**Here is a video that I made about the same thing, if you’re more of a watcher than a reader**

There are a few different planets that I’ve brought up as far as feeling very intertwined with the GC. Obviously Jupiter (and Jupiter Rx specifically). Uranus is another one that I have brought up, and Chiron has been discussed (even though Chiron isn’t a planet, it still feels very in-tune with the GC energy. Now, there is one planet that is amongst all of these in the line up, and that’s Saturn. I feel like since all of these other planets feel like they correlate with the GC energy, Saturn can’t be left out of the game, either (especially since it doesn’t go Jupiter, Chiron (the bridge between the inner and outer planets), and Uranus……..before you can even get to Chiron and cross that fucking bridge to the outers, you would techinically have to deal with Saturn first.

Okay okay okay I’ll admit it, I’m biased and I fucking love Saturn (I mean, lol, you’re on a website called Saturn Season). Most people probably already know this about me, lol, but just incase your new here, you’re not going to get the same doom and fucking gloom reading on Saturn. Can Saturn be limitations and restrictions? Sure. BUT ONLY IF YOU LET SATURN FUCKING BE LIMITATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS. Lookit, you can sit there and fucking whine about what Saturn is doing in your life via transits, or you can bitch about what Saturn is doing in your natal chart…….or you can do something about it and rise to the challenge. Ultimately that’s what I believe big daddy Saturn wants from all of us – to rise to his challenge via natal placement AND transits/progressions, and not pussy the fuck out.

So….how does any of this actually TIE in to the GC? I almost feel like in order to fully make the most of the GC in our own charts, Saturn has to be “dealt” with square on. This would be because Saturn is last of the inner planets before we get to outer planets (I think physical 3D limitations and restrictions probably need to be dealt with before we can start to really tap into the GC in anything remotely resembling a conscious way – especially since while the GC is obviously very “Jupiter” inclined, it is also very outer planet inclined, too). This would be the case for ANYONE since the GC will exist in everyone’s chart, though I do think this pull to actually deal with Saturn and any limitations or restrictions that it tries to impose needs to especially be busted through for people that have GC conjunctions, oppositions, trines, and probably even the squares (though I’m still playing around with those).

So how does one actually “deal” with Saturn and it’s shit? This would depend heavily on your entire chart and what Saturn is doing IN your chart (the house it falls, the sign it falls, the aspects it makes, etc.). Because Saturn is such a physical planet, there usually is trauma that follows Saturn of a more “physical” nature. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is literal physical trauma to your body because of where Saturn falls in your chart, but the trauma that exists from Saturn is very 3D and physical to this realm (and very, very real), and will manifest by way of sign, house, and aspects made. I’m not belittling this trauma that might exist from Saturn in your natal chart (I know Saturn can be a real fucking pain in the ass and painful), I just know that this little fucker doesn’t want anyone to actually let him limit them – pushing through the pain or the trauma in order to come out the other side makes us stronger. And I do think with all the energy that goes on at the GC, the more strength we can gain from rising to Saturn’s challenges will on help us in navigating all the GC’s energy (and again, this feels incredibly amplified if we’re talking about people with planets conjunct the GC, trine the GC, conjunct the Galactic Anti-Center, or even square the GC).

What makes Saturn easier to deal with in this way, from this angle? Having Saturn involved with the GC axis (maybe the conjunction) may help. Though I could ALSO see Saturn conjunct the GC making it harder to deal with Saturn in the physical world in some cases. Saturn Rx, while difficult, seems like it might be easier to deal with from the angle of the GC since Saturn Rx points towards Uranus. Saturn is never out of bounds, so you won’t see an OOB Saturn or have that on your side to help out.

I am going to have to think some more about this, because while Saturn is VERY DIFFERENT from the GC in pretty much all ways, I do feel like it is a piece to GETTING to the GC, understanding it’s energy, or being able to apply its energy in one’s life.

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