Galactic Center Thoughts part XXII

**Here is a video that I made about the same thing, for all of you that would rather watch than read**

I haven’t done any percentages lately about different things I’ve been looking at in regards to the Galactic Center (things that feel like they tie in with the GC but seem to function as a “amplifier” to the GC for people who are already inclined to the way that the GC functions). So, lol, I figured I would do a post about THIS very thing and show what I’ve come up with THUS far.

I have talked about Jupiter Retrograde throughout this whole study and how I feel like it has a natural affinity with the way that the GC functions. Jupiter (retrograde or direct) has a tie with the GC energy since the GC falls in Sagittarius, but Jupiter Retrograde does feel like it has a special place here. I decided to take Mercury Rx out of this (in the original percentages I was lumping Jupiter Rx and Mercury Rx shit together which I shouldn’t have done). I haven’t fucked with Mercury Rx this go around (though I’m sure I will in future percentage calculations). Instead, this time around I was looking for the percentage of people who have Jupiter Rx (or were born during the shadow period) and/or Jupiter involved with the GC in some way (via conjunction, opposition, trine, or even the square….though I’m still not quite sure WHAT to do with the squares yet). The percentage that I came back for this was 63% – meaning 63% of people have Jupiter Rx (or born in the shadow period) and/or have Jupiter (direct or Rx) making one of the aspects mentioned before to the GC (and the planet conjunct the GC). I found that 37% of participants do not have Jupiter Rx (or born under the shadow period) and don’t have Jupiter making an aspect to the planet conjunct the GC or to the GC itself.
To break this down even further:
-69% of these people have Jupiter Rx (or were born during the shadow period)
-31% of these people have Jupiter (either direct or Rx) making an aspect to the GC and planet conjunct the GC.

To keep going with the Jupiter thing for a minute, I wanted to look and see how many people had aspects between Jupiter and Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn, and Jupiter and Uranus in their charts. The bounds for this part of the study are simple – it didn’t matter if Jupiter is direct or Rx, or if any of these objects mentioned make contacts with the GC. Since everyone in the study will have SOMETHING conjunct the GC (so far, anyway), I was just curious what the different contacts looked like between these planets (and asteroid) across the different charts. The aspects that I was taking into consideration here are the conjunction, trine, sextile, opposition, square, and quincunx.
**Jupiter/Chiron Aspects**
-66% of people in the study thus far have Jupiter making an aspect with Chiron
-34% of people in the study thus far did not have Jupiter making an aspect with Chiron
**Jupiter/Saturn Aspects**
-57% of people in the study thus far have Jupiter making an aspect with Saturn
-43% of people in the study thus far don’t have Jupiter making aspect with Saturn
**Jupiter/Uranus Aspects**
-61% of the people in the study thus far have Jupiter making an aspect with Uranus
-39% of the people in this study thus far don’t have Jupiter making an aspect with Uranus

Bringing up the topic of aspects for just a second, I think in the next go-around of percentages to see where things stand, I will be looking at some minor aspects (like the septile, noville, vigintile, etc.). Specifically, I think I will probably focus on the planet (or planets) conjunct the GC and if that planet also happens to make one of these more minor aspects with another planet in the chart.

I also took a look at Chiron – both to see how many people have Chiron direct and Chiron Rx and to see how many people have Chiron making an aspect to the GC (conjunction, trine, opposition, and square are what I was looking at here). This is what I came back with:
-50% of people have Chiron Rx SOMEWHERE in the natal chart (doesn’t have to be involved with the GC). The other 50% of people have Chiron direct.
-54% of people have Chiron (either direct or Rx) making one of the aspects mentioned above to the GC.
-46% of people have Chiron (either direct or Rx) NOT making one of the aspects mentioned above to the GC.
–Chiron here should be thought of an an amplifier for the GC energy. While it’s energy certainly ties in with the GC, I think in order for Chiron (direct or Rx) to amplify the GC, something needs to be conjunct or opposite the GC in the first place. I would think that Chiron Rx would serve as a greater amplifier in these cases, since Rx energy ALSO seems to have an affinity for the GC.

