Pluto’s Return (Part II): US’s Solar Return for 2021/2022

**Here is the video that I did that goes along with this blog post**

This is Part II in the continuation of the series on the US’s Pluto’s Return, which started in earnest in early 2020 and will go on through December 27, 2025 (once Transit Pluto clears 2 Aquarius 33 in the sky which is within the 5-degree separating orb I use for transit to natal planets). This year when the US has it’s “birthday” on July 4, 2021 feels really important from a Solar Return perspective since 2022 is when transit Pluto comes home “exactly” to it’s natal position – this happens on February 20, 2022, on July 12, 2022, and on December 27, 2022. You might be asking yourself “can countries have Solar Returns?” Lol I don’t really know. I mean, if people have them, I don’t see any reason why a country couldn’t have them, too. Natalie and myself were talking about this a couple of months ago – if it is possible to look at a Solar Return for a country. We both kind of came to the conclusion that there really wasn’t any reason you couldn’t do a Solar Return chart for a country (in theory). If nothing else, it might give some ideas about what the country (any country’s Solar Return you might look at) will be going through during any given year. In saying all of that, it would make the Solar Return’s for the US for 2021 through 2022, and also 2022 through 2023, extremely important since these Solar Return’s would also correlate with the time frame that transit Pluto comes home to it’s natal position. For this Solar Return chart, I set the reference place to Washington, DC.

Above is the US’s Solar Return chart for 2021, which will start on July 4, 2021 at 10:52 pm. The Sun is obviously in Cancer since that won’t change in the SR chart, but it moves from the natal 7th House to being in the 5th House in the SR chart. To me, this feels like a much more emotional, moody, and sensitive self expression openly than the country may be used to operating. We’ve been “emotional” for a while as country, but during 2021/2022 this feels like it probably is intensified. I don’t think the sensitivity translates to being kinder to one another, but it feels more pissy in nature….expressing our pissy-ness as a nation because we get butt-hurt or offended by things collectively…just taking things WAY too personally (Cancer energy can get rather offended by shit, no offense, and when this energy feels offended it can get pissy and/or retreat into what’s most comfortable for it). Or, lol, it could express itself in a pissy or offended kind of way – perhaps creatively expressing itself from this place of offense and pissy-ness due to the sensitivity. This sounds pretty apt for now, even though the 2021 Solar Return hasn’t actually started yet.

The Solar Return Moon is in Taurus in the 3rd House (where the 5th House will dispose of itself since Cancer rules the 5th). Self-expression will need to be communicated, meaning a lot of this sensitivity, and feelings of pissy-ness and offense (and other shit) will “need” to be communicated. Since the 3rd House is “local” in nature, I think several regions of the US will probably kind of commiserate in their “offenses” together, perhaps only feeling emotional security when communicating with those that hold the same values they do, feel offended by the same things they do, or feel pissy about the same things they do (such as different regions, states, or other localities kind of banding together in this way – and the local aspect stands out with the 3rd House tending to deal more with “local” issues). Something along those lines seems really possible, anyway. Interestingly enough, the SR Moon is also conjunct one of the SR Chart Ruler’s (Uranus, by modern rulership of Aquarius). This puts the way the US expresses itself naturally and knee-jerk very enmeshed with the countries emotional core this year – I think there will be several parts of the country that no longer feel like they can count on the federal government for things (or won’t want to count on them) just due to the local flavor of the Moon in the 3rd House – and finding security from these more local areas instead of finding security as a whole. The coming together of the Moon and Uranus in Taurus (with Uranus in the 2nd House), changing emotional values and the way they are communicated seem really highlighted, too. These also feel like they could be incredibly erratic and unstable. With the Sun trine the Moon/Uranus conjunction, this doesn’t bother any of these planets (they feed off one another).

