Galactic Center Thoughts part XVII or: more examples for MAYBE how to incorporate the GC into chart weaving

**Here is the video for the first chart in this blog post, for all of you that would rather watch than read. Here is the video for the second chart.**

There were a couple of people who volunteered as tribute for me to take a look at their charts from the lens of the GC. Both of these charts are very interesting for different reasons (for the different GC contacts that they make and what else is going on in the charts). If you have watched the videos, I know when I was talking about these charts I was so excited to be doing them in the first place I KNOW that I left some shit out lol (so keep reading – I didn’t leave a bunch of shit out of the videos, but I know I forgot to mention a couple of things).

As you will see from these examples in this post, along with those in my last blog post, there are lots of ways that all of this can go and this depends heavily on what is actually going on at the GC and elsewhere in the chart.

I also want to include the disclaimer that I am JUST FUCKING WITH ASTROLOGY HERE. While I do feel like, at this point I do have a decent handle on the GC from an astrological point of view (and even from a scientific point of view), it’s the blending of the two that I’m still fleshing out. I know astrology and science don’t always blend nicely (lol), but I do like to apply science to stuff like this (and incorporating intuition) when figuring things out and fucking with shit. This is how we learn (or, lol, how I learn). I also reserve the right for any and all of this to be wrong down the line and I am in no way, shape, or form saying that any of this is universal truth.

This chart belongs to someone who has participated in the research. As you can see, Neptune (retrograde) is conjunct the GC the most closely at 28-degrees Sagittarius, with Jupiter (retrograde) ALSO conjunct the GC (though by a wider orb since Jupiter is at 3-degrees Capricorn). This means that all the energy at the GC is going to touch Neptune the most, and then touch Jupiter (Jupiter is definitely impacted here, but I would bet that Neptune takes on more of the energy at the GC). Since Neptune is involved (and Neptune isn’t totally conscious or living in the real world as it is) I do wonder if having Neptune in such a physical/real world house (being in the 6th House) might actually cause this person to be able to BRING things that are more “surreal” or “unreal” INTO the real world (or the energy from the GC might cause Neptune to function this way). I don’t KNOW if this is actually the case, but I could see it going that way (either way, Neptune is going to be fucking charged). The 9th House with Pisces on the cusp and the 6th House with Sagittarius on the cusp will both BEND to the Neptune/Jupiter/GC thing, meaning that what this person believes, higher learning (and other 9th House things) will bend to the GC (or be amplified/charged/distorted/etc. by the GC). Same thing for the 6th House disposing of itself to the GC and the 6th House (this person really needs to believe in the way that they live their daily life, and the work that they do, among other 6th House things and with Sagittarius on the 6th House cusp).
**In this chart, the GC is technically in the 5th House which means that areas of life dealing with creative self expression, risk taking, things they do for enjoyment, and even the notions of any children they might have will ALSO be impacted by the GC, too. These areas of life are probably charged/amplified/distorted/etc. as well. You could also play with other areas of life that the 5th House represents, too.
-Jupiter is Retrograde in this chart which, I think, causes this person to be pretty in-tune with the GC naturally. This is probably amplified with Jupiter conjunct the GC.
-Jupiter and Mars are out of bounds in this chart, which also probably acts to get this person even more in-tune with the GC energy.
-They have nothing conjunct the Galactic Anti-Center. The GaC is actually in the 11th House (just barely) but this area would extend beyond the 11th House and into the 12th. This means that these two houses in the chart might be a little more blinded or clouded over (areas of life dealing with long-term goals and hopes, groups of people, etc. per the 11th House and shit in the unconscious per the 12th House, among other things). Now, with Gemini on the 12th House cusp, this makes me think that unconscious communication (the kind that would happen in the 12th House), or even just the unconscious thought patterns and processes in general might be more blinded or clouded over. The overflow of energy (or something like “overflow”) is going to strike that area of the chart. When this happens, it might end up lighting up this part of the chart so that it can be seen (even if there is some damage that happens here in the process).
-This person has the Sun and Mercury trine the GC in the 2nd House in Virgo. Mercury is closer to being exactly trine the GC/sextile the GaC, so this would be the planet that I would look at first for being able to translate stuff from the GC down to Earth. It will also function as a grounding force for the lightning rod that is the GaC. This is interesting because Mercury is Retrograde, and I have mentioned before that I think Mercury Rx has an affinity for the GaC – so I actually think this person having Mercury Rx as the grounding force is pretty advantageous. What matters here is that this person functions from both of the Retrograde motions of Mercury and Jupiter in tandem (and something tells me since Jupiter is Rx and conjunct the GC they may function from the Rx motion of Jupiter while not functioning from the Rx motion of Mercury as easily). These planets are trine one another, Mercury and Jupiter, which definitely tells me that they CAN function from BOTH planets from the Rx motion in tandem – BOTH just need to be utilized.
-Mercury Rx will be thrown a whole bunch of mental noise. There can be issues with knowing exactly what they should be taking into their mental headspace AND difficulty knowing what to communicate back out in the most proficient and “perfect” ways. I have to wonder if this person actually values what they have to communicate in the first place, and if they don’t, that ought to change. Tuning out all the bullshit that doesn’t actually matter to this person and not being a waste basket for other people’s noise seems like it should be said here (they need to value themselves for more than this, and they also need to be valued for more than this). This is very important. It is also important that while they can see the big picture, they still need to break things down from backwards motion (per Jupiter being Rx) to understand what they know and why they know it. As they are doing this, they need to, at the same time, be taking in information that is actually relevant to them and put this information together piece by piece, and step by step (per Mercury Rx), filtering out the shit that doesn’t actually need to be taken in. Mercury Rx and Jupiter Rx in a chart together need to find a way to “meet in the middle” in general, but here it feels even more important.
-Operating from the Mercury Rx motion helps to translate things “downloaded,” intuited, or “inspired” by the GC ….. but operating from the Rx motion of Mercury is critical to this.