Retrograde planets were the next thing that I wanted to revisit. I looked at these from a couple of different angles, the first of which being the charts of people I would consider to be “retrograde heavy.” When I think of a retrograde heavy chart, I think of someone who has their chart ruler retrograde, or someone who has 3 or more planets retrograde in their chart (things like this make me think “ah, this person has a retrograde heavy chart”). Since everyone in the study thus far has a planet conjunct the GC, I was curious how many of these people would be considered Rx heavy. This is what I came up with:
-60% of people have retrograde heavy charts
-40% of people don’t have retrograde heavy charts (even if they have one or two planets retrograde somewhere)
–I was curious to see how many retrograde heavy people may have been drawn to take part in this research, lol, since there does seem to be an affinity between retrograde planets and the GC.
From here I wanted to look at the percentage of people who have a retrograde planet conjunct the GC. I have mentioned before some thoughts about this; while the GC seems to have an affinity for retrograde energy, I do wonder WHAT happens to planets conjunct the GC that are retrograde. Does this amplify the retrograde feeling of the planet, or does it do something along the lines of “turning” the planet direct? I could see either of these being a possibility. These are the numbers I came back for this:
-68% of people had only direct planets (or a direct planet) conjunct the GC
-32% of people had at least one retrograde planet conjunct the GC

I also wanted to look at planets Out of Bounds, and how many people have Out of Bounds planets in their natal charts (since I do think that OOB planets might amplify the energy of the GC IF there is already a planet conjunct the GC, or opposing the GC). These are the numbers that I came up with:
-28% of people have NO Out of Bounds planets in their chart
-72% of people have at least 1 planet OOB in their chart
–From the percentage of people that have at least one planet OOB, I broke this down further:
-48% of people have 1 planet OOB
-42% of people have 2 planets OOB
-10% of people have 3 planets OOB
-No participants had more than 3 planets OOB
From there I wanted to look and see how many people had their OOB planet (or planets) conjunct the GC. For this, all the planets that someone has OOB didn’t have to be conjunct the GC (I was just looking to see if at least one OOB planet was conjunct the GC for the cases of people having multiple OOB planets). Here are the numbers I found:
-79% of people that have OOB planets have at least one OOB planet conjunct the GC
-21% of people have OOB planets that make no conjunction to the GC

Galactic Center Thoughts part XIX

**Here is the video that goes along with this post**

I have been thinking about several different things recently in connection to the Galactic Center – this blog post might feel like it’s kind of all over the fucking place, but I will try to streamline it the best way I can.
**Just as a general disclaimer, I am in no way, shape or form claiming to be an expert on the GC. While at this point I do feel like I have a somewhat decent handle on how it functions in a natal chart, I am in no way saying that I am absolutely correct about any of this. I am literally just fucking with astrology here and tossing out some ideas.**

The first thought that came to my mind recently has to do with retrograde planets and how retrograde motion and the GC change the way that a planet functions. Retrograde motion DOES seem to have an affinity for the Galactic Center due to this changing of the way planets function. However, I got to thinking about this a little bit more, specifically retrograde planets being conjunct the GC – what the hell happens here? I mean, since the GC changes things, it almost seems like a planet that happened to be conjunct the GC that was Rx might actually find itself functioning from direct motion (almost like the GC changes that planet from retrograde to direct). None of the planets that I have conjunct the GC are retrograde, so I don’t have any personal experience in this area. I might be reaching out to some of you all soon that have Rx planets conjunct the GC to see HOW those planets most naturally function? Does the meaning of the planet retrograde seem to feel more “right” to you, or do you feel like the planet naturally functions from direct motion (even if it is Rx).
-On the total flip side of this, I could see the Retrograde motion of a planet being conjunct the GC actually ending up being amplified (I wouldn’t rule it out going this way, either).
-What got me thinking about this in the first place is how retrograde planets seem to jive better with the energy of the sign where it would usually find itself in detriment (for instance, Mercury Retrograde might actually do better in Sagittarius, where Mercury is traditionally in detriment, rather than Gemini…where Mercury Rx feels fucking noisy). I started to think about this possible change, and it got me to thinking about what the GC might do to Rx planets that happen to be conjunct it. The verdict is still out on this one, but damn is my mind buzzing lol.