There is also something that I want to mention about Aquarius and Uranus energy thrown into the mix (with Aquarius as the Ascendant and Uranus the modern chart ruler) – while Uranus and Aquarius are both incredibly open-minded and tolerant, at the highest vibration both of these are open-minded and tolerant to almost anything. At a lower vibration, there can be an “Us v. Them” mentality to this sign and planet – only being open-minded and tolerant to those that are the flavor of open minded and tolerant that they themselves are. This is very much of a hallmark of the people in this country right now – only being open minded to those that share the same thoughts, feelings, etc. This will probably only get worse during 2021/2022 considering the way that we have been going as country (and with the Moon and Uranus fucking each other in the SR, it actually feels like this becomes even more erratic and unpredictable). Aquarius and Uranus energy is also very revolutionary, reformative, and rebellious. I’m not ragging on ANY of these things, because they are absolutely necessary catalysts for change (and, let’s face it, there need to be some changes made in the way the US functions). At a lower vibration, all these are notions that are necessary for any (positive) change to end up devolving into chaos and what feels like finger pointing at the groups of people that are different than they are, or pairing off with groups of people that share their same views on things (and only sticking with those groups/people). This, I also feel like, will only get worse too. While there are definitely things that need to be reformed here in this country, we really do need to do this in the correct way and join together in the higher vibration of Aquarius/Uranian energy – not let it tear us apart.

This SR Chart actually has two chart rulers – Uranus by modern rulership of Aquarius and Saturn by traditional rulership of Aquarius. Saturn in the SR chart also shows where “work” is put in, and where “testing” happens. SR Saturn squares SR Uranus, which definitely makes me feel like there is a distinct tension here (duh, this is clearly already happening). I do think it gets worse, though. Saturn in the 12th makes me feel like the responsibility that the country actually has, that we have as a country, is clouded over….or the ways that we try to take responsibility are just off. It’s like trying to make progress, but only really causing more problems for ourselves in the name of the progress that we’re trying to make. I think it’s really important that during the 2021 SR return we as country actually ask ourselves what the fuck it is we’re fighting for, why the fuck we’re fighting for it, and adjust the way that we fight for it when adjustments are necessary. This seems even more highlighted with SR Mars in the 6th opposite SR Saturn. The more that we just “fight” and the less we actually know what our responsibility as a country really is, the more fucked we end up. This is just a hint: we have a responsibility, in my opinion, to fucking come together and knock off the us v. them group shit. I think it’s also really important that we, instead of fighting one another, fight the real enemy here (and this real enemy sure the fuck isn’t one another, but those who push this fucking US V. THEM NARATIVE). We just seem really fucking lost about how to make any real progress (which is ultimately what Saturn in Aquarius does want – mastery over progress…and things along those lines). We probably end up shooting ourselves in the foot by way of the way we try to go about this. Hopefully I’m wrong about this and we can knock off all our bullshit.

The SR South Node is conjunct the MC in Sagittarius, with the SR North Node in Gemini conjunct the IC. This tells me that this year the country was probably wanting to focus a little less on it’s public presence (perhaps in the case of a country this would deal with it’s place on the worlds stage). Though, since we’re dealing with the South Node, it’s easy to get “sucked” back into previous ways of operating. Perhaps during 2021/2022 we wanted to move away from the focus on the country’s presence on the world stage in some capacity, focusing on things more here at home (with the IC being the core of the natal chart, it would make sense for the IC here to be, like, the core of the country). Learning how to communicate and fucking LISTEN to one another as a country. Learn how to agree to disagree, and that can we take in information that doesn’t fit our beliefs or views. I definitely feel like the SR chart is begging for us to fix things with our one another and quit fucking around with foreign lands and with foreign people. We have a tendency to do that in this country – trying to help people in other countries without helping ourselves as well (and a lot of the time, this help is really “help” and not really wanted in the first place). Mind you, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help any other country ever – if we are asked to help with something on the international stage and we are actually in a position to help (without denying the people in this country), then we should. I think often we end up helping (or “helping”) other countries and getting in their business without taking care of the things and people here first. Really, it’s probably one of the reasons that we’re in the mess we’re in currently. We need to quit neglecting things here at home. Beliefs and truth are something that we wanted to move away from – not in the sense of the country and the people in the country not having their own personal truth (or national truth), but more away from dogmatism with these beliefs and sense of truth (Sagittarius can be incredibly dogmatic when it functions at a lower vibrational energy). I’m thinking that we want to move away from doing this both internationally and with one another in this country…but, again, the South Node is “comfortable” and “familiar,” and considering the way things have been going in this country, I feel like this probably gets worse before it gets better during the 2021 SR (if it gets better during the SR).

