Chandra X-Ray Observatory catches a picture of the GC “rejecting food”

**Here is the link to the YouTube video that goes over the same stuff for the people who would rather watch than read stuff**

I wanna talk for a second about the trine aspect to the Galactic Center (GC), because I really do think that THIS planet/Chiron/Major Angle/North or South Node is important in the translation of shit from the GC (bringing this stuff down to Earth), along with being a grounding force for the lightning rod that is the Galactic Anti-Center (GaC). How exactly can the trine (or trines if you have multiple planets & etc. trine the GC) actually translate things from the GC and ground stuff from the GaC? I think a lot of this translation probably has to do with WHAT is trine the GC (and I do think an actual planet or Chiron trine the GC/sextile the GaC gives a “clearer” vehicle for the energy to filter through overall). I say that because the planets and Chiron are tangible bodies in the sky versus the Major Angles and North/South Nodes which are not actual tangible bodies in the sky (still important, though, and can still be utilized).

Since getting more people wanting to be a part of the research this week, the number of people with trines to the GC/sextiles to the GaC has dropped from 89% to 86% (these numbers will bounce around a little bit the more people who decide to participate). From there I decided to break these up into “camps” like I mentioned wanting to do in a previous blog post – the people who have planets/Chiron trine the GC and the people who have the Nodal Axis/Major Angle trine the GC. When I did this, I came back with these percentages:

-Out of all the people who have trines to the GC, I came back with 56% having the North or South Node/Major Angle trine the GC.
-Out of all the people who have trines to the GC, I came back with 44% having a planet or Chiron trine the GC.

This didn’t surprise me, really, since as I was flipping through the charts a week ago, it seemed like more people had a Major Angle or the North/South Node trine the GC than actual planets. I actually figured that there would be a higher percentage of people with this, and a lower percentage of people with planets or Chiron trine the GC. This came back more “equal” than I thought it would. From there though, I broke this down further on the planets/Chiron end of things:
-Percentage of people who have 1 planet or Chiron trine the GC is 59%
-Percentage of people who have 2 planets (or a planet and Chiron) trine the GC is 40 %
-Percentage of people who have 3 planets (or two planets and Chiron) trine the GC is 1%

-I didn’t do a percentage for people that had a planet or Chiron trine the GC and also had a Major Angle and/or North/South Node trine the GC. If you have a planet or Chiron trine the GC, this is what you would want to look at before the North/South Node or the Major Angle (in my opinion).

Here’s what I think happens with the trines to the GC – the more trines that you have to the GC, the more opportunities or “vehicles” that you have do TRANSLATE the GC energy down to Earth (and the more opportunities and/or vehicles you have to “ground” the lightning rod that is the GaC). Most people in the study only have one planet or Chiron trine the GC, meaning that ONE PLANET or CHIRON becomes INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. This planet is one that you really need to understand inside and out since from this lens it both grounds and translates. For instance, since I only have one trine to the GC in my chart, Jupiter Rx, I need to make sure I understand that motherfucker backwards and forwards. If you have more than one planet, or Chiron and a planet trine the GC, this gives you a couple different vehicles to move the GC and the GaC energy through. Depending on what planets (and planet(s) and/or Chiron) that we’re talking about, and taking your whole chart into account/aspects made to these planets/Chiron, you might find that both planets/planets & Chiron make good vehicles for the translation and grounding. You might even find that one planet makes a better vehicle for the GC translation, and the other planet is a better “grounder” for the GaC (I could totally see that happening). You might find that one of the planets or Chiron might not be very good at either of these things, which could cause you to rely solely on the other planet/Chiron. And even though Chiron is “wounding” and “pain,” I actually think that since Chiron DOES seem to have SOME KIND OF AFFINITY for the GC, it could either function as a great translator and grounder, or it could be terrible at it (the verdict is still kind of “out” on this one). This would also depend heavily on what else Chiron is doing in your chart.

If you have a Major Angle or the North/South Node trine the GC, understanding how this functions in your life is pretty important, as is understanding the way the planetary ruler of it functions in your life. For instance, lets say you have your North Node at 26-degrees Leo and this is trine the GC. Understanding your Leo North Node mission seems like it would be incredibly important (and actually MOVING towards this mission would be just as important). You’d also want to pay attention to your Sun and know that fucker inside out (since the Sun is the planetary ruler of Leo). Most people do pay attention to their Sun (I don’t think anyone ignores this, lol), but understanding it by house, sign, and the aspects that it makes seems like it would be SO important in this case. Another for instance – let’s say you had your MC at 26-degrees Aries, trine the GC. Not only would it be really important for you to know how that MC in Aries functions, but you would also want to understand Mars in your natal chart by house, signs, and aspects (since Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries).
-In this hypothetical second example, let’s say Mars is conjunct the GC or the GaC. If it’s conjunct the GC, there is going to be a shit load of energy involved with Mars (and perhaps an amplification or even a warping of it’s energy). I might think that the person who has something like this going on needs to be pretty clear about the “highest and most idealized version of themselves” (that Aries MC) or else it might not be as easy to translate the energy. I might also think something similar for the person who has the Aries MC trine the GC with Mars conjunct the GaC. It does feel like this person could be a little LESS clear (since I’ve mentioned the blinding and space dust around the GaC), though I might think there would be things that would happen to shock that “Mars” into figuring out how to ground itself with the Aries MC.
**This is just kind of spitballing and fucking with ideas here, don’t take any of this as absolute.**