I also wanted to toss out an idea about what I mean when I talk about the GC being a place where “downloads” come from. I do think that these “downloads” are probably the strongest when there is something conjunct the GC (like a planet or Chiron – something tangible in the sky). I have made mention before that the GC could be where “downloads” come from other entities (like E.T.’s, spirit guides, etc), but I want to toss another idea out there – what if the downloads are coming from one’s “higher self” in some cases? Let me explain where I’m coming from (and just for the record, you don’t have to agree with what I’m about to say):
-It is my belief that when we incarnate on this Earth, in this life (or any lifetime), that we leave some our soul in what I call the “in-between” to “charge.” I don’t think we ever bring our WHOLE soul into an incarnation (except MAYBE when we are in our very first incarnation and our very last incarnation). Normally we may only need to bring 50% of our soul, 20% of our soul, 95% of our soul, etc. in any given incarnation. How much of our soul we bring into each lifetime probably depends heavily on WHAT we hoped to accomplish in each incarnation (some incarnations might take more “soul power” to get through, while others might take much less). So some of us is left in the in-between to charge. While we’re up there charging or whatever word you want to use, I think this “higher self” does try to reach out to the parts of our soul here on Earth in 3D physical form. The GC might very well be a way that our higher selves are able to contact our current forms, and having planet conjunct the GC might be a vehicle for this contact between the two parts of us to come together. Perhaps the planetary archetype gives some clues as to what kind of contact needs to be made.
**I still think it’s possible that the GC is also a lifeline to things outside of our higher selves – E.T.’s, other spirit guides, etc. This was just ONE possibility that I don’t think I had touched on yet, and I had meant to a while back.
**Sagittarius energy, where the GC falls, is half man/half horse, half on the ground and half head in the clouds. THIS right here feels very higher self/current physical self in nature as it is.

Galactic Center Musings Part VI

If you are more of a watcher than a reader, here is a youtube video that covers similar stuff

What exactly IS the truth? Really, think about this question. Because if you really think about it, the truth is a very relative thing to the person who finds something to be true. I only bring this particular notion up since in today’s musings about the Galactic Center, I will be exploring some people who are known for their truth seeking, but not everyone who hears what they have to say (or reads what they write) thinks they are telling the truth (or thinks the truth they are seeking/finding is actually true). Some people think they’re fucking crazy crackpots. Y’all probably already know where I’m going with this, lol.

Yes – today I will be looking at some well-known “conspiracy theorists” (I fucking hate that term) and correlations with the GC. Why do I hate that term? Because it’s fucking dismissive of anything that questions the official narrative that is sold off to us at the highest dollar. You start asking questions that don’t align with official stance on things, and you’re given the label of “(crazy) conspiracy theorist” to shut you up. Even when the official narrative on things makes NO fucking sense (lolololol like JFK’s assassination and the magic bullet theory?! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!! Does anyone actually buy that bullshit still?) I guess if you are the sort to buy that theory, lol, probably just stop reading now – this post will probably just piss you off.
**Full disclosure: I am *a little bit* of a “conspiracy theorist” myself. No, I don’t subscribe to the “flat Earth” conspiracy theories, nor am I the least bit interested in that dumb ass QANON shit. However, there are most definitely things that should be questioned that we are told to be true. Really, for the type of conspiracy theorist I am, I prefer the term “critical and free thinker.” I don’t think along party lines – we’ll keep it at that (you won’t find an echo chamber here).

I also want to mention as a disclaimer: These people that I am going to talk about….I don’t necessarily agree with some (or any) of the things that they do or say (or have done and/or said). They just have some GC contacts and are known for “seeking truth” (or being involved in the conspiracy community in some way). Truth seeking, questioning, and ultimately understanding is just VERY GC in nature (or feels that way to me, anyway).

I also want to bring up quickly, because I know that I have mentioned this before – the GC also seems to function a little like Out of Bound Planets do (or planets, etc. conjunct the GC seem like they *could* be charged in a similar way to Out of Bounds planets). Out of Bounds planets dance to the beat of their own drummer, and can function in a whole myriad of ways – like the genius, like the renegade, like madness, like the weirdo, etc. The way an Out of Bounds planet might function is really dependent on the whole chart and the contacts that the OOB planet makes in the chart. There is a very Uranian flavor to these planets, much in the same way that there is a Uranian flavor to the GC. To me they feel very very similar (or at least SOME kind of similarity).

The natal chart above belongs to Alex Jones who is a well known conspiracy theorist with his websites and He has no time of birth on record, so I have just set the chart to 12 pm (this will work fine for this purpose). Love him or hate him (or don’t know WHAT to make of him), he is well known for “seeking his truth” – along with going on rants about gay frogs and men with demonic mustaches (which, honestly, might be one of the funniest things ever – the mustache rant). He has been correct about some things (exposing Bohemian Grove comes to mind first) and questioning the 9/11 narrative early on (which, lol, absolutely DESERVES to be questioned). He has also said some really atrocious things as well (the shit about Sandy Hook – though, to his credit, he has apologized for this several times….the damage has been done though and I get why people don’t want to let this one of his go – it was pretty atrocious).

