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If you are more of a watcher than a reader, here is a youtube video that covers similar stuff What exactly IS the truth? Really, think about this question. Because if you really think about it, the truth is a very relative thing to the person who finds something to be true. I only bring this particular notion up since in today’s musings about the Galactic Center, I will be exploring some people who are known for their truth seeking, but not everyone who hears what they have to say (or reads what they write) thinks they are telling the truth (or thinks the truth they are seeking/finding is actually true). Some people think they’re fucking crazy crackpots. Y’all probably already know where I’m going with this, lol. Yes – today I will be looking at some well-known “conspiracy theorists” (I fucking hate that term) and correlations with the GC. Why do I hate that term? Because it’s fucking dismissive of anything that questions the official narrative that is sold off to us at the highest dollar. You start asking questions that don’t align with official stance on things, and you’re given the label of “(crazy) conspiracy theorist” to shut you up. Even when the official narrative on things makes NO fucking sense (lolololol like JFK’s assassination and the magic bullet theory?! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!! Does anyone actually buy that bullshit still?) I guess if you are the sort to buy that theory, lol, probably just stop reading […]
This week past week has been incredibly difficult. I’m not someone who is really ever “triggered” by shit (my Capricorn Moon & Saturn conjunct my rising don’t really allow me to pay that much attention to anything that actually might trigger me). “Push through it, bitch!” is what my inner monologue will typically say to me. This week, my inner monologue fell very silent (I’m thinking to myself in my head after everything this week “oh yeah? Inner Ellie voice, you ain’t got shit to say, motherfucker!?”) She didn’t. I was looking at my transits for the past week, and while I already knew I have some dumb-ass shit going on (that I would typically prefer to ignore), I noticed that the transit Sun was also conjunct my natal Chiron. This happens once a year, but this year it hit me incredibly hard with all the other dumb ass shit going on transit wise to my chart. This got me thinking a whole hell of a lot about Chiron…and possible tie-in’s between Chiron and the GC. I also think it’s really interesting that when I wasn’t working on work for my clients or spending time with my Son, the one thing that actually helped me not to smash things this past week was writing, talking, and thinking about the GC. This post is going to primarily deal with connections (or what feels like connections) between Chiron and the Galactic Center – and it does feel like there is a tie-in […]
In some of the videos that I ‘ve done recently, I’ve brought up the notion of whistleblowers and the GC. This isn’t an entirely new idea in and of itself – there have been some articles done on this and that it does seem to be common for well known whistleblowers to have GC conjunctions, oppositions, etc. (there most definitely appears to be a correlation). What I haven’t seen as mentioned is the notion that a good majority of these people have Jupiter Rx in their natal charts (or were born during the shadow period just after Jupiter goes direct). While I think the GC is a protective force for people in general when they lean into the GC’s energy and don’t fight it (I really do believe this – but the “not fighting it part” is important here), in the case of GC conjunctions and whistleblowers, the conjunctions seem to add an urge to get the “truth” out there. There also seems to be what I would consider a “protective” element to this as well. I think Jupiter Rx can ALSO be a protective force for these people (here is my last blog post about Jupiter Rx in connection to the GC in general). I think another protective force has to do with having something trine the GC – an actual planet or something major to give the whistleblower “safe passage” to translate the truth that they need to tell down to Earth (here is the blog post about […]
The Galactic Center ^^^^^ FUCKING MAGNIFICENT (photo credit – NASA) I have talked about a WHOLE BUNCH OF DIFFERENT stuff regarding the Galactic Center recently on the YouTube channel for Lets Fuck with Astrology – the joint business venture between myself and the other creator of the Star Cards, Natalie (who is probably one the people who has been the dearest to me in my whole life), but the Galactic Center has captivated me for much longer than it might seem that it has. It’s the “mystery” about it that really gets me – and there is something REALLY mysterious about it (probably the fact that we aren’t really sure what is ON the other side of the GC). The GC is said to be a lifeline to other dimensions, a place to contact the other side, and as the Mayan’s liked to call it, “the source of all creation,” among a whole bunch of other shit. It is also thought of as a place where divine inspiration comes from and that the GC can feed one information like “downloads.” And yes, there are definitely some alien theories thrown into all of this (those are a lot of fun, but I think the alien thing is fun to think about, anyway). There is also the idea that it functions like a (hidden) luminary since the Sun actually orbits the GC (the GC is actually one of the reasons our galaxy functions the way that it does). Astrologers like Philip Sedgwick […]
Just as a disclaimer – this is literally JUST an idea, I’m just fucking around with this shit and am in no way, shape, or form claiming that this is “correct,” or that I am any kind of expert in this particular area of astrology (I won’t do myself dirty/sell myself completely short though – I have a lot of astrological knowledge in MANY areas of astrology, but this particular are, the GC, is more of a “mystery” to me). I also reserve the right to to find this wrong later on…so, in other words, no one hold me to this shit 🤪Without playing around with ideas and theories and stuff like that, we wouldn’t ever learn anything new. In the intro article that I wrote about the Galactic Center (GC), I mentioned the idea of bringing stuff FROM the GC “down to Earth.” In case I didn’t make it clear WHY this would be necessary in the first place (sometimes I’m not as clear as I would like to be 🤣), there is an idea that the GC is the source of all creation, and a life-line to the “other side” (or other realms, other dimensions, etc.). There is also an idea that the GC is a way to tap into this source of all creation, to tap into other dimensions, and even to be FED information from the source of all creation and/or from other dimensions. Why would this need to be brought “down to Earth?” Because the […]
I have never written about the Galactic Center, but it has been a focus of mine and on my radar for well over a year and a half (probably closer to two years at this point). Natalie (my partner in crime) and myself have tossed around ideas about the Galactic Center (the GC) – even during the process of creating the Star Cards, we would still toss around ideas about the GC here and there. So, earlier this year after the release of the Star Cards, we put out a “call” to anyone who might have planets conjunct or opposite the Galactic Center. For anyone who is interested about the original post on our subreddit, r/letsfuckwithastrology, here is the link: Why did I post that here? Because this post actually gives a decent over-view of where our minds were at the time that we put out this “call” to anyone who may have planets conjunct the GC or opposing the GC. Also, the post tells you how to pull the GC on your own chart. It isn’t a fixed star, but it moves very, very slowly like a fixed star moves – currently it is at roughly 27-degrees Sagittarius. Below you will find my chart with the GC pulled so you can get an idea of what the symbol will look like when you pull it in your own chart. The Galactic Center is in the cluster fucked 1st House, where the symbol “*Gala 26 41” is in the house. […]


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