The Galactic Center from NASA’s Chandra x-ray observatory

Back in January on the subreddit r/letsfuckwithastrology, me and Natalie put out a “call” to people to participate in a questionnaire ON the Galactic Center. When we started this questionnaire we were putting out a “call” to people who specifically have planets, Chiron, the Major Angles, and the North/South Node conjunct the GC. The orb we were looking at (and still are looking at) is 10 degrees applying to the GC and 10 degrees separating from the GC (so from roughly 16-degrees Sagittarius to 6-degrees Capricorn). So, anyone with planets that fall somewhere from 16-degrees Sagittarius to 6-degrees Capricorn were invited to participate. We ended up then adding a few questions to the bottom of the questionnaire which also included some stuff about the oppositions to the GC, though this was only intended to be answered by people who had GC conjunctions and oppositions.
**In the people’s chart that answered the questionnaire, the GC would be 26-degrees and some odd minutes Sagittarius. Currently, just for reference, the GC is at 27-degrees and 09 minutes Sagittarius.

This blog post is going to cover some of the findings from the research thus far – some different patterns that I’ve noticed from going over the charts of the people who participated. Now, these patterns that I have really taken notice of weren’t originally in our frame of reference when the research began. These patterns came from the different research that I’ve done on whistleblowers, truth-tellers/truth-seekers, conspiracy theorists, etc. that, since now observed, have been applied to the participants thus far with the questionnaire.
**If anyone wants to be a part of the research and wants to answer the questionnaire (or would just like to be a part of the research but doesn’t want to fuck with the questionnaire, lol), let me know and I’ll take your information down and/or pass along the questionnaire.

Everyone in the research has a planet conjunct the GC. While I do think the GC energy can manifest for a person even if they don’t have a planet conjunct the GC (or a planet opposite the GC), I have made it no secret that I think these people probably are MORE in-tune with the GC energy. I would definitely throw Jupiter Rx in the mix here, too. Let’s start out with talking about Jupiter Rx in the charts of these participants.

When I was pulling these charts and doing the math, it turns out that 43% of the participants have Jupiter Rx in their natal charts. This number is actually higher than I thought it was going to be (sometimes I short change my intuitive thoughts, lol), and while not quite half, I do think it’s interesting that in a sample this size (only about 50 people that I could actually use – some people were lacking their information on the questionnaire and a chart wasn’t sent to us via email so they couldn’t be included), that it would come back with a percentage that high (and while not phenomenally high, it does seem high-ish in a sample this size). Also, taking note of Jupiter Rx in the natal charts and reading the answers of the people who participated that have Jupiter Rx in their natal chart, many of these people just seem to kind of have an understanding of the GC energy in some way (they seem to be understanding of it in some way, even if they don’t realize this is the energy that they are understanding). This wasn’t universal with everyone who has Jupiter Rx in their natal chart, but it did strike me as important with the answers that these particular people gave, that there just seemed to be, by and large, an understanding of the GC energy.
-Taking this a step further, which I did (lol), I also wanted to include people who were born during the Jupiter Rx shadow period into this party (those born within the two weeks before Jupiter went Rx and after Jupiter went direct). I also included Jupiter out of bounds (OOB) people into the mix here. Since Jupiter goes OOB the least of any of the planets, and there is a similar energy to OOB planets and the GC, it just felt right to include Jupiter OOB people here. What I found really interesting is how many people had Jupiter OOB (there were, like, 4 or 5 people). While that isn’t a crazy high number at all, it does seem like a decent amount considering how infrequent Jupiter goes OOB. When I added all of these people into the mix, I ended up with 58% of the participants having Jupiter doing something *interesting* in their natal charts.
-I took this another step further and also included people who have Mercury Rx in their natal charts. This makes sense to me to include. Not only because Jupiter and Mercury work hand in hand with assimilation/understanding (Jupiter) and communication/learning (Mercury), but because there is something very Galactic Anti-Center feeling about Mercury Rx. I mention that because Mercury Rx people can have difficulty being able to see the big picture – they are thrown so much noise and bullshit that isn’t really necessary for them to take into their mental headspace that they can have a difficult time putting the pieces of information together to see the big picture (or even know what pieces of information to put together in the first place). This feels similar to the GaC since this area is blinded (or that’s how it feels), and when you’re blinded you have a difficult time seeing the big picture (or even knowing what you need to take in to begin with). Also, all the space dust that surrounds the GaC – this could translate to the kind of noise that Mercury Rx takes in (while this area of space is very “calm,” there is so much bullshit in space obscuring the view). Then there are “shocks” and “lightning strikes” that I think the GaC probably takes which also seems kind of Mercury Rx in nature (especially when the Mercury Rx person starts to feel overwhelmed with everything they are taking into their mental space, when they start having difficulty making heads or tails of things). I need to flesh this particular part out a little further, but when I added in the Mercury Rx people to the percentage, I came back with 71% – so 71% of the people who participated (that I was able to include) thus far have Jupiter Rx or were born during the shadow period, Jupiter OOB, and/or Mercury Rx in their natal charts.
**When I dive more into Mercury Rx in connection to the GaC, I will probably also look at the Mercury OOB people as well.