As you can see, he has some GC contacts. He has the North Node conjunct the Galactic Center (this is a fucking tight ass conjunction). His Jupiter is NOT Rx (and he’s also not born under the shadow period) – so I’m not sure HOW much intuition actually plays into him and his seeking for truth. With that North Node in Sag (conjunct the GC), part of his soul mission definitely seems to deal with the quest for truth and understanding, but he might not let intuition guide him enough on this quest like he should (and maybe if he had, he wouldn’t have gone off about some of the things that he has gone off about). There is also a protective element that I have mentioned about Jupiter Rx in relation to charts with GC contacts – having stuff conjunct the GC (both a “charging” element and protective), having Jupiter Rx (intuitive and protective), and having a trine to/from the GC (where GC stuff is translated “down to Earth”) does seem to allow GC inclined people to fair better in their quest for truth and exposing of the truth (or anything related to the GC) than those that are missing one of the before mentioned. Him NOT having Jupiter Rx does seem to cause him to lack the “protection” necessary to make his truth known, and even an intuitive element. When I say “protection” here, I mean he has been slaughtered via the press and pretty much canceled everywhere – that protective element just doesn’t seem to be here in his case. He also has a trine to the GC, Chiron @ 17 Aries 19. This is a wide trine, but is within the window of degrees that I’m looking at right now (roughly 16-degrees Aries to 6-degrees Taurus & 16-degrees Leo to 6-Virgo in his case, or 10-degrees applying/separating from an exact trine with the GC). Chiron trine the GC is interesting because I knee-jerk feel like the “translation” or “bringing the GC stuff” down to Earth would be painful in some way in his case (even if it’s what he’s supposed to do, there does seem to be something “painful” about it just because of Chiron’s involvement). He also has the opposition to the GC (both the South Node and Saturn are opposite the GC/conjunct the Galactic Anti-Center (GaC)), which as I’ve mentioned before seems to make the individual pretty polarizing (having planets BOTH conjunct the GC and conjunct the GaC seems to do this) – and this label of being polarizing definitely fits him well. Just having a planet conjunct the GaC without a conjunction to the GC ALSO seems to make an individual very polarizing as well.

This natal chart belongs to Donald Trump. Not well known for being a part of the conspiracy community before taking office, while in office he definitely seemed to acquire this label (especially since he kind of egged on the QANON shit…which, by the way, is some of the dumbest conspiracy shit ever and one big giant psy-op). While I’m not personally sure how truthful a lot of what he said actually was (though, lol, HE seemed to think what he was saying was truthful), he did bring some important things to the attention of the people. Specifically here I’m thinking about his “fake news” shit he would say (and probably still does say). Now, I do think THIS part he was on the right track about but he didn’t SAY this correctly. If he would’ve said “ALL news is fake” (and, honestly, to a certain extent I think that is true….media stations are well aware of their bases much like politicians, and deliver the new accordingly), I might have been able to get on board with this one particular thing he would say (not with the rest of the bullshit he did or said, just this particular thing). Instead though, he would call all news fake that wasn’t more conservatively aligned (spoiler alert – that shit is “fake” too) – he needed be calling their asses out too (Fox News and everything like it)…..but he knew intuitively it didn’t serve him to do this (he, too, knew how to pander to his base).

Let’s talk about Teflon Don’s chart for a second (and this nickname does actually seem to fit him – nothing ever seems to stick to him, and nothing probably will). He has his Moon conjunct the GC along with the South Node. He is VERY well acquainted with the energy of the GC, and even more so since he has Jupiter Rx in his chart. He ALSO has a trine to the GC, Mars @ 26 Leo 48 (which is conjunct his Ascendant). Having all three of these makes me think that he has an element of “protection” (specifically the Jupiter Rx thing and conjunction to the GC) which allows him “safe passage” to seek his “truth” and share his “truth” out with the rest of the world (even if that “truth” isn’t something that is even true….like I mentioned at the start of this article, truth really is relative – I know we’d like to THINK some things are true universally, but that just isn’t the case most of the time). I won’t lie, lol, I find it a little annoying how “protected” he seems to be in this case. He also has planets opposing the GC, the Sun, North Node, and Uranus. This adds the polarization element to his character, which, lol, absolutely fits. Some people really love him, and some people really hate him. Regardless of HOW you feel about him, he definitely questioned things (which, I think, DID cause other people to question things, too, for better or worse – on BOTH sides of the aisle and all the shades of gray in-between that aisle).

