Galactic Center Thoughts XVIII or: The Uranus Connection

**Here is the video that I made about this blog post, for anyone that is more of a watcher than a reader**

I have mentioned several times throughout all of the videos and blog posts that Jupiter Rx feels like it ties heavily into the Galactic Center. Obviously, the planet Jupiter will have an affinity for the GC since the GC is IN Sagittarius (and as long as the GC is in Sagittarius, this affinity will remain). The retrograde motion of Jupiter, which I have talked about several times, seems to tie to the GC even further – the notion of KNOWING something before knowing WHY one knows something just FEELS very GC-like to me (and getting the “downloads” et. al from the GC). Another planet that I have mentioned before that feels like it also has an affinity for the GC is Uranus. I don’t just pull this out of my ass, lol, I definitely have my reasons for feeling like this is true.
-Uranus is a catalyst for change. The GC most definitely changes any planets that conjunct it (or that even oppose it).
-Since the GC seems to have a tie to retrograde energy (there does seem to be an affinity between the two), an affinity to Uranus makes sense (all retrograde planets point to Uranus in one way or another)

This has been on my mind for a while, but I have wanted to take a look at all the people who have participated thus far in the research and see if Uranus figures prominently into the GC axis in some way, shape or form (not just looking at the conjunctions here). I realize that Uranus is generational and doesn’t move all that fast, so there are several people who were born in the mid ’80’s to early 90’s that DO have Uranus conjunct the GC (I am one of these people myself). I also wanted to take a look and see how many people in the research had Uranus Rx in their natal charts (regardless of if it tied to the GC axis or not). My mind is kind of thinking of Uranus in the same way that I think about Chiron connecting to the GC – having Chiron or Uranus involved with the GC Axis probably does amplify something about the GC energy. Having Chiron and/or Uranus Rx and connected to the GC probably amplifies the GC axis even more. For the people that have Uranus Rx elsewhere in their chart, like Chiron Rx people, they are probably able to tap into the energy of the GC more easily if they have GC conjunctions or oppositions.

So from there I decided to run some numbers from the charts collected thus far in the research:
-60% of people have Uranus either involved with the GC Axis in some way OR have Uranus Rx in their natal charts
-40% of people don’t have Uranus involved with the GC Axis in some way or don’t have Uranus Rx elsewhere in their charts.

Another reason that I am particularly hung up on Uranus as being an auxiliary or amplifier for the GC energy is that it is the first of the transpersonal planets – essentially what one would get to first if they were to cross over Chiron’s bridge to visit the outer planets. I also can’t help but make the connection between Chiron and Uranus since in Chiron’s myth, Chiron took the place of Prometheus who was chained to a rock (and Prometheus has an affinity FOR Uranus and Aquarian energy). Even beyond the GC stuff that has my mind fucking buzzing, these two celestial bodies have an linkage to one another via mythology. I definitely do think both are amplifiers to the GC’s energy. On their own they don’t necessarily tap someone into the GC, but if either/both happen to be retrograde and not involved with the GC Axis OR retrograde/direct and touching the GC axis, I think they probably DO amplify what actually happens for the person energy wise at the GC.

This got me curious about the actual discovery of the planet Uranus (I was wondering if there were any GC contacts at the time Uranus was discovered like the GC contacts that are in the chart for Chiron’s celestial discovery that put up in the blog post about Chiron and the GC). Sure the fuck enough, there is:

LOOK at FUCKING MARS conjunct the GC (with Saturn right there, too). Uranus is conjunct the Galactic Anti-Center at the time Uranus was discovered (Uranus is also Out of Bounds in this chart). This feels fitting since Uranus is “shocking” on it’s own, so being found in the area of the chart (the GaC) where “shocks” happen makes sense (and it’s like by this hypothetical “shock” happening, that area of the sky in the chart was illuminated and Uranus was able to be seen). Jupiter is fucking Retrograde in this chart (which feels like an amplifier for everything else). The Midheaven in Leo is trine the GC, but also fucking CHIRON happens to be in the 10-degree applying and separating window that is being looked at for trines to the GC (and being able to bring the GC shit down to Earth). It also strikes me that Chiron is conjunct the North Node, but I would have to sit with THAT longer to make sense of it. Maybe something like part of the mission from the discovery of Uranus (for the planet Uranus itself….if planets can HAVE missions) is to function alongside Chiron in some way.

The other outer planets DON’T have the GC contacts that Uranus does, and while I do think all the outer planet have an affinity for the GC energy, it doesn’t really surprise me that the discovery of Uranus is the only one of the outer planets to have GC contacts like this when it was discovered.

Galactic Center Thoughts XIV or How to *maybe* use this shit in chart weaving.

More Galactic Center Loveliness

Here is the first video that goes along with the blog post. Here is the second video.

***Since there are so many ways that the GC seems like it can function, and so many moving pieces that seem like they can correlate with the GC energy (and even the GaC energy), I’m going to try to streamline this blog post to the best of my ability without it going all over the fucking place. This still might happen in certain parts of this post – but hopefully not too much (crosses fingers). I also want to mention that this post will primarily deal with what to DO with all the energy from the GC and how to best utilize it to the person’s advantage.**

At this point you might be wondering HOW any of these theories can actually be put INTO practice (there have been some questions that I’ve gotten recently about HOW the Galactic Center could be used in chart weaving/chart delineation). I have some IDEAS about that, but I wouldn’t take ANY of these as absolute truth. These are some ideas that you should try playing around with on your own (with your own natal chart and those of other people) and see if they “fit.” I AM JUST FUCKING WITH ASTROLOGY HERE, and fucking with things is one of the ways that we learn new things. DO NOT HOLD ME TO ANY OF THIS.
-Also keep in mind while reading this that the tighter the orb is between the GC and a planet via conjunction and with the GaC and a planet via conjunction, the stronger the impact the conjunction will have on the person. Same thing could be said with a planet (et. al) trine the GC – the tighter this orb, the “better” a translator the trine probably will be.

