The Galactic Center ^^^^^ FUCKING MAGNIFICENT
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I have talked about a WHOLE BUNCH OF DIFFERENT stuff regarding the Galactic Center recently on the YouTube channel for Lets Fuck with Astrology – the joint business venture between myself and the other creator of the Star Cards, Natalie (who is probably one the people who has been the dearest to me in my whole life), but the Galactic Center has captivated me for much longer than it might seem that it has. It’s the “mystery” about it that really gets me – and there is something REALLY mysterious about it (probably the fact that we aren’t really sure what is ON the other side of the GC). The GC is said to be a lifeline to other dimensions, a place to contact the other side, and as the Mayan’s liked to call it, “the source of all creation,” among a whole bunch of other shit. It is also thought of as a place where divine inspiration comes from and that the GC can feed one information like “downloads.” And yes, there are definitely some alien theories thrown into all of this (those are a lot of fun, but I think the alien thing is fun to think about, anyway). There is also the idea that it functions like a (hidden) luminary since the Sun actually orbits the GC (the GC is actually one of the reasons our galaxy functions the way that it does). Astrologers like Philip Sedgwick and Paul O. Hewitt have done a lot of work on the GC (more than it seems anyone else really has), but even after reading what work of theirs I can get my hands on, I am left with even more questions than answers. I don’t say this to impugn their work – it’s fantastic! I just think it’s the nature OF the Galactic Center, to beg more questions than it answers.

While I think anyone can access the GC (the GC is in EVERYONE’S chart – right now it’s at 27-degrees 3 minutes Sagittarius), I do think it’s probably BEST accessed by people who have planets conjunct the GC (or a major asteroid or something like that). When a planet is conjunct the GC, it seems like that planet might have the propensity to be given information FROM the GC (for that planet to get information “downloaded” to it) that then needs to be translated/transmuted into a language that we can understand here on Earth (in my last blog post I made mention on how it might be possible to bring the stuff from the GC down to Earth). Even as the planet is being changed, charged, and transformed by the conjunction with the GC, it does seem like divine insight, inspiration, and “downloads” could (and DO) come from the conjunction. I also think this same information can be accessed by people with the oppositions, but I do think the oppositions to the GC are harder for the person to see and feel. This has to do with the area of the sky that the Galactic Anti-Center is in – this is a much calmer part of the sky covered by a bunch of fucking space dust and what seems to be blinded by a very bright star. Applying this science to the idea behind the GaC and the GC, I do feel like the oppositions also get the downloads, but perhaps don’t know what the hell these downloads are (due to the covering and the brightness). I do think these planets get the feelings of these downloads, though (or that’s kind of where my mind is right now). Though I do wonder, if the person has a planet in opposition to the GC (conjunct the GaC), without having a planet conjunct the GC ….. I do think the translation isn’t as clear. Exactly HOW that manifests? Not totally sure about that yet. I do think the opposition will try to make logical and rational sense of what information it is given (the GaC is in Gemini), but the ideas that comes through from the GC aren’t always rational or logical (oftentimes I think they probably aren’t). It seems like just having a planet opposite the GC would cause one to get the information STUCK – so while they receive these “downloads” it feels like they could get, well, stuck or frustrated.
**Unless, perhaps, if a person with only planets opposite the GC/conjunct the GaC have Mercury Rx in their natal chart, and they are actually functioning from the retrograde motion of Mercury (not trying to operate from the direct motion). THIS would probably change things.