This chart belongs to Bill Cooper, who is known for writing the book “Behold a Pale Horse,” in which he warned of a bunch of different global conspiracies (everything from AIDS, “targeting” of certain races, and aliens). He doesn’t have anything conjunct the GC, but he does have Venus opposite the GC (Venus conjunct the GaC) which gives him the polarization element that I’ve mentioned I think occurs with people who have the oppositions to the GC. He is also NOT born under Jupiter Rx, and lacking BOTH a conjunction to the GC AND Jupiter Rx does make me feel like he lacks the “protection” necessary to be able to bring the GC stuff out into the world via “safe passage.” He DOES have TWO trines to the GC, the Ascendant is trine the GC @ 3 Taurus 46 (it’s wide, but it’s there) AND Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is what is conjunct the GaC/opposite the GC (which seems to “heighten” the GC contact here). He also has a trine from the GC to Chiron @ 23 Leo 07 and the North Node @ 20 Leo 53. These trines give him a way to translate the GC truth seeking down to Earth, but it seems he might not have had the “safe passage” needed to do so, well, safely. Venus being conjunct the GaC (but nothing actually conjunct the GC) seems to charge Venus – but the charge is different with the oppositions to the GC. Planets conjunct the GC feel directly charged, whereas planets opposite the GC also seem charged but not directly (or maybe they ARE directly charged….but they are blinded and “clouded” over with light and space dust). Still trying to figure THAT part of the equation out, lol.
**I make the safe passage comment here because he actually ended up dying (some people think the circumstances of his death are weird….or rather, some people think the backstory to the reason that he died is weird). He had a warrant out for his arrest for tax evasion, though he claimed this wasn’t the case and he was really being targeted for “exposing” some of the conspiracies that he exposed. He had been evading this warrant, and Apache County Sherrif’s deputies went to his home to arrest him on a completely different charge (something having to do with an aggravated assault – honestly I’m not real clear on the details) and he ended up getting killed the crossfire (while taking down one of the deputies with him). Would it surprise me if he was “targeted” for writing that book? Not in the least. Would it surprise me if he were really paranoid (or something like that)? Not in the least.

Galactic Center Thoughts Part III (or some shit)

The Galactic Center ^^^^^ FUCKING MAGNIFICENT
(photo credit – NASA)

I have talked about a WHOLE BUNCH OF DIFFERENT stuff regarding the Galactic Center recently on the YouTube channel for Lets Fuck with Astrology – the joint business venture between myself and the other creator of the Star Cards, Natalie (who is probably one the people who has been the dearest to me in my whole life), but the Galactic Center has captivated me for much longer than it might seem that it has. It’s the “mystery” about it that really gets me – and there is something REALLY mysterious about it (probably the fact that we aren’t really sure what is ON the other side of the GC). The GC is said to be a lifeline to other dimensions, a place to contact the other side, and as the Mayan’s liked to call it, “the source of all creation,” among a whole bunch of other shit. It is also thought of as a place where divine inspiration comes from and that the GC can feed one information like “downloads.” And yes, there are definitely some alien theories thrown into all of this (those are a lot of fun, but I think the alien thing is fun to think about, anyway). There is also the idea that it functions like a (hidden) luminary since the Sun actually orbits the GC (the GC is actually one of the reasons our galaxy functions the way that it does). Astrologers like Philip Sedgwick and Paul O. Hewitt have done a lot of work on the GC (more than it seems anyone else really has), but even after reading what work of theirs I can get my hands on, I am left with even more questions than answers. I don’t say this to impugn their work – it’s fantastic! I just think it’s the nature OF the Galactic Center, to beg more questions than it answers.

While I think anyone can access the GC (the GC is in EVERYONE’S chart – right now it’s at 27-degrees 3 minutes Sagittarius), I do think it’s probably BEST accessed by people who have planets conjunct the GC (or a major asteroid or something like that). When a planet is conjunct the GC, it seems like that planet might have the propensity to be given information FROM the GC (for that planet to get information “downloaded” to it) that then needs to be translated/transmuted into a language that we can understand here on Earth (in my last blog post I made mention on how it might be possible to bring the stuff from the GC down to Earth). Even as the planet is being changed, charged, and transformed by the conjunction with the GC, it does seem like divine insight, inspiration, and “downloads” could (and DO) come from the conjunction. I also think this same information can be accessed by people with the oppositions, but I do think the oppositions to the GC are harder for the person to see and feel. This has to do with the area of the sky that the Galactic Anti-Center is in – this is a much calmer part of the sky covered by a bunch of fucking space dust and what seems to be blinded by a very bright star. Applying this science to the idea behind the GaC and the GC, I do feel like the oppositions also get the downloads, but perhaps don’t know what the hell these downloads are (due to the covering and the brightness). I do think these planets get the feelings of these downloads, though (or that’s kind of where my mind is right now). Though I do wonder, if the person has a planet in opposition to the GC (conjunct the GaC), without having a planet conjunct the GC ….. I do think the translation isn’t as clear. Exactly HOW that manifests? Not totally sure about that yet. I do think the opposition will try to make logical and rational sense of what information it is given (the GaC is in Gemini), but the ideas that comes through from the GC aren’t always rational or logical (oftentimes I think they probably aren’t). It seems like just having a planet opposite the GC would cause one to get the information STUCK – so while they receive these “downloads” it feels like they could get, well, stuck or frustrated.
**Unless, perhaps, if a person with only planets opposite the GC/conjunct the GaC have Mercury Rx in their natal chart, and they are actually functioning from the retrograde motion of Mercury (not trying to operate from the direct motion). THIS would probably change things.

