These Beauties are The Star Cards

These were created by myself and Natalie Mithqal out of a love of astrology and “extra time” on our hands in 2020 when the world shut down. These beauties are packed with information ON the cards to help one get a handle on the essence of the different signs, houses, planets, and aspects individually.

The cards can be used for much more than just learning the fundamentals though. Once you feel that you have a handle on the essence of the different planets, houses, signs, and aspects, you can then use the cards to start synthesizing the different energy from the different parts of the chart together. Such as what a certain planet in a certain sign and house might mean, and then taking this a step further to synthesize different aspects together in a natal chart.

The book is filled with 100 pages of information and different exercises to help you practice along your astrological learning journey. This is the kind of learning tool that we both wish had been available when we were first dipping our feet into astrology a long ass time ago – the visual element of being able to lay a planet card, house card, and sign card next to one another aids in the natural synthesis that is necessary for learning how to read a natal chart.

There are plenty of wonderful astrology books out there – we’re not knocking any of them. However, most books seem to leave the synthesis element out of the equation, leaving the person learning cookie cutter definitions for different parts of the chart (which doesn’t help people learn how to synthesize on their own).

These cards and the book have been called a “missing link” in the astrological tool-belt (and we couldn’t agree more).

 The Star Cards have 45 cards total in the set: 

  • 12 Sign Cards
  • 12 House Cards 
  • 10 Planet Cards 
  • 6 Aspect Cards (the ones included are the Trine, Sextile, Conjunction, Square, Opposition, and Quincunx) 
  • 5 “Extraneous” Cards (North Node, South Node, Sun/Moon Midpoint, Chiron, and Black Moon Lilith) 
  • An e-book with 80 pages of information for learning deeper and practice exercises

Who were the Star Cards created for?

  • People who are complete astrology beginners
  •  People who have a decent grasp on the planets, houses, signs, and aspects, but need help learning how to synthesize everything together
  •  Even intermediate and advanced chart weavers could benefit from having these cards handy. There is SO MUCH to remember when reading a chart, and it’s nice to have something to mentally get the mind firing (especially if there happens to be a particular aspect or placement that is really “throwing” you for one reason or another)
  •  Literally anyone can benefit from these
  • If you are interested in purchasing them, you will find the link to do so below. Free shipping in the US! If you are from another country, send an email to [email protected] before purchasing so I can draft an invoice for the purchase of the cards and the shipping. 

Star Cards and PDF version of the Book

Includes a physical set of the star cards and a PDF version of the book that goes with them.