conjunct the GaC feels like it would take a massive fucking hit (meaning, for people who have something like this going on in their charts, the planet conjunct the GaC may function as sort of Achilles Heel of the chart). This is kind of where the feeling of polarity comes into play, too – the planet and area of life where the GC falls may be more understood by the person (even if it isn’t “easy,” it is understood), whereas the planet opposite the GC gets constantly fucked up the ass (and that planet and area of life may leave the person constantly feeling dumbfounded or “stupid” about what’s going on there). This feels like it would be made incredibly difficult if the person is lacking the trine to the GC/sextile to the GaC to ground the lightning strikes down to Earth. Not that it’s that much easier for the person with the trine to the GC/sextile to the GaC, but at least when the person has these, they have a way to ground the shocks to the GaC.

Will be looking into this even more…..stay tuned.

Here is the link to the video about this stuff, if you wanna check it out 🙃

Galactic Center Thoughts part VII

**Here is a video of this same stuff if you are more of a watcher than a reader**

In some of the videos that I’ve made about the Galactic Center, and even in some of the blog posts I’ve done about the GC, I have made comments about the GC having a similar feeling that Out of Bounds (OOB) planets have. OOB Planets have a Uranian flavor to them, probably due to the nature of the OOB planet not being under the domain of the Sun anymore (the orbit of the OOB planet is beyond that of Earth’s orbit with the Sun). This makes the planet function in a more wild, unusual, or unpredictable manner – and really, with OOB planets, you can end up with the genius, with the renegade, with the unorthodox, and even sheer madness. The way the OOB planet will “go” isn’t as “set” as planets that aren’t OOB – sometimes it kind of feels like a coin toss. The chart itself will probably give clues as to HOW this planet ends up functioning, but even then the OOB planet can be kind of a wild card. There is also a sense about the planets that fall OOB and not “knowing any bounds.” Planets that are OOB don’t tend to let things limit them- a planet in bounds knows what it’s limits are and typically sticks to those. OOB planets, on the other hand, don’t stick to any limits that are “imposed” on them. It’s this notion of not “doing” the limit thing, and of the “changing” of the way the planet functions, that feels very GC-ish to me. The GC definitely seems to “change” planets that it comes in contact with (specifically the conjunctions and the oppositions). IF the GC is actually the source of all creation, a lifeline to other dimensions (and maybe even to aliens and shit ^_^), then the GC is limitless in a similar kind of way to OOB planets. The GC feels like it knows no limits – we don’t even KNOW where that mother fucker goes on the other side (that in and of itself feels pretty fucking limitless). I mean, really take a minute and THINK about that. WE DON’T KNOW WHERE THIS MOTHER FUCKER ENDS OR WHAT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE! Am I the only one who gets a fucking thought boner about that? I can’t be, right?

I have a couple of blog posts here and here (and a video here) that go into more detail about the logistics of OOB planets (I’m not gunna do that in this post), but I will say that a planet that is considered OOB when it is beyond 23-degrees 26-minutes North and 23-degrees 26-minutes South in declination.

This is an example from Edward Snowden’s chart from the additional tables on The declination portion of the table is circled, as is Mars since it’s OOB.

In the research that I’ve looked into so far dealing with famous whistleblowers, truth-tellers, and even conspiracy theorists, I have talked about several things in relations to their charts and the GC, but I hadn’t (until now) looked to see what, if any, planets happen to be OOB in their charts. I’m glad I did because there does seem to be a correlation. Thus far I have looked at 14 people in the blog posts and/or videos, and out of the 14 that I’ve looked at, 10 of the people have OOB planets in their chart (this would come in at 71% of people I’ve looked at so far). Here are the people that DO have OOB planets and what planets they are:
**Edward Snowden – Mars OOB (Mars is conjunct the GaC)
**Chelsea Manning – Mercury and Uranus OOB (both are conjunct the GC)
**Jeffrey Wigand – Mercury and Venus OOB (both are loosely conjunct the GC)
**Erin Brockovich – Venus OOB (conjunct the GaC)
**Karen Silkwood – Mars and Pluto OOB (neither conjunct the GC or GaC)
**Bill Cooper – Venus and Pluto OOB (Venus is conjunct the GaC)
**Donald Trump – Mercury & Pluto OOB (neither is TECHNICALLY in the window of orb that I’m looking at for conjunctions to the GC and the GaC, but fuck me, Mercury’s close to that window)
**Mark Whitacre (mentioned in a video) – Mars OOB (Mars conjunct the GaC)
**Colleen Rowley (mentioned in a video) – Mercury OOB (Mercury conjunct the GC)
**Alexander Litvinenko (mentioned in a video) – Mercury OOB (loosely conjunct the GC using the December 4, 1962 DOB)//Mars OOB (loosely conjunct the GaC using the August 30, 1962 DOB). There are some questions on which date he was actually born.