This brings me to the next thought about the GC and it’s seeming correlation with retrograde planets. Let me break this one down for you:
-I have mentioned this before in the videos and in writing that the GC feels VERY Uranian (I know I’m not alone in feeling this – there have been other people who have echoed the same sentiment in writing). It’s the electric feeling charge of the GC, the weirdness, and the inevitable change that the GC seems to cause (anything that gets “sucked” into in space WILL be changed). There is also something very Plutonian about the GC too – the transformation element.
-Retrograde planets have a correlation with Uranian energy since ALL retrograde planets POINT towards Uranus/Uranian energy (some of them also point to other planets, too, but there is a pointing towards Uranus with all of them). The reason for this is the “difference” in the way that retrograde planets need to function (and “different” is obviously Uranus territory). I also feel like retrograde planets point towards Pluto, too. So, in that case, retrograde planets point towards two planets that kind of embody the energy of the GC.
-Retrograde planetary motion will turn things inward (making them very personal) while direct motion turns things outwards. So, for instance, Mars retrograde will turn it’s drive inward and will only feel called to take action on things that serve the soul purpose of the person with Mars Rx. Mars direct turns drive and other Martian expressions outward (the things that Mars direct feels driven to do don’t necessarily have to serve the soul purpose).
-It does feel like people who have planets conjunct or opposite the GC, and also have planets retrograde in their chart (regardless of if these planets are conjunct or opposite the GC, or just somewhere in their chart) have better access to the GC energy. People who just have planets conjunct or opposite the GC with little to no retrograde planets in their chart ALSO have easy access to the GC – but I do think Rx planetary motion in the chart somewhere amplifies/electrifies this access. Retrograde planets conjunct or opposite the GC, or with retrograde planets , seem like any combination of the above would cause the person to be on fire with GC energy and be able to actually do something WITH the GC energy.
-Even people who don’t have anything conjunct or opposite the GC, but say, have 3 or more planets retrograde in their chart, probably are more aligned with the energy of the GC. Though without the conjunctions or oppositions to the GC, they may not really know what to do about this alignment with the GC (or even be aware of how much it exists in the first place).

All of this talk about Retrogrades brings me to what I think is probably the most important Rx planet of the bunch to have in the chart to access the GC energy – and that’s Jupiter Rx. Why might this be (or where does this train of thought come from)? Lets talk a little bit about the nature of Jupiter Rx generally in the natal chart:
-Jupiter Rx UNDERSTANDS things in a big picture way, in an intuitive way, before it logically and rationally understands WHY it understands what it understands, why it knows what it knows. THIS sounds incredibly GC to me as is it – understanding things (anything) from an intuitive place first, kind of along the same lines of the GC giving someone an “information download” and then the person needs to “translate” or “transmute” this information in a way that actually makes sense in real life.
-Jupiter Rx needs to work from backwards motion to figure out why it knows what it knows to be true. This means when someone has Jupiter Rx in their natal chart, they already have a good handle on the big picture from an intuitive place – they already “know things”. What they HAVE to do is break that shit down backwards, piece by piece, to make logical and rational sense of what it is they already know.
-Jupiter Rx is the only planet that points towards an inner planet – it points towards Mercury (while also pointing towards Uranus and even Pluto). I didn’t really know a better way to word this, lol, but most of the other planets point towards just Uranus or Pluto. The only exception here is Mercury Rx, which points towards Jupiter (along with Uranus and Pluto). Either way, Jupiter Rx is the ONLY planet that points to one of the most inner planets in our solar system.
-Quite literally, Jupiter Rx needs to bring what it already knows and intuits “down to Earth,” down to a logical and rational place, to make sense of it. This is very much HOW the GC itself seems to function.

There does seem to be correlations between having Jupiter Rx in the natal chart and being able to access the GC (even if Jupiter doesn’t make an aspect/contact with the GC). I also think Jupiter Rx people, even if they don’t have a conjunction or opposition with the GC, have an amplified affinity to the GC and it’s energy. I do think that if the Jupiter Rx person HAS a planetary conjunction or opposition to the GC (Jupiter Rx or another planet/other planets), this AMPLIFIES the affinity for the GC even further. Still though, the nature of both the GC and Jupiter Rx is to translate things down to planet Earth, so I think all of this is done in a much more fluid way (fluid doesn’t mean easy in this case, lol) when the person ALSO has a trine to the GC….the trine allowing the translation of information to make sense on planet Earth (the trine aspect is kind of where my mind is in how to bring this down to Earth….or one of the ways).
-As is the nature with Rx planets in the natal chart, if the person with Jupiter Rx is trying to function from the direct motion of Jupiter, the translation of stuff from the GC seems like it would be exponentially harder. When one has Jupiter Rx in the natal chart, but tries to function from direct motion, this tends to manifest as someone who just knows what they know, who understands what they understand, but they never try to make any damn sense of this in the real world. This can cause the person to not feel as intelligent as other people or like they don’t have as much to contribute to conversations with other people (because they don’t try to make sense of what they do know so they feel like they don’t make as much sense to other people). It can also manifest as someone who is so scattered with what their ideas of personal truth are (taking in too much from other people in this way) – and getting their own beliefs and truth fucked up & confused with that of other people.

