Galactic Center Thoughts part XXII

**Here is a video that I made about the same thing, for all of you that would rather watch than read**

I haven’t done any percentages lately about different things I’ve been looking at in regards to the Galactic Center (things that feel like they tie in with the GC but seem to function as a “amplifier” to the GC for people who are already inclined to the way that the GC functions). So, lol, I figured I would do a post about THIS very thing and show what I’ve come up with THUS far.

I have talked about Jupiter Retrograde throughout this whole study and how I feel like it has a natural affinity with the way that the GC functions. Jupiter (retrograde or direct) has a tie with the GC energy since the GC falls in Sagittarius, but Jupiter Retrograde does feel like it has a special place here. I decided to take Mercury Rx out of this (in the original percentages I was lumping Jupiter Rx and Mercury Rx shit together which I shouldn’t have done). I haven’t fucked with Mercury Rx this go around (though I’m sure I will in future percentage calculations). Instead, this time around I was looking for the percentage of people who have Jupiter Rx (or were born during the shadow period) and/or Jupiter involved with the GC in some way (via conjunction, opposition, trine, or even the square….though I’m still not quite sure WHAT to do with the squares yet). The percentage that I came back for this was 63% – meaning 63% of people have Jupiter Rx (or born in the shadow period) and/or have Jupiter (direct or Rx) making one of the aspects mentioned before to the GC (and the planet conjunct the GC). I found that 37% of participants do not have Jupiter Rx (or born under the shadow period) and don’t have Jupiter making an aspect to the planet conjunct the GC or to the GC itself.
To break this down even further:
-69% of these people have Jupiter Rx (or were born during the shadow period)
-31% of these people have Jupiter (either direct or Rx) making an aspect to the GC and planet conjunct the GC.

To keep going with the Jupiter thing for a minute, I wanted to look and see how many people had aspects between Jupiter and Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn, and Jupiter and Uranus in their charts. The bounds for this part of the study are simple – it didn’t matter if Jupiter is direct or Rx, or if any of these objects mentioned make contacts with the GC. Since everyone in the study will have SOMETHING conjunct the GC (so far, anyway), I was just curious what the different contacts looked like between these planets (and asteroid) across the different charts. The aspects that I was taking into consideration here are the conjunction, trine, sextile, opposition, square, and quincunx.
**Jupiter/Chiron Aspects**
-66% of people in the study thus far have Jupiter making an aspect with Chiron
-34% of people in the study thus far did not have Jupiter making an aspect with Chiron
**Jupiter/Saturn Aspects**
-57% of people in the study thus far have Jupiter making an aspect with Saturn
-43% of people in the study thus far don’t have Jupiter making aspect with Saturn
**Jupiter/Uranus Aspects**
-61% of the people in the study thus far have Jupiter making an aspect with Uranus
-39% of the people in this study thus far don’t have Jupiter making an aspect with Uranus

Bringing up the topic of aspects for just a second, I think in the next go-around of percentages to see where things stand, I will be looking at some minor aspects (like the septile, noville, vigintile, etc.). Specifically, I think I will probably focus on the planet (or planets) conjunct the GC and if that planet also happens to make one of these more minor aspects with another planet in the chart.

I also took a look at Chiron – both to see how many people have Chiron direct and Chiron Rx and to see how many people have Chiron making an aspect to the GC (conjunction, trine, opposition, and square are what I was looking at here). This is what I came back with:
-50% of people have Chiron Rx SOMEWHERE in the natal chart (doesn’t have to be involved with the GC). The other 50% of people have Chiron direct.
-54% of people have Chiron (either direct or Rx) making one of the aspects mentioned above to the GC.
-46% of people have Chiron (either direct or Rx) NOT making one of the aspects mentioned above to the GC.
–Chiron here should be thought of an an amplifier for the GC energy. While it’s energy certainly ties in with the GC, I think in order for Chiron (direct or Rx) to amplify the GC, something needs to be conjunct or opposite the GC in the first place. I would think that Chiron Rx would serve as a greater amplifier in these cases, since Rx energy ALSO seems to have an affinity for the GC.

Retrograde planets were the next thing that I wanted to revisit. I looked at these from a couple of different angles, the first of which being the charts of people I would consider to be “retrograde heavy.” When I think of a retrograde heavy chart, I think of someone who has their chart ruler retrograde, or someone who has 3 or more planets retrograde in their chart (things like this make me think “ah, this person has a retrograde heavy chart”). Since everyone in the study thus far has a planet conjunct the GC, I was curious how many of these people would be considered Rx heavy. This is what I came up with:
-60% of people have retrograde heavy charts
-40% of people don’t have retrograde heavy charts (even if they have one or two planets retrograde somewhere)
–I was curious to see how many retrograde heavy people may have been drawn to take part in this research, lol, since there does seem to be an affinity between retrograde planets and the GC.
From here I wanted to look at the percentage of people who have a retrograde planet conjunct the GC. I have mentioned before some thoughts about this; while the GC seems to have an affinity for retrograde energy, I do wonder WHAT happens to planets conjunct the GC that are retrograde. Does this amplify the retrograde feeling of the planet, or does it do something along the lines of “turning” the planet direct? I could see either of these being a possibility. These are the numbers I came back for this:
-68% of people had only direct planets (or a direct planet) conjunct the GC
-32% of people had at least one retrograde planet conjunct the GC