The SR North Node and SR South Node are also interesting to me because in the US’s natal chart, natal Uranus is at 8 Gemini 55 and the natal Descendant is at 12 Gemini 21 which is conjunct the SR North Node, and the US’s natal Ascendant is at 12 Sagittarius 21 which is conjunct the SR South Node. Here is a picture of the US’s Natal Chart to the 2021 SR Chart:

This makes me think it might be even harder for the US to pull itself away from previous ways of operating – we really won’t want to leave the comfort of the natal Ascendant and the SR South Node. This makes me think that what happens during this year pushes us towards the dealing with the shadow side of our country in some way (how we actually deal with that is another thing completely). From the previous article about Pluto’s Return, I mentioned the importance of Uranus in the US’s natal chart and talked some about the period of time when we have our Uranus Return being more concerning than the Pluto Return shit (personally, anyway). In the US’s natal chart, the Descendant in Gemini and Uranus conjunct the Descendant makes me think of chaotic thinking and chaotic communicating. I’m also going to throw the media into this mix – Uranus in Gemini definitely speaks of “media communications” and possible manipulation to me. ALL of these ideas ARE a part of this nations shadow side (along with many others – I could go on and on). Perception and manipulation are other key things here (and again, I think the media plays a large role IN this) – and really, I think we as a country have an even more chaotic perception of daily life due to their influence (and lets face it, reality is chaotic enough anymore). This goes for ALL sides of the media – and why the media has fucking “sides” at all is stupid.

So what does this look like for this year? I would love it if instead of staying in previous ways of operating per the SR South Node, we moved into the SR North Node (but did this by choice – it’s so much easier when it’s by choice). That we recognize the shadow sides of this country rather than ignoring them. That we learn to liberate the concept of universal brotherhood (what the shadow side of this country could be at a higher vibration…if it was free from the shadow) with one another, and much of this is done by not being so worried about being “right” and instead actually listening and discussing things with one another. Not being spoon-fed things from the media about the differences between us (which, I think, oftentimes the media makes the differences between us into much bigger differences than they are in reality – which serves to keep us more divided), and instead letting those differences radically unite us. Since there is always a perception bias with any kind of news media from the person putting the content out, my advice here is for everyone in this country to do their own independent thinking outside of the news channel they watch regularly – watch a different channel (you know the one, the news station that makes you gag to have on), just to get another perspective. That doesn’t mean that you have to AGREE with the other perspective, but watch it with a flexible mind. You could do the same thing here with ANYTHING belief related – learn how to listen to the other side. The lack of being able to do JUST THIS in America is a real problem – and this is the year that this country wanted to quit ignoring the need to DO this. Better than just watching news and such from a different vantage point, perhaps actually breaking through the barrier of needing the news to play middle man and actually talking to people who hold different truths and beliefs to be true would be a good thing. This is probably what would help us most as country, and this how I’d most like to see us change.

Do we actually DO anything of this, any of the positive things that could be done? I have no fucking idea. I’d like to think as a country we do, but really, who the fuck knows.

Transit Venus Retrograde or: “How’s this gunna fuck with me?“

Lately I’ve seen so many different posts on the different forums that I creep on and articles written on different astrology websites about Transit Venus going Retrograde. Generally, these posts tend to have a slightly more negative slant to them (or dare I even say some fear?) involved in the line of questioning and phrasing. I think a lot of this has to do with the general negative or difficult view of retrograde planets in general, but Transit Venus Retrograde (or even Transit Retrograde Planets in general) aren’t universally a negative thing. I’m actually quite partial to them in general. They absolutely serve a purpose, even if they impact your chart in a “challenging” way (either in your actual Natal Chart or via Transits, Progressions, etc). Venus Retrograde is a particularly interesting planet to go retrograde because out of all the planets, Venus goes Retrograde the least often. It will be Retrograde from May 13, 2020 through June 26, 2020.

