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I mentioned recently in a video that I wanted to start talking about some weird shit, and lol, I meant it. This won’t be the bulk of where the Galactic Center research will veer, but damnit, if I have an opportunity to talk about aliens or other weird phenomena, you better damn well believe I’m going to do it (I just can’t help myself). I also wanna mention that this is LITERALLY just FUCKING with astrology – in no way am I claiming that any of this is truth or even correct – this is just some shit I noticed that I think is interesting.

There is an idea that the GC is like a linkage between our realm/dimension and other dimensions, and when I see stuff like that my mind automatically veers to aliens and “making contact” (among a whole bunch of other shit). Not necessarily “Little Green Men” or “The Greys” type of aliens, but just “beings” that aren’t part of our dimension/realm. Who knows – there could be “beings” that ARE terrestrial to Earth, but they are in another dimension so we can’t see them (that part is a whole other conversation for another time – I’ll probably get into this later anyway lol). There is also the idea that the GC could be like a portal to the “other side” (or other realms) and this is an interesting theory to toy around with. IF this were to be the case, I don’t think E.T.’s would be “flying” through the GC (I guess that’s possible…only because I’m not one to really rule ANYTHING OUT when it comes to this stuff), but I think if anything were to come “through” the GC, it would be coming from some other realm/dimension and probably “invisible” to us while coming through it (and would probably keep this “invisibility” until the being (or beings) were ready to been seen). It is also possible that the GC could open portals for the beings that I mentioned before that might be “Earthside” but in another dimension to be able to be “seen.” I also think that this might not be possible just any time – there probably needs to be a specific set of conditions that have to be met before this GC portal is “open” for interdimensional travel to happen. Really though, I think if “portals” in general are a real thing this is probably the case for ANY kind of portal – certain conditions have to be met first before the portal opens.

This got me thinking about Alien Encounters and UFO sightings, and the possibility that some of these sightings might have occurred due to the “portal” in or from the GC opening and allowing “contact.” There are a ton of UFO sightings on record, along with a bunch of Alien Encounters/Abductions. I started thinking about these in my mind – the ones that really stand out to me as being legitimate versus the ones that don’t feel legit to me. For instance, The Phoenix Lights has never seemed like legit UFO activity to me. I’m not questioning the legitimacy of the people who saw these UFO’s in the sky (obviously I believe them – duh), but I don’t think this was real UFO activity. Why does this one not feel legit to me? Honestly, I’m not sure – this is pure intuition, I guess (you may not agree with me and that’s okay ^_^). I will say this – intuitively, this one always seemed more like a psy-op or some other bullshit that occurred to “distract” the population (and well ALL know that “distractions” happen all the time – we have to decipher the “distractions” from “reality”). So then I started pulling charts for the UFO sightings and Alien Encounter/Abduction stories that always did seem more legitimate to me.

Chart 1: Lubbock Lights – August 25th, 1951
Chart 3- Travis Walton Abduction – November 5, 1975
Chart 2: Roswell Incident – July 6, 1947
Chart 4: Hill Encounter – September 19, 1961

The first chart is for the Lubbock Lights (this actually took place over a couple of weeks, but the chart I pulled here was for the first time these weird lights in the sky were spotted by 3 Texas Tech professors). The date used was August 25, 1951 at 9 pm in Lubbock, Texas. These sightings were investigated as part of Project Blue Book by the USAF. For some fucking reason, USAF claimed that they found the reason for the Lubbock Lights, but couldn’t disclose WHAT they were or WHY they existed. Yeah, lol, okay….that sounds like bullshit to me.
-In this chart, Chiron is conjunct the GC (I have mentioned before that I think Chiron might have ties to the GC in some way, so it’s interesting to see this conjunction during an event like this). The Moon is opposite the GC/conjunct the GaC. Pluto and the Sun are trine the GC (a way to bring shit “down to Earth,” perhaps?). Jupiter is also retrograde in Aries in this chart, conjunct the rising. Mercury is also Retrograde in Virgo. Moon was OOB at a declination of 28 degrees 17 minutes N (that’s way the fuck OOB).