This brings me to the next thought about the GC and it’s seeming correlation with retrograde planets. Let me break this one down for you:
-I have mentioned this before in the videos and in writing that the GC feels VERY Uranian (I know I’m not alone in feeling this – there have been other people who have echoed the same sentiment in writing). It’s the electric feeling charge of the GC, the weirdness, and the inevitable change that the GC seems to cause (anything that gets “sucked” into in space WILL be changed). There is also something very Plutonian about the GC too – the transformation element.
-Retrograde planets have a correlation with Uranian energy since ALL retrograde planets POINT towards Uranus/Uranian energy (some of them also point to other planets, too, but there is a pointing towards Uranus with all of them). The reason for this is the “difference” in the way that retrograde planets need to function (and “different” is obviously Uranus territory). I also feel like retrograde planets point towards Pluto, too. So, in that case, retrograde planets point towards two planets that kind of embody the energy of the GC.
-Retrograde planetary motion will turn things inward (making them very personal) while direct motion turns things outwards. So, for instance, Mars retrograde will turn it’s drive inward and will only feel called to take action on things that serve the soul purpose of the person with Mars Rx. Mars direct turns drive and other Martian expressions outward (the things that Mars direct feels driven to do don’t necessarily have to serve the soul purpose).
-It does feel like people who have planets conjunct or opposite the GC, and also have planets retrograde in their chart (regardless of if these planets are conjunct or opposite the GC, or just somewhere in their chart) have better access to the GC energy. People who just have planets conjunct or opposite the GC with little to no retrograde planets in their chart ALSO have easy access to the GC – but I do think Rx planetary motion in the chart somewhere amplifies/electrifies this access. Retrograde planets conjunct or opposite the GC, or with retrograde planets , seem like any combination of the above would cause the person to be on fire with GC energy and be able to actually do something WITH the GC energy.
-Even people who don’t have anything conjunct or opposite the GC, but say, have 3 or more planets retrograde in their chart, probably are more aligned with the energy of the GC. Though without the conjunctions or oppositions to the GC, they may not really know what to do about this alignment with the GC (or even be aware of how much it exists in the first place).

All of this talk about Retrogrades brings me to what I think is probably the most important Rx planet of the bunch to have in the chart to access the GC energy – and that’s Jupiter Rx. Why might this be (or where does this train of thought come from)? Lets talk a little bit about the nature of Jupiter Rx generally in the natal chart:
-Jupiter Rx UNDERSTANDS things in a big picture way, in an intuitive way, before it logically and rationally understands WHY it understands what it understands, why it knows what it knows. THIS sounds incredibly GC to me as is it – understanding things (anything) from an intuitive place first, kind of along the same lines of the GC giving someone an “information download” and then the person needs to “translate” or “transmute” this information in a way that actually makes sense in real life.
-Jupiter Rx needs to work from backwards motion to figure out why it knows what it knows to be true. This means when someone has Jupiter Rx in their natal chart, they already have a good handle on the big picture from an intuitive place – they already “know things”. What they HAVE to do is break that shit down backwards, piece by piece, to make logical and rational sense of what it is they already know.
-Jupiter Rx is the only planet that points towards an inner planet – it points towards Mercury (while also pointing towards Uranus and even Pluto). I didn’t really know a better way to word this, lol, but most of the other planets point towards just Uranus or Pluto. The only exception here is Mercury Rx, which points towards Jupiter (along with Uranus and Pluto). Either way, Jupiter Rx is the ONLY planet that points to one of the most inner planets in our solar system.
-Quite literally, Jupiter Rx needs to bring what it already knows and intuits “down to Earth,” down to a logical and rational place, to make sense of it. This is very much HOW the GC itself seems to function.