As you can can see, a majority of the people actually have the planet that is OOB fucking (conjunct) the GC or the GaC. I don’t think that it has to be this way for the OOB planet to matter (I think OOB planets matter to the GC whether they are fucking the GC (or the GaC) or not just because the energy between OOB planets and the GC feel so similar), but I do think it’s interesting that a lot of these people have their OOB planet (or planets) fucking the GC or the GaC.

What I also find really interesting are the people that DON’T have OOB planets in their charts and the connections that these people’s charts have to the GC/GaC axis in the first place.

  1. Julian Assange has no planets OOB in his chart. I think this is interesting because he was one of the only people that I looked at that did NOT have ANYTHING conjunct the GC. He has Venus opposite the GC (conjunct the GaC) – so while he does have a GC contact via the opposition, he doesn’t have something fucking the GC. Assange himself made an interesting comment about his own role in Wikileaks (and even, life in general, maybe?) back in 2010 to Anorak News:

    “We always expect tremendous criticism. It is my role to be the lightning rod….to attract the attacks against the organization for our work, and that is a difficult role. On the other hand, I get undue credit.”

    The notion of him being a “lightning rod” is interesting here – or rather the notion of the area opposite the GC (the area that composes the GaC) being a hypothetical “lightning rod” of sorts. The area opposite the GC being one that is struck and charged by the GC, but by way of taking the hit from the GC (perhaps, so everything around the GC, planets there or not, isn’t completely decimated. It kind of gives another flavor to how I’ve talked about the GaC being an area where we are “blinded” due to the bright ass star that is close to the GaC in space. Maybe it’s not just the blinding from that star – maybe the area across from the GC is also the area where the “lightning” from the GC strikes – and lightning is bright as fuck, too. Without a planet conjunct the GC, though, and just a planet opposite the GC (planet conjunct the GaC), there is nothing conjunct the GC to kind of “absorb” some of the charge – meaning the fucking lightning striking a planet conjunct the GaC (without a planet conjunct the GC, too) feels like it would be massive.

2. Alex Jones and Gary Webb are two people who also have no OOB planets in their chart. I mention them together because they both have the North Node conjunct the GC (Jones ONLY has the North Node conjunct the GC, and Webb has the North Node and Ascendant conjunct the GC). Now, in both cases, we aren’t talking about a tangible body in the sky being conjunct the GC (the North Node is a hypothetical point and the Ascendant is a Cardinal Point/Major Angle/Personal Sensitive Point/whatever term you prefer). The North Node is also something that we don’t come into this world “understanding” or “comfortable” with – our mission is to move into it and understand it (so I think it’s interesting that these two have no OOB planets for this reason). They both have oppositions to the GC (Jones has Saturn and the South Node conjunct the GaC and Webb has the Descendant and South Node conjunct the GaC). This also gives them this “lightning rod” quality – and they both have been lightning rods in different ways (Webb with his writings about the CIA’s involvement with the drug trade to fund the Contras and Jones, well lol, doing what Jones does best).

3. Frank Serpico is the last of the people that doesn’t have any OOB planets, and his is the one that throws me the most. Now he does HAVE all the other things that I’ve been focusing on in the research – he has a conjunction to the GC (Jupiter), he has Jupiter RX in his natal chart, and he has a trine from the GC to the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. I was actually kind of surprised that he didn’t have anything OOB considering all the others who DO have conjunctions to the GC seem have OOB planets (this far in the research on these well known people, anyway). Why might this be the case? Well, one thing that I notice is that his North Node is at 6-degrees (or 7-degrees) Capricorn – I mention both degrees since I’ve seen it as both. THIS is a little wide to be considered conjunct the GC, but if the North Node IS at 6-degrees, it would be within the window of orb that I’m looking at for conjunctions (even if wide, it’s there). This would make him more inclined to have been comfortable coming into this world with the energy of the GaC per the loose South Node conjunction, needing to move towards his North Node (though having the push from Jupiter RX to help this happen). I wonder, if like in the case of Jones and Webb, he just wasn’t as acquainted with the GC energy when he made his debut in this lifetime. I do think that this is an interesting correlation, though.

