Pluto’s Return (part III): 2022/2023 Solar Return Chart for the US

In the last post about Pluto’s Return, I went over the US’s 2021/2022 Solar Return Chart. In this post, I will be moving forward in time to the US’s Solar Return that starts in 2022. With regular Solar Return charts for people, you generally don’t want to look too far in advance since you need to have the location that the person is on their birthday/when their Solar Return happens. In the case of looking at a country, I have set the reference location to Washington DC, the nations capital. Unless something happens between then and now that changes where the nations capital is, this Solar Return chart will still be valid this far into the future. Below you will see the Solar Return chart I’m talking about:

US Solar Return Chart for 2022

The Solar Return Ascendant is in Gemini, which makes the SR Chart ruler Mercury…which falls in Cancer in the 1st House. While I definitely think we are pretty chatty as a nation this year, and really, probably more sensitive about how we communicate, I do wonder how this actually translates in real time. Do we use this for thinking/communicating in a more compassionate way, or we use to it as a way to further misunderstand one another (again, just being overly sensitive and offended about everything). It also feels kind of….scattered. This could really go either way at this point since we’re still so far out from the 2022 SR. The SR Sun is also in the 1st House, and I have to wonder if the “appearance” of the US is going to be of high importance or at least heavily discussed (and I mention “appearance” since the Ascendant and 1st House tend to deal with “appearance,” among other things, in the natal chart). I’m thinking things like states breaking apart, new states being created (hell, maybe Puerto Rico could even become a state at this point in time) – things of that nature which would actually change the physical map of the US.

The Solar Return Moon falls in Virgo in the 4th House. This makes me think that the emotional core of the country is probably pretty focused ON the country. Now, since this is in Virgo, I feel like we as a country might be pretty emotionally critical of one another and how this country is run – people trying to reorganize the way that things are handled (reorganization of “home” just seems *really* applicable). The way that we feel secure & safe as a country seem like they are the most likely to be critiqued, reorganized, and “perfected.” Of course, these being for the “good or the bad” really depends on what “side” you currently sit (or will sit at that time). I’d like to think that we give up the notion of “sides” in this country across the board, but the notion of sides is so ingrained in us I don’t think this falls by the wayside easy (and I also don’t think this notion will have fallen to the wayside by the time this Solar Return starts).

Solar Return Saturn really catches my attention for a couple of reasons. The first is you always want to look at where Saturn is in a SR Chart since it shows where you (or the country in this case) will put in the most work and/or be tested. This is going on in the 9th House, which automatically makes me think about this testing and/or work having to do with 9th House shit – higher education, religion, travel, higher courts, etc. Higher Courts is something that I can’t shake my attention from in this case, and in the case of the US I’m thinking this testing or work will have to do with the Supreme Court. Since Saturn is retrograde in the SR, it makes me automatically think about the Supreme Court having to decide on a case that echoes a case from the past. If this happens to be the case, I think it really ends up disorganizing what the Moon in the 4th is trying to achieve since the Moon and Saturn are quincunx one another (and not seeing one another clearly). I also think we might be looking at a case that has to do with something American’s feel is protected or a “right.” Knee jerk, something like the 2nd Amendment seems likely for this kind of scenario – but intuitively that doesn’t feel right to me (I actually don’t think this will have to do with firearms or the 2nd Amendment – at least not directly). Since I’m kind of a history dork, lol, I decided to look up different Supreme Court Cases that were discussed/decided when Saturn was in Aquarius (since I do think, should Saturn go this way, it will echo a case from the past). Some possibilities that stand out to me are:
*Things having to do with Civil Rights, since several Civil Rights cases came up during the period of time Saturn was Aquarius from 1961 through 1964 (though interestingly enough, the actual Civil Rights acts of 1964 came to pass when Saturn was retrograde in Pisces on July 2, 1964 (Saturn would re-enter Aquarius briefly from Mid September through Mid December of 1964 before passing into Pisces for “good” for the next couple years).
* The Slaughter-House Cases stand out which were decided in April 1873 (when Saturn had just moved into Aquarius). This cases decision found that the Privilege’s or Immunities Clause of Fourteenth Amendment only protects the legal rights that are associated with federal US citizenship, not those that pertain to the states. The clause says “no state shall make or enforce any laws which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.” Perhaps something that echoes THIS very thing in some way comes up.
*Vermont v. New Hampshire was decided in 1933 (when Saturn was in Aquarius) decided the physical boundary between these two states. If it were to go the way I mentioned before with all the 1st House action during this SR and the physical layout of the US changing, something that echoes this seems possible to be discussed.
*Another thing that seems like it could be a possibility is something that echoes the New Deal that FDR created in 1933 when Saturn was in Aquarius. While the New Deal wasn’t a Supreme Court case itself, many of it’s policies found their way to the Supreme Court (some of which were struck down as unconstitutional). The New Deal encompassed programs like Social Security and the Emergency Banking Act (among several others). I almost wonder if something having to do with the New Deal is found to be unconstitutional today, or actually fails completely (Social Security seems up for grabs using that angle). Or maybe, some other kind of “New Deal” is created, or is tried to be created, and it’s totally shot down by the Supreme Court.
…..Really, we could be talking about anything that has to do with Supreme Court cases (cases that were discussed or decided at times in history that Saturn fell in Aquarius).
**I actually wrote this post before Biden’s speech to congress on April 28, 2021. There were several things about his speech that have a similar flavor to FDR’s New Deal in the 1930s.**