There does seem to be correlations between having Jupiter Rx in the natal chart and being able to access the GC (even if Jupiter doesn’t make an aspect/contact with the GC). I also think Jupiter Rx people, even if they don’t have a conjunction or opposition with the GC, have an amplified affinity to the GC and it’s energy. I do think that if the Jupiter Rx person HAS a planetary conjunction or opposition to the GC (Jupiter Rx or another planet/other planets), this AMPLIFIES the affinity for the GC even further. Still though, the nature of both the GC and Jupiter Rx is to translate things down to planet Earth, so I think all of this is done in a much more fluid way (fluid doesn’t mean easy in this case, lol) when the person ALSO has a trine to the GC….the trine allowing the translation of information to make sense on planet Earth (the trine aspect is kind of where my mind is in how to bring this down to Earth….or one of the ways).
-As is the nature with Rx planets in the natal chart, if the person with Jupiter Rx is trying to function from the direct motion of Jupiter, the translation of stuff from the GC seems like it would be exponentially harder. When one has Jupiter Rx in the natal chart, but tries to function from direct motion, this tends to manifest as someone who just knows what they know, who understands what they understand, but they never try to make any damn sense of this in the real world. This can cause the person to not feel as intelligent as other people or like they don’t have as much to contribute to conversations with other people (because they don’t try to make sense of what they do know so they feel like they don’t make as much sense to other people). It can also manifest as someone who is so scattered with what their ideas of personal truth are (taking in too much from other people in this way) – and getting their own beliefs and truth fucked up & confused with that of other people.

Even though I do feel that Jupiter Rx is the most important planet to have retrograde in the chart to access the GC energy, all of the retrograde planets seem important in their own way. One planet that also feels really important, though also feels like it could be incredibly difficult to have Rx in the chart if the person was trying to work from the direct motion of the planet in regards to the GC, is Mercury Rx. Mercury Rx is the only other planet that points towards a planet that isn’t a transpersonal planet since it also points to Jupiter. Mercury takes in information and Jupiter assimilates and understands that information. When Mercury is Rx, the person takes in a bunch of information (much of which functions like noise), and the person needs to be taking each piece of information piece by piece in order to see the big picture (Jupiter). As they take the information they are taking in step by step, piece by piece, they are able to better tune out all the “noise” so that they can see that big picture. These people also need to be trusting their intuition about what information actually matters to them (and their soul purpose) in the first place. When Mercury Rx people are functioning FROM the retrograde motion, they can be very in-tune with the GC energy. When they aren’t functioning from the retrograde motion, and trying to function from direct motion, it seems that they would be too scattered (and in too much of a state of information overload) that being able to see the big picture and trust their intuition would be incredibly difficult. Intuition and the Big Picture are Galactic Center notions (among other things).
**Just as I think when Mercury Rx people are functioning from the Rx planetary motion they can be very in-line with the GC, I think Jupiter Rx people, when functioning from the Rx motion of Jupiter, are able to also be very in-tune with the Galactic Anti-Center. Mercury Rx people, on the other hand, might be more aligned with the GaC naturally, while Jupiter Rx people feel more aligned with the GC.

All of these ideas have come from the research that has been conducted thus far on the subreddit letsfuckwithastrology through the GC questionnaire (and if you wanna be a part of the research reach out and let me know – I’ll email you the survey!). These ideas have also come from looking at the charts of well known “whistleblowers” or truth-tellers – and there does seem to be an undeniable affinity with the GC and people that are known for truth telling and whistleblowing. I will go over this in the next article more (the connection with whistleblowers and the GC). While the GC definitely seems to deal with getting information “downloads,” with divine inspiration and insight, and probably functions as some kind of telephone line to the source of all creation, it also deals quite a bit with searching for truth and needing to make that truth known. Probably KNOWING what the truth is about different situations, but having to translate this truth into a way that’s understandable here on Earth. Sagittarius is the truth seeker, and since this is where the GC falls, it does make sense. A “weird” relationship with the truth seems just as possible – perhaps you might also find people that have a compulsive need to tell the truth (even when they don’t want to), people that have a strange way of defining what truth is (and what truth needs to be told), and even people who already know WHAT the truth is about any given situation but would rather keep their head in the sand and not be able to translate it. Any of those also seem possible, too. I’m still playing with ideas, lol. It would also depend heavily WHAT the chart looks like as to how the GC might function in an individuals chart.