I. Galactic Center by House – No Conjunctions or Oppositions, No Jupiter Rx, No Trines to GC
-Take a look at this past blog post of mine to give you some ideas about HOW the GC might manifest in your life (or the life of whoever’s chart you’re looking at). Definitely don’t take this as gospel and come up with your own notions if you find those don’t completely fit the chart that you’re looking at (the houses can represent a myriad of different areas of life, all of which I probably didn’t cover in those “examples”).
-Think of it like this: the House where the GC falls is going to be filled with a lot of energy just due to the nature of the GC. This could amplify this house for the “good” or the “bad,” and it could so distort/warp this house and the areas of life that the house has domain over.
-The “lightning” will still strike on the opposite side of the chart, where the GaC falls (this will STILL happen, in my opinion, even if there are no conjunctions to the GC or the GaC). Any overflow of energy will probably still make it’s way over the GaC (or something like that) which could cause the house where the GaC falls have some “issues,” like blinding to any issues that are present in this house in the first place.
-If there are no GC or GaC conjunctions, I might think that while the GC STILL matters in the chart, the effect on the person from a holistic view of the chart probably won’t be THAT intense over all.

-If the GC/GaC Axis happens to fall in two houses (and for this I’d be looking 5-degrees applying or separating from the GC/GaC since there is no planet involved), then both houses would probably feel the impact from the GC and the GaC. Having this going on over two houses might actually lessen the impact in each house some since it’s spread out over two houses (two houses with the GC/two houses with the GaC).

II. Galactic Center by House – No Conjunctions or Oppositions, but Jupiter IS Rx and/or Trine(s) to the GC
-The person who has no conjunctions or oppositions to the GC, but DOES have Jupiter Rx probably IS able to “tune into” the GC energy in a similar way as a person with planets conjunct the GC, though it’s not exactly the same (there does feel like there probably isn’t as much energy involved in this tuning in though, who knows, this might end up being to the person’s benefit overall). There probably is an underlying understanding of the energy that IS going on at the GC by the house that it falls.
-The person who has no conjunctions or oppositions to the GC but DOES have a trine to the GC seems that they would have a clear translator to bring the energy from the GC down to earth by planet (and everything else I’ve looked at thus far), house, and sign. Since they have no conjunctions to the GC or oppositions to the GaC, they may not be as aware that there is much to translate and ground in the first place – they just might kind of naturally have a nice translation of the energy.
-For the person who has no conjunctions or oppositions to the GC, but they have BOTH a trine to the GC AND Jupiter Rx, this makes me think that the person probably is more aware that there is something to translate from the GC in the first place (at least as an undercurrent if nothing else), and the trine gives them the ability to DO this.

III. Conjunctions to the Galactic Center (just looking at the conjunctions for a second)
Let’s talk for the second about the notion of a “Galactic Center” personality. Through my research thus far, I have noticed there have been some ideas that have been tossed around about the Galactic Center and what this might do to the personality of the person that has GC contacts. Some of these ideas I agree with, and some of them I don’t (these ideas usually include all aspects to the GC, and for the purposes of this “block” I am ONLY talking about GC conjunctions). Really, I feel like the GC is too much of a wild card to be able to nail down EXACTLY what it will do to a planet (et. al) that is conjunct the GC with absolute certainty – I just don’t think it works THAT way. However, there are some definite possibilities of things that the GC could do to planets that conjunct it.
-Amplify & charge the nature of the planet (et. al)
-Warp & distort the nature of the planet (et. al)
–Depending on what else is going on with that planet (et. al) in the chart will kind of give you an idea of if this is going to swing in an “easy” or “challenging” direction (and hell, the GC is so fucking weird I wouldn’t be surprised if it could even have a “neutral” effect at times – still “charging” the planet, but somehow neutralizing anything “easy” or “challenging” going on with it by way of the rest of the chart).
**For instance, if you had someone with their Sun conjunct the GC, you might find someone who’s identity/ego is amplified or distorted (and this could be something like the ego being massively inflated all the way over to the person’s ego/identity being almost non-existent). THIS IS LITERALLY JUST A FOR INSTANCE – you would need to take EVERYTHING in the chart into account to know if this actually fits (or which way it swings). Shit, it could even swing different ways at different times.
-Seeking for truth and belief, in some way, also seems to be a hallmark of people with GC conjunctions (even if the person tries to ignore such things, which lol, could definitely happen). Where this comes out will depend on the house that the GC falls, and the planet (et. al) conjunct the GC will show WHAT is being sought out via truth and belief in the first place.
–There usually is some kind of amplification, charge, warping, distortion, surrounding this. This part seems like it’s EVEN MORE amplified if Jupiter happens to be RX somewhere in this person’s chart (though it does seem to exist regardless if Jupiter is Rx or not).
-Conjunctions to the GC feel like they are protective in a way (they are one side of the “protective coin” with Jupiter Rx being protective/giving protection as well). To only have one or other does afford a person “protection” but not completely.
—What do I mean “protection?” Really, I could see this going a few different ways. With the example of whistleblowers, those that had GC conjunctions and Jupiter Rx seemed to fair better overall with blowing their whistle (even if they had a “weird” relationship with doing so). You could correlate this to ANYTHING that a person with GC conjunctions and Jupiter Rx may want to do (that feels fueled by the GC – and here you would be looking at Sagittarian themes even if the planet conjunct the GC fell in Capricorn). If they are actually ABLE to do this in any kind of way that makes sense would also depend on if a trine exists to the GC or not.
-I do think, and there is no proof of this (this one is a hard one to “prove”) but that the GC is probably a connection to other dimensions, other galaxies (it could very easily connect to the Super Galactic Center which is the center of the metagalaxy that our galaxy is inside). Chris, a friend of mine, made the comment on a previous blog post that the GC might be like an umbilical cord, what connects us to other places and realms. I think this is probably pretty right the fuck on – it feels right on to me. We weren’t talking about it being an umbilical cord to the Super Galactic Center, but it probably functions as such, too.
–This could cause the person with GC conjunctions be given information (like downloads) to the planets that are conjunct the GC. What would be downloaded would probably tie in heavily with WHAT planet (et. al) is conjunct the GC. Certain planets (et. al) conjunct the GC would probably best best to get certain downloads over other planets (et. al). For instance, someone with Uranus conjunct the GC would probably do better with downloads of a revolutionary nature than someone who had, say, the Moon conjunct the GC.

