In the previous post about Out of Bounds planets, it was mentioned which planets go out of bounds, and which ones do not (so I won’t recap all of that here again). We’ll jump right in with the planet that gets out from under the Sun’s grasp the most often, which is of course the Moon. The time that this happens with the most frequency is every 18.6 years or so (when the North Node is at 0 degrees Aries), and the Moon gives a giant middle finger to the Sun’s gravitational pull, and does what it wants, how it wants, when it wants. Now, what does it look like when the Moon goes Out of Bounds you ask? And how does this manifest in a person’s life? Let’s take a look at what can happen.
**Keep in mind that the closer to the maximum declination of 28.5 degrees that the Moon finds itself, the more extreme the OOB Moon will be felt by the person and will come out to play in real life.**

When the Moon goes out of bounds, the person will absolutely feel it even if the OOB Moon isn’t as easily “seen” outwardly (though it usually is to some degree). Being out of bounds frees the Moon from any restriction and being “fenced in” that it might feel or face (from the sign that it falls under, the house that it resides in, and the aspects it makes), as well as from any outward restriction that society tries to impose. It also can cause the person to feel that they don’t quite belong here or anywhere, that they don’t quite fit in to societal norms, and some may actually feel that they are not actually of this planet/this dimension. Point blank, most all people that I’ve known with the Moon OOB have a distinct feeling, and usually quite early on, of being different from other people. This can be a more “positive” type of difference (such as being some sort of visionary genuis and using this ability towards bettering the world somehow), or a more “negative” type of difference (such as someone who doesn’t give a fuck about any laws that are set up in society, and breaks them every chance they get). A lot of the time, the OOB Moon person will be a little of both options above. Either way, or any way, this distinct feeling of being “different” can cause the person to feel some very intense loneliness at times, while other times they may fully delight in this feeling of being different from the masses.
*I put positive and negative in quotes above because depending on the way you personally feel about those examples in question will depend on if you think they’re positive or negative.

Another common theme with the Out of Bounds Moon tends to be a sensitivity that runs deep to their very core (and very big emotions and feelings), though the outside world may not ever know or realize this about these people. They are deeply emotional (even in the less traditionally emotional Moon Signs of Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn), and they know this about themselves and all the vulnerability that can come with it. While vulnerable, some people with the OOB Moon will embrace this vulnerability easily, while others will try to stuff it away in a place that no one else can reach it. It does tend to be sensed in some way by other people and by the world, even if the person has tried their best to hide it away. This can cause the OOB Moon native to be left wide open for people to mercilessly walk all over and all across any personal boundaries they try to set up. This isn’t always meant in an intrusive way by the person walking all over the boundaries of those with the OOB Moon; the person in question may really just sense the OOB person’s vulnerability and want to be of help. Though, there are those people who don’t necessarily have the best interest of the OOB Moon person at heart while walking all over their boundaries. They may be trying to find some weakness to exploit, or have some other nefarious reason for their actions. Luckily, being massively intuitive is also a card that the OOB Moon person has in their back pocket and they are usually able to tell (or feel) the difference between such people. Not only intuitive, these people seem to have some kind of link to the subconscious/unconscious mind (whether they realize this or not), as well as being highly empathetic beings.

Since boundaries were mentioned in the paragraph above, these people tend to be able to shatter boundaries themselves. Though this isn’t usually in an intrusive way of getting into the personal business of other people/walking all over personal boundaries, but more of a way that they don’t see universal boundaries (and norms) in the same way as other people. This can be seen in the OOB moon person shattering the boundaries of traditional society and thought; they can been found talking about things that don’t typically get discussed openly in public, to thinking about the “impossible” and making it possible, to being their different or “weird” selves in ‘out in the wild’, to completely shattering societal conventions in favor of living lawlessly (and this can be found in the friendly type lawless person all the way over to the sociopathic criminal). Regardless of the personality here, there is probably a different sort of code that these people live by…..which is how we end up with the visionary genius, the weirdo, the sensitive empath, and the sociopathic criminal all as possible outcomes here (among other possibilities). All of these people tend to view the world differently than other people, and thus their morals and ethics will be colored by how they view the world (and vice versa). To see what sort of code the OOB Moon person lives by, you would want to look at the sign the OOB Moon falls in, the house in which is resides, and any aspects made to the Moon.