When looking at how Venus Retrograde will impact your own Natal Chart, it’s really important to look at the house cusps in your chart that are ruled by the Venusian planets (ie: those that are ruled by Taurus and Libra). Specifically pay attention to the house cusp that is ruled by Taurus, though, for these are the areas of life that will be most heavily impacted. Venus Direct is thought to point more towards Libra, while Venus Retrograde is thought to point more towards Taurus (hence why the Taurus ruled house cusp is slightly more important here). What you value at a soul level will be brought out through different “tests” or “situations,” forcing you evaluate those values for yourself. Say, for instance, you have Taurus ruling over the 10th house cusp, and Libra ruling over the 3rd house cusp….this is going to put an emphasis on the 3rd house areas of life (those dealing with communication, thinking, learning, etc) and especially the 10th house areas of life (those dealing with career ambitions, public persona, social status, personal authority, etc), and what you really value here. Not what you think you should value or have been taught to value, but what YOU really value and how you feel most secure in these areas of life.

You also want to take a look and see where Natal Venus is in your chart by house. This will show the way that those house cusps ruled by Taurus and Libra will impact Natal Venus. Let’s say your Natal Venus is in the 11th house….from the Taurus 10th house cusp, you might be looking at the way that you value or feel valued in your career to impact your long term goals/hopes/wishes. Or something like the way that you value the highest and most idealized version of yourself will impact your friends and the groups that you associate with. From the Libra 3rd house cusp you might be looking at something like the way that you communicate, think, and learn to become a little more introverted in regards to the groups that you associate with and the friends that you have (maybe valuing a lack of communication at this time with other people and more valuing the internal dialogue that you have with yourself).

It is my personal belief that Transit Retrograde Planets give the unique opportunity to redo or fix things that may not have been done “correctly” in the past. In the case of Venus, this deals heavily with ruminating on your values (what you have valued and currently value), and with how you love and what you love. Because this process is much more internal and introverted, it is said that this isn’t the time to start up new romantic relationships or get married or any of that shit. And for the love of whatever, don’t be trying to hit up your ex (remember at this time: this person is your EX for a reason and who *really* likes reruns?). Rather it’s the time to assess what you personally value and love (or who you love), coming “correct” here so when Venus swings back around to Direct Motion you don’t have a real or imagined cluster-fuck of epic “what was I thinking” proportions. On a collective level, I feel like Transit Venus Retrograde gives us as a species a period of time to assess how we value, what we value, and how we love and need to be loved. Really, with all the crazy shit going on in the world, this is kind of the perfect time for some introspection on our collective values and concepts of love. AND! With Transit Venus Retrograde in Gemini, there is (or should be) a collective focus on the values of brotherhood and sisterhood, since Gemini operating from it’s highest octave represents these concepts.

The exception here to the challenges with Transit Venus Retrograde seems to be people that have their own Natal Venus in Retrograde….and are actually operating through the Retrograde motion naturally and have embraced this. These people usually feel more at home during this time. For the people that have Natal Venus Retrograde who aren’t living through the Retrograde motion of Natal Venus (still trying to find love and value from outside of themselves rather than through themselves), this period can feel particularly challenging. But! The challenge is trying to pull them towards functioning from the Retrograde Motion all of the time, and truly loving and valuing themselves FOR themselves.

The Yearly Time Lord

I have been doing quite a few Solar Return Charts recently for people (which gave me the idea for this blog posting), and when people want their Solar Return Chart done I always have to include a section about the yearly Time Lord. This is done in a Part I (Solar Return Chart) and Part II (Yearly Time Lord) fashion, since the time lord is taken from the Natal Chart (but can still be used with the Solar Return). Personally, I feel that when looking at the year ahead from birthday to birthday, the Time Lord is far too important to leave out.

First off, the notion behind the Time Lord comes from an old ass technique used by Hellenistic Astrologers to predict future events (and when I say “old ass technique,” I’m talking about this shit being used back in 200 BC or so). Now a days, the people that actually use this technique use what is known as Annual Profections. Essentially, starting from the Ascendant in the Natal Chart, each House of the chart represents a specific year of life (and depending on how old you are turning on your next birthday will show you what “House Year” you’re about to enter into). Here is a chart to quickly show you what Time Lord year you’re currently in or are about to enter into:

1st House- Ages 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, etc..
2nd House-Ages 1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, etc…
3rd House-Ages 2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, 74, etc…
4th House-Ages 3, 15, 27, 39, 51, 63, 75, etc….
5th House-Ages 4, 16, 28, 40, 52, 64, 76, etc…
6th House-Ages 5, 17, 29, 41, 53, 65, 77, etc….
7th House-Ages 6, 18, 30, 42, 54, 66, 78, etc…
8th House-Ages 7, 19, 31, 43, 55, 67, 79, etc…
9th House-Ages 8, 20, 32, 44, 56, 68, 80, etc…
10th House-Ages 9, 21, 33, 45, 57, 69, 81, etc…
11th House-Ages 10, 22, 34, 46, 58, 70, 82, etc….
12th House-Ages 11, 23, 35, 47, 59, 71, 83, etc…

I’ll use myself as an example here to help all this make sense. This past November I turned 32, which puts me in 9th House year. Thus, this makes 9th House matters pretty important this year for me personally (or anyone that finds themselves in a 9th House year), such as use of the abstract mind, journeys of the body and mind, and beliefs/the person’s personal truth. Once you’ve figure out what House Year you’re in, you look at the planet that rules the cusp of that house. In my particular case, it’s Leo. This makes my Yearly Time Lord the Sun, since the Sun is the ruler of Leo. If, for instance, your 9th House cusp was ruled by Pisces, your Yearly Time Lord would be Jupiter. Why not Neptune, you may be wondering? That’s because with this technique you want to use the 7 traditional planetary rulers for the different signs (omitting Uranus, Neptune and Pluto from the mix). In case it’s needed, here are the traditional rulers of each of the signs:

Aries & Scorpio are ruled by Mars traditionally
Taurus & Libra are ruled by Venus traditionally
Gemini & Virgo are ruled by Mercury traditionally
Cancer is ruled by the Moon
Leo is ruled by the Sun
Sagittarius & Pisces are ruled by Jupiter traditionally
Capricorn & Aquarius are ruled by Saturn traditionally

Now that you know which planet is the Yearly Time Lord, you can start playing around with it. It’s important first to take stock of the condition of the planet in your chart (such as direct or retrograde motion, exalted, etc.), and the different aspects that this planet makes in the natal chart. Also, pay attention to the house that the Yearly Time Lord falls in, for that house’s areas of life also factor into all of this. In my particular case, my Sun falls in Sagittarius in the 12th house, and the only major aspect it makes is the trine to my North Node. This shows that this trine to the North Node will have importance this year, along with 12th House Sagittarius shit. In these past couple of months, the concept of “wandering” and even more dissolution of ego than already existed have featured prominently (so it definitely fits).

Next, you want to look at the major transits making contact with the Yearly Time Lord in the upcoming year. They will be of utmost importance in the coming year, and it’s possible that they will be felt stronger than other transits to other natal planets. It’s also important to look at the Transits that the Yearly Time Lord makes for the upcoming year to other natal planets. If you’re time Lord is Jupiter, you would look at the way Transit Jupiter affects your chart in the year ahead. In my particular case, I’d want to look at the Transit Sun (which means I’m going to be looking at SO MANY Transits, hahaha).

You can even apply this technique to the Solar Return Chart, though modified slightly. I don’t look for the Yearly Time Lord of the Solar Return Chart, but I DO look to see what the Yearly Time Lord is doing IN the Solar Return Chart (it’s condition, it’s aspects, etc.). By throwing the Yearly Time Lord into the Solar Return mix, it add another layer of depth to the reading of the Solar Return Chart.

An Astrological Perspective on the August 3, 2019 Shooting in El Paso, Texas

I want to start this blog post off by saying how deeply sorry I am to everyone involved in this absolutely tragic event (bar the perpetrator, fuck that guy). I am sorry for the people who lost their lives and for those who lost loved ones, and for the victims who lived through this at the Wal-Mart and are recovering and healing both physically and mentally the best they can. I am also deeply sorry to the residents of El Paso, and the fact that this event had the capacity to make y’all feel a little less safe in your typically safe city. As a fellow Texan, my heart breaks with you and I hope that each and every one of you is able to heal, in as complete a manner as you can, in your own time.