Something else that I think of when I see Saturn in the 9th in Aquarius is the possibility of travel being restricted. Though, to me, this feel more INSIDE the country than strictly internationally. Maybe it’s the retrograde motion of Saturn (I can’t really put my finger on why I get the feeling domestic travel will be more restricted – it might have to do with the SR Saturn conjunct the natal Moon in the natal 3rd House…that comparison chart is posted below). Does this have to do with Coronavius (or some other virus)? Maybe, I guess it could – if something like another “lockdown” happened or some shit? Or maybe certain states/regions locking down while others stay open? Or maybe this kind of restriction doesn’t have to do with COVID at all and has more to do with keeping people separate in some way, for some reason? Something along those lines seems possible.

Comparison between natal chart (inside wheel) and solar return chart (outside wheel) for the United States

The SR South Node is in the 6th House in Scorpio, with the SR North Node in the 12th House in Taurus. This makes me think that the country this year just feels really *heavy.* Daily life feels heavier and more intense than it normally does at this time in the US (which, lol, is hard to imagine with things already feeling pretty intense right now). It seems like we’ll be dealing with issues stemming with power and control, and this feels even more amplified with Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio) falling in the 8th House. These may not all be direct and in your face exertions of power – almost like something being taken control of without realizing it’s happening (it definitely more “hidden”). We need to all be aware during 2022/2023 the ways that we are controlled, manipulated, and “under someone’s thumb) – even in the less overt ways. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, falls in the 11th House in Taurus. This makes me think that the way that this control reaches into the groups that make this country feel secure (this is could be groups that make the collective feel secure in this country, or even the way that this country exerts its power on a national stage) will need to be watched. This country needs to stop trying to control or manipulate other groups on an international stage. The people in this country also need to watch for how different groups control and manipulate behind the scenes or in a more veiled way – this kind of shit needs to come to light. Saturn is also squaring the natal axis, which does make me think concepts dealing with authority will probably get in the way of us as a country getting to the North Node – and really, progress here is a very relative term, since this depends on what you consider progress to be – it won’t be progress that everyone likes or considers progress). With the North Node in Taurus in the 12th, we’re looking as a country to kind of “ascend” to higher levels of stability – real stability – and this might look a little different than we can even imagine right now (especially with Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus – the stability that we all collectively want to find this particular year is very different than what we’ve had in the past). Does it actually go this way, though? I don’t know. Taurus on the 12th House cusp can also show holding on to baggage a little too tightly, which makes me think that collectively we’ll need to let some shit go (Scorpio South Node needs this anyway) in order to find the security and stability that will be sought out. I also think our unconscious values as a country will need to be sorted out …. or something along those lines since Venus, the ruler of the North Node in this chart, falls in the SR 12th House. In house overlays, the SR Venus ALSO conjuncts the natal Descendant. This makes me think that the shadow part of the country will probably have to be dealt with, at least a little bit, before we can move forward as a country and ascend. Specifically the values that we have about how we communicate as a country, how we are communicated to, and the unconscious thought processes that probably keep us more fucked than we need to be (like the values of the we have as a country that end up keeping us “down”). There are probably multiple things here. Perhaps it’s even any scattered quality to our values as a country that needs to be addressed (and they are pretty scattered). I think we probably fight all of this tooth and nail, though. Rather than sinking further into the abyss, we need to strive for a different kind of stability.