IV. Conjunctions to the Galactic Anti Center (NO conjunction to the GC)
For the person who ONLY has a conjunction to the GaC (and nothing conjunct the GC), that planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC does appear to still act as a massive lightning attractor for this area of the chart – and this area of the chart is already an attractor as it is since it does seem like this is WHAT the GaC does anyway (having a planet there (et. al) just gives it a very CLEAR vehicle to attract the energy from the GC).
-This area of the person’s life might already be a little cloudier, a little more blinded, and probably takes a lot of the impact from *something* like an overflow of energy from the GC. Since this area of the sky is “calmer” (and it IS calm when you look at it against ALL the energy of the GC on the opposite side of the sky/chart), when it is shocked it’s like it might not know what to do WITH the shock. Really, it doesn’t have to DO anything – this planet (et. al) just absorbs the shock as it is (and if I’m being honest, probably does have some “damage” just by virtue of being here). I’m not trying to imply whatever is conjunct the GaC is fucked or anything like that, but when reading this planet (et. al) I would read it from a slightly more “challenging” angle, even if it makes nothing but nice aspects throughout the rest of the chart, just due to this damage that it does seem to take.
-What the planet (et. al) expresses might be a little more blinded or clouded over to any issues that it has throughout the rest of the chart. When the GC shoots over energy to the GaC, which probably does happen more frequently when there is no planet conjunct the GC to absorb any of the energy AT the GC, the planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC may not know what “hit” it and cause it to kind of “spiral” (maybe just a little bit). Knowing the “shadow” side of the planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC in question feels really important to keep that spiraling from happening.
-If a person has a planet (et. al) sextile to the GaC, they have a way to ground the shocks and strikes to the GaC (which probably helps this “spiral” from happening).
-If the person with a sextile to the GaC/trine to the GC happens to have Jupiter Rx, they probably are more familiar with the GC energy (even without having a conjunction to the GC). This probably helps the person to at least understand these shocks that happen to a planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC a little better (someway, somehow).

V. Conjunctions to the Galactic Center and the Galactic Anti-Center
-For the person who has BOTH sets of conjunctions to the GC and the GaC, they have massive amounts of energy from the GC being absorbed by the planet (et. al) that is conjunct the GC , and they have a planet (et. al) to take the overflow of energy from the GC – something there to function like “here kitty kitty kitty” (an attractor) for ALL of that energy. This feels like it could be incredibly polarizing – it could either make the person incredibly polarizing to other people (either loving them or hating them), or it could just make the person feel very polarized per the areas of life we’re talking about by house and regarding the planets involved. I realize an opposition is already a polarity as it is, but in this case the polarity feels like it’s on steroids. On area of their life has so much fucking energy in it, and the other end is getting the shit shocked out of it (which is polarizing).
-I would still think that the planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC would take on some damage here, though the person might be better able to handle the damage a little better due to also having something conjunct the GC. While the planet (et. al) conjunct the GC
-For the person who has no trine to the GC/sextile to the GaC but has those conjunctions, it almost seems like the energy would keep going on and on in loop, which could make life a little more challenging. I also feel like it’s as possible that when the loop can’t keep going, the energy ends up shocking the entire chart (this would probably be some kind of trigger via transit or something – I’m not totally sure WHAT that trigger would be yet). I think in this kind of case, it’s probably really important that these people are familiar with their own Mercury and Jupiter in their natal charts (since the GC in Sagittarius and the GaC is in Gemini) – they need to understand the “easy” and “challenging” things about these planets in their chart, really know these motherfuckers like the back of their hand. This is the case even if Jupiter and Mercury are direct (though, I actually think, in this case should Mercury and/or Jupiter be Rx, it might make NOT having the trine even easier since Mercury Rx feels like it has affinity with the GaC and Jupiter Rx definitely has an affinity with the GC).
-For the person who has conjunctions to the GC and the GaC, and happen to have a trine (or trines) to the GC/a sextile (or sextiles) to the GaC, these people REALLY need to understand that fucking trine planet for THIS is how the person translates stuff from the GC. The more planets the person has trine the GC, the more possible ways of translation the person has at their disposal. Does the person with multiple trines use them all? Maybe, maybe not. The point is that they have multiple avenues for translation, and should get to know each planet very well (how each planet dances with the rest of of their chart).

VI. Person with Conjunctions to the GC, GaC, or both BUT NO TRINES or SEXTILES from GC/GaC
-When someone has a planet (et. al) conjunct the GC, or a planet (et. al) conjunct the GaC, or BOTH, but NO TRINE/SEXTILE to the GC/GaC, this makes the person’s Mercury and Jupiter very important in their chart (I think both can serve as de-facto translators in cases like this). BOTH Jupiter and Mercury seem like they would be important, though depending on what Jupiter and Mercury are doing in the chart, this could cause one to be a better translator/grounder over the other. I’m still playing around with this some, but I do think this is probably how the translation and grounding is able to happen with the absence of a trine/sextile to the GC or GAC. If one of those planets happen to be Rx in the chart, I would definitely look to the Rx planet first.