I also wanted to look at planets Out of Bounds, and how many people have Out of Bounds planets in their natal charts (since I do think that OOB planets might amplify the energy of the GC IF there is already a planet conjunct the GC, or opposing the GC). These are the numbers that I came up with:
-28% of people have NO Out of Bounds planets in their chart
-72% of people have at least 1 planet OOB in their chart
–From the percentage of people that have at least one planet OOB, I broke this down further:
-48% of people have 1 planet OOB
-42% of people have 2 planets OOB
-10% of people have 3 planets OOB
-No participants had more than 3 planets OOB
From there I wanted to look and see how many people had their OOB planet (or planets) conjunct the GC. For this, all the planets that someone has OOB didn’t have to be conjunct the GC (I was just looking to see if at least one OOB planet was conjunct the GC for the cases of people having multiple OOB planets). Here are the numbers I found:
-79% of people that have OOB planets have at least one OOB planet conjunct the GC
-21% of people have OOB planets that make no conjunction to the GC

Retrograde Planets part II

**Just for reference, here is the original post I did on retrograde planets**
**Lol just for good measure, here is the first YouTube Video about this stuff, and here is the second You Tube Video.**

This is a post I have been wanting to write for a while, but outside of work for my clients and taking care of my son, my focus has been very preoccupied with the Galactic Center, lol. I’m still doing the GC stuff (obviously), but in my GC research I have been looking at retrograde planets closely. Specifically Jupiter Rx, but ALL retrograde planets seem to have an affinity for the GC energy…..or rather, retrograde motion in general just seems to have an affinity for the GC. Both the GC and Rx Motion CHANGE the planet involved.

It’s this change that I want to talk about for a second….or more than a second hahahaha (I know my ass can get wordy as fuck), especially this change in terms of a planet being retrograde and the notions of exaltation, domicile, detriment, and fall (the 1st two of the five essential dignities of the planets – the notions of domicile/detriment and exaltation/fall). If I’m totally honest, I certainly take the ideas of domicile/detriment and exaltation/fall into consideration when I read charts for people, but I’m not ride or die with them. I think they are something to consider, but just because someone has a planet exalted doesn’t mean that planet won’t have issues, and just because someone has a planet in fall doesn’t mean that planet is totally fucked. Too often I feel like people rely on these to read when you have to take the WHOLE chart into account. I feel the same way about the notions of Triplicity, Bounds, and Face, and even the notion of the “benefic” planets and the “malefic” planets. While I think all of this should be taken note of when chart reading (I’m not saying it doesn’t have any merit), my reading of a chart doesn’t hinge on any of this stuff. However, it did get me thinking about how retrograde motion might actually change the notion of the condition of the planet (regardless of what the condition).

PlutoScorpioTaurusNo ExaltationNo Fall
Table of Planetary Dignities

**I want to point out that it is decently debated WHAT the exaltation and fall placements should be for Uranus and Neptune (or if they should even have them at all). Pluto has not been “assigned” a place of exaltation or fall as of now. If you are someone that doesn’t like using the outer planets, or don’t think that they should have exaltation or fall placements, just suspend disbelief or whatever for the time being.**

The table above is of the planets and of the signs that they will naturally find themselves at “home”/domicile, in detriment, exalted, and in fall (as you can see). But I do have to wonder….what happens when you throw an Rx planet in the mix. It seems like this might actually change the whole fucking thing around (and if not the whole fucking thing, it might at least change things around in terms of the domicile/home and detriment placements).

What is the actual nature of the planets via Retrograde Motion? What do they need to express? The table below does not cover all of it by any means, but these are some ideas of what they might need to express:

PlanetWhat the planet needs by way of Retrograde Motion
MercuryMercury Rx needs to lean into it’s intuition and learn to trust it. It also needs to take information step by step and piece by piece so that it can see the bigger picture (and using it’s intuition in order to do this).
VenusVenus Rx needs to, above all else, learn to love and value itself most of all. Venus Rx points more towards Taurus than Libra, so a focus on self-worth and self-value is paramount here.
MarsMars Rx needs to only take action on things that actually serve it’s soul purpose. Anything that doesn’t actually serve the soul’s growth might be hard for them to take action on. The action here tends to be turned more inward than anything. Any action that is taken will be thought about making the actions that are taken not as fast.
JupiterJupiter Rx is very intuitive and will know things before they know WHY they know them. The things that is most important for Jupiter Rx people to do is break things down backwards to figure out why they know what they know from a logical and rational place.
SaturnSaturn Rx needs to become the master of its own reality, but this needs to be done in whatever way feels the most natural for the person. This might differ considerably from how they were “taught” reality should be lived and experienced (and while not universal, there is usually conditioning that needs to be deconditioned surrounding such).
UranusUranus Rx usually has something going on with detachment and with needing to detach from previous lifetime trauma and hang-ups. In some cases, though, I have found that there is TOO much detachment and Uranus Rx actually needs to reattach. It also needs to make sure that it can see things from an omniscient point of view, and to be as individuated as possible.
NeptuneNeptune Rx needs to feel connected to the divine, and they need to live their lives being connected to both the conscious and the unconscious. Neptune Rx also deals with breaking the illusion that Neptune by direct motion can deal in. The breaking of illusions may not feel completely comfortable to Neptune Rx, but this is the way this energy is “supposed” to go (and something it wants to achieve).
PlutoPluto Rx needs to feel like they are on the “right track.” If it happens to NOT be on the right track, things in the life of the Pluto Rx native will feel incredibly “off.” Being on the “right track” for the soul is so important for Pluto Rx people because more than anything these people want to reconnect with the Creator – doing what they are here on Earth to accomplish, to stay on their soul’s “task,” and then move the fuck on to whatever comes next.