The Fundamentals of Reading a Natal Chart Part II

I want to start Part II of this series off by making it very clear that you are so much more than your Sun Sign or your “Big Three” (The Sun/Moon/Rising). If you went off of the basic or trendy instagram/facebook/etc post about astrology, you might be inclined to to think that you’re Sun Sign is literally the only thing that matters, or that your “Big Three” compose the sum of your astrological parts. Personally I take real issue with this sort of astrology that is passed around the internet like some incurable clusterfuck of infectious diseases. Infection is a good word for it, really. I get the some of the memes and posts are funny (though some are downright stupid and only used as a source for starting some shit), but the infection happens when people take silly memes and posts to heart, using them as learning tools, because they don’t yet know anything else. So they believe that they’re toxic because they’re a Pisces Sun. They believe that they’re “boring” because they are a Virgo Sun, or that they are equal to “The Devil” because they’re a Gemini Sun. Obviously, universally, people don’t believe this popsicle bullshit, but for people who are just dipping their feet into astrology and starting out, and then seeing some nonsense like they are the devil because they are a certain Sun Sign, it can be be discouraging. And it’s just fucking incorrect. I don’t hold the learners accountable here, but those who know better and still push this sort of astrology. It drives me up the fucking wall.
……In essence, don’t take to heart any sort of bunk ass astrology that focuses on only your Sun Sign, or your “Big Three.” And honestly this goes for the entire chart.

Like, what the actual fuck?!?! Like, this is taken out of context completely…..and posted to social media.
And while we’re at it, let’s knock of posts like this, too. Just because you knew ONE toxic Leo doesn’t mean ALL Leo’s are toxic.

It’s not a matter of not being able to take a joke. I realize that a lot of these posts and things are meant to be jokes. Or were created because the creator was burned by a couple of signs in the past and they want to make it known out loud how much they think those signs sucks. The issue that I have with all of this is when this infection sort of unconsciously seeps into people’s minds, and they start forming incorrect schemas about the different signs and their energy. Or they believe that because ONE Leo was toxic in their life, they then believe something like the post above to be true. For people who don’t want to really learn astrology, that’s fine (we all want to learn different things), but for the people that actually want to learn it, these sorts of infections passed around the internet don’t help this process. They also don’t help astrology to be taken very seriously in general.
….Sorry, rant over. I just want to make it really clear that you aren’t totally fucked or totally “blessed” or whatever because of your Sun sign, your “Big Three,” or any individual thing in your chart.

On the subject of all of this, I wanted to go into just a little bit about what the different Planetary energy represents in your chart (what energy is needing to be expressed).
*The Sun (Rules over Leo): This represents your life force and your ego. It needs to express those plus your vitality, your self-expression, and where/how you need to really shine. It can be arrogant.
*The Moon (Rules over Cancer): This represents your emotional core. It needs to express your emotions, mothering/nurturing, protection, It can be moody and withdrawn.
*Mercury (Rules over Gemini and Virgo): This planet represents your mind. It needs to express communication, change, dexterity, learning, thinking, agility, and its perception of things. It can be nervous, nosy, and is considered youthful.
*Venus (Rules over Taurus and Libra): This planet represents the concepts of love and value. It needs to express itself by giving/receiving love the way that you need to, through your sense of value, affection, diplomacy, compromise and beauty. It can also be self-indulgent, indecisive, and hedonistic.
*Mars (Rules over Aries): This planet represents one’s drive. It needs to express itself through direct energy, sexuality, action, courage, strength, and competition. It can also be impulsive, aggressive and angry.
*Jupiter (Rules over Sagittarius): This planet represents one’s beliefs. It needs to express itself through expansion, optimism, experiences, knowledge and wisdom, and the higher/abstract mind. It can also be over confident, dogmatic (about beliefs), and wasteful.
*Saturn (Rules over Capricorn): This planet represents one’s responsibility. It needs to express itself through authority, mastery, patience, structure, and is thought to represent “Father Time” and old age. It can be limiting, cynical, and overly reserved.
*Uranus (Rules over Aquarius): This planet represents your liberation (it’s the higher octave of Mercury). It needs to express this liberation plus freedom, detachment, revolution, and any quirks you have. It needs to point towards the future, quickness, and experimentation. It can exhibit shocking change and erratic behavior as well.
*Neptune (Rules over Pisces): This planet represents universal love (being the higher octave of Venus). It needs to express itself through spirituality, creativity, dreams, and through the collective unconscious. It can also be clouding, deceiving, and lack boundaries.
*Pluto (Rules over Scorpio): This planet represents power (being the higher octave of Mars). It needs to express itself through magnetism, desire, taboos, transformation, and letting things go. It can also be destructive, obsessive, compulsive, and resentful.
……As you can see from just this above, we are definitely composed of more than just our Sun Signs, or our Sun/Moon/Ascendant.