VII. Other Factors to Consider
1. Jupiter Rx anywhere in the chart
-For the person who has Jupiter Rx and conjunctions to the GC and GaC, it seems like there is a “protection” that this person is afforded. Jupiter Rx DEFINITELY seems to be a protective force for people that have this and have a conjunction to the GC. If they have a trine to the GC as well, this seems like they have the “protection” to translate ANYTHING from the GC and bring it “safely” down the earth (and I mention this because of the examples that I’ve looked at so far with whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists, and other famous people). The GC feels protective in a weird ass way, too, so having BOTH a conjunction to the GC and Jupiter Rx does seem to add a layer of protection for these people to do what they feel called (or are called) to do. Jupiter Rx, since it feels like it is so in-tune with the GC energy as it is, will also also act as an amplifier to utilize the GC energy in some form or fashion.
2. Other Retrograde Planets
-Though I do think the GC has the most correlation with Jupiter Rx (especially in a protective/protection capacity for the person), I do think all Rx planets have an affinity for the GC. The Retrograde Planets don’t cause someone to be tuned into the GC antenna necessarily, but those that already are tuned into the GC Axis AND have Rx planets in their chart feel like they might have an amplified sense of being tuned-in.
–When I talk about Rx planets here, I’m not talking about just having one planet Rx, unless we’re talking about the Chart Ruler – that one planet might be enough to amplify being tuned into the GC, or having a planet conjunct the GC Rx – this one planet might be enough to really tune one in as well. In most cases, I’m thinking a Retrograde heavy chart, as in 3 or more planets being Rx and this allowing the person to better tune into the GC energy.
3. Out of Bounds Planets (here is a blog post about this with correlation to the GC)
-These definitely feel like they have an affinity for GC energy. They function as wildcards much like the GC seems to be a wild card as well. Having planets conjunct the GC and/or conjunct the GaC, and having OOB planets, seems like it would only amplify the GC’s energy and/or the strikes and shocks that the GaC takes on. An OOB planet that is actually conjunct the GC and/or the GaC seems like what I said before is probably amplified EVEN MORE.
4. Chiron (here is a blog post about Chiron with correlation to the GC)
-Chiron feels like it DOES have a similar vibe to the GC in terms of both of them being a “bridge” – Chiron being the bridge between the inner and outer planets, and the GC being a bridge between our galaxy and what is out there beyond our galaxy (or perhaps, what we are connected to). I’m not sure that Chiron in the natal chart automatically tunes you into the GC on it’s own without having any involvement with the GC axis already mentioned (though I do think they have a similar vibe in being “bridges”). I might think that having Chiron Rx could turn the GC antenna up a notch (even if Chiron Rx has nothing to do with the GC Axis and everything mentioned above).
-Having Chiron direct or Rx involved with the GC Axis, or trine the GC, probably does cause Chiron to function as an amplifier for the GC energy.
–Chiron is still one I’m playing with (or less “leaning” one particular way or the other). Honestly, I’m still playing with all this fucking shit lol.
I feel like a fucking moron for never mentioning this before but you definitely need to take dispositions into account here in terms of planets conjunct the GC or conjunct the anti-center. For instance, lets say that someone has Venus conjunct the GC. This means that the houses that have Libra and Taurus on the house cusp will bend to Venus and will also influence the GC. Same thing could be said about planets conjunct the GaC.

In the next blog post, we will go over an example chart (or a couple of examples if I can get clearance on using other charts beyond the one) on how to *maybe* put this into practice

Galactic Center Thoughts part XIII

Chandra X-Ray Observatory catches a picture of the GC “rejecting food”

**Here is the link to the YouTube video that goes over the same stuff for the people who would rather watch than read stuff**

I wanna talk for a second about the trine aspect to the Galactic Center (GC), because I really do think that THIS planet/Chiron/Major Angle/North or South Node is important in the translation of shit from the GC (bringing this stuff down to Earth), along with being a grounding force for the lightning rod that is the Galactic Anti-Center (GaC). How exactly can the trine (or trines if you have multiple planets & etc. trine the GC) actually translate things from the GC and ground stuff from the GaC? I think a lot of this translation probably has to do with WHAT is trine the GC (and I do think an actual planet or Chiron trine the GC/sextile the GaC gives a “clearer” vehicle for the energy to filter through overall). I say that because the planets and Chiron are tangible bodies in the sky versus the Major Angles and North/South Nodes which are not actual tangible bodies in the sky (still important, though, and can still be utilized).

Since getting more people wanting to be a part of the research this week, the number of people with trines to the GC/sextiles to the GaC has dropped from 89% to 86% (these numbers will bounce around a little bit the more people who decide to participate). From there I decided to break these up into “camps” like I mentioned wanting to do in a previous blog post – the people who have planets/Chiron trine the GC and the people who have the Nodal Axis/Major Angle trine the GC. When I did this, I came back with these percentages:

-Out of all the people who have trines to the GC, I came back with 56% having the North or South Node/Major Angle trine the GC.
-Out of all the people who have trines to the GC, I came back with 44% having a planet or Chiron trine the GC.

This didn’t surprise me, really, since as I was flipping through the charts a week ago, it seemed like more people had a Major Angle or the North/South Node trine the GC than actual planets. I actually figured that there would be a higher percentage of people with this, and a lower percentage of people with planets or Chiron trine the GC. This came back more “equal” than I thought it would. From there though, I broke this down further on the planets/Chiron end of things:
-Percentage of people who have 1 planet or Chiron trine the GC is 59%
-Percentage of people who have 2 planets (or a planet and Chiron) trine the GC is 40 %
-Percentage of people who have 3 planets (or two planets and Chiron) trine the GC is 1%

-I didn’t do a percentage for people that had a planet or Chiron trine the GC and also had a Major Angle and/or North/South Node trine the GC. If you have a planet or Chiron trine the GC, this is what you would want to look at before the North/South Node or the Major Angle (in my opinion).

