**In this post in the series, we will take the House that the North Node falls in out of the equation and just focus on what it means to have your North Node in a specific sign (and what it means to have the South Node in the polarity sign). Usually with things having to do with the Nodal Axis (and growing into our North Node), a catalyst occurs in our lives that edges us out of the comfort of the South Node and into the uncharted territory of the North. This catalyst could be something major and life changing (such as a death, marriage, or divorce), or even something much more minor. Something will kind of shake us internally, saying “Wake up, fucker. You’re supposed to move beyond this,” whatever the “this” in the situation is. Once this waking up occurs, you will begin to move towards the North Node. Though, in all my years of study, this period of waking up usually doesn’t occur until the person’s first Saturn Return, or after it.**

North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces: If you North Node falls in Virgo, that makes your North Node mission in this lifetime all about growing into routine, work, and service (though not necessarily completely selfless service). There is also supposed to be an emphasis on health, and of really taking care of your physical body and your mind. Learning to be practical, useful, and the idea of “perfection” will all probably come to the forefront. This life is all about living in the physical realm and having your feet planted firmly on the ground in reality. In past lives (or just a past life) with your South Node in Pisces, you were probably less interested in living your lives within the confines of the physical world/physical reality and more in tune and interested in the spiritual and intangible. There may have been a real lack of practicality (or even interest) when it came to everyday affairs and routines, instead focusing on things that were “greater than” and more universal. The service that you performed in the past was probably of the more selfless variety, and you may have either felt that you never got anything in return for this service or you were fine with performing this selfless service because it was for the universal good. Exploring the deepest parts of your own psyche (regardless of what this did to you) was more important than actually taking care of your body and mind in a rational and practical way. You may find that you are more drawn to these South Node themes in this lifetime, for they are usually where we are most comfortable naturally. However, we’re supposed to move away from the South Node (while taking the best parts with us) and evolve into the North Node. To me this placement translates as someone who is able to take the knowledge they feel and know about the universal, about the collective unconscious, and about what is “greater than” and use this to be of service and to help people that really need it in this incarnation. This service won’t be the selfless kind, for you will finally feel that you are getting something in return for your efforts (which will probably be a nice change of pace). You finally get to live your life in a practical way rooted in reality and routine (and this will help to quiet any internal chaos that you may feel from always wanting to dive so deep into your own unconscious & subconscious mind while neglecting your body and mind needs in the physical). Actually, I could see the catalyst here as having something to do with that chaos; maybe the way you are living your life day to day is too unrealistic and impractical, thus forcing you change something. Or maybe there is some kind of health scare from not taking care of your body and mind properly. In either of these hypothetical cases, you are forced to come into reality to deal with something, and thus the evolution into the North Node will begin.

North Node in Pisces/South Node in Virgo: Having your North Node in Pisces makes your North Node mission in this lifetime all about moving out of the world of mundane routine, of the physical, and of day to day reality. There will probably be more emphasis on really understanding and exploring the deepest parts of your psyche on an intangible and unconscious/subconscious level (as well as that of the collective unconscious). The idea of real selfless service was probably important for your soul to understand in this lifetime; the kind of service that you give because you know that it’s for the universal good to give it. Really though, the main part of this mission I feel has to do with becoming connected to the divine, the “greater than,” whatever that looks like and feels like to you, as well as embracing your very intuitive and healing nature. This positioning of the North Node makes spirituality of some sort that resonates with you of the utmost importance (your soul really wanted to understand all of this in this incarnation). With your South Node in Virgo you probably lived past lives (or a past life) strictly in the physical reality, never really caring or having time for exploring the more spiritual and intangible side of things. You cared much more about being practical, useful and efficient. Routines may have been everything to you and you may have really needed to follow one strictly to keep your world from “falling apart.” The same could be said about your physical health; if something wasn’t completely right or perfect with you physically (even something minor), your world was rocked. You definitely enjoyed serving others in previous lives, but it wasn’t just for the act of being of service (you received something in return for the work you put in, be that money or an ego boost or whatever). Even though you may be more comfortable in this lifetime living through these South Node themes (while taking the best parts with you), you are supposed to evolve into the North Node. I see this as manifesting as someone who is able to take all the helpfulness and efficiency that was learned from the Virgo South Node and really apply this into service for the collective good. There could also be a real gift with discernment in regards to seeking out the the notion of the “greater than,” or the divine; because of this discernment, you may be more able than most to really understand what feels true and right for you. It could also have to do with taking all your South Node knowledge in regards to the health of the physical and mental body, and funnel that towards healing other people in a more spiritual and intuitive way. I could definitely see the catalyst here having something to do with a health issue of some kind that doesn’t seem to respond to conventional medicine (nothing fatal, just something that bothers you and never seems to go away), so you seek out alternatitive forms of healing from others or even yourself. Or maybe the catalyst could be something that drastically changes how you view reality (and you possibly needing something more in your life than just reality), so you branch out into the intangible and the spiritual. Either of these situations could easily cause the evolution of the Pisces North Node to begin.



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