This is NOT AT ALL THE FULL SCOPE of how the different planets via retrograde motion might need to function. These are just a few ideas for each planet tossed out. Here are some ideas behind my thought process that Retrograde planets might actually be more “at home”/domicile in the planet’s traditional sign of detriment, and that they might be more in detriment in the planet’s traditional sign of domicile:

Mercury Rx needs to learn how to trust it’s intuition and USE it’s intuition to to be able to see the big picture. Intuition is very much a Sagittarius thing (other sign’s energies are intuitive, too, but Sagittarius definitely is). Sagittarius can also see the big picture (which is something Mercury Rx needs to be able to). It almost feels like, for this reason, Mercury Rx might actually be more “at home”/domicile in Sagittarius than it would be in Gemini (where, honestly, Mercury Rx might have difficulty being able to see the big picture through the Micro lens of Gemini energy). Mercury Rx in Gemini just feels like it would get too bogged down with all the information that it is taking in to be able to see the big picture easily (or even to intuit what information they need to be taking in IN the first place).

Venus Rx needs to be able to love and value itself – this is absolutely critical for these people. For this reason, Venus Rx points more towards the Taurus part of the Venus equation than the Libra part (Libra deals too much with close relationships and other people for Venus Rx to be able to express itself comfortably here). For this reason, Taurus probably IS a good domicile fit for Venus Rx, but I also feel like Venus’ traditional place of detriment, Aries, is a good fit for Venus Rx. Aries energy can be more self-focused, and for Venus Rx to be able to love and value itself the way that it needs to, Aries energy might be more comfortable for it to flow through.

Mars Rx needs to be able to focus on what actions it needs to take that will actually serve the needs of the soul’s purpose. This person can have issue reacting to things quickly because they will generally have more thoughts about what actions they should be taking in the first place (perhaps even more deliberation about the action needs to occur for this person). This can actually feel pretty frustrating to the person, and I would think it might feel even more frustrating in an action-oriented sign like Aries. However, in a sign like Libra which is inclined to do more balancing/thinking over acting (and this sign certainly deliberates about stuff), Mars Rx might actually be LESS frustrated in this sign.

Jupiter Rx can see the big picture and is extremely intuitive – this planet will “know” things from an intuitive place before knowing WHY it knows this from a logical and rational perspective. THIS is important for Jupiter Rx to actually understand what it intuitively knows in the first place (and we all know that “understanding” is a big deal for Jupiter regardless of if direct or Rx). It seems as if Jupiter Rx might not be that comfortable in Sagittarius, or at the very least would have a difficult time breaking down what they know from backwards motion to make any kind of logical and rational sense of what it does know. However, is actually seems like Gemini energy might be a good thing for Jupiter Rx, allowing this planet to do what it needs to do through the vehicle of Gemini energy (which is more of a micro lens, and that’s exactly what Jupiter Rx needs).

Saturn Rx needs to be able to become the master of its own reality and figure out what they want their crystalized version of reality to look like. Oftentimes, this is very different than how the person was raised to think reality should be lived. Since Capricorn energy tends to be more structured and traditional than Saturn Rx actually should function, Saturn Rx may not be as comfortable in Capricorn as Saturn direct is. However, Saturn Rx might actually BE comfortable in Cancer, especially with the more personalized approach to crystalizing one’s reality needs to be taken here. There is also USUALLY some deconditioning from family patterns that needs to happen with Saturn Rx (not always, but often enough to mention) that Saturn Rx in Cancer might actually help this deconditioning to happen more easily.

Uranus Rx need to be able to individuate itself further. It also needs to learn how to detach from any previous lifetime trauma (or even trauma from this lifetime). Detachment is an interesting notion here in general, because Uranus is detached but in Aquarius where Uranus is normally at “home,” there might be too much detachment from things that they shouldn’t detach from (such as the concept of the self which I have certainly seen with Uranus Rx in a chart). However, in Leo, Uranus Rx might be able to detach and individuate itself in such a way that it doesn’t lose it’s sense of “ego” or “identity” all together (rather, this might be FOUND in the sign of Leo more easily).

Neptune Rx needs to be able to break through the illusions that Neptune direct may be completely comfortable living in. Not only that, but it also needs to be AWARE of these illusions (again, Neptune direct may not be as aware of this). This planet Rx also needs to be connected to both the collective conscious and collective unconscious. For these reasons, I could definitely see how Neptune Rx could function more comfortable being able to express itself through the discernment of Virgo energy over the Pisces energy.