Here’s what I think happens with the trines to the GC – the more trines that you have to the GC, the more opportunities or “vehicles” that you have do TRANSLATE the GC energy down to Earth (and the more opportunities and/or vehicles you have to “ground” the lightning rod that is the GaC). Most people in the study only have one planet or Chiron trine the GC, meaning that ONE PLANET or CHIRON becomes INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. This planet is one that you really need to understand inside and out since from this lens it both grounds and translates. For instance, since I only have one trine to the GC in my chart, Jupiter Rx, I need to make sure I understand that motherfucker backwards and forwards. If you have more than one planet, or Chiron and a planet trine the GC, this gives you a couple different vehicles to move the GC and the GaC energy through. Depending on what planets (and planet(s) and/or Chiron) that we’re talking about, and taking your whole chart into account/aspects made to these planets/Chiron, you might find that both planets/planets & Chiron make good vehicles for the translation and grounding. You might even find that one planet makes a better vehicle for the GC translation, and the other planet is a better “grounder” for the GaC (I could totally see that happening). You might find that one of the planets or Chiron might not be very good at either of these things, which could cause you to rely solely on the other planet/Chiron. And even though Chiron is “wounding” and “pain,” I actually think that since Chiron DOES seem to have SOME KIND OF AFFINITY for the GC, it could either function as a great translator and grounder, or it could be terrible at it (the verdict is still kind of “out” on this one). This would also depend heavily on what else Chiron is doing in your chart.

If you have a Major Angle or the North/South Node trine the GC, understanding how this functions in your life is pretty important, as is understanding the way the planetary ruler of it functions in your life. For instance, lets say you have your North Node at 26-degrees Leo and this is trine the GC. Understanding your Leo North Node mission seems like it would be incredibly important (and actually MOVING towards this mission would be just as important). You’d also want to pay attention to your Sun and know that fucker inside out (since the Sun is the planetary ruler of Leo). Most people do pay attention to their Sun (I don’t think anyone ignores this, lol), but understanding it by house, sign, and the aspects that it makes seems like it would be SO important in this case. Another for instance – let’s say you had your MC at 26-degrees Aries, trine the GC. Not only would it be really important for you to know how that MC in Aries functions, but you would also want to understand Mars in your natal chart by house, signs, and aspects (since Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries).
-In this hypothetical second example, let’s say Mars is conjunct the GC or the GaC. If it’s conjunct the GC, there is going to be a shit load of energy involved with Mars (and perhaps an amplification or even a warping of it’s energy). I might think that the person who has something like this going on needs to be pretty clear about the “highest and most idealized version of themselves” (that Aries MC) or else it might not be as easy to translate the energy. I might also think something similar for the person who has the Aries MC trine the GC with Mars conjunct the GaC. It does feel like this person could be a little LESS clear (since I’ve mentioned the blinding and space dust around the GaC), though I might think there would be things that would happen to shock that “Mars” into figuring out how to ground itself with the Aries MC.
**This is just kind of spitballing and fucking with ideas here, don’t take any of this as absolute.**

So what happens for the people who lack the trines to the GC/sextiles to the GaC, but yet have a planet (or et. al) conjunct the GC or the GaC (or both)? That I’m not totally sure. It does seem like to NOT have something trine the GC/sextile the GaC to translate and ground, all this energy and shocking and shit doesn’t really have anywhere to go.
-In my mind, for the person with just a conjunction to the GC, it feels like it would be a constant surge of energy hitting the planet (or et. al) conjunct the GC, and then because of all of this energy the GaC is shocked (either just by virtue of all the energy in the GC or because there is an overflow of energy that has to go somewhere). Without a planet conjunct the GaC, this area of life by house gets shocked (it’s still like a lightning attractor even if there is no planet there), but the person may not realize HOW much it gets shocked or even what to do with the “shocking” when it is realized.
-For the person who has a planet (or et. al) conjunct the GC AND the GaC, this person is probably aware of the energy in the GC (even if they aren’t consciously aware of WHY they are aware of the energy) while also being more aware of those “shocks” to the planet conjunct GaC (and I think these people might be more aware since there would actually be a planet conjunct the GaC in this example – an actual “vehicle” to take the lightning strikes). They probably still don’t see this planet completely clear due to the blinding and space dust, but they might feel those strikes to the planet (or et. al) harder. If you have all of this going on, and no trine to the GC to translate/no sextile to ground, it seems like this energy would almost go back and fourth like a loop between the GC and the GaC, and perhaps even having energy kind of lighting up the whole chart. I almost picture something like surges of energy branching out and shocking the entire chart. Thing about this is while the entire chart might get “electrified”, with no clear vehicle to translate and ground, the electrification feels more “spastic” or “uncontrollable”.
– I have to think about this a little more, but I’m inclined to think that for these people it’s probably pretty important that they understand their own Jupiter and Mercury placements by house, signs, and aspects in their chart (since Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius and Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini – this might actually be the best way for them to funnel this energy).
-For the person that has a conjunction to the GC but no conjunction to the GaC (and no trines), I would think that Mercury would probably be really important for that person to understand by sign, house, and aspects for a similar reason.
-Since the bulk of what has been looked at so far has been people that have conjunctions to the GC, those that just have conjunctions to the GaC with no conjunctions to the GC (and no sextiles to the GaC) will have to be pondered on a little bit more. I do think for this person, Jupiter would probably become very important since the GC is in Sagittarius. It would also probably be very important for the person to understand the areas of life which the house that the GC falls in deals.