The Nodes of the Moon can play into having OOB planets – the closer that the North Node is to 0-degrees Aries (and the South Node is to 0-Libra) in a chart, the higher a chance that the person has of having OOB planets. Since my North Node is at 0-Aries, this would probably help to explain why I have 3 OOB planets in my own chart – the Moon, Venus, and Uranus. On the flip side of that, the closer that the North Node is to 0-Libra (and the South Node is to 0-Aries), the less of a chance the person has of having OOB planets. It doesn’t HAVE to go this way, though – not as common, but there are people with their North Node closer to 0-Aries that don’t have any planets OOB and people with their North Node closer to 0-Libra that might have a couple OOB planets. This doesn’t really help to explain the situations with Jones, Webb, and specifically Serpico, since their Nodal Axis is in Gemini/Sagittarius or Cancer/Capricorn.

I will have to flesh this out even further – but there does seem to be some correlation between the GC and OOB planets people (all 10 of the other people have OOB planets). There also just feels to me that there is a correlation between the GC and OOB energy in general.

……and lightning rods. Fuck, now I have lightning rods on my mind.


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“Last Seen” Chart for Roxanne Paltauf

Roxanne Paltauf around the time she went missing

This particular missing person’s case has always really bothered me….it strikes a chord, if you will. I’m not sure if it’s because she is my age, or because she’s a native Austinite, or maybe because it’s just really fucking tragic to have a loved one be missing for SUCH a long time (or maybe….it’s a little of all of that). Roxanne Paltauf went missing in Austin, Texas on July 7, 2006. The last time she was supposedly  seen was at 830 pm that evening when she left the Budget Inn Motel off of Rundberg and IH-35 that she and her boyfriend were staying at. Anyone who is familiar with Austin is familiar with that area of town, and while it might be different NOW, back then it wasn’t the safest place with the world’s greatest cast of characters circling about. (I’m not sure what the area is like now, truth be told). The story goes that she left the hotel WITHOUT any of her stuff and was never seen again. The boyfriend claims to have no idea where she went or what happened to her. The astrology below tells me that while he may not have actually been the one to hurt her, her certainly KNOWS more than he’s saying (such as where she went and who she went off with). The boyfriend happened to be much of the focus of the police investigation (can’t really blame them, because on the face of it, he seems the most likely candidate). However, there is another player involved in this case, who days after she went missing was found incarcerated and WITH HER ID in his possession. We will call this guy “other guy,” who the astrology tells me is actually responsible for her demise. 
**For the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to refer to her boyfriend as “the boyfriend” and the perpetrator as “other guy.” All of the names and possible players in Roxanne’s case are open and known to the public, but I’m not going to actually mention them here. I also won’t go into ALL the details of this case as they are already known to the public. I will put a link below if you want to read more about the case, though. Here I will only be focusing on what the astrology tells me from the last time that she was supposedly seen.
Here is a link to info on her case to get you started if you’re unfamiliar:

So, this event chart reads like a story. Errr, let me rephrase that….it reads like a series of events that begin unfolding from the moment that she went missing (and even in the 30 minutes or so prior to it). The EXACT details of what happened between each of these events unfolding are things I’m still playing around with astrologically. And I know you’re not really “supposed” to use intuition when looking at last seen charts and stick strictly to the chart at hand (people that have written about this sort of stuff mention not letting your intuition “get in the way”), but my own Jupiter Retrograde can’t help itself in this regard. I only use intuition here to try and fill in the blanks between the actual things I SEE transpire in the chart (and I try to use it as sparingly as possible). Here is how I think all of this went down, step by step:

  1. Roxanne is represented by the Ascendant @ 15 Capricorn 17, which makes her Saturn in the Chart by way of 1st disposition (Saturn @ 11 Leo 01 in the 7th House). So the 7th house is where she “starts” off here. I believe that she and her boyfriend were in some kind of argument at this point in time. I could take some guesses as to WHY they were fighting (feeling limited in the relationship seems highly likely, and I’m thinking something about feeling limited in her own power with this him), but the exact reason she felt this way is up for grabs. I think it’s very possible that she ended up getting in over her head with this guy. I also think, with the harsh Venus/Pluto opposition and harsh Neptune/Mars opposition (and the places they fall in the chart), that there very easily could’ve been some kind of sex work stuff involved. I know this isn’t something that her family and friends want to read, but I do think it’s possible (and shouldn’t be discounted because it’s an unpleasant thing to think about). And I think if something like this *was* going on, it wasn’t ALL the time (that is just intuition speaking), but more when money was needed for whatever reason money was needed. I also think it’s very possible there was a “work” or “service” element going on here because the ruler of the 6th house, Mercury rx, falls in the 7th. The fight very easily, in my opinion, may have had to do with just that; maybe he wanted her to do some “work” for money and she didn’t want to do this particular night? Or maybe their relationship was just feeling very limiting to her and her own power? Or maybe, just maybe, it was a little bit of both.
  2. Next, by way of dispositions, we have the Sun @ 15 Cancer 47 (since Leo, where Saturn falls, is ruled by the Sun), which is DAMN NEAR EXACTLY CONJUNCT the Descendant/7th House Cusp. Sun on the angles in this sort of chart usually indicates that the Ascendant person is in some kind of real danger. I actually feel that this placement is indicative of both the boyfriend AND the perpetrator/other guy. I’m not sure if the boyfriend and the perp were friends (I feel like they were at least acquaintances), but I do feel like this is very possible, and that he may have even been present IN SOME WAY while the argument between Roxanne and her boyfriend was going on (either in person, or maybe they were just texting at the time and setting up the meeting?) I think her boyfriend probably got pretty nasty with her, told her that she WAS going to meet up with the other guy (for whatever reason), and that she would get her stuff back when she was done (keeping her personal belongings as a sort of collateral). Whatever the circumstances actually were, she was in danger at this time. She gets angry at her boyfriend and leaves the hotel room to go off with the other guy. 
  3. Next, by way of dispositions, we have the Moon (since Cancer, where the Sun falls, is ruled by the Moon) @ 6 Sagittarius 11 in the 11th house. Now we have her actually WITH the other guy, and I feel like she KNEW this other guy (either because her boyfriend KNEW him or she actually knew him herself). Another reason why I feel like this is where they “come together” is because the Moon is ALWAYS the co-ruler of the missing person, and the other guy is represented by the Moon as well (because the Descendant/7th house rules over the perpetrator in question and by way of first dispositions, he is represented by the Moon since the Descendant here is in Cancer). I don’t think that she thought she was in any danger with this guy, and actually seemed like she was probably enjoying herself in his company. I think she was probably able to vent or let go of  somewhat any frustrations that she had with her boyfriend with this other guy. Or she FELT LIKE she could do this, anyway. 
    4. Next, by way of dispositions, we have Jupiter (since Sagittarius, where the Moon falls, is ruled by Jupiter) @ 8 Scorpio 59 in the 10th house. Now, the 10th house is representative of a lot of things in these sorts of charts. It can show Law Enforcement and the public’s response to the case, and it can also show the place where the perp lives. In this particular case, right now, I think it shows that he took her back to his apartment. This is the last place that she goes alive, because I think it’s here that he kills her (around 5-6 in the morning on the 8th…I’ll get to that in just a little bit). 
    **I’d also like to point out that the 10th house cusp and Jupiter fall along “Via Combusta Way” which is from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio and is notorious for a bunch of violent fucking fixed stars. This is just another reason why I get the feeling that his apartment was her last stop among the living.**
    5. Next, by way of dispositions, we have Pluto retrograde (since Scorpio, where Jupiter falls, is ruled by Pluto) @ 24 Sagittarius 53 in the 12th house. This is when he disposes of her body. Pluto falling in the 12th house in a chart like this can definitely indicate death. The 12th house tells me that the piece of shit did a good job of hiding her (which is really fucking annoying and disheartening). 
    **Honestly, the retrograde motion of Pluto makes me think that he initially put her one place, and then went back and “re-did” it down the line (hid her away somewhere else). I actually think it’s very possible that he ended up burning her remains when he he went back and redid what he did the first time (I think he probably ended up feeling Law Enforcement breathing down his neck and needed to move her somewhere else once he became a person of interest).
    6. Next, by way of dispositions, we go BACK to Jupiter in the 10th in Scorpio. This tells me that after disposing of her body, he went back to his apartment. 
    **Something about Jupiter in the 10th makes me think that THIS is why he’s gotten so lucky evading law enforcement. And while I think he body can be found, I’m not sure he’ll ever “hang” for it.