This chart belongs to someone else who was nice enough to allow me to look at their chart from this lens who has participated in the research. The first thing I notice is that the North Node is conjunct the GC. This puts this person’s soul mission per the North Node merging with all the energy of the GC. This makes me think that this person probably does feel like they definitely HAVE a purpose in this lifetime, and I feel like this purpose probably does feel charged (or amplified/distorted/etc. but definitely charged). Even if they aren’t 100% sure what their purpose actually is, I would also think that in a lot of ways they might feel pulled towards it anyway (toward this purpose).
-This person has Mercury, Mars, and the South Node conjunct the Galactic Anti-Center in the 5th House. That’s quite a few things conjunct the GaC, which makes me think that these planets (and the South Node) probably do sustain some damage, though since there are multiple things conjunct the GaC it feels like the damage might be dispersed among the three things. The South Node is what is closest to the GaC via conjunction, so the South Node does seem like it probably takes the most damage. The 3rd House with Aries on the cusp, the 5th House with Gemini on the cusp, and the 10th House with Scorpio on the cusp (if you use traditional rulership or use traditional rulership with modern rulership) will all bend to Mercury, Mars, the 5th House and the GC (meaning the GC will amplify/distort/charge/etc. the way that these house bend to their planetary rulership.
–Now THIS begs some other questions from a past life perspective because of the South Node being involved. Does the South Node conjunct the GaC indicate some kind of previous life damage (I guess it could)? Or could it be pointing to not being able to clearly see or feel how the South Node functions (and thus maybe having a harder time seeing where they “come from” from a previous lifetime lens)? This also seems possible. Mars and Mercury are also here, and it makes me think that while they are very in-tune with the GC energy (they are both out of bounds – I forgot to mention this in the video), I do wonder if they are felt in the way that they should be felt from a previous lifetime perspective (and what we carry with us from our previous lifetime into this lifetime does help us to figure out where to “go” in this lifetime – it all needs to be understood). So I could see something happening here that while this person is very geared to the GC and probably feels a strong calling to something per soul mission stuff, fleshing out how Mercury and Mars play into the equation might be harder (or being able to see them from a previous lifetime lens to work through what needs to be worked through to move them towards the North Node entirely). I don’t want to get too personal, lol, but that’s what this feels like here (or what could be going on here….or going on at some previous point in their lifetime).
-This person has 3 things trine the GC/sextile the GaC and those are the Descendant, the Moon, and Pluto. While any of those could function as a translator for the GC and a grounding force for the GaC, my first choice for them to work with in this way would be the Moon since it is a personal/inner planet. With the Moon being so close to the Descendant, any parts of their shadow side (per the Descendant) that involve emotions will need to be understood for the Moon to function as a translator and a grounding force the way I think it can (those things will need to be explored for sure, though). Once those Moon/Descendant issues are understood, this person’s emotions are probably an incredibly powerful translator. They could most definitely work with Pluto, too – and having Pluto here is interesting.
–Pluto functions similarly to the South Node (among also doing other Pluto shit, lol). So, while the part of their past per the South Node in the 5th House may not be as well understood (or how these themes might play out in their life this time around), Pluto probably is better understood, and really, it’s probably THROUGH Pluto that this person is able to get in touch with what they need to learn about their most recent previous lifetime in order to move forward in this lifetime (it kind of grounds any shocking that the South Node takes on in this lifetime, or even has taken on, from a previous lifetime and maybe clarifies things). It also seems like regeneration is probably a big deal with how this person translates their mission down to Earth best of all – almost like regenerating the understanding of the South Node through Pluto (and I do think that it might be kind of like they needed to pick up in this lifetime where they left off in the last one – this is what I mean by regenerative). They just need to remember where they left off to get to where they wanted to be.

To the both of you who let me do this, thank you so much for the pleasure ^_^ There is much more shit I could’ve said, but didn’t want to due to the public nature of where I’m posting this stuff. Hopefully you both get the idea, though. And for everyone else reading this stuff, hopefully you get the idea, too, just in a less personal way.

Galactic Center Thoughts part XV or: some more thoughts about how to use the GC in chart weaving

In this blog post, I am going to play around with a couple of charts to explain how to MAYBE use the GC in chart weaving and the important pieces of the “Galactic Center Puzzle” in each of these charts that would want to be considered if you were to read the chart through the lens of the GC. I’m not really sure if “reading the chart through the lens of the GC” is the right way to put that, but since I’m still learning how to incorporate this shit myself, breaking the chart down via the lens of the GC feels most “correct” to say (and then weaving that shit back together).
**Here is the video that goes along with this blog post for all you that would rather watch than read**
**I also went into some of this without chart visuals in my last blog post**

I will not be going over either of the charts in completion – just kind of pointing out exactly what should be looked at when reading from the lends of the GC.

Chart No. 1

This chart belongs to someone I know pretty well (or, lol, I think I know pretty well…..but you can think you know someone well all day long and not really know them at all – that’s another discussion for another day hahahaha I digress). Anywho, as you can see, they have the GC in the 9th House and Neptune is conjunct the GC within a couple of degrees. Their Mars and Jupiter are also within the window of orb that is being looked at for conjunctions as well, but since Neptune is the closest to the GC this will be the planet that is probably the most impacted BY the GC (getting a good majority of it’s “downloads” or it’s energy or whatever). This will also cause the GC to influence the way the 9th House areas of life play out for them (warped, charged, amplified, distorted, etc.). Things to consider here when reading:
-Their 12th House, with Pisces on the cusp, will BEND to Neptune and the GC in the 9th. This causes 12th House notions (like spirituality, escape, self-sabotage, and other 12th House notions) to BEND to 9th House notions (like religion, metaphysics, travel of the mind and body, expansion, higher learning, and other 9th House notions). The GC will give an amplification/warping/charge to the things from the 12th House that bend to the 9th House. You would probably want to do the same thing with the 1st House (since Aries is on the cusp and ruled by Mars) and the 8th House (since Scorpio is on the cusp and ruled by Mars via traditional rulership…if you use traditional rulership). The 9th House will bend to itself since Sagittarius is on the 9th House cusp and Jupiter is in this house (and really, feel like it would amplify this house even more). ALL of these houses that dispose of themselves to the planets conjunct the GC will have the GC influencing the way that they BEND to the planet involved.
-I didn’t post the declinations, but Mars and Jupiter are both out of bounds. Being close to the GC seems like it would charge these planets even more (spoiler alert: with this person it does).
-This person has no conjunctions to the Galactic Anti-Center (GaC). While there is no planet there to take the impact from the shocking that I do think happens here, this part of the chart is still acting a lightning rod – meaning that part of the chart is getting zapped from something like the overflow from the GC. In this case, the GaC is in the 3rd House. If you knew this person the way that I do, you would know that areas of life dealing with communication are a real Achilles Heel. This person thinks they communicate well (but they don’t – this isn’t just with me, either, but just in general). Up until recently this person would not have admitted this (they may have been blinded to just what the issues actually were, and may still be blinded to some of them today) . The 3rd House areas of life do sustain “damage” (this isn’t just in this person’s case, but the GaC in everyone’s chart will probably sustain some damage just due to the energy overflow that occurs from the GC, shooting over to the GaC).
-This person doesn’t not have Jupiter Rx (or Mercury Rx)
-This person has no trines to the GC. The Ascendant is CLOSE to being a trine, but a little too far out of orb for me to count.
-As I’ve mentioned before, when there are no trines, I think this makes Jupiter and Mercury very important to the translation of the stuff needing to be brought down to Earth from the GC – whatever exactly that is, and this seems like it’s a little different for everyone. This person’s drives, creativity, and beliefs are going to be charged here (among other Neptune, Mars and Jupiter things), and if they aren’t translated well it doesn’t seem like much could be done with this energy. Since they are also sextile the GaC, the trines/sextiles help to ground the lightning strikes to the GaC. Jupiter and Mercury FEEL like they could act as de-facto translator and grounder in the absence of the trine/sextile to the GC just in general.
–In this person’s case, since Jupiter is conjunct the GC (and already absorbing some of the GC energy), I feel instinctively like Mercury is probably the planet to look at here since it isn’t involved with the GC. There Mercury is already a little difficult since Mercury (what needs to be expressed here is communication and other Mercury things) is conjunct the Descendant (and the Descendant is like the shadow side of a person – the parts of you that you might know exist but don’t really want to deal with). It makes sense that this person would actually know that they might not be the greatest at communicating (perhaps they want to be pleasing when they do this, or perhaps they function from one of the Libra darksides (like apathy) when they communicate), but since it’s conjunct the Descendant it might get “ignored”. For this person to understand their own Mercury like the back of their hand (which is also more difficult since it is combust the Sun) just feels really important to be able to even BEGIN to translate all the energy at the GC.