I also looked at Chiron and the GC connections with the participants thus far because it DOES seem like (and feel like) Chiron has some kind of connection to the GC (just by virtue of Chiron’s mythology and BOTH Chiron & the GC functioning as “bridges” of some kind – here is the blog post where I explored this a little bit). Here are the numbers that I came back with:

-41% of participants had Chiron trine the GC, conjunct the GC, or conjunct the GaC (more people had the conjunction to the GaC than the other two).
-36% of participants had Chiron Retrograde in their natal chart with no connection to the GC
–There was often overlap in these two “camps,” but not always

I also wanted to look at Chiron Retrograde because, like I’ve mentioned before, I do think retrograde planets have an affinity for the GC (Jupiter Rx most of all, but ALL planets (and Chiron) Rx feel like they have a “connection” to the GC energy). The retrograde nature will change the way that a planet or Chiron functions (will turn the energy inward among other things) and it seems like this can happen with planets conjunct the GC, too (or the propensity for this to happen seems very possible). Retrograde motion changes things & the GC changes things. I also have a theory that Chiron Rx probably points to the wounding that Chiron manifests as in this lifetime actually having it’s roots in a previous lifetime regardless of if Chiron has any connections to the Nodal Axis, Pluto/Pluto Polarity Point axis and other past life indicators (the Rx motion alludes to this).
-If Chiron Rx is in the chart of someone who has GC conjunctions/trines/conjunctions to the GaC (even if Chiron isn’t involved in these trines, conjunctions to the GC, or conjunctions to the GaC), it makes me think there would be an amplification of Chiron’s pain and wounding, and perhaps even an amplification to heal Chiron’s wounding from this lifetime and previous ones.
-If Chiron Rx is in a chart and happens to trine the GC, the translation of stuff from the GC feels like it would be both painful and healing (probably painful in ways from this lifetime and others, along with being healing in the same way).
-If Chiron Rx happens to be conjunct the GC, it seems like there would be an amplification and a warping of the pain and wounding from Chiron, but the healing also seems like it could be just as great.
-For the person with Chiron Rx conjunct the GaC, it seems like that Chiron Rx might take a lot of the damage (acting as a lightning rod) and the person may not be aware why that is the case (with Chiron being in the area of the chart that is both blinding and not super clear). How much pain is carried by these people (from this lifetime and others) probably needs to be figured out.
-I would think all of these (Chiron Rx trine/conjunct the GC or conjunct the GaC) would be the case for people with Chiron direct as well, though I do think the Rx motion ends up functioning more strongly in these cases.

Galactic Center Thoughts part V

This week past week has been incredibly difficult. I’m not someone who is really ever “triggered” by shit (my Capricorn Moon & Saturn conjunct my rising don’t really allow me to pay that much attention to anything that actually might trigger me). “Push through it, bitch!” is what my inner monologue will typically say to me. This week, my inner monologue fell very silent (I’m thinking to myself in my head after everything this week “oh yeah? Inner Ellie voice, you ain’t got shit to say, motherfucker!?”) She didn’t. I was looking at my transits for the past week, and while I already knew I have some dumb-ass shit going on (that I would typically prefer to ignore), I noticed that the transit Sun was also conjunct my natal Chiron. This happens once a year, but this year it hit me incredibly hard with all the other dumb ass shit going on transit wise to my chart. This got me thinking a whole hell of a lot about Chiron…and possible tie-in’s between Chiron and the GC. I also think it’s really interesting that when I wasn’t working on work for my clients or spending time with my Son, the one thing that actually helped me not to smash things this past week was writing, talking, and thinking about the GC.

This post is going to primarily deal with connections (or what feels like connections) between Chiron and the Galactic Center – and it does feel like there is a tie-in between Chiron and the GC *just a little bit* (though I think it’s probably more than just a little bit) – and this tie-in feels like it exists regardless of if the GC makes an aspect with Chiron or not in a natal chart. Obviously, like with everything else, the Chiron/GC connections would probably be stronger in people that actually have Chiron making a contact to the GC, but I do think this connection can be applied just to the energy of the black hole and the asteroid. Natalie and myself talked about this a long while back, that Chiron’s notion of “wounding and healing” seems to jive well with what is known about the GC. Not exactly, I suppose (there are obviously differences), but the notion of transmutation is highlighted with BOTH the GC and Chiron – turning something that is difficult into something that is transformed into another state. I do think the GC can be “difficult,” and we all know that Chiron can be incredibly difficult. It’s a weird thing though, because while I do think the GC can be (and is) difficult, there is almost a *beauty* in the difficulty, kind of like there is almost a *beauty* in the wounding and healing that Chiron deals.

This is a personal anecdote, but one of the questions on the GC questionnaire is “if you were to visualize the conjunction to your GC in a picture or a phrase, what would that look like. Describe it.”
-If I were to answer this question, it would be something like this”
A person is in something like a box – not a full box (the top is open). The walls of the box to the left and the right are closing in on them and they are pushing the walls away from them, using all their strength to do this – to keep from being closed in on. At the same time, a light is either entering them or leaving them (or perhaps both) through the top of their head and illuminates the sky. They are clearly in pain trying to push the walls away, but there is also something divine/ecstatic about the light that is either coming from them or leaving them. Everything about this mental image is pretty dark, but I know the person in this vision is me.
…..this is what the GC is to me, when I think about the GC. There is pain, but there is also something divine (or something like ecstasy) to it as well.

