Charts where the Natal North Node is at 0 degrees Aries…..these charts absolutely fascinate me. This is because when you have your Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries, your Draconic Chart is the exact same as your Natal Chart.  Since the conjunction and opposition are karmic in nature (especially in regards to this type of chart), it would reason to guess that this type of Draconic Charts would give a real soul purpose to the native in this particular lifetime. What exactly that purpose is? Lets explore some ideas 🙂

*Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries*

This causes ones Draconic Chart to look the same as their Natal Chart; all of the planets and aspects are conjunct when doing a synastry report between the two charts. The closer that your Natal North Node is to 0 degrees Aries, the more similar the two charts will appear. Here though, I’m talking about people that have their Natal North Node either at 0 degrees Aries or conjunct the Aries Point within 5 degrees. There are some theories that I have about what this can mean for the person who has this type of Draconic Chart (and mind you, these are all just theories that feel like they might be right). When studying these types of charts, there isn’t a whole lot out there about these types of Draconic Charts, so I figure I’d throw my ideas out there into the fray. As an aside, these charts are of particular interest to me personally because my Natal North Node is at 0 Aries 17.

I have seen it touted around that having your Natal North Node at the Aries Point could mean things like:
-Since the Aries point is the considered the beginning of a new cycle, it could mean this is your first incarnation in this realm, or that even though you’re soul is in this realm, you have somehow ascended to another level of consciousness in this lifetime (thus starting a new cycle, but not being a “new” soul).
-People that have their Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries are essentially getting a “do-over” life in this incarnation. Since some astrologers believe that the Draconic Chart is the Natal Chart of one’s most recent past life only, it would make sense to think that maybe both charts are the same because something happened in their past life to where they weren’t able to complete their souls mission, that something cut that lifetime short. Thus getting the opportunity in this life to be the same kind of person to try and rectify this and completing their soul’s mission.
-The Aries Point holds a lot of power in general, and having ones Natal North Node here may incline the person to have a powerful sort of destiny here that their soul wishes to act on and act out in this lifetime……if they choose to act on this destiny and desire, that is.
*All of the above seem reasonable to me. However, my ideas are below*

Personally, I believe that when one has this position in their Natal Chart, it causes the person to be who and what exactly they are on a soul level (the good and the bad). There is no ‘Natal-Chart-of-this-lifetime-mask’ to be worn here; these people get the divine opportunity in this lifetime to be exactly as they really are. This makes a lot of sense (to me anyway), since I believe that the Natal Chart is the chart for a particular lifetime in human form, but the Draconic Chart is the chart for the soul across time and space. There is a real vulnerability to this position that I have always instinctively felt, since like it or not, you are who you are. The other people that I have known with this placement tend to be really ‘no bullshit about who they are’ type of people, and this intensifies the closer to exact their North Node is Nataly to 0 degrees Aries. I also feel that for these people this particular life is of paramount importance in their soul’s evolution, and where this evolution is supposed to take place will depend on the House the Natal North Node finds itself in (and of course, any aspects made to the North Node Nataly). If the North Node is one of the soul’s main missions for this lifetime, and the Draconic Chart is the chart of one’s soul across all lifetimes, then it would make sense to me that in this lifetime the person is supposed to really accomplish things that one’s soul actually truly wants. They say that the Natal North is an uncomfortable place for the native to be; they are more comfortable hanging out near their South Node since the South Node is the past (past lives and experience) and it’s what one knows. While I believe this to be true for most people, I don’t quite believe it’s AS true for these people. Since these natives seem to be less confused about who and what they really are, it makes sense that they might have an easier time than some with embracing the uncomfortableness of the North Node, accepting it, and manifesting their destiny and mission from it, whatever that destiny and mission may be.

Anyone else have the North Node at 0 degrees Aries? Anyone else studied it? If you have anything to add or comment, I’d love to discuss! 🙂



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  1. Hello. Thank you for this text. it wasn’t easy to find a good content.

    My NN is exactly 0, oo’ degrees in 8th house in Aries. im a therapist and im into deep psychology, i use regressions as a main method in my sessions. Do you think that the right path regarding my north node?