Chart No. 2

This chart belongs to me – the only reason I’m using it here is because I don’t have to ask clearance to use my own chart lol. As you can see, the GC is in my 1st House, with Venus and Uranus within a degree of the GC. Saturn and Neptune are within the window of orb that is being looked at, but for this blog post I’m going to leave Neptune out of the equation (I’ve never really counted it as conjunct the GC, personally). This will cause the GC to amplify/warp/charge/intensify the way that I express myself naturally, the way that I approach the world, and other 1st House things. Some stuff to consider when reading from the lens of the GC:
-The 2nd House with Capricorn on the cusp, the 3rd House with Aquarius on the cusp, the 6th House with Taurus on the cusp, and the 11th House with Libra on the cusp will all bend to Saturn, Uranus and Venus respectively (and the 1st House and the GC) – these different areas of life by house feed the GC, essentially (for lack of better term).
-I didn’t post the declinations, but Venus and Uranus are out of bounds. The Moon is OOB, too, but the Moon is too far out of orb to be considered conjunct the GC at 16-degrees Capricorn.
-Chiron is opposite the GC and conjunct the GaC in the 7th House in Gemini. This makes Chiron the real lightning rod here. The whole area opposite the GC functions this way, but when you see a planet, Chiron, a Major Angle, the North or South Nodes (and probably other things that haven’t been looked at yet in the research) conjunct the GaC, this planet (et. al) is going to take a majority of the impact from the lightning strikes from the GC. This probably makes my Chiron more damaged than I’m even aware of (and I am aware there is damage there – I just probably don’t realize how much). This will manifest in 7th House areas of life (close relationships). I think people can probably fill in other gaps lol with Chiron in the 7th House. There
-Jupiter is trine the GC in the 4th House in Aries and it is also Rx. Having Jupiter Rx probably does tune me in to the GC, and having it trine the GC probably does allow the stuff that is “downloaded” or charged from the GC to come down to Earth. The stuff from the GC that needs to come “down to Earth” will use Jupiter as its vehicle to do this – this will come by way of beliefs & truth (and other Jupiter things) through the core of my being, home, family, roots (and other 4th House things) in an independent, pioneering, and/or even aggressive way (among other Aries notions). This makes Jupiter Rx really important in my chart, and I need to understand it like the back of my hand since it is the ONLY planet trine the GC (and able to “do” this translation).

I will probably do some other examples of this if I can get clearance to do so (if anyone wants to volunteer their charts for this purpose, I don’t have to use your name or anything – just a picture of the chart and something short like what I posted above to give some ideas about how to work with the GC energy).

Galactic Center Thoughts XIV or How to *maybe* use this shit in chart weaving.

More Galactic Center Loveliness

Here is the first video that goes along with the blog post. Here is the second video.

***Since there are so many ways that the GC seems like it can function, and so many moving pieces that seem like they can correlate with the GC energy (and even the GaC energy), I’m going to try to streamline this blog post to the best of my ability without it going all over the fucking place. This still might happen in certain parts of this post – but hopefully not too much (crosses fingers). I also want to mention that this post will primarily deal with what to DO with all the energy from the GC and how to best utilize it to the person’s advantage.**

At this point you might be wondering HOW any of these theories can actually be put INTO practice (there have been some questions that I’ve gotten recently about HOW the Galactic Center could be used in chart weaving/chart delineation). I have some IDEAS about that, but I wouldn’t take ANY of these as absolute truth. These are some ideas that you should try playing around with on your own (with your own natal chart and those of other people) and see if they “fit.” I AM JUST FUCKING WITH ASTROLOGY HERE, and fucking with things is one of the ways that we learn new things. DO NOT HOLD ME TO ANY OF THIS.
-Also keep in mind while reading this that the tighter the orb is between the GC and a planet via conjunction and with the GaC and a planet via conjunction, the stronger the impact the conjunction will have on the person. Same thing could be said with a planet (et. al) trine the GC – the tighter this orb, the “better” a translator the trine probably will be.

I. Galactic Center by House – No Conjunctions or Oppositions, No Jupiter Rx, No Trines to GC
-Take a look at this past blog post of mine to give you some ideas about HOW the GC might manifest in your life (or the life of whoever’s chart you’re looking at). Definitely don’t take this as gospel and come up with your own notions if you find those don’t completely fit the chart that you’re looking at (the houses can represent a myriad of different areas of life, all of which I probably didn’t cover in those “examples”).
-Think of it like this: the House where the GC falls is going to be filled with a lot of energy just due to the nature of the GC. This could amplify this house for the “good” or the “bad,” and it could so distort/warp this house and the areas of life that the house has domain over.
-The “lightning” will still strike on the opposite side of the chart, where the GaC falls (this will STILL happen, in my opinion, even if there are no conjunctions to the GC or the GaC). Any overflow of energy will probably still make it’s way over the GaC (or something like that) which could cause the house where the GaC falls have some “issues,” like blinding to any issues that are present in this house in the first place.
-If there are no GC or GaC conjunctions, I might think that while the GC STILL matters in the chart, the effect on the person from a holistic view of the chart probably won’t be THAT intense over all.