So….where do these Chiron connections kind of come from in the first place (other than what was mentioned above)? Let’s talk for a second about the mythology behind Chiron briefly:
-Chiron was a Centaur, but the most civilized Centaur of the bunch (the rest sound like they were crazy heathens lol). He was a healer, a teacher, a hunter, and well versed in medicine (among other things) thanks to being raised by Apollo and Artemis after being abandoned by his natural parents, Kronos & Philyra. He was also immortal (and differed from the other Centaurs not only in behavior, but also by parentage). One of his half brothers was Zeus/Jupiter (which ties in the GC just a little bit since the GC is in Sagittarius). So, Chiron lives a long life teaching and healing, and at the end of his life he finds himself with Hercules (one of his students) in a cave with Pholus, and some sacred wine from Dionysys is opened at Hercules request. When this wine is opened it “called” all the other less civilized Centaurs to the cave and they got crazy. Hercules starts shooting his poison arrows around, and one ended up shooting Chiron in the thigh (thighs also have a connection to Sagittarius, for this is one of the parts of the body that Sagittarius has domain over…and arrows obviously have a Sagittarius connection, too). Since Chiron was immortal, he couldn’t die like the other Centaurs from this poison arrow – instead he was forced to deal with this pain and there was no release or reprieve. This pain is said to have gone on for 9 days (there is another Sagittarius connection, since Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac). Meanwhile, Prometheus was chained to a rock having his liver pecked at day after day by a bird (Zeus had him chained there since he tried to give fire to the people of Earth). Hercules brokered a deal with Zeus to allow Chiron to die and be out of pain (to give up his immortality) in exchange for Prometheus being relieved from his own torment day after day being chained to that rock. Zeus agreed, freed Prometheus, and allowed Chiron to find peace and healing through death. It is said that Chiron was placed in the sky in either the constellations of Sagittarius or Centaurus (it seems like it was one or the other, though some sources say one and some say the other). Either way, there is another connection to Sagittarius. Even just the notion of Chiron being in the constellation Centaurus alludes to Sagittarius.
***I have seen the mythology behind Chiron mentioned a few different ways, so this brief synopsis might differ slightly from how you may have seen it written out before. It gets the general theme across (all of the different versions do, really).

There are definitely some Sagittarian connections to Chiron, but I don’t want to imply that Chiron is actually the ruler of Sagittarius (or the co-ruler of Sagittarius) or anything like that – there is some debate out there about IF Chiron should actually rule (or be a co-ruler) of a certain sign. For example, Virgo is another one that I see tossed around for Chiron (there are definitely some Virgo themes going on with Chiron’s mythology, too). Really though, I can see themes for all the mutable signs with Chiron’s energy and mythology (so I’m in the camp that Chiron shouldn’t rule a specific sign, but rather blends different qualities of all the mutable signs).
-I just wanna make that part clear before I proceed on-
I almost get the feeling that the part of the mythology of Chiron, once he has died and been placed among the constellations, is the part that gels the most with the GC (the changing from immortal to mortal). That sounds kind of backwards since when I think of the GC, I would knee jerk think immortality would line up better with the GC than mortality, but for Chiron mortality (and the ability to die and transform) was a sweet release. I definitely do think the GC can be a kind of “sweet release” – not necessarily through death, but just through the process of transformation (once this transformation, whatever that IS, has occurred). Something has been transformed/transmuted in this process – and there is pain going on here. I do think there is something painful about the GC – actual process of a star getting “eaten” by the GC seems like it would be a “painful” process for the star (if stars have feelings), but it doesn’t seem to actually destroy the star – just transform it into something else. Kind of like Chiron’s immortality being changed into mortality (obviously they aren’t EXACTLY the same, but there does seem to be a common thread).

Chiron is also a “bridge” between Saturn and Uranus – it orbits between them and is thought of as a bridge between the “known” and the “unknown”…or a bridge between the “inner” and “outer” planets. This is ALSO very GC like in nature (since the GC appears to have an affinity for all of the transpersonal planets). The GC is almost like a bridge itself to the “unknown” – since no one knows what is on the other side of the GC or where it goes. They both seem to function as bridges to what we know versus what we don’t know.

Another interesting connection between Chiron and the GC is when Chiron was discovered in November 1977, the GC was conjunct the Ascendant at the time it was found (the “birth chart” for Chiron’s discovery). Now, this may not mean anything at all, but if it doesn’t, that’s one hell of a coincidence.

AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT! FUCKING JUPITER WAS RETROGRADE AT THE TIME CHIRON WAS FOUND! I just noticed this as I was making a YouTube video to go along with this post that I will post later this week (and got really excited when I noticed it in the video, lol). Now, lol, call it coincidence all you want but I think it’s REALLY FUCKING INTERESTING that Chiron was discovered during a Jupiter Rx period (especially when the GC seems to jive so well with Jupiter Rx energy). Oh! And Shiiiiiit! LOOK AT THE FUCKING TRINE FROM THE GC TO SATURN @ 29-DEGREES LEO! A possible way to bring Chiron stuff down to Earth, perhaps?
…..I’m wondering if the reason the connections aren’t more prevalently known between the GC and Chiron as of now is because when Chiron was found, the Ascendant (conjunct the GC) also didn’t have another planet or something conjunct the Ascendant and GC?

To be continued…..down the line 🙂

Chiron in the Natal Chart or: “I’ll need some information first, just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts?” Houses 5-8

Chiron (the wounded healer) in the natal chart shows where our source of deepest wounding is in our lives. This wounding usually occurs during one’s childhood (what are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives have a tendency to fuck us up the worst), and it is a deep wound that never quite heals itself completely or correctly. Ironically enough, we are usually quite skilled at healing and helping OTHER people in the very way that we ourselves are wounded……we just have a hard time helping and healing ourselves. This all goes back to Chiron in mythology. The quick and dirty version of events goes as follows: Chiron is wounded by Hercules on accident with arrows coated in Hydra blood, and the wounds made by these arrows caused wounds that would never totally heal (and were quite painful). Chiron being immortal (a product of rape (his first wounding) and the offspring of Kronos and Philyra) meant that he could never die, but those wounds from the arrows would also never heal. Chiron wasn’t able to be released from his wounds until he took the place of Prometheus. Prometheus was chained to a rock by Zeus for his crime and had his liver eaten by an eagle daily, his liver then healed, and the bird would come back the next day to start the process over. By taking Prometheus’ place, Chiron was then made mortal and was finally able to die and be released from his wounds. 
……yeah, a depressing fucking story. Good news is that it doesn’t take death to release us of from our Chiron wounding in this lifetime. Just like in the mythology of Chiron taking one for the team for Prometheus, the way to handle and heal our own Chiron is to help other people that find themselves in similar sorts of circumstances of where we ourselves our wounded. The only way to work our Chiron out is to work THROUGH it, and the best way to work through it is by helping and healing someone/something else.