    • Hi 🙂

      It sounds like what you do for work makes sense for the North Node in the 8th House (and by the way, that kind of work sounds REALLY cool and interesting!). I could even see how this could be a good “fit” for the 0-degrees Aries point. To know more, though, I’d have to see your chart. If ya ever want me to read for you, let me know 🙂

    • Hello,

      I have this nn in aries 0 degrees in the 10th house. Definitely relate to what you are saying. Have you found anymore content on this?

  2. I have a north node in Aries on 0,38′ deegree and it is in my first house and it is also in retrograde. I was born on 27.October 1987.; 13:30, Osijek, Croatia.
    I im scorpio sun, Aqua rising, and Cap moon.

    Whole my life i have a big struggle with relationships.
    In all my relationships men are fascinated at beginning with me and they want all with me, but all of those men were in my life as a lesson, because i help them to build themselves and go out of their comfort zone and upbringing, and in the end they break up with me for reasons that have nothing to do with me, but themselves.
    This is finally the year where i see i must change myself because i’m not on my life path as i hope to be.

    I dont know what kind of karma i have but it is not fun 😀

    • Hi fellow Capricorn Moon traveler 🙂 thank you for sharing your experience!

      Yeah, I can imagine that relationships have been a struggle throughout your life (with the South Node in Libra in your 7th House). Since your Nodal Return will be taking place this year it seems like this probably IS a wonderful year for making some kind of change (or rolling with the changes that come your way). Best of luck to you on this journey <3 and if ya ever want any astro-help, let me know ^_^

    • Ohh same birthday!! My nn is in 10th house.. I had a lot of Libra/codependent baggage to clear out most of my life, stemming from my 4th house aye.

      But finally feel like my 10th house is waking up. I’m about to get my license to be a therapist and plan on pioneering in the sex therapy field actually 💁‍♀️

  3. yup 0.00 Aries in 11th house in my chart and agree I am what I am. Tried being like everyone else and I can’t be. I relate better to this chart than my tropical one. Maybe that’s part of being who I am.

  4. I enjoyed reading this post a lot 🙂 Born on 22 Nov, 1987. My North Node is 0 degree Aries in the 12th house. My draconic chart is identical to my natal chart. Ever since I was a kid, I had this unexplainable feeling that I have to hurry up.It’s as if I might be late or lose something, if I don’t act quickly.
    I guess my soul need to learn there’s no need to hurry and it’s time to rest and enjoy.

    • Ahhhh! You were born two days before me (same year ^_^)

      I totally get what you’re saying about feeling like you need to hurry up so you’re not late or don’t lose something. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

    • Born on 21st nov 1987 with North node at 0 degrees Aries in 7th house.i also had this feeling to hurry up and accomplish many things, never knowing which way to take, except after experiencing everything and defining what I didn’t like, or didn’t bring any motivation.
      I’m living solitude at this moment, and exploring many aspects of self.

    • Thanks for this post this has really helped my exploration of my husbands chart. He has his SN Conjunct his Ascendant both at 0° Libra and so NN conjunct Descendant at 0° Aries. Very interesting, kind of simplifies things but also turns it on it’s head. 🤯

    • Ohh.. born nov 20, 1987 here! NN aries 0 degrees in 10th house for me. I have that rushed feeling as well. A sense to just.. accomplish more do more. Like i have so much to do and not enough time or “me’s” to get it done. I always fear wasting time.

  5. I do have this positioning and you nailed and got everything right about me. The position in the Draconic chart is Aries 0 degrees. I have always wanted and felt, even now more recently that I do want to be fully myself in my life and get some shedding of what i have been brought up in terms of culture for the way the family I was born into has taught me.
    I am now an Astrologer and i have been reading about what others have written about my borth chart and more of what I am so i can understand myself. It is fascinating to know more and have this type of guidance. Thanks.

    • I myself have 0 degrees in my north node Aries. I understand a lot planetary and know my life and the family I was born into isn’t anything like what I would of signed up for unless lots of karmic ties where attached for learning lessons most couldn’t.
      I physicly understand things by just knowing and come to the credence of knowledge in this realm because of this innately drawn insight.