Another thing that I felt inclined to look at were the OOB planets in the charts of those who participated. This is another reason why I couldn’t use everyone who participated – some people wanted to email their charts rather than giving out their information for privacy purposes (totally get it), and when we originally made this call to people with planets conjunct the GC, OOB planets weren’t really on the radar. Now they are and I also need the charts with the declination of the planets on them (this can be found on under “additional tables” after pulling your chart). I have tried to reach out to everyone, so if anyone sees this who emailed their natal chart wheel, please email the additional tables with the declinations on them as well.
….So back to OOB planets, I decided to take a look at how many participants have planets OOB in their chart, and I came back with 71% (again with 71% lol). The Moon goes OOB more often than any other planet, but the percentage of people who came back with the Moon OOB wasn’t as high as I figured it would be – this came in at 30%. There were a lot of people who had Uranus OOB, and while this didn’t surprise me per se (since I have mentioned the GC seems to have a Uranian quality to it), the percentage was still higher than I would’ve expected at, again, 30% (Uranus doesn’t go out of bound as often so this did stand out). Mercury and Mars OOB also seemed to be planets that came up (sometimes together in the same chart), with Mars going OOB in 20% of people, and Mercury going OOB at 13%. People with Venus OOB came in at 15%. There were no Pluto OOB people in the mix.

Another thing I ended up looking at were the trines to the GC. This was not at all in the original questionnaire, but since looking at the charts of famous people who seem to have a “link” to the GC and the trine for them seeming to be a place where GC energy (however that personally manifests) can be “brought down to earth,” it seemed like something that needed to be looked at here. Also, keep in mind that the window for the trines that I’m looking at are any planet, Chiron, the major angles, and/or the North/South Nodes falling somewhere from 16-degrees Leo to 6-degrees Virgo and 16-Aries to 6-degrees Taurus. This opens this up considerably, so it’s no surprise that the percentage of participants that have a trine to the GC comes in pretty high at 89%. What needs to happen next in this part of the research is, perhaps, tightening the window of orb that is looked at and/or breaking people into “camps” (such as the people who have an actual planet trine the GC in one camp, and the people who have Chiron, a major angle, or the North/South Node trine the GC in another camp). I’m actually thinking the later is the way that I will go with this – breaking people into these “camps” rather than reducing the orb (for now, at least).

Obviously, this will need to be broken down further and explored more in depth. I also want to explore Chiron connections to the GC participants thus far. As I’ve mentioned in another blog post that I do think that Chiron might play into the GC energy, and I noticed while eyeballing these charts that it did seem that in a lot of these charts there were GC/GaC connections to Chiron in some way. Chiron Rx is another thing that I noticed – it seemed that a decent amount of the participants also had Chiron Rx. I will need to do the percentages on all of this, though (forgive me, lol, it’s a lot of different patterns to try to figure out at once so I have to break them down and break them apart a little at a time). I also noticed that several of people that took part in the study seemed to be what I would call “retrograde heavy” in their own charts (either because their chart ruler was Rx, they had 3 or more planets Rx in their chart, or the planet that was conjunct the GC (or opposite the GC) was Rx). Again though, I would need to crunch the numbers on this to see if it is actually as significant as I think it might be. Retrograde energy in general just feels very GC in nature to me, especially since all retrograde planets are going to point to Uranus in some way (and I’ve mentioned that the GC feels very Uranian in nature).

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  1. I didn’t participate in your research, but the fact that I have both my Sagittarius Ascendant (18° 51′) and Chiron Rx (19° 34′) conjunct the GC (26° 04′) must mean something, eh?

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