-If the GC/GaC Axis happens to fall in two houses (and for this I’d be looking 5-degrees applying or separating from the GC/GaC since there is no planet involved), then both houses would probably feel the impact from the GC and the GaC. Having this going on over two houses might actually lessen the impact in each house some since it’s spread out over two houses (two houses with the GC/two houses with the GaC).

II. Galactic Center by House – No Conjunctions or Oppositions, but Jupiter IS Rx and/or Trine(s) to the GC
-The person who has no conjunctions or oppositions to the GC, but DOES have Jupiter Rx probably IS able to “tune into” the GC energy in a similar way as a person with planets conjunct the GC, though it’s not exactly the same (there does feel like there probably isn’t as much energy involved in this tuning in though, who knows, this might end up being to the person’s benefit overall). There probably is an underlying understanding of the energy that IS going on at the GC by the house that it falls.
-The person who has no conjunctions or oppositions to the GC but DOES have a trine to the GC seems that they would have a clear translator to bring the energy from the GC down to earth by planet (and everything else I’ve looked at thus far), house, and sign. Since they have no conjunctions to the GC or oppositions to the GaC, they may not be as aware that there is much to translate and ground in the first place – they just might kind of naturally have a nice translation of the energy.
-For the person who has no conjunctions or oppositions to the GC, but they have BOTH a trine to the GC AND Jupiter Rx, this makes me think that the person probably is more aware that there is something to translate from the GC in the first place (at least as an undercurrent if nothing else), and the trine gives them the ability to DO this.

III. Conjunctions to the Galactic Center (just looking at the conjunctions for a second)
Let’s talk for the second about the notion of a “Galactic Center” personality. Through my research thus far, I have noticed there have been some ideas that have been tossed around about the Galactic Center and what this might do to the personality of the person that has GC contacts. Some of these ideas I agree with, and some of them I don’t (these ideas usually include all aspects to the GC, and for the purposes of this “block” I am ONLY talking about GC conjunctions). Really, I feel like the GC is too much of a wild card to be able to nail down EXACTLY what it will do to a planet (et. al) that is conjunct the GC with absolute certainty – I just don’t think it works THAT way. However, there are some definite possibilities of things that the GC could do to planets that conjunct it.
-Amplify & charge the nature of the planet (et. al)
-Warp & distort the nature of the planet (et. al)
–Depending on what else is going on with that planet (et. al) in the chart will kind of give you an idea of if this is going to swing in an “easy” or “challenging” direction (and hell, the GC is so fucking weird I wouldn’t be surprised if it could even have a “neutral” effect at times – still “charging” the planet, but somehow neutralizing anything “easy” or “challenging” going on with it by way of the rest of the chart).
**For instance, if you had someone with their Sun conjunct the GC, you might find someone who’s identity/ego is amplified or distorted (and this could be something like the ego being massively inflated all the way over to the person’s ego/identity being almost non-existent). THIS IS LITERALLY JUST A FOR INSTANCE – you would need to take EVERYTHING in the chart into account to know if this actually fits (or which way it swings). Shit, it could even swing different ways at different times.
-Seeking for truth and belief, in some way, also seems to be a hallmark of people with GC conjunctions (even if the person tries to ignore such things, which lol, could definitely happen). Where this comes out will depend on the house that the GC falls, and the planet (et. al) conjunct the GC will show WHAT is being sought out via truth and belief in the first place.
–There usually is some kind of amplification, charge, warping, distortion, surrounding this. This part seems like it’s EVEN MORE amplified if Jupiter happens to be RX somewhere in this person’s chart (though it does seem to exist regardless if Jupiter is Rx or not).
-Conjunctions to the GC feel like they are protective in a way (they are one side of the “protective coin” with Jupiter Rx being protective/giving protection as well). To only have one or other does afford a person “protection” but not completely.
—What do I mean “protection?” Really, I could see this going a few different ways. With the example of whistleblowers, those that had GC conjunctions and Jupiter Rx seemed to fair better overall with blowing their whistle (even if they had a “weird” relationship with doing so). You could correlate this to ANYTHING that a person with GC conjunctions and Jupiter Rx may want to do (that feels fueled by the GC – and here you would be looking at Sagittarian themes even if the planet conjunct the GC fell in Capricorn). If they are actually ABLE to do this in any kind of way that makes sense would also depend on if a trine exists to the GC or not.
-I do think, and there is no proof of this (this one is a hard one to “prove”) but that the GC is probably a connection to other dimensions, other galaxies (it could very easily connect to the Super Galactic Center which is the center of the metagalaxy that our galaxy is inside). Chris, a friend of mine, made the comment on a previous blog post that the GC might be like an umbilical cord, what connects us to other places and realms. I think this is probably pretty right the fuck on – it feels right on to me. We weren’t talking about it being an umbilical cord to the Super Galactic Center, but it probably functions as such, too.
–This could cause the person with GC conjunctions be given information (like downloads) to the planets that are conjunct the GC. What would be downloaded would probably tie in heavily with WHAT planet (et. al) is conjunct the GC. Certain planets (et. al) conjunct the GC would probably best best to get certain downloads over other planets (et. al). For instance, someone with Uranus conjunct the GC would probably do better with downloads of a revolutionary nature than someone who had, say, the Moon conjunct the GC.

