Ahhhh, synastry! It’s quite interesting to look at synastry charts between two people, seeing the energy that both people bring into the relationship and how both of their energies interact with one another. I have a real interest in the house overlay part of synastry, which is when you look at a specific planet in your chart (say, Saturn) and see what house it falls inside of in your partner’s chart. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Person A (in blue) has their Saturn hitting the 9th House of Person B (in red,) Person B’s Saturn is hitting Person A’s 11th House. Saturn in both charts is circled in Purple.

When looking at a particular planet in house overlays, the planet person will be affecting the house person with the energy of that particular planet, primarily in the area of life that the house in question deals with. In the case of this post, we’ll be looking at how Saturn in one person’s chart affects the other person’s chart by way of the house it falls in. Saturn is a teacher (not always an easy teacher, but a teacher none-the-less), and usually the lessons that Saturn has to teach in Synastry have something to do with responsibility, restriction (not all restriction is bad all of the time), maturity, stabilization, and getting serious. Some people need the lessons that the Saturn person is in their lives to teach, and some don’t (it really depends on the natural inclination of the house person). **This is strictly JUST looking at the energy between Saturn and the house that it falls in in synastry, not taking into account any other aspects (such as other planets in your partner’s house), which, of course will color how you will want to interpret everything.**

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s First House: You probably have a pretty stabilizing effect on the house person here (whether they want this stabilization is another question entirely). There may be a certain sort of restriction that the house person feels in regards to themselves when you are around. Maybe they feel they can’t be fully themselves in someway around you? Or maybe just by way of being in a relationship with you, the house person becomes more serious, more traditional, and more mature. Regardless of other aspects in the synastry chart to see if the house person considers these positive or negative attributes to acquire, the lesson Saturn teaches here is all about stabilizing and maturing the “self” of the house person.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Second House: You are probably in your partner’s life for many reasons, but a big one will be teaching them lessons about how to really work for what they value, and how to really work for what makes them feel secure. Also, you as the Saturn person could end up being what makes the house person secure, since Saturn has a tendency of acting as an anchor in the house it falls (there may be real security for the house person that you will “stick” around, thus making them secure). You may have a rather stabilizing effect on their financial situation, helping them to obtain what they want financially. Or you may help them to become more responsible in these areas of life and less wanton and devil-may-care.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Third House: I’ve always found this to be a somewhat difficult placement in house overlays, and that’s because Saturn here can cause some restriction in communication for the house person. This restriction can actually be a type of maturity in communication that the Saturn person is teaching in lesson form to the house person (maybe the house person needs to learn this lesson, restriction isn’t always a bad thing). The Saturn person can also cause the house person to think more seriously and more practically, causing a complete shift in their thought process. Or, if the house person is already more serious and realistically minded, it can cause them to go off the deep end with their seriousness and realism (which could cause the house person to become more depressively inclined).

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Fourth House: The lesson that Saturn wants to teach here has to with anchoring one down, and sometimes this is welcome (and sometimes it isn’t). Saturn falling in your partner’s 4th house can either be a really good thing, or a bad thing. You can deeply effect the house person, causing them to feel stable and secure down to their very private core (since the 4th house is the most private part of the natal chart, along with the IC). If you happen to live with the house person, you may be a real stablizing presence in the person’s home life. Depending on other factors in your charts, Saturn falling in your partner’s 4th house could cause the house person to feel restricted at home, or cause them to feel more responsibility towards the home and private life than maybe they would like.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Fifth House: Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 5th house can cause you restrict or mature (depending on the house person and the way you look at it) the house person in areas revolving around self-expression, creativity, and joy. You may help them to become more practical in these areas of their life (such as helping them to be more practical in how they express themselves), or your energy may stifle them (such as stifling their creativity). If the the 5th house person is naturally inclined to gamble or take risks, you may cause them not to do this so much or so often. Children and the idea of having them are usually serious business, and if this is a romantic relationship there could be blockage or delay in this area of life, usually by way of Saturn’s energy on the house person.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s Sixth House: Generally, Saturn is pretty comfortable in the 6th in House Overlays. Saturn here usually has a lesson to teach the house person in the areas of work, daily life and personal health. Saturn’s energy here wants to teach the house person to get serious about these areas of life, and to be practical and responsible. And depending on the house person, this could be a very welcome energy into their life. Saturn may help the house person to become serious about taking care of their physical body & health, to persevere while working (and to just work hard in general), and to be responsible in daily life. The one downside that I see here is the possibility of causing the house person to feel criticized in some way, especially if Saturn’s energy in this house isn’t welcome (or necessarily needed).

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