  6. Hello,

    Yes my heart friend has this and he had a very unusual life so far to say the least. I feel the things you have mentioned ring true for him and he also seems to feel very guided and protected in this life. Fascinating post. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Ellie! I love this article. I am March 7, 1969 NN Aries 0.17’22 in 1st house direct. I do struggle in relationship in the comfort of Libra south node and also have moon in libra. But I have Venus in Aries 2nd house and Saturn in Aries 2nd house. As a pisces Sun and Aquarius rising its tough to know what to do with it all. I appreciate your article1 Thank you

    • Hi Lisa 🙂

      That does sound like it would be difficult, with the South Node in Libra and then planetary ruler of Libra, Venus, in Aries. It seems like, knee jerk, evolution wanted to really throw you “forward” in this lifetime….or something along those lines.

      I appreciate you reading the article ^_^ If you ever need help trying to figure out what’s going on with your chart, let me know (these are some of my favorite readings to do).

      • Being just (2) days apart. March 5 same year.. I would like to understand more too about what’s catastrophicly pushed me this far forward in this lifetime to relearn, release and relation in this lifetime. How do we get ahold of Saturn season astrology directly for more insight?

  8. I just looked up my Draconic Chart and I am 0,00 degrees Aries in the 5th house.

    It is hard to wrap my mind around as I am still studying Western and I’ve looked at side reel as well. Who am I?!?! I think I knew better when I was younger now I am trying to figure it out again…

    My Chiron is 0,34 degrees Capricorn in the 1st house.

    I was born in 1980.

    • I totally get what you mean about it being hard to wrap your mind around this stuff. I also understanding thinking that you may have known yourself better when you were younger (that really resonates).

      I’m not sure who you are 🙂 but if you ever want help figuring it out (or figuring it out again), let me know and we can set up a reading ^_^

  9. Oh yeah – I would totally think balance is a big deal for you in this lifetime with the Pluto Polarity Point and the South Node being in the same sign (and the North node and Pluto being in the same sign). And kind of does make sense with the Draconic and Natal charts being opposite (also indicating, to me anyway, that you wanted to try something different this time around)….perhaps to find some kind of balance (like you mentioned “too much of a good thing and yet not enough of that very thing”).

    I know! it can be head spinning trying to synthesize the different aspects in the Draconic and make sense of the NN/SN and Pluto Polarity Points. If you ever want me to do something for you along these lines, let me know 🙂 this kind of stuff is fascinating!

  10. I have the opposite in which my natal South Node is 0’33 Aries (9th House). So, in the Draconic chart, how do I interpret that? Am I “wrapping up” things; “closing the loop” or I’ve come “full circle” as they say? I’ve been told by a Vedic astrologer that my focus in this life is moksha, in which my work is to burn off any remaining karma from previous lifetimes because I’m in the final stage of the rebirth cycle. I must admit that I really do feel like I’m done, not in a bad way, but rather that I’m tired and want to return to Source whenever that may be. Maybe, I’ll be a spirit guide after this life . . . After I rest b/c I really am tired. 🙂

    • Hi 🙂 When they’re reversed like that (natal North Node around 0-degrees Libra and natal South Node at 0-degrees Aries), I have a theory that the person wanted to live a lifetime VERY different from that of the way their soul naturally functions. How and why and all of that I wouldn’t really know without seeing the chart, but that’s kind of where my mind goes.

      I get wanting to rest and being tired. I feel that 🙂

      • Very interesting perspective; I haven’t thought of it that way. I’ve been thinking about ways to synthesize this new perspective. Maybe it’s a lifetime to show me that the “grass isn’t greener”on the other side, so appreciate what I already have coming into this life. Or, maybe it’s about careful balance since the NN is in Aries 9th. Here’s the kicker – Pluto is in Libra 3rd with my SN. They’re not conjunct being 13-degrees apart but it is fascinating knowing that a growth point is Pluto’s polarity. So, I’ve got my SN in 9th but I’ve been taught we really need to lean on our NN to grow and yet Pluto’s polarity point (also taught that this is where we are to grow) is also hanging out with my SN. Maybe I’m to learn about balance. Too much of a good thing and yet not enough of that very thing . . . That’s where I’m spinning my wheels in trying to synthesize the Draconic aspects and NN/SN and Pluto polarity points. Oof and yet so much fun!