Something I wan’t to point out here about the planets and their “keywords” is that just because some of the keywords have a more “negative” connotation attached, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will exhibit all of those in your own chart/in your own life. It also doesn’t mean that those negative keywords will end up being negative things in your own life. Take Uranus for example: Uranus can be quirky and electric and revolutionary, and it can use these traits for the “good” or the “bad.”

Another thing I want to mention here (briefly, as not to overwhelm anyone) are retrograde planets in the natal chart. Retrograde planets turn the energy of that planet inward in the most basic terms possible. So you can take all of the planets mentioned above, and turn that energy inward instead of outward (inward on a soul level).
**My post on retrograde planets is here**

Stay tuned for Part III, coming soon! And if you want to check out another place to learn if you are a beginner, check out the beginner astrology subreddit :)**

Mercury/Saturn Aspects of the “harder” variety

Questions that I get asked often have to do with mental illnesses/mental differences/learning differences, and if I’m able to see things like that in the natal chart. The answer to this particular question is yes and no. The natal chart is like a blueprint of possibilities for the person (and the soul) in this lifetime. Just because something “difficult” shows up in one’s natal chart regarding mental illness, learning differences, or anything really, doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will ever manifest that particular difficult or different energy into reality. Though, if the propensity *is* there for mental illness or learning differences to occur, whether or not it actually occurs depends on a number of factors (such as biology, environment, and nurturing), as well as heavier transits hitting the aspect in question, thus activating it. Since I am specifically talking about mental illnesses/mental differences/learning differences, certain aspects made between Mercury and Saturn (specifically the square, opposition and conjunction) seem to cause people some issues in the areas of mental health and information processing/learning. The specific types of issues that these hard aspects between Mercury and Saturn tend to produce are being overly critical of oneself, overly restricting the things that one says, possible learning differences dealing with information processing (though these people are usually very smart regardless), and depression/depressive ways of thinking. This is a trend that I have noticed time and time again, and I suppose the part of me that finds mental health and psychology fascinating wanted to discuss it 

**Just for a bit of reference……Mercury is essentially the mind of the natal chart, where we think and learn in a concrete way, and where we communicate. It is traditionally quick and logical. Saturn tends to represent hard work, perseverance, seriousness, and yes, restriction.
***Also, as a disclaimer, I am in no way, shape, or form saying that people automatically have mental issues and learning differences by default when they have these harder aspects in their natal charts. I’m only saying that the possibility could exist of something like depression occurring in their life if one of these aspects is in the natal chart of the person. Just want to make that part really, really clear.***
***Also as a disclaimer, I am in no way saying that learning differences are mental illnesses, and I never would. I only lump them together here because these harder Mercury/Saturn aspects can cause either/or; this aspect can indicate the possibility of one or both of these manifesting in the life of the native. To know for sure which (or both) are actually a possibility in someone’s life, you would need to take the whole chart into consideration. ***

Mercury/Saturn Conjunction: This conjunction blends the energies of Saturn and Mercury together, and depending on how tight the conjunction is, it may be quite hard to discern them from one another (the tighter the conjunction, the harder this will be). Saturn here can cause Mercury (communication and thought) to be more serious, more focused, and possibly more restricted. This restrictive influence could cause one to really censor what they have to say (and sometimes this could be to the native’s benefit, depending on other aspects in the chart). If it isn’t a good thing though, this can make the person extremely cautious about what they say, how they say it, and who they say things to/speak with in general. There can be issues with communicating anything at all, but especially things dealing with the native themselves, and their own emotions (and this will be magnified even more if the Moon is somehow tied to this conjunction/depending on other aspects). Because this aspect causes one to be more serious-minded, it is important that they stay mentally busy and of productive use. Being overly negative in thought and thought patterns is definitely a possibility here if Saturn isn’t kept productive and the mind is allowed to stay idle too long. All of the above can give the mind more of a depressive bent. But unlike the opposition and the square, all of this will feel natural to the native; there is no tug-of-war or tension feeling with the conjunction aspect.