Pluto Rx needs to be on its particular soul path (whatever that is) or else it will feel like things in its life are “off.” The ability to STAY on the soul’s path is important here, which is why Pluto Rx might actually function better in the sign of Taurus (which is stable and secure, perhaps to a fault at times). While Pluto direct may be able to deal with the chaos that Scorpio energy can be inclined, Pluto Rx probably would feel more at home in a more “stable” sign.

Just as a visual, here is what I’m talking about in table form (flipping things around):

Retrograde PlanetPossible Domicile/Home PlacementPossible Detriment Placement
Mercury RxSagittarius Gemini
Venus RxAries (I would also keep Taurus here)Libra
Mars RxLibraAries
Jupiter RxGeminiSagittarius
Saturn RxCancerCapricorn
Uranus RxLeo Aquarius
Neptune RxVirgoPisces
Pluto RxTaurusScorpio

To bring the GC into all of this (because of course I will), since the GC and retrograde motion both seem to change/charge/amplify/warp the planets (et. al) that are conjunct the GC or involved in the axis in some way, it does make me question what happens to planets that are retrograde that happen to be conjunct the GC. Does it amplify the Retrograde motion? I could totally see this happening. Or, on the flip side of this, does an Rx planet conjunct the GC end up getting changed causing it then to function more like a planet via direct motion? THIS also seems possible. I will have to sit and think about this one some more, and play around with some charts.

Galactic Center Thoughts part XV or: some more thoughts about how to use the GC in chart weaving

In this blog post, I am going to play around with a couple of charts to explain how to MAYBE use the GC in chart weaving and the important pieces of the “Galactic Center Puzzle” in each of these charts that would want to be considered if you were to read the chart through the lens of the GC. I’m not really sure if “reading the chart through the lens of the GC” is the right way to put that, but since I’m still learning how to incorporate this shit myself, breaking the chart down via the lens of the GC feels most “correct” to say (and then weaving that shit back together).
**Here is the video that goes along with this blog post for all you that would rather watch than read**
**I also went into some of this without chart visuals in my last blog post**

I will not be going over either of the charts in completion – just kind of pointing out exactly what should be looked at when reading from the lends of the GC.

Chart No. 1

This chart belongs to someone I know pretty well (or, lol, I think I know pretty well…..but you can think you know someone well all day long and not really know them at all – that’s another discussion for another day hahahaha I digress). Anywho, as you can see, they have the GC in the 9th House and Neptune is conjunct the GC within a couple of degrees. Their Mars and Jupiter are also within the window of orb that is being looked at for conjunctions as well, but since Neptune is the closest to the GC this will be the planet that is probably the most impacted BY the GC (getting a good majority of it’s “downloads” or it’s energy or whatever). This will also cause the GC to influence the way the 9th House areas of life play out for them (warped, charged, amplified, distorted, etc.). Things to consider here when reading:
-Their 12th House, with Pisces on the cusp, will BEND to Neptune and the GC in the 9th. This causes 12th House notions (like spirituality, escape, self-sabotage, and other 12th House notions) to BEND to 9th House notions (like religion, metaphysics, travel of the mind and body, expansion, higher learning, and other 9th House notions). The GC will give an amplification/warping/charge to the things from the 12th House that bend to the 9th House. You would probably want to do the same thing with the 1st House (since Aries is on the cusp and ruled by Mars) and the 8th House (since Scorpio is on the cusp and ruled by Mars via traditional rulership…if you use traditional rulership). The 9th House will bend to itself since Sagittarius is on the 9th House cusp and Jupiter is in this house (and really, feel like it would amplify this house even more). ALL of these houses that dispose of themselves to the planets conjunct the GC will have the GC influencing the way that they BEND to the planet involved.
-I didn’t post the declinations, but Mars and Jupiter are both out of bounds. Being close to the GC seems like it would charge these planets even more (spoiler alert: with this person it does).
-This person has no conjunctions to the Galactic Anti-Center (GaC). While there is no planet there to take the impact from the shocking that I do think happens here, this part of the chart is still acting a lightning rod – meaning that part of the chart is getting zapped from something like the overflow from the GC. In this case, the GaC is in the 3rd House. If you knew this person the way that I do, you would know that areas of life dealing with communication are a real Achilles Heel. This person thinks they communicate well (but they don’t – this isn’t just with me, either, but just in general). Up until recently this person would not have admitted this (they may have been blinded to just what the issues actually were, and may still be blinded to some of them today) . The 3rd House areas of life do sustain “damage” (this isn’t just in this person’s case, but the GaC in everyone’s chart will probably sustain some damage just due to the energy overflow that occurs from the GC, shooting over to the GaC).
-This person doesn’t not have Jupiter Rx (or Mercury Rx)
-This person has no trines to the GC. The Ascendant is CLOSE to being a trine, but a little too far out of orb for me to count.
-As I’ve mentioned before, when there are no trines, I think this makes Jupiter and Mercury very important to the translation of the stuff needing to be brought down to Earth from the GC – whatever exactly that is, and this seems like it’s a little different for everyone. This person’s drives, creativity, and beliefs are going to be charged here (among other Neptune, Mars and Jupiter things), and if they aren’t translated well it doesn’t seem like much could be done with this energy. Since they are also sextile the GaC, the trines/sextiles help to ground the lightning strikes to the GaC. Jupiter and Mercury FEEL like they could act as de-facto translator and grounder in the absence of the trine/sextile to the GC just in general.
–In this person’s case, since Jupiter is conjunct the GC (and already absorbing some of the GC energy), I feel instinctively like Mercury is probably the planet to look at here since it isn’t involved with the GC. There Mercury is already a little difficult since Mercury (what needs to be expressed here is communication and other Mercury things) is conjunct the Descendant (and the Descendant is like the shadow side of a person – the parts of you that you might know exist but don’t really want to deal with). It makes sense that this person would actually know that they might not be the greatest at communicating (perhaps they want to be pleasing when they do this, or perhaps they function from one of the Libra darksides (like apathy) when they communicate), but since it’s conjunct the Descendant it might get “ignored”. For this person to understand their own Mercury like the back of their hand (which is also more difficult since it is combust the Sun) just feels really important to be able to even BEGIN to translate all the energy at the GC.

