This week past week has been incredibly difficult. I’m not someone who is really ever “triggered” by shit (my Capricorn Moon & Saturn conjunct my rising don’t really allow me to pay that much attention to anything that actually might trigger me). “Push through it, bitch!” is what my inner monologue will typically say to me. This week, my inner monologue fell very silent (I’m thinking to myself in my head after everything this week “oh yeah? Inner Ellie voice, you ain’t got shit to say, motherfucker!?”) She didn’t. I was looking at my transits for the past week, and while I already knew I have some dumb-ass shit going on (that I would typically prefer to ignore), I noticed that the transit Sun was also conjunct my natal Chiron. This happens once a year, but this year it hit me incredibly hard with all the other dumb ass shit going on transit wise to my chart. This got me thinking a whole hell of a lot about Chiron…and possible tie-in’s between Chiron and the GC. I also think it’s really interesting that when I wasn’t working on work for my clients or spending time with my Son, the one thing that actually helped me not to smash things this past week was writing, talking, and thinking about the GC.

This post is going to primarily deal with connections (or what feels like connections) between Chiron and the Galactic Center – and it does feel like there is a tie-in between Chiron and the GC *just a little bit* (though I think it’s probably more than just a little bit) – and this tie-in feels like it exists regardless of if the GC makes an aspect with Chiron or not in a natal chart. Obviously, like with everything else, the Chiron/GC connections would probably be stronger in people that actually have Chiron making a contact to the GC, but I do think this connection can be applied just to the energy of the black hole and the asteroid. Natalie and myself talked about this a long while back, that Chiron’s notion of “wounding and healing” seems to jive well with what is known about the GC. Not exactly, I suppose (there are obviously differences), but the notion of transmutation is highlighted with BOTH the GC and Chiron – turning something that is difficult into something that is transformed into another state. I do think the GC can be “difficult,” and we all know that Chiron can be incredibly difficult. It’s a weird thing though, because while I do think the GC can be (and is) difficult, there is almost a *beauty* in the difficulty, kind of like there is almost a *beauty* in the wounding and healing that Chiron deals.

This is a personal anecdote, but one of the questions on the GC questionnaire is “if you were to visualize the conjunction to your GC in a picture or a phrase, what would that look like. Describe it.”
-If I were to answer this question, it would be something like this”
A person is in something like a box – not a full box (the top is open). The walls of the box to the left and the right are closing in on them and they are pushing the walls away from them, using all their strength to do this – to keep from being closed in on. At the same time, a light is either entering them or leaving them (or perhaps both) through the top of their head and illuminates the sky. They are clearly in pain trying to push the walls away, but there is also something divine/ecstatic about the light that is either coming from them or leaving them. Everything about this mental image is pretty dark, but I know the person in this vision is me.
…..this is what the GC is to me, when I think about the GC. There is pain, but there is also something divine (or something like ecstasy) to it as well.

So….where do these Chiron connections kind of come from in the first place (other than what was mentioned above)? Let’s talk for a second about the mythology behind Chiron briefly:
-Chiron was a Centaur, but the most civilized Centaur of the bunch (the rest sound like they were crazy heathens lol). He was a healer, a teacher, a hunter, and well versed in medicine (among other things) thanks to being raised by Apollo and Artemis after being abandoned by his natural parents, Kronos & Philyra. He was also immortal (and differed from the other Centaurs not only in behavior, but also by parentage). One of his half brothers was Zeus/Jupiter (which ties in the GC just a little bit since the GC is in Sagittarius). So, Chiron lives a long life teaching and healing, and at the end of his life he finds himself with Hercules (one of his students) in a cave with Pholus, and some sacred wine from Dionysys is opened at Hercules request. When this wine is opened it “called” all the other less civilized Centaurs to the cave and they got crazy. Hercules starts shooting his poison arrows around, and one ended up shooting Chiron in the thigh (thighs also have a connection to Sagittarius, for this is one of the parts of the body that Sagittarius has domain over…and arrows obviously have a Sagittarius connection, too). Since Chiron was immortal, he couldn’t die like the other Centaurs from this poison arrow – instead he was forced to deal with this pain and there was no release or reprieve. This pain is said to have gone on for 9 days (there is another Sagittarius connection, since Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac). Meanwhile, Prometheus was chained to a rock having his liver pecked at day after day by a bird (Zeus had him chained there since he tried to give fire to the people of Earth). Hercules brokered a deal with Zeus to allow Chiron to die and be out of pain (to give up his immortality) in exchange for Prometheus being relieved from his own torment day after day being chained to that rock. Zeus agreed, freed Prometheus, and allowed Chiron to find peace and healing through death. It is said that Chiron was placed in the sky in either the constellations of Sagittarius or Centaurus (it seems like it was one or the other, though some sources say one and some say the other). Either way, there is another connection to Sagittarius. Even just the notion of Chiron being in the constellation Centaurus alludes to Sagittarius.
***I have seen the mythology behind Chiron mentioned a few different ways, so this brief synopsis might differ slightly from how you may have seen it written out before. It gets the general theme across (all of the different versions do, really).

