Astrological Ramblings

The 8th House is a place that frequently gets brought up by people on forums, and I personally get a lot of clients asking questions about this particular house. What is it about this house that makes people so curious? What makes this house so intensely questioned, yet so misunderstood? I believe that this has a lot to do with the “unknown” quality of this house, since much of this house isn’t openly known or understood by the native. Above everything else that the 8th House represents, I find it to be representative of a bridge between the deep conscious (the 4th House) and the unconscious (the 12th house). The energy of the sign that sits on the 8th house tends to be on this 8th house bridge….not completely under a fog like it would be if it were in the 12th house, but somehow removed from the native. You probably use the energy in a more passive fashion, and this energy is waiting for the native to jump on that bridge to consciously claim it/them as their own in an active way. The same could be said for any planets and their energy that are found residing in this house. Until you claim these energies consciously for yourself, you may difficulty knowing when/where/how/why to use the energy in the first place. The 8th House is traditionally said to rule over the areas of life dealing with sex and death. I personally disagree with this, only because it is so […]
I find houses in interception to be particularly interesting when I find them in a client’s natal chart. Some astrologers disregard the idea of intercepted houses as unimportant….to each their own, everyone reads a little differently. I feel like when intercepted houses are in a client’s natal chart, to leave them out of a reading would be doing the client an injustice. Intercepted Houses are when a house is located between two separate house cusps, but the house and sign in question rule over no actual house cusp of the own. An example of this below: As you can see from the example above, Aquarius and Leo rule over no house cusps of their own. Aquarius falls under the domain of Capricorn’s house, and Leo falls under the domain of Cancer’s house. Neither sign has any real way of easily expressing itself outwardly to the world in a specific area of life (or just in general). The sign itself, as well as any planets that may find themselves inside the interceptions, operate under a sort of “fog,” kind of like the 12th house. You may not be fully aware of the sign and/or planetary energy that resides in the intercepted house, or there may be something kind of fucked about the way this energy manifests in your life. It also tends to be that the intercepted house’s energy (and any planets that find themselves in them) were not taught by the parents/caregivers in early childhood as something important to the […]


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