Chart No. 2

This chart belongs to me – the only reason I’m using it here is because I don’t have to ask clearance to use my own chart lol. As you can see, the GC is in my 1st House, with Venus and Uranus within a degree of the GC. Saturn and Neptune are within the window of orb that is being looked at, but for this blog post I’m going to leave Neptune out of the equation (I’ve never really counted it as conjunct the GC, personally). This will cause the GC to amplify/warp/charge/intensify the way that I express myself naturally, the way that I approach the world, and other 1st House things. Some stuff to consider when reading from the lens of the GC:
-The 2nd House with Capricorn on the cusp, the 3rd House with Aquarius on the cusp, the 6th House with Taurus on the cusp, and the 11th House with Libra on the cusp will all bend to Saturn, Uranus and Venus respectively (and the 1st House and the GC) – these different areas of life by house feed the GC, essentially (for lack of better term).
-I didn’t post the declinations, but Venus and Uranus are out of bounds. The Moon is OOB, too, but the Moon is too far out of orb to be considered conjunct the GC at 16-degrees Capricorn.
-Chiron is opposite the GC and conjunct the GaC in the 7th House in Gemini. This makes Chiron the real lightning rod here. The whole area opposite the GC functions this way, but when you see a planet, Chiron, a Major Angle, the North or South Nodes (and probably other things that haven’t been looked at yet in the research) conjunct the GaC, this planet (et. al) is going to take a majority of the impact from the lightning strikes from the GC. This probably makes my Chiron more damaged than I’m even aware of (and I am aware there is damage there – I just probably don’t realize how much). This will manifest in 7th House areas of life (close relationships). I think people can probably fill in other gaps lol with Chiron in the 7th House. There
-Jupiter is trine the GC in the 4th House in Aries and it is also Rx. Having Jupiter Rx probably does tune me in to the GC, and having it trine the GC probably does allow the stuff that is “downloaded” or charged from the GC to come down to Earth. The stuff from the GC that needs to come “down to Earth” will use Jupiter as its vehicle to do this – this will come by way of beliefs & truth (and other Jupiter things) through the core of my being, home, family, roots (and other 4th House things) in an independent, pioneering, and/or even aggressive way (among other Aries notions). This makes Jupiter Rx really important in my chart, and I need to understand it like the back of my hand since it is the ONLY planet trine the GC (and able to “do” this translation).

I will probably do some other examples of this if I can get clearance to do so (if anyone wants to volunteer their charts for this purpose, I don’t have to use your name or anything – just a picture of the chart and something short like what I posted above to give some ideas about how to work with the GC energy).

Galactic Center Thoughts part XII

LOL imagine being in the center of that shit

**If you are more of a watcher than a reader, I have the first part of this blog post in video form here. Part II can be here. **

In this research, I feel like we can’t have a discussion about the Galactic Center and NOT bring into the equation the weird (and even dangerous) beliefs that some well-known people with GC contacts have fostered and spread far and wide (the people that I’m looking at here have had their beliefs infiltrate other areas of life outside of just their members in some form or fashion). Since the GC falls IN Sagittarius (and Sagittarius deals with notions of truth and belief, among other things), I figured I’d might find some wonky shit going on with some well known people who are well known for the “witnessing” of their beliefs. I have said several times that I don’t think the GC is universally “good” or “bad” – really, it just kind of “is.” These people, I’m thinking, used their GC connections in fucking warped ass ways (and it does seem that while the GC can be a way to expose “truth” and find “belief,” it might also have an ability to warp “truth” and “belief” as well. Could they have done something GOOD belief-wise if they had wanted too? Probably so. Did they – some seemed to do worse than others.