The second chart is for the Roswell incident. This actually took place over several weeks, from June 1947 through early July 1947. The chart that I ended up pulling came for the date and time that a team was assembled to inspect the debris from the crash (July 6, 1947 at 4 pm in Roswell, NM). I know this was tried to be explained away as a weather balloon or some shit, but I’ve never really bought it.
-In this chart, there are no GC conjunctions, but Venus and Uranus are both conjunct the GaC. There are no trines to the GC, which makes me kind of think that if this was all legitimate it actually wasn’t “supposed to happen” (lacking the “grounding” from a trine to bring this down to “Earth”). I mean, lol, something hit Earth, but I don’t think it was “supposed” to happen. Jupiter is Retrograde in Scorpio, and Mercury is also retrograde in Cancer. Pluto was OOB at 23-degrees 40 minutes N.
***Since I am not actually sure WHEN the shit in Roswell actually started, there could be a trine to something in the chart for when the UFO activity first began.
***Everything that happens is probably “supposed” to happen, really – but I get the feeling that if this was a legitimate crash, the operators (or whatever) of the UFO weren’t aware that this was going to happen (that’s what I mean by “it wasn’t supposed to happen”).
***There is also another thought I had (and I don’t know WHAT the fuck this veers into, lol, so bear with me), but perhaps this was an actual UFO encounter, but the ET’s involved were in some way….more terrestrial. That sounds weird as shit, and really, I’m not even sure exactly HOW I mean this, but WHAT IF there were actually aliens or other beings that were in some way more “terrestrial” in nature? I guess my mind goes to the notion of other dimensions here on Earth, and there being entities that are living ON Earth, but they aren’t in our dimension so we can’t usually “see” them (with this idea, I could be sitting next to an entity as I’m sitting here typing this post out, but can’t see or feel them – shit lol one could be fucking sitting on my lap and I wouldn’t know). Perhaps the trine doesn’t exist here because nothing really needed to be brought down to Earth – they were already here all along. All that was necessary was an “activation” of the GC to open us up to seeing them.

The third chart is for the abduction of Travis Walton who went missing for 5 days while he was at work. There wasn’t an actual time for when he went missing (I just knew this happened at night), so I pulled the chart for November 5, 1975 in Snowflake, AZ at 8 pm (his abduction story is the basis for the book The Walton Experience and the movie Fire in the Sky). He passed several polygraph tests after the incident happened (and failed one, like, 30+ years later). The co-workers of his who were there and saw the UFO were also polygraphed (all of them passed except for one, and the one who didn’t pass came back with results that were inconclusive).
-In this chart, you have the Moon conjunct the GC (it’s wide, but it’s there within the window of orb that is being looked at). At 8 pm, the Descendant is conjunct the GC within about a degree (but we won’t necessarily count this since I’m not sure what time this occurred – 8 pm was just a guess). Mars is for sure conjunct the GaC/opposite the GC, and if the 8 pm time happened to be correct, the Descendant would also be conjunct the GaC. Chiron Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde are trine the GC in Aries. Mars is OOB at 24-degrees 22 minutes N.

The fourth chart is for the Barney and Betty Hill encounter and this occurred on September 19, 1961 around 10:30 while they were driving in rural New Hampshire (their encounter story is the basis for the book The Interrupted Journey). This story would be a lot to get into here, lol, but I encourage you to at least check out the wiki on this encounter cause it really is interesting (and there seemed to be lots of “after-effects” from this encounter for both Barney and Betty).
-Since we have a good time for this chart, we can count the Descendant as being conjunct the GC, which puts the Ascendant conjunct the GaC. The IC, Venus, Uranus and the North Node are trine the GC. Jupiter happens to be Retrograde in this chart in Capricorn. There were no OOB planets during this event.

I think it’s really interesting that Jupiter happens to be Retrograde in all of these charts. What if, and this might sound kind of “out there,” but what if Jupiter being Retrograde in the sky is one of the “conditions” that is necessary for the GC “portal” to be able to “open” – to be able to make contact with E.T.’s or for them to be able to make contact with us? Regardless of if they are coming a galaxy far, far away or from another dimension more “terrestrial” in nature?
**I realize that there will be charts for UFO activity and encounters/abductions that DON’T have Jupiter Rx – there are so many of them that statistically there would have to be. There could be other “portals” that open for other encounters to occur (they might not ALL be tied to the GC….this is also possible). I wouldn’t rule anything out here.

What alien encounters/abductions and/or UFO sightings feel the most legitimate to you all?

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  1. As ‘luck’ would have it, I read the following quote from “Bashar: Blueprint for Change” this morning in context with UFO sightings:

    “What we are saying is that we recognize many of you have ascribed to us abilities that in many ways we do not have — in the sense of being able to just pop in, pop out, anywhere any time. We also follow the natural line of flow of timing and the electromagnetic field of the universal reality. And therefore sometimes even when you might be ready, the timing on our side does not match the fullness of the agreement.” (page 210)

    ‘The natural line of flow of timing and the electromagnetic field of the universal reality.’ Sound to me like astrology and the GC aspects…

  2. I speculated earlier this year that the tunnel that appears to a person going through a Near Death Experience (NDE) might actually be an individualized worm-hole to allow passage back to the spirit’s ‘home’ world. The UFO connection was also something I looked at during the spring, but I wasn’t thinking in terms of links to the GC or Jupiter Rx. Interesting questions, though.

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