***Another kind of planetary energy that also feels like it could be very in-tune with the GC are the Out of Bounds (OOB) planets. I have an article here about what OOB planets are and how they function (and how to find out if you have any in your chart). Out of Bounds planets, since their orbit is no longer under the domain of the Sun, ALSO feel rather Uranian in nature (and as I mentioned earlier, the GC is very Uranian, too). More research will need to be done in this particular area to see how much this actually fits.

Transit Venus Retrograde or: “How’s this gunna fuck with me?“

Lately I’ve seen so many different posts on the different forums that I creep on and articles written on different astrology websites about Transit Venus going Retrograde. Generally, these posts tend to have a slightly more negative slant to them (or dare I even say some fear?) involved in the line of questioning and phrasing. I think a lot of this has to do with the general negative or difficult view of retrograde planets in general, but Transit Venus Retrograde (or even Transit Retrograde Planets in general) aren’t universally a negative thing. I’m actually quite partial to them in general. They absolutely serve a purpose, even if they impact your chart in a “challenging” way (either in your actual Natal Chart or via Transits, Progressions, etc). Venus Retrograde is a particularly interesting planet to go retrograde because out of all the planets, Venus goes Retrograde the least often. It will be Retrograde from May 13, 2020 through June 26, 2020.

When looking at how Venus Retrograde will impact your own Natal Chart, it’s really important to look at the house cusps in your chart that are ruled by the Venusian planets (ie: those that are ruled by Taurus and Libra). Specifically pay attention to the house cusp that is ruled by Taurus, though, for these are the areas of life that will be most heavily impacted. Venus Direct is thought to point more towards Libra, while Venus Retrograde is thought to point more towards Taurus (hence why the Taurus ruled house cusp is slightly more important here). What you value at a soul level will be brought out through different “tests” or “situations,” forcing you evaluate those values for yourself. Say, for instance, you have Taurus ruling over the 10th house cusp, and Libra ruling over the 3rd house cusp….this is going to put an emphasis on the 3rd house areas of life (those dealing with communication, thinking, learning, etc) and especially the 10th house areas of life (those dealing with career ambitions, public persona, social status, personal authority, etc), and what you really value here. Not what you think you should value or have been taught to value, but what YOU really value and how you feel most secure in these areas of life.

You also want to take a look and see where Natal Venus is in your chart by house. This will show the way that those house cusps ruled by Taurus and Libra will impact Natal Venus. Let’s say your Natal Venus is in the 11th house….from the Taurus 10th house cusp, you might be looking at the way that you value or feel valued in your career to impact your long term goals/hopes/wishes. Or something like the way that you value the highest and most idealized version of yourself will impact your friends and the groups that you associate with. From the Libra 3rd house cusp you might be looking at something like the way that you communicate, think, and learn to become a little more introverted in regards to the groups that you associate with and the friends that you have (maybe valuing a lack of communication at this time with other people and more valuing the internal dialogue that you have with yourself).

It is my personal belief that Transit Retrograde Planets give the unique opportunity to redo or fix things that may not have been done “correctly” in the past. In the case of Venus, this deals heavily with ruminating on your values (what you have valued and currently value), and with how you love and what you love. Because this process is much more internal and introverted, it is said that this isn’t the time to start up new romantic relationships or get married or any of that shit. And for the love of whatever, don’t be trying to hit up your ex (remember at this time: this person is your EX for a reason and who *really* likes reruns?). Rather it’s the time to assess what you personally value and love (or who you love), coming “correct” here so when Venus swings back around to Direct Motion you don’t have a real or imagined cluster-fuck of epic “what was I thinking” proportions. On a collective level, I feel like Transit Venus Retrograde gives us as a species a period of time to assess how we value, what we value, and how we love and need to be loved. Really, with all the crazy shit going on in the world, this is kind of the perfect time for some introspection on our collective values and concepts of love. AND! With Transit Venus Retrograde in Gemini, there is (or should be) a collective focus on the values of brotherhood and sisterhood, since Gemini operating from it’s highest octave represents these concepts.

The exception here to the challenges with Transit Venus Retrograde seems to be people that have their own Natal Venus in Retrograde….and are actually operating through the Retrograde motion naturally and have embraced this. These people usually feel more at home during this time. For the people that have Natal Venus Retrograde who aren’t living through the Retrograde motion of Natal Venus (still trying to find love and value from outside of themselves rather than through themselves), this period can feel particularly challenging. But! The challenge is trying to pull them towards functioning from the Retrograde Motion all of the time, and truly loving and valuing themselves FOR themselves.