Mercury/Saturn Opposition: This opposition shows up in people that are incredibly smart, but there may be issues in how you communicate and think about everything that you know and want to share. The ability that you have to censor yourself may not feel as natural here in the sense that there may be a tug-of-war quality about it; there may be times that you know it would be in your best interest to NOT censor yourself, and can see what you need to do to not do this, but there can be issues in actually acheiving this and not doing it. Because of this, I feel that this is the one of these three aspects where anxiety can creep in. There can also be a real tug of war in terms of the way that you process information and learn new things. Mercury wants to learn things quickly and wants to share this newly learned information just as fast, but Saturn here in opposition says “hold up, let me really take in this new information I’ve learned.” While extremely smart, you may not process things quite as quickly or in as fluid a way as other people at times, which can leave you feeling less than. The same thing can be said about the way that you communicate this information; it may be a little slower (and you may even speak slower, more deliberately, when you do speak), as a way of really getting your thoughts across in a clear manner. Too much self-censoring, and feeling less than, can leave you feeling depressed. This possible depressive inclination is exacerbated by the seriousness of the mind here, and it’s inclination to lean more towards the “negative.” Learning to consciously balance the mind here, (kind of consciously allowing Mercury & Saturn to come through at times), as well as giving yourself grace to operate differently from other people (we are all unique!) is key here.

Mercury/Saturn Square: Out of all these aspects, this one is probably the most difficult to have in your natal chart. There is no merging here, no give and take, just pure tension all the time, and one has to learn to live and operate in spite of this tension. Mercury is quick, wanting to take in everything that it can learn and always curious. Saturn never really wants to give in to Mercury here, and is constantly “restricting”. At the same time, Mercury never really wants to slow down enough to appease Saturn. Having this aspect can cause some real issues with a lack of self-confidence, shyness (and possibly even loneliness) due to this lack of self-confidence, negative/depressive thought patterns, and a variety of learning differences. Because of Mercury and Saturn not ever seeing eye to eye here with this aspect, the mind (while again, usually very intelligent), may need extra time to really catch up and process in some way. You may have a different way of needing to learn certain concepts (nothing wrong with that, we’re all different!), and one of the ways to take on the challenge of this aspect is to embrace this about yourself if it happens to be the case in your life. The censoring that you can do to yourself here in regards to how you actually communicate can be crippling. It is massively important for any depression that you may suffer from, or for any intense shyness and loneliness that results from this, that you actually do force yourself to communicate your thoughts to the world. I’m not saying you have to turn into Chatty Cathy with anyone and everyone, but communicating when you have knowledge that you want to share (of which you have oodles), or something that you really want to say…..try just saying it. You could start out doing this with people that love you and have your best interest at heart, and slowly widening your circle. By just dipping your feet into the shallow end of communication, you may find that some of the depression, self-criticism, and loneliness that you may suffer from are alleviated some.

To read more on the subject of mental illness & mental differences in the natal chart, here is the link to a blog post of mine about Mercury/Uranus Hard Aspects:

Saturn in House Overlays Part II or: “I have a lesson for you, bitch.” Houses 7-12

When looking at a particular planet in house overlays, the planet person will be affecting the house person with the energy of that particular planet, primarily in the area of life that the house in question deals with. In the case of this post, we’ll be looking at how Saturn in one person’s chart affects the other person’s chart by way of the house it falls in. Saturn is a teacher (not always an easy teacher, but a teacher none-the-less), and usually the lessons that Saturn has to teach in Synastry have something to do with responsibility, restriction (not all restriction is bad all of the time), maturity, stabilization, and getting serious. Some people need the lessons that the Saturn person is in their lives to teach, and some don’t (it really depends on the natural inclination of the house person). For reference, below is an example of Saturn in House overlays. **This is strictly JUST looking at the energy between Saturn and the house that it falls in in synastry, not taking into account any other aspects (such as other planets in your partner’s house), which, of course will color how you will want to interpret everything.**

Example of Saturn in House Overlays: The inner person’s (in blue) Saturn hitting the 9th House of the outer person (in red). The red person’s Saturn hits the blue person’s 11th house.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 7th House: The lesson that Saturn has to teach here is absolutely about commitment, responsiblity, and staying power in intimate relationships. The synastry aspect of your Saturn falling in your partner’s 7th house can indicate a real responsibility and commitment that the Saturn person will bring out in the house person. Depending on other synastry aspects, these lessons may be welcomed by the house person (which can cause a real lasting and meaningful bond), or Saturn’s energy may feel like an albatross around the house person’s neck. Even if the house person ends up feeling this way, there will still usually be a “sticking and staying power” with this relationship. There could even be a karmic component to this relationship, in terms of the house person really needing to learn these lessons from the Saturn person in this lifetime (or needing to pay back a debt of some kind in these areas of life).