I want to point out quickly the kinds of people that I was looking for:
-Their beliefs had/have an influence on over 1000 people in some form or fashion
-Their beliefs infiltrated other areas of life outside of JUST them and their adherents
-These beliefs didn’t have to ONLY be spiritual/religious in nature, but any kind of belief was up for grabs (religious/spiritual/philosophical/political/etc.)
-The last chart I looked at isn’t for a single person, but for a group with fucked beliefs

I also want to point out that I have never said that the GC is a “good” or “bad” thing – it just kind of “is” (like the rest of the chart). I do think the GC can act as an amplifier (and can warp things) just due to all of the energy that is going on in and around it (and just by the ways that black holes function). The person in question with GC contacts gets to “choose” how they use this amplification and this warping in their own lives, just as they do with the rest of the chart. I just think this is probably pretty strong in the people who have GC contacts.

The chart above belongs to the piece of shit, Keith Raniere, who started the NXIVM cult. There is no time of birth for him on file, but that’s okay for the purposes of this exercise. Here we have Jupiter conjunct the GC, and Mars is CLOSE to the window for conjunctions that’s being looked at for the Anti-Center (but honestly, it’s a little too wide here for me to really focus on it). Uranus, Mercury, the Sun & Pluto are all trine the GC & sexile the GaC (which actually makes me think this fucker had several ways that he could’ve brought the GC truth and belief “Down to Earth” (but, obviously, probably went with one of the more fucked up possibilities of the bunch)). He doesn’t have any OOB planets, though Jupiter is the closest to being OOB (which is interesting since Jupiter goes OOB the least of all the planet). Notice though, he doesn’t have Jupiter Retrograde. And he is now in prison (which is obviously a good thing) – for 120 years lolololololol. I’ve mentioned before that I think Jupiter Rx and a conjunction to the GC can function as protective forces for the person doing their GC shit (whether that GC shit is used for the “good” or the “bad”). So I think it’s interesting that he probably won’t ever be a free man ever again.
-While there may not have been 1000 members of the NXVIM cult, they did infiltrate other areas facets of life with their sex trafficking and other horrible bullshit.

LOL so this chart belong to L. Ron Hubbard, or aka: the dork who started the Church of Scientology. We have a good time of birth on file for him, so this chart is “correct” (the whole chart can be taken into account). He actually did a bunch of other shit (definitely check out his wiki which is linked to his name) – there’s too much shit there to go into in this blog post, lol, but check it out if you’re unfamiliar with him. Hubbard had his rising conjunct the GC, and the Pluto Polarity Point (that feels like it would be…..really weird…..and that seems to ring true in his case). He had natal Pluto conjunct the GaC, with his Moon in Virgo, Venus in Aries, and Saturn in Taurus trine the GC/Sextile the GaC. And what do you know? He has Jupiter Rx. This fucker was a part of several controversies (even one called the “Snow White Program” which dealt with the church trying to purge the US government’s files from any unflattering documents and records it had about the Church of Scientology….🤣🤣). He was also tried in absentia in France for fraud stemming from the church (he received a fine and 4 years imprisonment, but never did his time). Somehow this fucker got away with not ever having to really “pay” for anything that he did, and I do think him having Jupiter Rx probably plays into this (he was “protected” – as annoying as that might be to say or think).

This chart belongs to the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith. There is a time of birth on file for him (it’s rated C, but it’s there so we’re going with it). You know, as weird as this sounds, I’m actually inclined to believe this fucker when he said that he was given visions and told to translate/write the Book of Mormon. That doesn’t mean that I agree with the Fundamentalist Mormon thing, but I am inclined to believe that Smith DID have SOME kind of contact with SOMETHING. Not only because of his chart and having Jupiter and the Sun conjunct the GC, but because WHEN he was supposedly told to translate the visions he was given into the book of Mormon, the date was September 22, 1827. On that day, the transit Sun would’ve been conjunct the Super Galactic Center (I will get a little more into the Super GC another time, but I do think the date is important here…and the fact that this fucking date is REMEMBERED from so many years ago also strikes me as interesting). Mars in his chart was OOB. However, I do think the angel could’ve picked a better “translator” – Smith has no trines to the GC/sextiles to the GaC meaning I think something could’ve gotten lost in translation as he was transcribing what the angel (or whatever the fuck it was) was telling/showing him. Another thing this could show an issue with is the reception of what he was set to translate – perhaps he didn’t bring it “Down to Earth” “correctly” (there were plenty of people who took issues with his beliefs). He also doesn’t have Jupiter Retrograde, so he was lacking one of the protective elements I’ve mentioned before. He and his brother were shot to death when a pissed off group of people got a hold of them in Illinois.

This chart belongs to the dickhead, Warren Jeffs, who was the leader of the FLDS church (I couldn’t mention Joseph Smith and then NOT talk about this asshole). Actually, I think Jeff’s creep ass is STILL the president of the FLDS church (even though he’s currently incarcerated). There is no good time of birth on file for him, but again, that’s okay for these purposes (we just won’t be counting the major angles or the houses). He has Venus and the North Node within the window that I’m looking for conjunctions to the GC, which puts the South Node conjunct the GaC. Both Pluto and Jupiter trine the GC/sextile the GaC, giving him a couple of different avenues to bring his beliefs down to Earth (and honestly, both feel kinda fucked here). Venus is OOB in his chart (this one clearly went OOB in a gross fucking way). Oh, and look! He doesn’t have Jupiter Rx….which seems important since he didn’t get away with his bullshit and is currently serving life in prison plus 20 years.