There are definitely some Sagittarian connections to Chiron, but I don’t want to imply that Chiron is actually the ruler of Sagittarius (or the co-ruler of Sagittarius) or anything like that – there is some debate out there about IF Chiron should actually rule (or be a co-ruler) of a certain sign. For example, Virgo is another one that I see tossed around for Chiron (there are definitely some Virgo themes going on with Chiron’s mythology, too). Really though, I can see themes for all the mutable signs with Chiron’s energy and mythology (so I’m in the camp that Chiron shouldn’t rule a specific sign, but rather blends different qualities of all the mutable signs).
-I just wanna make that part clear before I proceed on-
I almost get the feeling that the part of the mythology of Chiron, once he has died and been placed among the constellations, is the part that gels the most with the GC (the changing from immortal to mortal). That sounds kind of backwards since when I think of the GC, I would knee jerk think immortality would line up better with the GC than mortality, but for Chiron mortality (and the ability to die and transform) was a sweet release. I definitely do think the GC can be a kind of “sweet release” – not necessarily through death, but just through the process of transformation (once this transformation, whatever that IS, has occurred). Something has been transformed/transmuted in this process – and there is pain going on here. I do think there is something painful about the GC – actual process of a star getting “eaten” by the GC seems like it would be a “painful” process for the star (if stars have feelings), but it doesn’t seem to actually destroy the star – just transform it into something else. Kind of like Chiron’s immortality being changed into mortality (obviously they aren’t EXACTLY the same, but there does seem to be a common thread).

Chiron is also a “bridge” between Saturn and Uranus – it orbits between them and is thought of as a bridge between the “known” and the “unknown”…or a bridge between the “inner” and “outer” planets. This is ALSO very GC like in nature (since the GC appears to have an affinity for all of the transpersonal planets). The GC is almost like a bridge itself to the “unknown” – since no one knows what is on the other side of the GC or where it goes. They both seem to function as bridges to what we know versus what we don’t know.

Another interesting connection between Chiron and the GC is when Chiron was discovered in November 1977, the GC was conjunct the Ascendant at the time it was found (the “birth chart” for Chiron’s discovery). Now, this may not mean anything at all, but if it doesn’t, that’s one hell of a coincidence.

AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT! FUCKING JUPITER WAS RETROGRADE AT THE TIME CHIRON WAS FOUND! I just noticed this as I was making a YouTube video to go along with this post that I will post later this week (and got really excited when I noticed it in the video, lol). Now, lol, call it coincidence all you want but I think it’s REALLY FUCKING INTERESTING that Chiron was discovered during a Jupiter Rx period (especially when the GC seems to jive so well with Jupiter Rx energy). Oh! And Shiiiiiit! LOOK AT THE FUCKING TRINE FROM THE GC TO SATURN @ 29-DEGREES LEO! A possible way to bring Chiron stuff down to Earth, perhaps?
…..I’m wondering if the reason the connections aren’t more prevalently known between the GC and Chiron as of now is because when Chiron was found, the Ascendant (conjunct the GC) also didn’t have another planet or something conjunct the Ascendant and GC?

To be continued…..down the line 🙂

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