IV. Conjunctions to the Galactic Anti Center (NO conjunction to the GC)
For the person who ONLY has a conjunction to the GaC (and nothing conjunct the GC), that planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC does appear to still act as a massive lightning attractor for this area of the chart – and this area of the chart is already an attractor as it is since it does seem like this is WHAT the GaC does anyway (having a planet there (et. al) just gives it a very CLEAR vehicle to attract the energy from the GC).
-This area of the person’s life might already be a little cloudier, a little more blinded, and probably takes a lot of the impact from *something* like an overflow of energy from the GC. Since this area of the sky is “calmer” (and it IS calm when you look at it against ALL the energy of the GC on the opposite side of the sky/chart), when it is shocked it’s like it might not know what to do WITH the shock. Really, it doesn’t have to DO anything – this planet (et. al) just absorbs the shock as it is (and if I’m being honest, probably does have some “damage” just by virtue of being here). I’m not trying to imply whatever is conjunct the GaC is fucked or anything like that, but when reading this planet (et. al) I would read it from a slightly more “challenging” angle, even if it makes nothing but nice aspects throughout the rest of the chart, just due to this damage that it does seem to take.
-What the planet (et. al) expresses might be a little more blinded or clouded over to any issues that it has throughout the rest of the chart. When the GC shoots over energy to the GaC, which probably does happen more frequently when there is no planet conjunct the GC to absorb any of the energy AT the GC, the planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC may not know what “hit” it and cause it to kind of “spiral” (maybe just a little bit). Knowing the “shadow” side of the planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC in question feels really important to keep that spiraling from happening.
-If a person has a planet (et. al) sextile to the GaC, they have a way to ground the shocks and strikes to the GaC (which probably helps this “spiral” from happening).
-If the person with a sextile to the GaC/trine to the GC happens to have Jupiter Rx, they probably are more familiar with the GC energy (even without having a conjunction to the GC). This probably helps the person to at least understand these shocks that happen to a planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC a little better (someway, somehow).

V. Conjunctions to the Galactic Center and the Galactic Anti-Center
-For the person who has BOTH sets of conjunctions to the GC and the GaC, they have massive amounts of energy from the GC being absorbed by the planet (et. al) that is conjunct the GC , and they have a planet (et. al) to take the overflow of energy from the GC – something there to function like “here kitty kitty kitty” (an attractor) for ALL of that energy. This feels like it could be incredibly polarizing – it could either make the person incredibly polarizing to other people (either loving them or hating them), or it could just make the person feel very polarized per the areas of life we’re talking about by house and regarding the planets involved. I realize an opposition is already a polarity as it is, but in this case the polarity feels like it’s on steroids. On area of their life has so much fucking energy in it, and the other end is getting the shit shocked out of it (which is polarizing).
-I would still think that the planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC would take on some damage here, though the person might be better able to handle the damage a little better due to also having something conjunct the GC. While the planet (et. al) conjunct the GC
-For the person who has no trine to the GC/sextile to the GaC but has those conjunctions, it almost seems like the energy would keep going on and on in loop, which could make life a little more challenging. I also feel like it’s as possible that when the loop can’t keep going, the energy ends up shocking the entire chart (this would probably be some kind of trigger via transit or something – I’m not totally sure WHAT that trigger would be yet). I think in this kind of case, it’s probably really important that these people are familiar with their own Mercury and Jupiter in their natal charts (since the GC in Sagittarius and the GaC is in Gemini) – they need to understand the “easy” and “challenging” things about these planets in their chart, really know these motherfuckers like the back of their hand. This is the case even if Jupiter and Mercury are direct (though, I actually think, in this case should Mercury and/or Jupiter be Rx, it might make NOT having the trine even easier since Mercury Rx feels like it has affinity with the GaC and Jupiter Rx definitely has an affinity with the GC).
-For the person who has conjunctions to the GC and the GaC, and happen to have a trine (or trines) to the GC/a sextile (or sextiles) to the GaC, these people REALLY need to understand that fucking trine planet for THIS is how the person translates stuff from the GC. The more planets the person has trine the GC, the more possible ways of translation the person has at their disposal. Does the person with multiple trines use them all? Maybe, maybe not. The point is that they have multiple avenues for translation, and should get to know each planet very well (how each planet dances with the rest of of their chart).

VI. Person with Conjunctions to the GC, GaC, or both BUT NO TRINES or SEXTILES from GC/GaC
-When someone has a planet (et. al) conjunct the GC, or a planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC, or BOTH, but NO TRINE/SEXTILE to the GC/GaC, this makes the person’s Mercury and Jupiter very important in their chart (I think both can serve as de-facto translators in cases like this). BOTH Jupiter and Mercury seem like they would be important, though depending on what Jupiter and Mercury are doing in the chart, this could cause one to be a better translator/grounder over the other. I’m still playing around with this some, but I do think this is probably how the translation and grounding is able to happen with the absence of a trine/sextile to the GC or GAC. If one of those planets happen to be Rx in the chart, I would definitely look to the Rx planet first.

VII. Other Factors to Consider
1. Jupiter Rx anywhere in the chart
-For the person who has Jupiter Rx and conjunctions to the GC and GaC, it seems like there is a “protection” that this person is afforded. Jupiter Rx DEFINITELY seems to be a protective force for people that have this and have a conjunction to the GC. If they have a trine to the GC as well, this seems like they have the “protection” to translate ANYTHING from the GC and bring it “safely” down the earth (and I mention this because of the examples that I’ve looked at so far with whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists, and other famous people). The GC feels protective in a weird ass way, too, so having BOTH a conjunction to the GC and Jupiter Rx does seem to add a layer of protection for these people to do what they feel called (or are called) to do. Jupiter Rx, since it feels like it is so in-tune with the GC energy as it is, will also also act as an amplifier to utilize the GC energy in some form or fashion.
2. Other Retrograde Planets
-Though I do think the GC has the most correlation with Jupiter Rx (especially in a protective/protection capacity for the person), I do think all Rx planets have an affinity for the GC. The Retrograde Planets don’t cause someone to be tuned into the GC antenna necessarily, but those that already are tuned into the GC Axis AND have Rx planets in their chart feel like they might have an amplified sense of being tuned-in.
–When I talk about Rx planets here, I’m not talking about just having one planet Rx, unless we’re talking about the Chart Ruler – that one planet might be enough to amplify being tuned into the GC, or having a planet conjunct the GC Rx – this one planet might be enough to really tune one in as well. In most cases, I’m thinking a Retrograde heavy chart, as in 3 or more planets being Rx and this allowing the person to better tune into the GC energy.
3. Out of Bounds Planets (here is a blog post about this with correlation to the GC)
-These definitely feel like they have an affinity for GC energy. They function as wildcards much like the GC seems to be a wild card as well. Having planets conjunct the GC and/or conjunct the GaC, and having OOB planets, seems like it would only amplify the GC’s energy and/or the strikes and shocks that the GaC takes on. An OOB planet that is actually conjunct the GC and/or the GaC seems like what I said before is probably amplified EVEN MORE.
4. Chiron (here is a blog post about Chiron with correlation to the GC)
-Chiron feels like it DOES have a similar vibe to the GC in terms of both of them being a “bridge” – Chiron being the bridge between the inner and outer planets, and the GC being a bridge between our galaxy and what is out there beyond our galaxy (or perhaps, what we are connected to). I’m not sure that Chiron in the natal chart automatically tunes you into the GC on it’s own without having any involvement with the GC axis already mentioned (though I do think they have a similar vibe in being “bridges”). I might think that having Chiron Rx could turn the GC antenna up a notch (even if Chiron Rx has nothing to do with the GC Axis and everything mentioned above).
-Having Chiron direct or Rx involved with the GC Axis, or trine the GC, probably does cause Chiron to function as an amplifier for the GC energy.
–Chiron is still one I’m playing with (or less “leaning” one particular way or the other). Honestly, I’m still playing with all this fucking shit lol.
I feel like a fucking moron for never mentioning this before but you definitely need to take dispositions into account here in terms of planets conjunct the GC or conjunct the anti-center. For instance, lets say that someone has Venus conjunct the GC. This means that the houses that have Libra and Taurus on the house cusp will bend to Venus and will also influence the GC. Same thing could be said about planets conjunct the GaC.