This is the chart for Kim II-Sung, the “Eternal Leader” of North Korea (running the country from 1948 to his death in 1988). He really could go on the list of politicians with GC connections that I want to do here pretty soon, but I put him on THIS list because of his philosophy/ideology of Juche (and this dictating much of how he ran North Korea). He has Jupiter Retrograde conjunct the GC (since the GC was at 25-degrees Sag when he was born, I would consider a 15-degree Jupiter as being conjunct). Pluto and Mars are conjunct the GaC, which also puts the Pluto Polarity Point (not pictured but directly opposite Pluto) right on the GC. His North Node, Sun, and Mercury Rx are trine the GC. His Mars is OOB. He does appear to have been protected via Jupiter Rx and the conjunctions to the GC because he died of a run of the mill heart attack when he was 82 (no weird circumstances surrounding his death, not assassinated, etc.).

This chart is a little different since it’s not for a specific person, but for the “start” of organization – the KKK. Since it was started by 6 different dick suckers, I decided to pull the chart for when the organization was created, which was on December 24, 1865 in Pulaski, TN. There is no time for this chart but that will be okay for this purpose (I just set the time to 12 pm). In this chart Venus, Mars, Mercury Rx, and the Sun are ALL conjunct the GC, with Uranus conjunct the GaC. Jupiter is not Rx in this chart and the klan, on the whole, has had many problems with the law throughout it’s history (rightfully so – they’re a bunch of assholes). The South Node is trine the GC (which is kind of weird, but with Mars, the planetary ruler of this South Node, conjunct the GC, I’m counting it). Mars and Uranus are OOB in this chart (both of which make contacts to the GC and GaC).

Galactic Center Thoughts XI or: Close Encounters of the Galactic Center Kind?

Here is the video that goes along with this blog post for anyone who would rather watch than read.

I mentioned recently in a video that I wanted to start talking about some weird shit, and lol, I meant it. This won’t be the bulk of where the Galactic Center research will veer, but damnit, if I have an opportunity to talk about aliens or other weird phenomena, you better damn well believe I’m going to do it (I just can’t help myself). I also wanna mention that this is LITERALLY just FUCKING with astrology – in no way am I claiming that any of this is truth or even correct – this is just some shit I noticed that I think is interesting.

There is an idea that the GC is like a linkage between our realm/dimension and other dimensions, and when I see stuff like that my mind automatically veers to aliens and “making contact” (among a whole bunch of other shit). Not necessarily “Little Green Men” or “The Greys” type of aliens, but just “beings” that aren’t part of our dimension/realm. Who knows – there could be “beings” that ARE terrestrial to Earth, but they are in another dimension so we can’t see them (that part is a whole other conversation for another time – I’ll probably get into this later anyway lol). There is also the idea that the GC could be like a portal to the “other side” (or other realms) and this is an interesting theory to toy around with. IF this were to be the case, I don’t think E.T.’s would be “flying” through the GC (I guess that’s possible…only because I’m not one to really rule ANYTHING OUT when it comes to this stuff), but I think if anything were to come “through” the GC, it would be coming from some other realm/dimension and probably “invisible” to us while coming through it (and would probably keep this “invisibility” until the being (or beings) were ready to been seen). It is also possible that the GC could open portals for the beings that I mentioned before that might be “Earthside” but in another dimension to be able to be “seen.” I also think that this might not be possible just any time – there probably needs to be a specific set of conditions that have to be met before this GC portal is “open” for interdimensional travel to happen. Really though, I think if “portals” in general are a real thing this is probably the case for ANY kind of portal – certain conditions have to be met first before the portal opens.

This got me thinking about Alien Encounters and UFO sightings, and the possibility that some of these sightings might have occurred due to the “portal” in or from the GC opening and allowing “contact.” There are a ton of UFO sightings on record, along with a bunch of Alien Encounters/Abductions. I started thinking about these in my mind – the ones that really stand out to me as being legitimate versus the ones that don’t feel legit to me. For instance, The Phoenix Lights has never seemed like legit UFO activity to me. I’m not questioning the legitimacy of the people who saw these UFO’s in the sky (obviously I believe them – duh), but I don’t think this was real UFO activity. Why does this one not feel legit to me? Honestly, I’m not sure – this is pure intuition, I guess (you may not agree with me and that’s okay ^_^). I will say this – intuitively, this one always seemed more like a psy-op or some other bullshit that occurred to “distract” the population (and well ALL know that “distractions” happen all the time – we have to decipher the “distractions” from “reality”). So then I started pulling charts for the UFO sightings and Alien Encounter/Abduction stories that always did seem more legitimate to me.

