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I have been thinking about several different things recently in connection to the Galactic Center – this blog post might feel like it’s kind of all over the fucking place, but I will try to streamline it the best way I can.
**Just as a general disclaimer, I am in no way, shape or form claiming to be an expert on the GC. While at this point I do feel like I have a somewhat decent handle on how it functions in a natal chart, I am in no way saying that I am absolutely correct about any of this. I am literally just fucking with astrology here and tossing out some ideas.**

The first thought that came to my mind recently has to do with retrograde planets and how retrograde motion and the GC change the way that a planet functions. Retrograde motion DOES seem to have an affinity for the Galactic Center due to this changing of the way planets function. However, I got to thinking about this a little bit more, specifically retrograde planets being conjunct the GC – what the hell happens here? I mean, since the GC changes things, it almost seems like a planet that happened to be conjunct the GC that was Rx might actually find itself functioning from direct motion (almost like the GC changes that planet from retrograde to direct). None of the planets that I have conjunct the GC are retrograde, so I don’t have any personal experience in this area. I might be reaching out to some of you all soon that have Rx planets conjunct the GC to see HOW those planets most naturally function? Does the meaning of the planet retrograde seem to feel more “right” to you, or do you feel like the planet naturally functions from direct motion (even if it is Rx).
-On the total flip side of this, I could see the Retrograde motion of a planet being conjunct the GC actually ending up being amplified (I wouldn’t rule it out going this way, either).
-What got me thinking about this in the first place is how retrograde planets seem to jive better with the energy of the sign where it would usually find itself in detriment (for instance, Mercury Retrograde might actually do better in Sagittarius, where Mercury is traditionally in detriment, rather than Gemini…where Mercury Rx feels fucking noisy). I started to think about this possible change, and it got me to thinking about what the GC might do to Rx planets that happen to be conjunct it. The verdict is still out on this one, but damn is my mind buzzing lol.

I also wanted to toss out an idea about what I mean when I talk about the GC being a place where “downloads” come from. I do think that these “downloads” are probably the strongest when there is something conjunct the GC (like a planet or Chiron – something tangible in the sky). I have made mention before that the GC could be where “downloads” come from other entities (like E.T.’s, spirit guides, etc), but I want to toss another idea out there – what if the downloads are coming from one’s “higher self” in some cases? Let me explain where I’m coming from (and just for the record, you don’t have to agree with what I’m about to say):
-It is my belief that when we incarnate on this Earth, in this life (or any lifetime), that we leave some our soul in what I call the “in-between” to “charge.” I don’t think we ever bring our WHOLE soul into an incarnation (except MAYBE when we are in our very first incarnation and our very last incarnation). Normally we may only need to bring 50% of our soul, 20% of our soul, 95% of our soul, etc. in any given incarnation. How much of our soul we bring into each lifetime probably depends heavily on WHAT we hoped to accomplish in each incarnation (some incarnations might take more “soul power” to get through, while others might take much less). So some of us is left in the in-between to charge. While we’re up there charging or whatever word you want to use, I think this “higher self” does try to reach out to the parts of our soul here on Earth in 3D physical form. The GC might very well be a way that our higher selves are able to contact our current forms, and having planet conjunct the GC might be a vehicle for this contact between the two parts of us to come together. Perhaps the planetary archetype gives some clues as to what kind of contact needs to be made.
**I still think it’s possible that the GC is also a lifeline to things outside of our higher selves – E.T.’s, other spirit guides, etc. This was just ONE possibility that I don’t think I had touched on yet, and I had meant to a while back.
**Sagittarius energy, where the GC falls, is half man/half horse, half on the ground and half head in the clouds. THIS right here feels very higher self/current physical self in nature as it is.

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