And honestly, I’m fucking pissed off about the whole thing as well. I imagine a lot of people are. It’s my being pissed off about the whole thing that has made me look into not only the possible astrological reasons for the senseless violence that occurred on August 3, 2019, but also into violence as a whole within the United States. Like, why (us) Americans have such big dicks for violence of all kinds…. and come on, you know it’s true, collectively we seem to get off on it. (The US and any possible astrological correlations with violence will be explored in another blog post another time…for now I will be focused just on El Paso.) I also want to make a note here that I am in no way trying to say that astrological transits are the absolute cause of what took place here in El Paso (or any sort of mass causality situation), there are many, many factors to consider. I am simply offering alternative possible answers for something absolutely horrific at a time that people are searching for answers and explanations… even IF those answers and explanations are a little different and out of the box than what is usually taken into consideration for such (clearly I’m searching for answers, too, which lead me to write this post and think about all of this in the first place). Transits to the Natal Chart (and yes! Physical locations can have natal charts) have the ability to show certain energies and events that MAY manifest in real life (becoming activated) provided certain conditions are met. These primary conditions would be different depending upon what person or place we were talking about. Some of what I call “Primary Conditions” for the City of El Paso are listed below:
-1. First of these conditions for the city of El Paso in this particular case would be all the issues with immigration and a lot of people feeling very passionately “for or against” in regards to this issue. I realize that this is a gross oversimplification of the issue here, for so much more goes into it than just being for or against immigration, but also HOW people should be able to come into the United States, who we should “allow” in, under what circumstances, etc.
2. Another condition is El Paso being a border city with plenty of Mexican Citizens crossing to and from Mexico and the US in everyday life.
3. Another condition is HOW people in the US respond to people from other cultures. Are other cultures respected and welcomed, or are they feared and shunned as being “less-than” specifically in regards to our neighbors in/from Mexico and Latin America, since the entire immigration issue seems to focus primarily on those south of the border.
4. Something else to mention here that could be considered a condition is the fact that we currently have a Democratic Contender for the Democratic Party Nomination for President who hails from El Paso (Beto O’Rourke).
**While I’m not personally sure that this particular condition is what I would consider a primary condition, I do believe that the fucker who caused all this pain & suffering probably didn’t mind this fact at all and probably thought of it as “killing two birds with one stone”…. especially if his own political beliefs end up lining up the way they currently appear.**
Essentially, I see plenty of conditions here that could cause something tragic like this to take place (and there are, of course, more than what I mentioned to consider). If conditions are met for the person (or place) of the natal chart, the energy of different Transiting Planets could cause something to occur in real life, for the good or the bad. In the case of El Paso, it was unequivocally something bad.

This is the Natal Chart for the City of El Paso, with the transiting planets for the day of August 3, 2019 on the outside of the Natal Chart.
*Circled in PURPLE you will find Transit Uranus, Natal Mars & Natal Mars
*Circled in RED you will find Transit Saturn, the Natal Vertex & Natal Pluto
*Circled in BLUE you will find Transit Pluto & Natal Saturn

As far as these Transits go, there is something that sticks out to me immediately from a retrospective point of view: Transit Uranus in the 6th House in Taurus. Now, on it’s own (not looking through a retrospective lens) this placement wouldn’t necessarily stick out THAT strongly since anyone or anyplace with their 6th House ruled by Taurus will currently have Transit Uranus there. While in the 6th house, Uranus is wanting to change/will change something about mundane daily life and the way this functions, and in the case of here it will do just that….. changing something about the way that this city LIVES and FUNCTIONS in daily life, along with the health and well-being of the city as a whole (both the physical and mental health of the city). Uranus is all about anything shocking and unexpected, and even though this shocking change was a bad thing in this particular case, it doesn’t ALWAYS mean something negative (just depends on what the Transits are doing in the Natal Chart). It may not be just one change or shocking thing either, but possibly several (and I believe this to be very possible here). These changes may not always be of the most comfortable variety since the 6th House is ruled by Taurus (which finds comfort in routine, in stability, and in security). Having it so closely in the conjunction aspect with the Natal Moon though? That to me speaks volumes. Transit Uranus @ 6 Taurus 35 in the 6th House is conjunct the Natal Moon @ 8 Taurus 35 (which is pretty tight…..not exact, but tight). This Transit shows that the way that this city emotionally functions will be changed, and the sense of security here will be challenged. These people that live there felt safe and secure in their everyday life overall, and Transit Uranus came in and completely shook up any safety and security of the emotional variety that the residents thought/felt that they had. During this transit, the residents of El Paso will probably be collectively oscillating between several different emotions (and those emotions will probably range from everything from being really fucking angry, to being really fucking sad, to being happy….though that happiness will probably come later on during the transit for most). Basically, just a whole range of emotions will be collectively felt by this city, and the important thing here is that everyone feels validated in their feelings and emotions, and everyone has a way of expressing what they need to express, when they need to express it. The more validated the people of this city feel by one another and by the country as a whole, the “easier” this entire Transit will play out.
**This range of emotions would’ve probably been present even if the shooting never occurred. The shooting, though, gives these emotions an outlet of sorts, something to channel all of these different emotions towards collectively.**