**I want to point out that these are just the descriptions of Chiron in each of the Houses. How all of this will play out in reality will depend on the chart as whole (such as different aspects made to Chiron).**

Chiron in the 5th House: Chiron in the 5th House can show some difficulty with how the native expereiences joy and pleasure. It may feel almost impossible for this person to really let their hair down, let their creativity and self-expression come out, and just “play.” Childhood can prove to be a more difficult and serious time for the native, with them possibly not being allowed or afforded the freedom to really “play” like children are usually allowed to do. This could be because of their parents just straight up not allowing the native to be childlike in childhood, instead wanting them to grow up and get serious at a young age. It could’ve also been out of necessity for some reason, such as the native was forced to grow up quickly because of the responsibilities placed on them (such as having to play a surrogate parent to younger brothers and sisters because the parents worked and needed a babysitter). This lack of being able to play can cause the person to end up feeling shy and awkward around their own peers growing up, never really feeling like they are able to get in on the fun other people are having (or possibly, that they aren’t even worthy of having this fun in the first place). It can also make the native apprehensive in regards to their own children, or even just the possibility of having their own children, due to the way they were brought up. There is probably some fear that their own wounding stemming back from childhood will follow them in the parenting of their own children. People with Chiron in the 5th are actually quite superb with children though (their own or other people’s), and children are actually a huge key in the person’s healing. Just working with children (probably children who’ve had a hard go of it in some way), playing with them (and thus learning how to really play and be childlike themselves) is deeply healing for the native and their Chiron wounds here.

Chiron in the 6th House: When Chiron finds itself in the 6th House, this tends to mean that the native has some wounding dealing with their own health, to their own sense of perfection and what that looks like, to daily routine, and to service. If the wounding has to do with the health (physical and mental) of the native, it could be anything from real health issues that the native experienced growing up and the trauma from this really left its mark, to the person being so wrapped up in the idea of being healthy that they almost become chaotic about it. They may be too rigid in terms of keeping their body perfect and healthy that they actually end up making themselves anxious about the whole thing and causing things like psychosomatic illnesses to occur. If the idea of being healthy deals with the native’s wounding, they could’ve grown up in a family that was too strict in terms of health (such as what the native could and couldn’t eat, etc). Growing up there could’ve been issues that the natives had with following the rountines of mundane daily life (either too rigid in structure, or way too lax). There could also be issues dealing with the idea of service; perhaps there was a time in the native’s upbringing where they felt that someone should’ve been of service to them in some way, and it didn’t happen. Since helping people heal themselves is a way to heal one’s own Chiron, the best way the person can start to heal their 6th House Chiron here is to serve other people (this usually comes naturally to Chiron here). This can be a very physically healing placement for Chiron; these people can very easily be born natural healers. By helping and healing people in the areas of health, perfection, routine and service, they are able to heal their own Chiron wounds.

Chiron in the 7th House: Chiron here in the 7th can indicate some type of wounding regarding intimate one-on-one/close relationships. These could be relationships that the native witnessed growing up that were’t very functional (such as that of the parents). Maybe the native’s parents divorced, or they weren’t particularly close to either parent growing up. It could also deal with wounding that they experienced early only (in adolescence or childhood) pertaining to a boyfriend or even a close and intimate friendship. Regardless of how this wounding manifests itself in the native’s life, it tends to leave some serious abandonment issues in its wake. Chiron in the 7th can also have taught the native early on about how cruel people can be by way of things like the native suffering from some form of neglect, and even outright abuse, from those that are supposed to be closest to the native. Because of all of this, the native can have a difficult time forming really functional relationships of their own as adults. I do believe they try here, but something about Chiron here in the 7th causes the native to be attracted to people who are already wounded themselves in some way that just doesn’t tend to work out with Chiron’s wounding here. Also, the native may attract people to them that can sense Chiron’s wounding here, and this person may exploit the native’s wounding in some way. Basically, issues dealing with close intimate one-on-one relationships need to be healed, and one of the best ways for the native to heal their own Chiron here is to help other people. Whether this is just by way of being an ear for friends to talk about their own relationship issues (these people usually give really good relationship advice), to actually being a relationship therapist, or something in between. By helping other people in this area of life, they will be able to learn more about the way they function in relationships, and why…..thus helping to heal their own wounds here.

Chiron in the 8th House: Chiron finding itself here in this house can cause the native to have some kind of wounding regarding the different themes ruling the 8th House. More often than not, the wounding tends to have something to do with sex, money, and/or loss. If loss is the wounding here, the native could’ve lost something or someone very important to them in their early life. This could be losing someone that was very important to the native by way of death (the 8th House traditionally rules death, but it’s the death of other people, not of the native), to losing someone they cared about who moved away beyond their grasp. It could also just be that the native lost something very important to them, something they tried with all their might to hold on too and were not able. The wounding could also deal with the way the native thinks about sexuality, and this could be due to the early family’s attitude and approach to sex in general (it may have been taught as something completely off-limits and dirty), or could be due to the native having suffered some form of sexual abuse in their childhood/adolescence. Other people’s money can be a theme of wounding in the native’s life, and there could be some reason stemming back from childhood that makes the native think less of themselves if they should ever need financial help from anyone. They might have a downright aversion to ever borrowing money from anyone. If this is the case, it could have to do with their own families attitudes about borrowing money, or maybe their own family was involved in some type of borrowing that went horribly wrong (leaving the family in a financial cluster fuck). If any of this rings true for the person with Chiron in the 8th, helping other people in these same areas can help them to heal themselves. If you have an aversion to borrowing money, lending to other people could help you to heal. If sex is the wound, guiding other people with healthy forms of sexual expression is a great course of action (something you are probably very good at). If loss is the wound, helping other people to “let go” of the things that they carry in this arena will help you to heal yourself. Also, since this house is like the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, the wounding tends to exist on this bridge…..making it somewhat harder to heal than in other houses. But once Chiron heals itself here, the transformation is magnificent.

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