Even though I do feel that Jupiter Rx is the most important planet to have retrograde in the chart to access the GC energy, all of the retrograde planets seem important in their own way. One planet that also feels really important, though also feels like it could be incredibly difficult to have Rx in the chart if the person was trying to work from the direct motion of the planet in regards to the GC, is Mercury Rx. Mercury Rx is the only other planet that points towards a planet that isn’t a transpersonal planet since it also points to Jupiter. Mercury takes in information and Jupiter assimilates and understands that information. When Mercury is Rx, the person takes in a bunch of information (much of which functions like noise), and the person needs to be taking each piece of information piece by piece in order to see the big picture (Jupiter). As they take the information they are taking in step by step, piece by piece, they are able to better tune out all the “noise” so that they can see that big picture. These people also need to be trusting their intuition about what information actually matters to them (and their soul purpose) in the first place. When Mercury Rx people are functioning FROM the retrograde motion, they can be very in-tune with the GC energy. When they aren’t functioning from the retrograde motion, and trying to function from direct motion, it seems that they would be too scattered (and in too much of a state of information overload) that being able to see the big picture and trust their intuition would be incredibly difficult. Intuition and the Big Picture are Galactic Center notions (among other things).
**Just as I think when Mercury Rx people are functioning from the Rx planetary motion they can be very in-line with the GC, I think Jupiter Rx people, when functioning from the Rx motion of Jupiter, are able to also be very in-tune with the Galactic Anti-Center. Mercury Rx people, on the other hand, might be more aligned with the GaC naturally, while Jupiter Rx people feel more aligned with the GC.

All of these ideas have come from the research that has been conducted thus far on the subreddit letsfuckwithastrology through the GC questionnaire (and if you wanna be a part of the research reach out and let me know – I’ll email you the survey!). These ideas have also come from looking at the charts of well known “whistleblowers” or truth-tellers – and there does seem to be an undeniable affinity with the GC and people that are known for truth telling and whistleblowing. I will go over this in the next article more (the connection with whistleblowers and the GC). While the GC definitely seems to deal with getting information “downloads,” with divine inspiration and insight, and probably functions as some kind of telephone line to the source of all creation, it also deals quite a bit with searching for truth and needing to make that truth known. Probably KNOWING what the truth is about different situations, but having to translate this truth into a way that’s understandable here on Earth. Sagittarius is the truth seeker, and since this is where the GC falls, it does make sense. A “weird” relationship with the truth seems just as possible – perhaps you might also find people that have a compulsive need to tell the truth (even when they don’t want to), people that have a strange way of defining what truth is (and what truth needs to be told), and even people who already know WHAT the truth is about any given situation but would rather keep their head in the sand and not be able to translate it. Any of those also seem possible, too. I’m still playing with ideas, lol. It would also depend heavily WHAT the chart looks like as to how the GC might function in an individuals chart.

***Another kind of planetary energy that also feels like it could be very in-tune with the GC are the Out of Bounds (OOB) planets. I have an article here about what OOB planets are and how they function (and how to find out if you have any in your chart). Out of Bounds planets, since their orbit is no longer under the domain of the Sun, ALSO feel rather Uranian in nature (and as I mentioned earlier, the GC is very Uranian, too). More research will need to be done in this particular area to see how much this actually fits.

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