In the next blog post, we will go over an example chart (or a couple of examples if I can get clearance on using other charts beyond the one) on how to *maybe* put this into practice

Galactic Center Thoughts part XII

LOL imagine being in the center of that shit

**If you are more of a watcher than a reader, I have the first part of this blog post in video form here. Part II can be here. **

In this research, I feel like we can’t have a discussion about the Galactic Center and NOT bring into the equation the weird (and even dangerous) beliefs that some well-known people with GC contacts have fostered and spread far and wide (the people that I’m looking at here have had their beliefs infiltrate other areas of life outside of just their members in some form or fashion). Since the GC falls IN Sagittarius (and Sagittarius deals with notions of truth and belief, among other things), I figured I’d might find some wonky shit going on with some well known people who are well known for the “witnessing” of their beliefs. I have said several times that I don’t think the GC is universally “good” or “bad” – really, it just kind of “is.” These people, I’m thinking, used their GC connections in fucking warped ass ways (and it does seem that while the GC can be a way to expose “truth” and find “belief,” it might also have an ability to warp “truth” and “belief” as well. Could they have done something GOOD belief-wise if they had wanted too? Probably so. Did they – some seemed to do worse than others.

I want to point out quickly the kinds of people that I was looking for:
-Their beliefs had/have an influence on over 1000 people in some form or fashion
-Their beliefs infiltrated other areas of life outside of JUST them and their adherents
-These beliefs didn’t have to ONLY be spiritual/religious in nature, but any kind of belief was up for grabs (religious/spiritual/philosophical/political/etc.)
-The last chart I looked at isn’t for a single person, but for a group with fucked beliefs

I also want to point out that I have never said that the GC is a “good” or “bad” thing – it just kind of “is” (like the rest of the chart). I do think the GC can act as an amplifier (and can warp things) just due to all of the energy that is going on in and around it (and just by the ways that black holes function). The person in question with GC contacts gets to “choose” how they use this amplification and this warping in their own lives, just as they do with the rest of the chart. I just think this is probably pretty strong in the people who have GC contacts.

The chart above belongs to the piece of shit, Keith Raniere, who started the NXIVM cult. There is no time of birth for him on file, but that’s okay for the purposes of this exercise. Here we have Jupiter conjunct the GC, and Mars is CLOSE to the window for conjunctions that’s being looked at for the Anti-Center (but honestly, it’s a little too wide here for me to really focus on it). Uranus, Mercury, the Sun & Pluto are all trine the GC & sexile the GaC (which actually makes me think this fucker had several ways that he could’ve brought the GC truth and belief “Down to Earth” (but, obviously, probably went with one of the more fucked up possibilities of the bunch)). He doesn’t have any OOB planets, though Jupiter is the closest to being OOB (which is interesting since Jupiter goes OOB the least of all the planet). Notice though, he doesn’t have Jupiter Retrograde. And he is now in prison (which is obviously a good thing) – for 120 years lolololololol. I’ve mentioned before that I think Jupiter Rx and a conjunction to the GC can function as protective forces for the person doing their GC shit (whether that GC shit is used for the “good” or the “bad”). So I think it’s interesting that he probably won’t ever be a free man ever again.
-While there may not have been 1000 members of the NXVIM cult, they did infiltrate other areas facets of life with their sex trafficking and other horrible bullshit.

LOL so this chart belong to L. Ron Hubbard, or aka: the dork who started the Church of Scientology. We have a good time of birth on file for him, so this chart is “correct” (the whole chart can be taken into account). He actually did a bunch of other shit (definitely check out his wiki which is linked to his name) – there’s too much shit there to go into in this blog post, lol, but check it out if you’re unfamiliar with him. Hubbard had his rising conjunct the GC, and the Pluto Polarity Point (that feels like it would be…..really weird…..and that seems to ring true in his case). He had natal Pluto conjunct the GaC, with his Moon in Virgo, Venus in Aries, and Saturn in Taurus trine the GC/Sextile the GaC. And what do you know? He has Jupiter Rx. This fucker was a part of several controversies (even one called the “Snow White Program” which dealt with the church trying to purge the US government’s files from any unflattering documents and records it had about the Church of Scientology….🤣🤣). He was also tried in absentia in France for fraud stemming from the church (he received a fine and 4 years imprisonment, but never did his time). Somehow this fucker got away with not ever having to really “pay” for anything that he did, and I do think him having Jupiter Rx probably plays into this (he was “protected” – as annoying as that might be to say or think).

This chart belongs to the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith. There is a time of birth on file for him (it’s rated C, but it’s there so we’re going with it). You know, as weird as this sounds, I’m actually inclined to believe this fucker when he said that he was given visions and told to translate/write the Book of Mormon. That doesn’t mean that I agree with the Fundamentalist Mormon thing, but I am inclined to believe that Smith DID have SOME kind of contact with SOMETHING. Not only because of his chart and having Jupiter and the Sun conjunct the GC, but because WHEN he was supposedly told to translate the visions he was given into the book of Mormon, the date was September 22, 1827. On that day, the transit Sun would’ve been conjunct the Super Galactic Center (I will get a little more into the Super GC another time, but I do think the date is important here…and the fact that this fucking date is REMEMBERED from so many years ago also strikes me as interesting). Mars in his chart was OOB. However, I do think the angel could’ve picked a better “translator” – Smith has no trines to the GC/sextiles to the GaC meaning I think something could’ve gotten lost in translation as he was transcribing what the angel (or whatever the fuck it was) was telling/showing him. Another thing this could show an issue with is the reception of what he was set to translate – perhaps he didn’t bring it “Down to Earth” “correctly” (there were plenty of people who took issues with his beliefs). He also doesn’t have Jupiter Retrograde, so he was lacking one of the protective elements I’ve mentioned before. He and his brother were shot to death when a pissed off group of people got a hold of them in Illinois.