Chart 1: Lubbock Lights – August 25th, 1951
Chart 3- Travis Walton Abduction – November 5, 1975
Chart 2: Roswell Incident – July 6, 1947
Chart 4: Hill Encounter – September 19, 1961

The first chart is for the Lubbock Lights (this actually took place over a couple of weeks, but the chart I pulled here was for the first time these weird lights in the sky were spotted by 3 Texas Tech professors). The date used was August 25, 1951 at 9 pm in Lubbock, Texas. These sightings were investigated as part of Project Blue Book by the USAF. For some fucking reason, USAF claimed that they found the reason for the Lubbock Lights, but couldn’t disclose WHAT they were or WHY they existed. Yeah, lol, okay….that sounds like bullshit to me.
-In this chart, Chiron is conjunct the GC (I have mentioned before that I think Chiron might have ties to the GC in some way, so it’s interesting to see this conjunction during an event like this). The Moon is opposite the GC/conjunct the GaC. Pluto and the Sun are trine the GC (a way to bring shit “down to Earth,” perhaps?). Jupiter is also retrograde in Aries in this chart, conjunct the rising. Mercury is also Retrograde in Virgo. Moon was OOB at a declination of 28 degrees 17 minutes N (that’s way the fuck OOB).

The second chart is for the Roswell incident. This actually took place over several weeks, from June 1947 through early July 1947. The chart that I ended up pulling came for the date and time that a team was assembled to inspect the debris from the crash (July 6, 1947 at 4 pm in Roswell, NM). I know this was tried to be explained away as a weather balloon or some shit, but I’ve never really bought it.
-In this chart, there are no GC conjunctions, but Venus and Uranus are both conjunct the GaC. There are no trines to the GC, which makes me kind of think that if this was all legitimate it actually wasn’t “supposed to happen” (lacking the “grounding” from a trine to bring this down to “Earth”). I mean, lol, something hit Earth, but I don’t think it was “supposed” to happen. Jupiter is Retrograde in Scorpio, and Mercury is also retrograde in Cancer. Pluto was OOB at 23-degrees 40 minutes N.
***Since I am not actually sure WHEN the shit in Roswell actually started, there could be a trine to something in the chart for when the UFO activity first began.
***Everything that happens is probably “supposed” to happen, really – but I get the feeling that if this was a legitimate crash, the operators (or whatever) of the UFO weren’t aware that this was going to happen (that’s what I mean by “it wasn’t supposed to happen”).
***There is also another thought I had (and I don’t know WHAT the fuck this veers into, lol, so bear with me), but perhaps this was an actual UFO encounter, but the ET’s involved were in some way….more terrestrial. That sounds weird as shit, and really, I’m not even sure exactly HOW I mean this, but WHAT IF there were actually aliens or other beings that were in some way more “terrestrial” in nature? I guess my mind goes to the notion of other dimensions here on Earth, and there being entities that are living ON Earth, but they aren’t in our dimension so we can’t usually “see” them (with this idea, I could be sitting next to an entity as I’m sitting here typing this post out, but can’t see or feel them – shit lol one could be fucking sitting on my lap and I wouldn’t know). Perhaps the trine doesn’t exist here because nothing really needed to be brought down to Earth – they were already here all along. All that was necessary was an “activation” of the GC to open us up to seeing them.

The third chart is for the abduction of Travis Walton who went missing for 5 days while he was at work. There wasn’t an actual time for when he went missing (I just knew this happened at night), so I pulled the chart for November 5, 1975 in Snowflake, AZ at 8 pm (his abduction story is the basis for the book The Walton Experience and the movie Fire in the Sky). He passed several polygraph tests after the incident happened (and failed one, like, 30+ years later). The co-workers of his who were there and saw the UFO were also polygraphed (all of them passed except for one, and the one who didn’t pass came back with results that were inconclusive).
-In this chart, you have the Moon conjunct the GC (it’s wide, but it’s there within the window of orb that is being looked at). At 8 pm, the Descendant is conjunct the GC within about a degree (but we won’t necessarily count this since I’m not sure what time this occurred – 8 pm was just a guess). Mars is for sure conjunct the GaC/opposite the GC, and if the 8 pm time happened to be correct, the Descendant would also be conjunct the GaC. Chiron Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde are trine the GC in Aries. Mars is OOB at 24-degrees 22 minutes N.

The fourth chart is for the Barney and Betty Hill encounter and this occurred on September 19, 1961 around 10:30 while they were driving in rural New Hampshire (their encounter story is the basis for the book The Interrupted Journey). This story would be a lot to get into here, lol, but I encourage you to at least check out the wiki on this encounter cause it really is interesting (and there seemed to be lots of “after-effects” from this encounter for both Barney and Betty).
-Since we have a good time for this chart, we can count the Descendant as being conjunct the GC, which puts the Ascendant conjunct the GaC. The IC, Venus, Uranus and the North Node are trine the GC. Jupiter happens to be Retrograde in this chart in Capricorn. There were no OOB planets during this event.

I think it’s really interesting that Jupiter happens to be Retrograde in all of these charts. What if, and this might sound kind of “out there,” but what if Jupiter being Retrograde in the sky is one of the “conditions” that is necessary for the GC “portal” to be able to “open” – to be able to make contact with E.T.’s or for them to be able to make contact with us? Regardless of if they are coming a galaxy far, far away or from another dimension more “terrestrial” in nature?
**I realize that there will be charts for UFO activity and encounters/abductions that DON’T have Jupiter Rx – there are so many of them that statistically there would have to be. There could be other “portals” that open for other encounters to occur (they might not ALL be tied to the GC….this is also possible). I wouldn’t rule anything out here.

What alien encounters/abductions and/or UFO sightings feel the most legitimate to you all?