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 8th House: The placement of Saturn falling in your partner’s 8th house can be a difficult one to deal with in synastry (and made even more difficult depending on other aspects). Saturn here is trying to teach the house person how to be more responsible in matters regarding things like shared assets (especially if this is a romantic relationship). Saturn is also trying to teach the house person about letting go (since the 8th house rules over this domain); Saturn kind of tries to clean house here (much like during a Saturn Return), trying to rid the house person of things that no longer serve them. This energy and letting go can be uncomfortable for the house person, especially if they aren’t ready to let these things go. The Saturn person could stir up fears within the house person that they’d rather not face or deal with. Depending on the other synastry aspects, the house person may allow the Saturn energy to do it’s business here, or may fight it tooth and nail.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 9th House: The placement of Saturn here can cause the house person to end up feeling restricted in some way in terms of what they believe and how they expand their horizons (both physically and mentally). Saturn isn’t trying to restrict really, but teach the house person a different (and probably what it feels is a more logical, responsible, and practical) way of thinking about these 9th house matters….though it may feel very stifling to the 9th house person. Depending on other aspects, it could play out where the 9th house person tries to help the Saturn person not be so restrictive in these areas of life. Or it could play out where you both fuse the 9th House and Saturn energies beautifully, coming up with your own unique take on things.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 10th House: Considering there are no major afflictions in the synastry chart, the placement of Saturn here in the other person’s 10th house can be a real powerhouse combination when dealing with matters in the more public spheres of life. The Saturn person can work as a real practical, persevering, and anchoring force behind helping the 10th house person to acheive what they want in their career, in their social standing, and with their public image. This placement could indicate people that work together in some capacity, or if they are in a romantic relationship, definitely have the capacity to work well with one another. If there are some “harsher” aspects between you two in other areas of the synastry chart (or to this house/to Saturn), Saturn falling in your partner’s 10th house can indicate the two of you competing/being rivals of some kind, and causing the house person to work even harder for what they want. Thus, the lesson Saturn here teaches is all about hard work and achievement.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 11th House: The lesson that Saturn tends to teach here has to do with caution in group situations and being “choosy” about who one lets into their circle. Saturn falling in your partner’s 11th house can make the house person more aware and “picky” of who they allow into their friend orbit, causing them to express a certain caution they might not otherwise. It could also lead to some kind of restriction in regards to friends, such as the house person feeling like they can’t be around their friends, or can’t even have friends period (though this would be the most extreme form of this synastry aspect). This may not be a negative thing though, depending on the sorts of influences and friends in the house person’s life. It can also show a deep and committed friendship between the Saturn person and the house person. Like everything though, it all depends on other aspects in the synastry chart as to how this will play out.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 12th House: Saturn falling in your partner’s 12th house can be the ultimate teacher in terms of pulling things from the house person’s psyche/unconscious and into the physical reality. If there are no major 12th house/Saturn afflictions in the synastry chart, this could profoundly benefit the 12th house person (though it may not always feel comfortable). If the 12th house/Saturn are afflicted in the synastry chart, the Saturn person may have more depressive effect on the unconscious mind of 12th house person (such as the 12th house person feels kind of “down” when around the Saturn person, but they can’t really pinpoint why). Personally, I feel like this is a very karmic aspect to have with someone, since Saturn is naturally quite karmic, as is the 12th House. My guess would be that the two of you have some unfinished business of sorts, and depending on other aspects you would be able to tell if that unfinished business will be of the easy or hard variety.

You can find my synopsis for Houses 1-6 here:

Saturn in House Overlays or: “I have a lesson for you, bitch.” Houses 1 -6

Ahhhh, synastry! It’s quite interesting to look at synastry charts between two people, seeing the energy that both people bring into the relationship and how both of their energies interact with one another. I have a real interest in the house overlay part of synastry, which is when you look at a specific planet in your chart (say, Saturn) and see what house it falls inside of in your partner’s chart. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Person A (in blue) has their Saturn hitting the 9th House of Person B (in red,) Person B’s Saturn is hitting Person A’s 11th House. Saturn in both charts is circled in Purple.