Other things that stand out in this chart are as follows: 
*The 7th House shows the perpetrator, as I mentioned above. This can be the way the perp looks, acts, etc, and the 7th house in this chart is stacked with shit to look at. 
-We have the Sun right along the Descendant, which gives the perpetrator a fuck load of power in the situation. 
-Mercury is an interesting one in this chart, because on the surface it doesn’t appear to be a major player, but I believe that it is (especially in terms of identification of the perp). MERCURY IS RETROGRADE. Why is this important? Because the douche that I think actually killed her IS FUCKING DEAF/LEGALLY HEARING IMPAIRED! Mercury retrograde is known to fuck up communication on a mundane level, but in a chart like this IN the 7th House (which helps to describe the perp)? I would have to assume that the perp AT LEAST has some difficulty IN communicating in SOME way. 
Saturn falling in this house tells me that the perp is OLDER than she was (and he was older than her by a good 10 years). Saturn, as I mentioned before, is representative of Roxanne, meaning she is IN HIS DOMAIN. 
**Saturn is also representative of the body, which makes me think think he felt that he had POWER over her body, both dead and alive. 
Mars is also in this house, which, because it falls so close to the cusp of the 8th House, makes me think this shows her death AND his anger. Mars in Leo is very prideful here in this chart, aggressively so, and I feel like she may have done something that set him off. I actually don’t think that this was on purpose on her part, but she did something that killed an illusion OF her for him (Mars opposite Neptune in the 1st). I’m actually getting the impression that she did something that hurt his pride (maybe it was a language barrier of some kind that got screwed up?). Whatever it was, it set him off in what feels like a blind rage. Maybe he was delusional enough to think that she actually liked him and it wasn’t just transactional? Maybe he was just violent in general and looked for any excuse to unleash his rage? Whatever actually caused this, I do think it shows some anger problems on his end. 
-This chart has a few applying or “sinister” aspects that need to be mentioned. An applying aspect is when a faster moving planet is forming an EXACT aspect with a slower moving planet, and thus gaining power. 
**The Moon @ 6 Sagittarius 11 in the 11th house is APPLYING to an exact trine with Saturn @ 11 Leo 01. The Moon moves quicker than Saturn, which is why it is applying. This aspect is important because we  are talking about both the rulers of the Ascendant and Descendant here. This aspect becomes exact when you push the chart forward to about 5:40 am on the morning of July 8th, 2006 (which is when I think she actually died). This is really just a feeling that I get, but it feel “right” to me. 
**Mars @ 20 Leo 53 is APPLYING to an exact trine with Pluto @ 24 Sagittarius 53 rx. Mars moves more slowly than Pluto, which is why it is applying. Contacts between Mars and Pluto can be part of a “death” pattern (even the “nicer” aspects). It would have been more “exact” around July 14, 2006, which makes me think that THIS may have been when he re-hid her somewhere else (if he did happen to do this). 

Where do I think she is? I think there are a couple of possibilities. I did a map of the chart using the Ascendant as the radius. I have seen this technique using a couple of different things in the chart to create the radius (and I so wish that SOMEONE would get back to me on WHAT exactly SHOULD be used to create the radius…..I digress), but the Ascendant seems to be used a lot of the time. So that’s where I started, with the actual marker used being her last known location, the Budget Inn Motel. 