In the Natal Chart, the Moon in the 6th is also square Mars in Leo (in Interception) in the 9th. Now, normally this aspect could indicate a person or place that maybe can’t hold their temper very well (popping off at anything and everything it perceives as a threat or hurtful). However, since Mars is in Interception, I have to actually wonder if this city and the people who live there as a collective embrace these emotions enough, and fight back/get pissed off enough when they should. I have a feeling that a lot of the city as a whole is tired of being used as a fear mongering tactic for the “right” as a “scary” place filled with scary illegals who are given safe haven and free shit, which they will then use to then rape and pillage Americans, and steal their jobs… or so the “story” seems to go. At the very least, a lot of the people here probably want to be known for things outside of the immigration issue solely (such as the very safe community that the city has managed to build for its self, among other feats). It appears to me that there is probably some issue with how the city goes about expressing its irritation at this notion and this could have to do with the fact that there probably are illegal immigrants residing there (I mean, duh, we’re in Texas, in a border state and we’re talking about a major border city). The city as a collective overall probably doesn’t want to put an unnecessary target on it or its residents backs (especially with the current political climate), or any more of a target, anyway. This city was willing (either consciously or unconsciously….probably unconsciously) to put up with being viewed a certain way by different subsets of the American public in order to maintain the security necessary to function in day to day life (for the collective to function this way).
………and now this security and stability probably feels fundamentally fucking rocked (which only makes sense). This is one of those “events” that happens where there is a “before the event”, and an “after the event” (or when people refer to this event 20 years down the line, they may refer to it with a things were one way before and things were one way after sort of mindset). While I have no doubt that the citizens of your city can band together and create the security and stability you once had again as part of the “after the event” of your story (and probably in an even better way than before), it won’t be done without really expressing just who and what your city and your residents are all about (the living out loud sort of expression that can only really be done in an in-your-face sort of way). And, this city and the population that lives there will need to be willing to get in touch with any anger that they have towards the way the Government as whole treats the city….and this could be towards the Federal Government or just the Texas Government (or both). Something tells me that this won’t be a problem; Transit Uranus is going to be square Natal Mars very soon, forcing/shocking Mars out of it “hiding” in Interception in Leo, making it much more likely to express itself, and ultimately getting your city and its people (all of its people) the respect you deserve. Just make sure that you all use the momentum and tension here to your benefit. While protests and things of that nature are a good thing, make sure that they stay positive and don’t devolve into even more chaos and negativity which would cause a lot of the country to not listen to you all the way that they should. Even if you all as group feel a little more emotionally out of control or all over the place at this time (and during this entire Transit), don’t actually come across this way. Get your emotions and anger out, just do it in as controlled a way as you collectively can. Use Transit Uranus’ energy here to come up with more visionary and out of the box ways to get intelligently get your point across.

