In some of the videos that I ‘ve done recently, I’ve brought up the notion of whistleblowers and the GC. This isn’t an entirely new idea in and of itself – there have been some articles done on this and that it does seem to be common for well known whistleblowers to have GC conjunctions, oppositions, etc. (there most definitely appears to be a correlation). What I haven’t seen as mentioned is the notion that a good majority of these people have Jupiter Rx in their natal charts (or were born during the shadow period just after Jupiter goes direct). While I think the GC is a protective force for people in general when they lean into the GC’s energy and don’t fight it (I really do believe this – but the “not fighting it part” is important here), in the case of GC conjunctions and whistleblowers, the conjunctions seem to add an urge to get the “truth” out there. There also seems to be what I would consider a “protective” element to this as well. I think Jupiter Rx can ALSO be a protective force for these people (here is my last blog post about Jupiter Rx in connection to the GC in general). I think another protective force has to do with having something trine the GC – an actual planet or something major to give the whistleblower “safe passage” to translate the truth that they need to tell down to Earth (here is the blog post about stuff trine the GC). If they have an angle in the window of orb that I’m focusing on for the trine to the GC (10 degrees applying or separating from the GC when they were born), then maybe the planetary ruler of that angle needs to make some kind of contact to the GC. If they have all three of these things going on (conjunctions to the GC, Jupiter Rx, and a trine to the GC), they seem to fair better as they are blowing their whistle. Missing one of these things seems impact their outcome in terms of getting their truth out there.
**The whistleblower theme DOES work well with the GC – being in Sagittarius which is the truth seeker (among other things), the idea of being able to speak one’s truth does have a GC flavor to it, especially in the BIG ways that these people have done just this. Any kind of telling of the truth, even truth that the person doesn’t want to tell but feels compelled to tell, all the way over to telling truths that bust things wide open…all of this has a GC flavor to it. Not to mention, the truth that some of these people told wasn’t received well by everyone. This also makes me think that there is probably a “polarizing” quality to the GC and to the people who have connections to the GC – they might be people that are polarizing in some way (people who you really like or really don’t like). I would think this polarization would be the strongest in people that have conjunctions and oppositions to the GC.

The whistleblowers that I have looked at this far are Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Frank Serpico, Jeffrey Wigand, Erin Brockovich, Gary Webb (I recently started looking at his), Karen Silkwood and Julian Assange. Keep these in mind as you are reading this and looking at the charts that I’m about to post:
-The notion of having a conjunction to the GC, having Jupiter Rx, AND having a planet trine the GC (using a 10 degree applying aspect and 10 degree separating aspect) seem to be protective (Jupiter Rx) for these people and allow them a “safe passage” to blow their whistle (the trine to the GC). A conjunction to the GC seems to function as an “urge” or a catalyst to get the truth known. The people who are lacking one (or multiple) of these don’t seem to fare as well in the long run.
-The oppositions to the GC (planets conjunct the GaC) seem to add a certain amount of polarization to the individual regarding their telling of the truth.
–This actually might kind of be the case in general – the oppositions to the GC functioning as a polarizing agent regarding the person (it appears to be the case with these people, anyway – will have to do more research to see how it translates across the board to people who aren’t solely known for whistleblowing).
**Some of these people don’t have times of birth – that’s okay for the purpose of this right now. I have just set these charts to noon**

I also want to make it real clear that I’m not saying that EVERYONE WHO HAS conjunctions to the GC, Jupiter Rx, and something trine the GC will be a whistleblower. That just isn’t the case I’m sure – there are probably plenty of people who have these sorts of contacts going on in their charts and they haven’t blown the whistle on anything. Though, I do think that having these three things going on in the chart probably gives one a push to tell the truth or tell their side of the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable to do so (even if they don’t want to). These three thing in a chart could probably manifest many different ways (the GC is so weird as it is almost anything seems up for grabs) – I just think this is a really interesting connection/pattern with some well known whistleblowers (people who became KNOWN for this) and these specific contacts.

The chart above belongs to Frank Serpico (no time of birth – set to noon), who became known for outing corruption in the NYPD in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. If you look at his chart you see that he has the Galactic Center conjunct Jupiter Rx. He also has a trine from the Sun and Mercury to the GC. He ticks all of the boxes that I mentioned before (conjunction to the GC, Jupiter Rx, and a trine to the GC). He fared okay after his whistleblowing (he wasn’t incarcerated or killed for doing what he did).

This chart belongs to Jeffrey Wigand, who blew the whistle on smoking and public health in 1996 (he was the former VP of research and development at Brown and Williamson). He has the Sun conjunct the GC in his chart, Jupiter Rx, and TWO trines to the GC – his Moon in Aries and Chiron in Leo. He ticks all of the same boxes that I mentioned, and he didn’t wind up incarcerated or killed.

This chart belong to Erin Brockovich (time of birth unknown – set to noon) who helped to expose that PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) was essentially poisoning the water in Hinkley, CA and that they knew they were doing this. She has Jupiter Rx conjunct the GC and Mars trine the GC in Taurus. She also has the Sun & Venus opposite the GC. She also ticks those boxes that I mentioned before (conjunction to the GC, Jupiter Rx, and a trine to the GC). She also has the oppositions (Sun & Venus), which probably adds a degree of polarization to her and her impact on other people.