Now, after you set the marker and the radius, you can see that you’re looking at a pretty big area. You then want to look at different angle and planet degrees that stand out (turning those degrees into the 360 degree zodiac). The ones that should always be looked at, per my understanding, are the 4th house cusp (since it tends to represent the “womb to the tomb”, and the Saturn degree (since Saturn represents the body, and in this case is representative of HER). There are a couple of what are called “wedges” that stand out to me, and those are planets that are VERY close to another house cusp that are prominent in the chart.  In this case I’m looking at the Mars/8th House wedge (circled in the chart above) AND the Pluto/12th house wedge (also circled). This would change the degrees too:
-4th House Cusp @ 2 Taurus 50 Translates to 32 Taurus 52 (the bearing you use)
-Saturn @ 11 Leo 01 Translates to 131 Leo 01 (the bearing you use)
-Wedge from Mars to 8th House Cusp is 20 Leo 53 to 22 Leo 43 which translates to 140 Leo 53 and 142 Leo 43 (these are the bearings that you use to create your wedge)
-Wedge from 12th house to Pluto is 21 Sagittarius 42 to 24 Sagittarius 52 which translates to 261 Sagittarius 42 and 264 Sagittarius 52 (these are the bearings that you use to create your wedge)
-Wedge from the 7th house to the Sun is 15 Cancer 17 to Sun @ 15 Cancer 47 which translates to 105 Cancer 17 to 105 Cancer 47 (these are the bearings that you use to create your wedge, and this one is small)
-My understanding is that when setting the radius, you DON’T change the degrees of whatever you point you use to the 360 degree zodiac, so in this case we’re looking at a radius of 15 degrees (since the Ascendant is 15 Capricorn 17. 

On the map, you will see the Radius as the circle in red. The Budget Inn Motel is marked with the blue marker. The Blues Lines are the “Descendant/Sun” Wedge (there are two lines there). The Green Lines are the “Pluto/12th House” Wedge.  The Purple line is the “Saturn” line. The Pink Line is the “Mars/8th House” Wedge. The Red Line is the 4thHouse Cusp Line.  The Yellow Lines stem from an area that appears to have been important to the perpetrator (won’t say where exactly for legal reasons). 

If I were in charge of her cold case, if it hasn’t already been done (I called APD to find out WHERE she had already been searched for but wasn’t given any information), I feel like the Saturn Line, the 8th House/Mars Wedge, and the yellow line that I’m not going to give a whole lot of info about needs to be an area HIT HARD when looking for her, if there ever happens to be another search. The other lines should be looked into as well, but the area zoomed in on below I feel like is particularly hot. I feel like they need to focus specifically around the area of Decker Tall Grass Prairie reserve if that hasn’t already been hit. And I have a feeling they will find her remains (what’s left of them) out in the open, but hidden. Maybe in some kind of big drain pipe that is out in the middle of this place (or near one). That’s what I mean by out in the open by hidden….something like that.

Especially this area zoomed in on here:

I would really love to see this family get some closure on her case and to find healing SOME kind of healing. I know I’ll help any way I can. If you have any information on Roxanne’s whereabouts, please contact Austin Police Department’s missing person’s unit at 512-974-5250.

The Fundamentals of Reading a Natal Chart Part II

I want to start Part II of this series off by making it very clear that you are so much more than your Sun Sign or your “Big Three” (The Sun/Moon/Rising). If you went off of the basic or trendy instagram/facebook/etc post about astrology, you might be inclined to to think that you’re Sun Sign is literally the only thing that matters, or that your “Big Three” compose the sum of your astrological parts. Personally I take real issue with this sort of astrology that is passed around the internet like some incurable clusterfuck of infectious diseases. Infection is a good word for it, really. I get the some of the memes and posts are funny (though some are downright stupid and only used as a source for starting some shit), but the infection happens when people take silly memes and posts to heart, using them as learning tools, because they don’t yet know anything else. So they believe that they’re toxic because they’re a Pisces Sun. They believe that they’re “boring” because they are a Virgo Sun, or that they are equal to “The Devil” because they’re a Gemini Sun. Obviously, universally, people don’t believe this popsicle bullshit, but for people who are just dipping their feet into astrology and starting out, and then seeing some nonsense like they are the devil because they are a certain Sun Sign, it can be be discouraging. And it’s just fucking incorrect. I don’t hold the learners accountable here, but those who know better and still push this sort of astrology. It drives me up the fucking wall.
……In essence, don’t take to heart any sort of bunk ass astrology that focuses on only your Sun Sign, or your “Big Three.” And honestly this goes for the entire chart.