I could see the Out of Bounds Moon as possibly manifesting as a sort of extreme depending on the sign the Moon falls in. For example, since there is something very Uranian/Aquarian about the OOB Moon anyway, I’d imagine that the person with an OOB Moon in Aquarius would probably become even more visionary in their thoughts and probably quite intuitive and spiritual (since Aquarius is a universal sign), and using this for the good. Someone who’s easily able to connect with the collective on a subconscious/unconscious level and in a very humanitarian way. I could also see the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction; someone who almost goes “mad” from all of their visionary thought, or someone who says “fuck this” to society and when doing this leaves the concept of “humanity” behind…either by way of walking away from society entirely and living out in the woods in a Unibomber-esque fashion, or just really not giving a fuck about society in general and the impact that they have on it.

As someone with their Moon in Capricorn Out of Bounds Moon, I’d love to hear any personal experience of having one from anyone reading this. Let’s discuss! 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. I have a Moon in Cancer, 7th house at 28° 0’59” N, and I tend to be sensitive and capricious yet steady as it goes while being secretive as fuck.

    I have accurately pinpoint a lot of things which most people (including myself) are reluctant to admit initially (sometimes until years later). ‘Intensely private’ does underscore what it means to be me, especially when my moon is also trine with Sun-Pisces in 3rd (plus Mercury in Pisces, too) and Pluto-Scorpio in 11th (ha! The “asshole” planet/sign :D).

    Relationships tend to be transformative for me and those involved. Though, for me it is “normal”, for many others, ‘where the fuck did she come from anyway?’ 😉

  2. Heyy, just happened to stumble on this while searching for my OOB planets. Because you specifically requested feedback from an OOB moon in cap I figured I would 😊 my moon is 27 41 in cap In my 2nd house and i also have Uranus OOB at 23 38 in sagg

    I am quite a deep thinker with incredible intuition… but I always question whether or not I’m just “crazy” even though what I think, hear, and see intuitively usually happens. I have huge ideas and absolutely loath societal norms. I do not like to celebrate conventional holidays and when we do I make sure I do it in my own way. The workforce and society’s ideas of work, pay bills, and die absolutely infuriates me and because of that I struggle in the normal 9-5. I refuse to place myself under any “labels” even if I agree with most of their beliefs I choose to pick out what I like and discard the rest sooooo loneliness has been an ongoing struggle… I never fit anywhere because I’m a little too individualistic for most groups. The people that surround me are either way older or way younger… people describe me as inspirational, caring, intrusive, intense/intimidating, and authentic. I’m no nonsense and my conversations usually go to deep levels without meaning to… I don’t waste my time with small ideas. I have huge dreams and although I methodically lay out my plans and am incredibly strategic life usually gets in my way (that may just be because I’m a 31 year old Single mom of four though). I have big ideas regarding family and how we fit into this world. I challenge my kids to think outside the box and teach them as best I can that they have the ability to change the world. Humanitarianism and social justice issues are of HUGE importance in my life and I fully plan on crafting my ideas and thoughts in a way that might create change (I’ve mapped that out for my 50-60s on my life goal time line). Money isn’t of extreme importance to me.. at least not in the traditional sense. I don’t need/ want much except to live free, off grid, grow my own food, create healing tinctures from herbs, and play a role in healing the people I come into contact with and if given the opportunity share my big ideas on a grander scale (mid30s-40s on my timeline). Right now I focus on family and am not at all interested in partnerships such as marriage or do I feel they are necessary but if partnered well I believe two people can collaborate and discover pure genius in pursuing their own bigger purpose together. All and all I love to pursue deep and transformative things and freedom is my life’s anthem.

    • Hey 🙂

      I feel like I could’ve absolutely written a great majority of this myself (along with the Moon, I also have Venus and Uranus OOB….and I’m 31, too :D). Thank you so much for taking the time to share your personal experience with the OOB Moon in Capricorn, it was awesome reading it!

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