This chart belongs to Edward Snowden who blew the whistle on the NSA’s PRISM program. He has Neptune and the South Node conjunct the GC, and Jupiter Rx in his chart. South Node conjunct GC and Jupiter Rx makes me think that he came into this lifetime VERY acquainted with the GC’s energy. Now, he doesn’t have an actual planet trine the GC (his Venus would be too far out of orb for what I’m considering to be a trine as of right now), but his IC DOES trine the GC. I am on the fence about the angles in terms of trines to the GC in general in these kinds of cases, but his stands out because the planetary ruler of his IC, the Sun, DOES make a GC contact since the Sun is opposite the GC in his chart. Since the planetary ruler of that angle makes a GC contact, I feel like his IC trine to the GC still functions as a sort of “safe passage” to make the truth known. Technically, he ticks all of the boxes. If that Sun wasn’t making a GC connection, I might not be as inclined to think that (and I also kind of wonder if he would still be alive today, or if he would be incarcerated, if his Sun wasn’t making a connection to the GC). Having oppositions to the GC (Mars, North Node, and the Sun) add to the feeling of polarization that I do think the oppositions to the GC can bring about. Some people call him a “patriot” in the US, and some people call him a “traitor,” so very polarizing, indeed.

Now this is where it gets interesting. This chart belongs to Julian Assange, who founded Wikileaks. He has NO GC conjunctions, but does have Venus conjunct the GaC/opposite the GC. He does have Jupiter Rx, but has no trines to/from the GC. While he does have Jupiter Rx (which I do think puts him naturally more in-line with the GC energy), there is no conjunction to the GC to have the information from the GC “downloaded” or to blend with for this need to “seek and share truth.” Venus might be getting the downloads and know there is truth to be sought out, but not be able to see clearly why that is (due to Venus being conjunct the GaC). There is a trine to the GC, which is his Midheaven at 19 Leo 58. With this being an angle, I applied the same logic that I used for Snowden’s trine to the IC – I looked at where the Sun falls in his chart. His Sun, in the 8th House in Cancer, makes no connection to the GC. So, unlike Snowden’s case, this trine doesn’t seem to give him the same kind of “safe passage” regarding the translation of the truth “down to Earth.” Since Venus is opposite the GC, this seems to add an element of polarization to how he is received (which is true – some people really like him and some people really don’t). He is currently incarcerated in London.

This chart belongs to Chelsea Manning (there is no time of birth – I set the chart to noon). She is known for disclosing close to 750,000 classified and “sensitive” military documents. She has the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus conjunct the GC, with Chiron opposite the GC/conjunct the GaC. She does NOT have Jupiter Rx (though she was born under the “shadow period” of Jupiter Rx – Jupiter went direct two days before she was born in 1987). She also has the GC (and everything conjunct it) trine Jupiter. I feel like, while she probably still feels the Jupiter Rx pull towards the GC energy since she was born under the shadow period, not actually HAVING Jupiter Rx seems to allow her less “protection.” She was incarcerated from 2010 until 2017 when she was pardoned by Obama (she was originally sentenced to 35 years). So, while not as “protected “(which I theorize is because her Jupiter isn’t actually retrograde) being born during the shadow period does make me think there is some kind of “protection” here (considering she only served 7 years of her 35 year sentence). She also has the opposition to the GC (Chiron conjunct the GaC) which seems to add a sense of polarization to her in the way that she viewed – like Assange and Snowden, some people really like her, and some people don’t.

This chart belongs to Gary Webb, who is known for his “Dark Alliance” series about the CIA being involved with the Crack Cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles and taking the money to fund the anti-communist Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s. He committed “suicide” on December 10, 2004 (does anyone actually believe that bullshit?). He has conjunctions to the Galactic Center, but it is his Ascendant and his North Node. While these are conjunctions, neither of these are actual planets (or tangible bodies in the sky). We’re also talking about the North Node, which is what we are trying to grow into in this lifetime (it doesn’t come completely naturally – the South Node is much more natural to us coming into this world) – which makes me feel like this notion of whistleblowing or truth seeking really did just “fall” into his lap to align him with his North Node “mission” (which, if I remember correctly, it kind of did). His Jupiter is also NOT Rx, which makes me feel like he doesn’t have that Jupiter Rx “protective” force behind him. He does have trines to the GC – Jupiter loosely, Pluto (almost dead ass exact), and Mars. I really do wonder if that Jupiter of his had been Rx, if maybe he wouldn’t have been of “suicided” (yeah, I’m calling it that way). He also has the opposition to the GC, with the South Node conjunct the GaC. This adds in the level of polarization that I’ve talked about with the GC oppositions and some people really liking his work (believing it) and some people do nothing but criticize it.

This chart belongs to Karen Silkwood, who reported un-safe conditions at Kerr-McGee corporations Plutonian fuel plant in the 1970s. She died in a car accident in November of 1974 while driving to meet with a NY Times journalist and a union official when she got into this accident. Now, while she DID die in a car accident, the circumstances are weird as shit (it appeared that her car had been rammed from behind which probably actually caused the accident – though no other car was found at the scene…just tire marks on pavement). She has conjunctions to the GC, but this is the South Node (not an actually planet or tangible thing in the sky). Her Jupiter was Rx, meaning she was probably pretty in-tune with the GC’s energy (and with the South Node being conjunct the GC, probably especially in-tune -coming into this life especially in-tune with the GC). She doesn’t have any trines to the GC, which makes me think this didn’t offer her that level of “safe passage” for getting what she knew to be true out there. She also has the opposition with the GC, North Node conjunct the GaC, which makes me think there was probably an air of polarization going on with her, too.

There are some other example of whistleblowers that I’ve started exploring that seem to fit this pattern (and how well their whistleblowing turned out does seem to correlate with these people having the conjunctions to the GC, Jupiter Rx, and a trine to the GC. I’ll be curious to see how this theory holds up the more research that is done, and what (if anything) has to be tailored down the line.

This is the most recent YouTube video that kind of goes along with this ^_^

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  1. Thank you 🙂

    what’s interesting is there are even more like this (people that are whistleblowers) that fit the same pattern.

    I fucking LOVE the GC stuff ^_^

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