Like, what the actual fuck?!?! Like, this is taken out of context completely…..and posted to social media.
And while we’re at it, let’s knock of posts like this, too. Just because you knew ONE toxic Leo doesn’t mean ALL Leo’s are toxic.

It’s not a matter of not being able to take a joke. I realize that a lot of these posts and things are meant to be jokes. Or were created because the creator was burned by a couple of signs in the past and they want to make it known out loud how much they think those signs sucks. The issue that I have with all of this is when this infection sort of unconsciously seeps into people’s minds, and they start forming incorrect schemas about the different signs and their energy. Or they believe that because ONE Leo was toxic in their life, they then believe something like the post above to be true. For people who don’t want to really learn astrology, that’s fine (we all want to learn different things), but for the people that actually want to learn it, these sorts of infections passed around the internet don’t help this process. They also don’t help astrology to be taken very seriously in general.
….Sorry, rant over. I just want to make it really clear that you aren’t totally fucked or totally “blessed” or whatever because of your Sun sign, your “Big Three,” or any individual thing in your chart.

On the subject of all of this, I wanted to go into just a little bit about what the different Planetary energy represents in your chart (what energy is needing to be expressed).
*The Sun (Rules over Leo): This represents your life force and your ego. It needs to express those plus your vitality, your self-expression, and where/how you need to really shine. It can be arrogant.
*The Moon (Rules over Cancer): This represents your emotional core. It needs to express your emotions, mothering/nurturing, protection, It can be moody and withdrawn.
*Mercury (Rules over Gemini and Virgo): This planet represents your mind. It needs to express communication, change, dexterity, learning, thinking, agility, and its perception of things. It can be nervous, nosy, and is considered youthful.
*Venus (Rules over Taurus and Libra): This planet represents the concepts of love and value. It needs to express itself by giving/receiving love the way that you need to, through your sense of value, affection, diplomacy, compromise and beauty. It can also be self-indulgent, indecisive, and hedonistic.
*Mars (Rules over Aries): This planet represents one’s drive. It needs to express itself through direct energy, sexuality, action, courage, strength, and competition. It can also be impulsive, aggressive and angry.
*Jupiter (Rules over Sagittarius): This planet represents one’s beliefs. It needs to express itself through expansion, optimism, experiences, knowledge and wisdom, and the higher/abstract mind. It can also be over confident, dogmatic (about beliefs), and wasteful.
*Saturn (Rules over Capricorn): This planet represents one’s responsibility. It needs to express itself through authority, mastery, patience, structure, and is thought to represent “Father Time” and old age. It can be limiting, cynical, and overly reserved.
*Uranus (Rules over Aquarius): This planet represents your liberation (it’s the higher octave of Mercury). It needs to express this liberation plus freedom, detachment, revolution, and any quirks you have. It needs to point towards the future, quickness, and experimentation. It can exhibit shocking change and erratic behavior as well.
*Neptune (Rules over Pisces): This planet represents universal love (being the higher octave of Venus). It needs to express itself through spirituality, creativity, dreams, and through the collective unconscious. It can also be clouding, deceiving, and lack boundaries.
*Pluto (Rules over Scorpio): This planet represents power (being the higher octave of Mars). It needs to express itself through magnetism, desire, taboos, transformation, and letting things go. It can also be destructive, obsessive, compulsive, and resentful.
……As you can see from just this above, we are definitely composed of more than just our Sun Signs, or our Sun/Moon/Ascendant.

Something I wan’t to point out here about the planets and their “keywords” is that just because some of the keywords have a more “negative” connotation attached, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will exhibit all of those in your own chart/in your own life. It also doesn’t mean that those negative keywords will end up being negative things in your own life. Take Uranus for example: Uranus can be quirky and electric and revolutionary, and it can use these traits for the “good” or the “bad.”

Another thing I want to mention here (briefly, as not to overwhelm anyone) are retrograde planets in the natal chart. Retrograde planets turn the energy of that planet inward in the most basic terms possible. So you can take all of the planets mentioned above, and turn that energy inward instead of outward (inward on a soul level).
**My post on retrograde planets is here**

Stay tuned for Part III, coming soon! And if you want to check out another place to learn if you are a beginner, check out the beginner astrology subreddit :)**