This chart belongs to the dickhead, Warren Jeffs, who was the leader of the FLDS church (I couldn’t mention Joseph Smith and then NOT talk about this asshole). Actually, I think Jeff’s creep ass is STILL the president of the FLDS church (even though he’s currently incarcerated). There is no good time of birth on file for him, but again, that’s okay for these purposes (we just won’t be counting the major angles or the houses). He has Venus and the North Node within the window that I’m looking for conjunctions to the GC, which puts the South Node conjunct the GaC. Both Pluto and Jupiter trine the GC/sextile the GaC, giving him a couple of different avenues to bring his beliefs down to Earth (and honestly, both feel kinda fucked here). Venus is OOB in his chart (this one clearly went OOB in a gross fucking way). Oh, and look! He doesn’t have Jupiter Rx….which seems important since he didn’t get away with his bullshit and is currently serving life in prison plus 20 years.

This is the chart for Kim II-Sung, the “Eternal Leader” of North Korea (running the country from 1948 to his death in 1988). He really could go on the list of politicians with GC connections that I want to do here pretty soon, but I put him on THIS list because of his philosophy/ideology of Juche (and this dictating much of how he ran North Korea). He has Jupiter Retrograde conjunct the GC (since the GC was at 25-degrees Sag when he was born, I would consider a 15-degree Jupiter as being conjunct). Pluto and Mars are conjunct the GaC, which also puts the Pluto Polarity Point (not pictured but directly opposite Pluto) right on the GC. His North Node, Sun, and Mercury Rx are trine the GC. His Mars is OOB. He does appear to have been protected via Jupiter Rx and the conjunctions to the GC because he died of a run of the mill heart attack when he was 82 (no weird circumstances surrounding his death, not assassinated, etc.).

This chart is a little different since it’s not for a specific person, but for the “start” of organization – the KKK. Since it was started by 6 different dick suckers, I decided to pull the chart for when the organization was created, which was on December 24, 1865 in Pulaski, TN. There is no time for this chart but that will be okay for this purpose (I just set the time to 12 pm). In this chart Venus, Mars, Mercury Rx, and the Sun are ALL conjunct the GC, with Uranus conjunct the GaC. Jupiter is not Rx in this chart and the klan, on the whole, has had many problems with the law throughout it’s history (rightfully so – they’re a bunch of assholes). The South Node is trine the GC (which is kind of weird, but with Mars, the planetary ruler of this South Node, conjunct the GC, I’m counting it). Mars and Uranus are OOB in this chart (both of which make contacts to the GC and GaC).

Galactic Center Thoughts part IX or: The FUCKING LIGHTNING ROD

Fucking badass – Lightning striking 3 buildings in Chicago

Definition of a Lightning Rod (or Lightning Attractor) – “A metal rod or wire fixed to an exposed part of a building or other tall structure to divert lightning harmlessly into the ground.

I wanna talk about lightning rods for just a second (and I promise this will go somewhere in just a second, lol, bear with me). A lightning rod is a protective thing keeps buildings and other structures from being decimated by lightning strikes. Another definition of a lightning rod is “a person or thing that attracts a lot of criticism, especially in order to divert attention from more serious issues or to allow a more important public figure to appear blameless.” In terms of a natal chart, I might tailor this definition just a little bit: |

“a place in the natal chart that takes the impact from a surge (or even overflow) of energy from another place in the chart.”

Where the fuck am I going with this? The Galactic Center/Galactic Anti-Center Axis, with the Galactic Anti-Center playing the role of the lightning rod.
**As an aside – I told myself on the day that I actually started drafting this blog post (July 4, 2021) that if the sky started with it’s lightning and thunder and shit that I was *probably* on some kind of semblance of the right track. And what the fuck do ya know? LIGHTNING! Fire in the sky ^_^**

In the last blog post about Out of Bounds Planets and their possible connection to the Galactic Center (since OOB planets feel like they have a similar energy to the GC), I mentioned a quote from Julian Assange that I am going to re-mention here because it REALLY got me thinking A LOT about the GC, and specifically the Galactic Anti-Center aka GaC (these next two “paragraphs” (the quote and the paragraph of text after it) are taken from my last blog post verbatim. This quote comes from a 2010 interview for Anorak News that he gave talking about WikiLeaks and his role in it):

“We always expect tremendous criticism. It is my role to be the lightning rod….to attract the attacks against the organization for our work, and that is a difficult role. On the other hand, I get undue credit.”

The notion of him being a “lightning rod” is interesting here – or rather the notion of the area opposite the GC (the area that composes the GaC) being a hypothetical “lightning rod” of sorts. The area opposite the GC being one that is struck and charged by the GC, but by way of taking the hit from the GC (perhaps, so everything around the GC, planets there or not, isn’t completely decimated). It kind of gives another flavor to how I’ve talked about the GaC being an area where we are “blinded” due to the bright ass star that is close to the GaC in space. Maybe it’s not just the blinding from that star – maybe the area across from the GC is also the area where the “lightning” from the GC strikes – and lightning is bright as fuck, too. Without a planet conjunct the GC, though, and just a planet opposite the GC (planet conjunct the GaC), there is nothing conjunct the GC to kind of “absorb” some of the charge – meaning the fucking lightning striking a planet conjunct the GaC (without a planet conjunct the GC, too) feels like it would be massive.