So what happens for the people who lack the trines to the GC/sextiles to the GaC, but yet have a planet (or et. al) conjunct the GC or the GaC (or both)? That I’m not totally sure. It does seem like to NOT have something trine the GC/sextile the GaC to translate and ground, all this energy and shocking and shit doesn’t really have anywhere to go.
-In my mind, for the person with just a conjunction to the GC, it feels like it would be a constant surge of energy hitting the planet (or et. al) conjunct the GC, and then because of all of this energy the GaC is shocked (either just by virtue of all the energy in the GC or because there is an overflow of energy that has to go somewhere). Without a planet conjunct the GaC, this area of life by house gets shocked (it’s still like a lightning attractor even if there is no planet there), but the person may not realize HOW much it gets shocked or even what to do with the “shocking” when it is realized.
-For the person who has a planet (or et. al) conjunct the GC AND the GaC, this person is probably aware of the energy in the GC (even if they aren’t consciously aware of WHY they are aware of the energy) while also being more aware of those “shocks” to the planet conjunct GaC (and I think these people might be more aware since there would actually be a planet conjunct the GaC in this example – an actual “vehicle” to take the lightning strikes). They probably still don’t see this planet completely clear due to the blinding and space dust, but they might feel those strikes to the planet (or et. al) harder. If you have all of this going on, and no trine to the GC to translate/no sextile to ground, it seems like this energy would almost go back and fourth like a loop between the GC and the GaC, and perhaps even having energy kind of lighting up the whole chart. I almost picture something like surges of energy branching out and shocking the entire chart. Thing about this is while the entire chart might get “electrified”, with no clear vehicle to translate and ground, the electrification feels more “spastic” or “uncontrollable”.
– I have to think about this a little more, but I’m inclined to think that for these people it’s probably pretty important that they understand their own Jupiter and Mercury placements by house, signs, and aspects in their chart (since Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius and Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini – this might actually be the best way for them to funnel this energy).
-For the person that has a conjunction to the GC but no conjunction to the GaC (and no trines), I would think that Mercury would probably be really important for that person to understand by sign, house, and aspects for a similar reason.
-Since the bulk of what has been looked at so far has been people that have conjunctions to the GC, those that just have conjunctions to the GaC with no conjunctions to the GC (and no sextiles to the GaC) will have to be pondered on a little bit more. I do think for this person, Jupiter would probably become very important since the GC is in Sagittarius. It would also probably be very important for the person to understand the areas of life which the house that the GC falls in deals.

I also looked at Chiron and the GC connections with the participants thus far because it DOES seem like (and feel like) Chiron has some kind of connection to the GC (just by virtue of Chiron’s mythology and BOTH Chiron & the GC functioning as “bridges” of some kind – here is the blog post where I explored this a little bit). Here are the numbers that I came back with:

-41% of participants had Chiron trine the GC, conjunct the GC, or conjunct the GaC (more people had the conjunction to the GaC than the other two).
-36% of participants had Chiron Retrograde in their natal chart with no connection to the GC
–There was often overlap in these two “camps,” but not always

I also wanted to look at Chiron Retrograde because, like I’ve mentioned before, I do think retrograde planets have an affinity for the GC (Jupiter Rx most of all, but ALL planets (and Chiron) Rx feel like they have a “connection” to the GC energy). The retrograde nature will change the way that a planet or Chiron functions (will turn the energy inward among other things) and it seems like this can happen with planets conjunct the GC, too (or the propensity for this to happen seems very possible). Retrograde motion changes things & the GC changes things. I also have a theory that Chiron Rx probably points to the wounding that Chiron manifests as in this lifetime actually having it’s roots in a previous lifetime regardless of if Chiron has any connections to the Nodal Axis, Pluto/Pluto Polarity Point axis and other past life indicators (the Rx motion alludes to this).
-If Chiron Rx is in the chart of someone who has GC conjunctions/trines/conjunctions to the GaC (even if Chiron isn’t involved in these trines, conjunctions to the GC, or conjunctions to the GaC), it makes me think there would be an amplification of Chiron’s pain and wounding, and perhaps even an amplification to heal Chiron’s wounding from this lifetime and previous ones.
-If Chiron Rx is in a chart and happens to trine the GC, the translation of stuff from the GC feels like it would be both painful and healing (probably painful in ways from this lifetime and others, along with being healing in the same way).
-If Chiron Rx happens to be conjunct the GC, it seems like there would be an amplification and a warping of the pain and wounding from Chiron, but the healing also seems like it could be just as great.
-For the person with Chiron Rx conjunct the GaC, it seems like that Chiron Rx might take a lot of the damage (acting as a lightning rod) and the person may not be aware why that is the case (with Chiron being in the area of the chart that is both blinding and not super clear). How much pain is carried by these people (from this lifetime and others) probably needs to be figured out.
-I would think all of these (Chiron Rx trine/conjunct the GC or conjunct the GaC) would be the case for people with Chiron direct as well, though I do think the Rx motion ends up functioning more strongly in these cases.

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