There is also another Transit that stands out to me, which is Transit Saturn in the 2nd House in Capricorn opposite the Natal Vertex (almost exactly) and Natal Pluto in Cancer in the 8th house . Typically I don’t pay as much attention to Transiting outer planets to the outer Natal planets (the “outer” planets are Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & Chiron), but in this case since the Vertex is involved and since Natal Saturn is also in opposition to Transit Pluto, it stuck out. Transit Saturn is all about teaching lessons and cleaning house. Since the Vertex is involved (with Transit Saturn being in conjunction with the Anti-Vertex), I have to wonder how surprising this shooting actually was? Let me re-phrase….of course it was shocking and surprising in the manner and time and place in which it occurred, but was the possibility of a mass causality event happening really that surprising in the case of your city? I would imagine that at least some residents of El Paso would answer “no” to this question not only because of this Transit, but also because of the “primary conditions” that I mentioned a few paragraphs up. The Anti-Vertex/Vertex Axis tends to show (in the most basic of definitions) things that are completely surprising that we wouldn’t have expected (the Vertex) and things that are still surprising but that we know are possible (the Anti-Vertex). So, Transit Saturn is acting as a catalyst here, teaching you all and your city that the security that you felt before this event may not have been completely realistic or sustainable in the long term, especially in regards to the Texas/Federal Government (and I bring these entities up since you also have Transit Saturn opposite Natal Pluto), and that there may be a “bit” (or more) of sparing between the two to be able to achieve this security long term in a way that works for everyone that lives here. Your city can, I would imagine, expect to sort of go head to head with state and federal government in a much bigger way than you have done in the past. These entities will probably try to take away even more of the security that your city and it’s residents need, and you all will want to dig your heels in and hold claim and authority over what collectively belongs to you all (your collective values as a city will also be challenged even more than usual at this time). Nothing wrong with digging in your heels, as long as it’s done intelligently. Show the powers that be that your way of doing things works for you all as a collective, and maybe even that your way is better. Also, which kind of goes hand in hand with the transit listed above, your city has Natal Saturn in the 8th in Cancer opposite Transit Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd (and since Pluto is in retrograde, it’s going to fuck around some here, bouncing around until it turns direct). Don’t be surprised if the more direct Transit Pluto becomes with Natal Saturn, the more the Texas/federal government may try to keep money from you all that your city needs. This could be money/funds that were already promised or agreed upon for El Paso, but the more that your city expresses itself and goes against what these entities want, the more likely this is to come to pass.
……While the 2nd house tends to hold on to things while the 8th house needs to learn to let go, I feel like there WILL be a collective letting go and evolution, and this will come about from these two transits teaching your city the values and security of yours that are really worth keeping and evolving, and the ones to completely let go of (values that ultimately won’t help you all to rebuild and heal yourselves are the kinds of values I’m talking about, should any exist). I feel like there is also something to be said about growing into a new way that you all will collectively nurture one another, and this evolution may be hard with outside influences being difficult….but once you all have achieved this, I think it will probably be quite a beautiful thing to see.

Herein lies the opportunity though with these transits: You all have something very valid to be pissed off about here, and a chance to really be heard and have things go in your city’s favor. From a current presidential administration that treats many of the people that walk the streets of your city as “less than” (which is something I’m sure has pissed a lot of you all off for a long time), to the shooter seemingly spouting off the same sort of rhetoric heard throughout said administration (via Twitter and other bullshit) in a manifesto shortly before causing all of this pain and chaos (and appearing to believe in such)……there are definitely valid reasons for y’all to be fucking pissed off. And honestly, I would run with it. What matters here in this regard is HOW your city chooses to go about this. You all collectively need to make your feelings seen and heard in expansive and intelligent fashion, and luckily you all appear to have two fabulously capable people, each in their own way, to help you do this just this on a national stage (Beto O’Rourke & Veronica Escobar…..and I’m sure you all have other people as well, I just mention the people that I’ve seen in action on a national level). It WILL be very important to not become too emotionally erratic about the whole thing. While this whole process is a deeply emotional one (and you all as a collective have so many emotions going on right now), “cooler” heads and intelligence needs to prevail here to get your point across to the rest of the country in the most effective and long term sustainable way possible I feel like you all, your city, will be very instrumental in showing the US just how to handle the issue of immigration in general down the line, along with how to treat and view those who are “illegal” (since we are all but human after all), and be driven to take a much more vocal and self expressive stance than you all already seem to do. Fight back with out of the box thinking. Fight back with knowledge and guidance to the rest of the country. Fight back by continuing the drive you seem to have to bridge the divide. Fight back by being unabashedly you, city of El Paso, and the multi-cultural community that you are (and the unique experience of being in one country, but also functioning as a bridge to another). But please, fight back.