When I read that quote above (and this sounds fucking stupid lol) but it was almost like lightning stuck me and I fucking UNDERSTOOD HOW the Galactic Anti-Center functions (or…errrr….how I THINK it MIGHT function). I realize that Assange wasn’t talking AT ALL about the GaC when he made that comment (he was talking about himself being like a lightning rod for WikiLeaks), but looking at his chart and his own connections to the GC (he has Venus conjunct the GaC), I started making this lightning rod connection with the GaC …. and goddamn – feels like it fits. Here is a picture of his chart again so you can have a visual of what I’m talking about:

As you can see, he has nothing conjunct the GC, but he does have Venus opposite the GC/Venus conjunct the GaC. Here, the GaC and Venus function as the “lightning rod” for all of the energy of the GC. Regardless if someone has a planet conjunct the GC or not, the GC is STILL a player in the person’s chart (there is just such a massive amount of energy and charge around the GC, it feels like it matters in the chart regardless of if there is a planet conjunct the GC or not), which also makes the GaC a player in the chart, too. In his particular case, with nothing conjunct the GC to kind of transmute or absorb some of the energy from the GC, the energy absolutely has to “strike” somewhere else. This, I think, is where the GaC comes into play. This part of the actual sky is much more calm than the GC, which already makes it a perfect sort of place to get struck by this hypothetical lightning. Yes, it’s surrounded by space dust and it’s near a very bright and blinding star in space, but things are “calm” there …. which makes it seem that it would be even more “vulnerable” to the notion of it being a lightning rod in the first place. He also doesn’t have a planet or tangible body in the sky sextile the GaC or trine the GC. You know how I’ve mentioned before that the area sextile the GaC and trine the GC (from roughly 16-degrees Leo to 6-degrees Virgo and 16-degrees Aries to 6-degrees Taurus) is where the GC stuff can be brought “down to Earth.” Yeah, that makes even more sense in this context, especially since lightning rods have to be GROUNDED to the Earth. The grounding for the lightning rod in this case is the sextile to the GaC and the trine to the GC. Astrologically, it feels like Assange was left “wide open.” Yes, he has his Midheaven sextile the GaC, but this isn’t a tangible body in the sky (and the Sun, the planetary ruler of his Midheaven, does fuck all regarding the GC/GaC Axis).

I really do think that the area around the GaC is the lightning rod (or something LIKE a lightning rod) for all the energy that the GC can’t “take” (for whatever reason). This also kind of goes along with the idea that I’ve mentioned in some videos and some of my other blog posts that the GC is “protected” (along with any planets conjunct the GC being “protected” as well). The GC DEFINITELY transforms/mutates/changes/charges the planets that are conjunct it, but it doesn’t destroy them (energy can’t be “destroyed” anyway). Because there is SO MUCH energy going on at the GC, it seems like there would be an overflow OF energy, regardless if you had planets conjunct the GC or not (though, I’m thinking right now, the overflow of energy would probably be greater for people who have no conjunctions to the GC but have a planet or something major conjunct the GaC, since in this case the area around the GaC AND the planet would function as the lightning rod). Just to be clear, though, I think the GaC will function like a lightning rod regardless if there is a planet conjunct it or not (this notion of a lightning rod just seems amplified if there is a planet conjunct the GaC).

Let’s talk for a second about people that have NO planets conjunct the GC or the GaC – how might this axis function? Regardless if you have planets conjunct these places in the chart or not, you still have the GC in your chart which emits a shit ton of energy in the house which it falls. This might mean that there is a lot of “energy” in the house that the GC falls (and this energy might be kind of “weird”), or the way that you relate to the areas of life that this house deals with might be kind of “charged,” or “weird”. The overflow from this “charge” then strikes the area conjunct the GaC and completely rocks it’s quiet little part of space. Not only is one *maybe* kind of blinded or unclear about the areas of life where the GaC falls, but it is also left vulnerable to this energy surge from the GC (and is completely NOT expecting this). Where the GaC falls by house, you might find that the houses “areas of life” are susceptible to shocks and “upsets” that seem to take it by surprise. The GaC still feels like it would function as this hypothetical lightning rod even if there isn’t anything conjunct the GC or the GaC. This may or may not be as noticeable for people who have no planets conjunct either the GC or the GaC – I’m on the fence about how much it would be felt if you didn’t have any planets or anything major along the GC/GaC axis. I’m thinking, though, that something would still have to be felt SOMETIMES (even if not all the time). I would also venture to bet that people who have no planets conjunct the GC or GaC, but have the “grounding” needed (a planet trine the GC/sextile the GaC), might feel the energy from the GC/GaC axis more and might even have an easier time grounding the energy/doing something with it.

Lets say you have someone who has planets conjunct the GC, but no planet conjunct the GaC…how would this function? So in this case, hypothetically, you would have the planet conjunct the GC “absorbing” a lot of the GC energy (lighting it the fuck up). It still probably wouldn’t absorb ALL the energy, though, and in comes the lightning strikes to the GaC. Even without a planet conjunct the GaC, the GaC is still an attractor for these lightning strikes, meaning the house where the GaC falls will take the impact. It does seem like without an actual planet as the attractor, the entire house where the GaC falls would take the impact. How exactly does this translate? I could see there being issues in a lot of the areas of life in the house where the GaC falls. With no planet or other major planetary body to take the hit of the lightning strike, I could see this leaving the person not really knowing WHAT to do about the shock (or hell, they might not even be aware as much about how MUCH these areas of their life actually take “hits” to begin with). What probably helps the translation of this is having the “grounding” sextile to the GaC/trine to the GC (and planet conjunct the GC), though these people might not be as clear that there is anything they need to “ground” in the first place (which seems like it *could* cause a whole host of issues). While that planet (and area) conjunct the GC might be protected, they are left wide open where the GaC is found in the chart.

Then there are people who have BOTH conjunctions to the GC and conjunctions to the GaC. In this case, you have the planet conjunct the GC “absorbing” the GC energy (and “protected”), but again, there is so much energy with the GC that the lightning will strike somewhere else. In comes the planet conjunct the GaC to function as a clear attractor for the energy surge. While the planet conjunct the GC might be protected, that planet conjunct the GaC feels like it would take a massive fucking hit (meaning, for people who have something like this going on in their charts, the planet conjunct the GaC may function as sort of Achilles Heel of the chart). This is kind of where the feeling of polarity comes into play, too – the planet and area of life where the GC falls may be more understood by the person (even if it isn’t “easy,” it is understood), whereas the planet opposite the GC gets constantly fucked up the ass (and that planet and area of life may leave the person constantly feeling dumbfounded or “stupid” about what’s going on there). This feels like it would be made incredibly difficult if the person is lacking the trine to the GC/sextile to the GaC to ground the lightning strikes down to Earth. Not that it’s that much easier for the person with the trine to the GC/sextile to the GaC, but at least when the person has these, they have a way to ground the shocks to the GaC.

Will be looking into this even more…..stay tuned.

Here is the link to the video about this stuff, if you wanna check it out 🙃