Menu of Services

If you are interested in something more hybrid or focused in nature than what I have listed below (or even something less expensive than what a full chart reading entails), contact me here. I’m happy to accommodate and tailor the readings to what you want.

I am also happy to split the payments, such as half upfront and half when the work is completed. Let me know if you want to pay this way and I will draft an invoice for you that utilizes this feature.

I also do other kinds of astrology readings not listed on the menu of services below (and these readings can be done in report format or on zoom/over the phone). They are as follows:

  • Astrocartography (locational astrology)
  • Solar Return Charts
  • Asteroid Readings (and incorporating them into other readings)
  • Transits, Progressions, and Solar Arcs
  • Crime Charts (I don’t charge for these, but I do accept donations!)
  • Horary/Event/Electional Astrology 
  • Galactic Center Readings

work samples

The sample for “The Biography” Natal Chart Reading (in report format) is a complete sample from a client who was willing to let me share this. The Karmic/Past Life Reading is just a sample of a full report.  

Reach out below!

All payments are processed securely through PayPal (no PayPal account required).

30-Minute or
1-Hour Astrology Chart Reading

(over zoom, over the phone, etc.)

Curious about specific parts of your chart? Want me to just read your chart and tell you what stands out? I can do just about anything and everything you want here. Let me know what kind of reading you want and we’ll do it. 

  • This can be purchased for any kind of reading that I do ^_^ (natal, transits, solar arcs, synastry & composite charts, astrocartography, karmic & past life, galactic center/galactic grand cross readings, asteroid readings, solar returns & annual profections, etc.).
    –If you are wanting me to look at synastry/composite charts (relationship astrology) or karmic & past life astrology, please choose the hour option
  • This reading will come with a recording of conversation if the reading is done via Zoom.
  • This reading can also be translated to me filming a reading for you (if you don’t want to actually be on a call with me). 
  • Once the reading is purchased I will reach out (within 24 hours) to set up time that is convenient for both us to chat over zoom (or I’ll let you know when I can have the reading to you if you just want me to record it and send it your way). 

The Biography Natal Chart Reading
(written from-scratch report)

This is your complete astrological biography! Covers all the planets (along with Chiron and the Nodes), all the houses, how the signs express themselves in your chart, and the major and most important aspects.

Other Written Reports 

You can have the reading you want done in report format. These are all from scratch and unique to you (nothing AI or computer generated in these reports). 

  • You can find a few samples of my work in report format at the top of this page.
  • Looking for a reading that I don’t have listed? Contact me (this button is at the top of this page) and we can figure something out. 
  • Because these are from scratch, turn around time is usually a week or two.

Other Services

The “Pen Pal” service is for people who don’t want to hire me for a reading, but want to use me as a trashcan for their trauma. This is a “boundary” for me; you want to trauma dump on me? There WILL be an energy exchange for this (and money is an energy exchange). 

In a private astrology lesson, I can teach you anything that I know in the world of astrology. If I practice it, I can help you learn it. 
-These lessons are done over zoom & the recording of the lesson will be emailed to you after the session.

This is for one tarot card reading/spread. If you have more than one question, purchase more than one reading. This reading is done via recording on zoom that I email to you. 
-I will include a picture of the spread with the reading.