When looking at a particular planet in house overlays, the planet person will be affecting the house person with the energy of that particular planet, primarily in the area of life that the house in question deals with. In the case of this post, we’ll be looking at how Saturn in one person’s chart affects the other person’s chart by way of the house it falls in. Saturn is a teacher (not always an easy teacher, but a teacher none-the-less), and usually the lessons that Saturn has to teach in Synastry have something to do with responsibility, restriction (not all restriction is bad all of the time), maturity, stabilization, and getting serious. Some people need the lessons that the Saturn person is in their lives to teach, and some don’t (it really depends on the natural inclination of the house person). **This is strictly JUST looking at the energy between Saturn and the house that it falls in in synastry, not taking into account any other aspects (such as other planets in your partner’s house), which, of course will color how you will want to interpret everything.**

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s First House: You probably have a pretty stabilizing effect on the house person here (whether they want this stabilization is another question entirely). There may be a certain sort of restriction that the house person feels in regards to themselves when you are around. Maybe they feel they can’t be fully themselves in someway around you? Or maybe just by way of being in a relationship with you, the house person becomes more serious, more traditional, and more mature. Regardless of other aspects in the synastry chart to see if the house person considers these positive or negative attributes to acquire, the lesson Saturn teaches here is all about stabilizing and maturing the “self” of the house person.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Second House: You are probably in your partner’s life for many reasons, but a big one will be teaching them lessons about how to really work for what they value, and how to really work for what makes them feel secure. Also, you as the Saturn person could end up being what makes the house person secure, since Saturn has a tendency of acting as an anchor in the house it falls (there may be real security for the house person that you will “stick” around, thus making them secure). You may have a rather stabilizing effect on their financial situation, helping them to obtain what they want financially. Or you may help them to become more responsible in these areas of life and less wanton and devil-may-care.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Third House: I’ve always found this to be a somewhat difficult placement in house overlays, and that’s because Saturn here can cause some restriction in communication for the house person. This restriction can actually be a type of maturity in communication that the Saturn person is teaching in lesson form to the house person (maybe the house person needs to learn this lesson, restriction isn’t always a bad thing). The Saturn person can also cause the house person to think more seriously and more practically, causing a complete shift in their thought process. Or, if the house person is already more serious and realistically minded, it can cause them to go off the deep end with their seriousness and realism (which could cause the house person to become more depressively inclined).

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Fourth House: The lesson that Saturn wants to teach here has to with anchoring one down, and sometimes this is welcome (and sometimes it isn’t). Saturn falling in your partner’s 4th house can either be a really good thing, or a bad thing. You can deeply effect the house person, causing them to feel stable and secure down to their very private core (since the 4th house is the most private part of the natal chart, along with the IC). If you happen to live with the house person, you may be a real stablizing presence in the person’s home life. Depending on other factors in your charts, Saturn falling in your partner’s 4th house could cause the house person to feel restricted at home, or cause them to feel more responsibility towards the home and private life than maybe they would like.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Fifth House: Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 5th house can cause you restrict or mature (depending on the house person and the way you look at it) the house person in areas revolving around self-expression, creativity, and joy. You may help them to become more practical in these areas of their life (such as helping them to be more practical in how they express themselves), or your energy may stifle them (such as stifling their creativity). If the the 5th house person is naturally inclined to gamble or take risks, you may cause them not to do this so much or so often. Children and the idea of having them are usually serious business, and if this is a romantic relationship there could be blockage or delay in this area of life, usually by way of Saturn’s energy on the house person.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Sixth House: Generally, Saturn is pretty comfortable in the 6th in House Overlays. Saturn here usually has a lesson to teach the house person in the areas of work, daily life and personal health. Saturn’s energy here wants to teach the house person to get serious about these areas of life, and to be practical and responsible. And depending on the house person, this could be a very welcome energy into their life. Saturn may help the house person to become serious about taking care of their physical body & health, to persevere while working (and to just work hard in general), and to be responsible in daily life. The one downside that I see here is the possibility of causing the house person to feel criticized in some way, especially if Saturn’s energy in this house isn’t welcome (or necessarily needed).