    • The draconic North Node is always set to 0-degrees Aries (this is what actually creates the draconic chart from the natal chart) ^_^

  11. I too have aries 0°. My draconic chart is the exact same lol. I was also born in November of 87. If you have any other questions for your research I’d be willing to help.

  12. Today is March 1st, 2021 and I just came across this post looking for North Node in 0 Aires. I was born in 1950. I have 0.18 North Node in Aires ( 9th House) and South Node in Libra with my Moon conjunct the South Node at 3.44 (Third House). This is fascinating! Will be reading the rest of your posts on this. Thank you! I can really relate to this!

  13. My north node is in aries at 9 birth date is 10-24-1968..I can give more if you like.i have recently learned about draconic charts..I have always felt close to who I am also or my soul.

  14. Hi!! I loved your article, just after discovering that I have north norde in Aries 1`58. Week ago I found , and found out that my big three is Aries sun, gemini moon and cancer rising. I have always identified with Aries ( its also my mercury and Venus), can see myself in gemini moon but not in cancer rising. Im sometimes bit shy, but not really and anything about it just doesn’t match. I read about my cancer lilith and that sounded much more familiar. Do you know why I don’t relate to my cancer rising( my 1th house and 2th houses are cancers)? Anyways Im just 16 so maybe I just don’t know myself so good….

  15. Hi! I just discovered true/north node (even though I’ve looked at my natal chart – free on Astrodienst many times I never paid any attention to true node – was totally ignorant and just assumed it was part of the sun sign). I am Aries with true node at 0 Aries 17 (born 1969)… everything you write is fascinating to me. Thank you for putting this up here!

  16. I’m really fascinated with this recently. Taking 2 courses to learn more! I’m guessing that birthdays in 1969 have some similarities here? I’m an April ’69 baby. I’m a 00 degree 12 North Node Aries. With Chiron at 04 degrees 02 Aries (plus Venus, Sun, Mercury + Saturn) in Aries. My moon is in Pisces at 20 degrees and I was born under a Balsamic Moon. What are your thoughts about soul purpose with the 00 degree NN in Aries with the Balsamic Moon in Pisces?

    • Hey 🙂

      Honestly I’d wanna see the chart to know more (where Mars, ruler of NN falls, and other stuff….see how all the stuff in your chart dances together). I know you made mention of some placements, but I’m pretty visual, lol.

      Yes, 1969 was one of the years the NN was close (or at) 0 Aries. So you will find people born in April 1969 will be close to the 0 Aries degree for the NN. With the balsamic moon being the final moon phase in the lunar cycle…..makes me think you were wanting to level up in this lifetime (or the next). Especially with the NN at 0 Aries.
      That’s knee jerk though, without actually seeing the whole chart.

  17. I am the opposite. My draconian chart is flipped and this confuses me.

    I was born on January 11th 1997 and have a 1 degrees libra North Node conjunct Mars at 2 degrees. Saturn ist exactly conjunct the South Node and I have Mercury and Venus as skipped stepps in capricorn.

  18. I have north node at 0 aries in 9th house opposite my moon 0 libra in 3rd. I was born july 20 1950 6:33 am washington DC

    • Oooooh that’s cool that you’re a 0-degree North Node person, too! How do you feel that’s manifested in your life?

      • Not sure just always felt like I am attached to making sure everyone is ok (libra s node..always felt responsible) need to learn and cultivate more self authority and autonomy.. I remember my past lives and was awake and aware at a very early age, like 2 or three.

  19. north node in 0 aries 5’10” 5 th house … sun sag, as scorpio… I feel drawn to north node in pisces but have seen the damage of not stepping into my independence, codepency has been a problem, finally trying be self-sufficient. I have always felt pulled into extemes from wanting to be a reclused monk then wanting to have it all and enjoy luxury….

  20. 0″13 Aries, conjunct Chiron at 4″07 (11th House) and SOuth node conjuncts Uranus at 0″59 Libra (5th house) This is most certainly not my first life. I can say I have experienced a lot of challenges in my life, in fact there has been only brief periods of life not being challenged. The nodes move backwards, so ) degrees of aries is the end of the journey for the nodes. So I sense its more likely to indicate that perhaps we are at the end of our incarnations on earth.

    • Hey 😊

      Yeah, I can totally see that, about it maybe meaning we are at the end of the incarnation cycle on Earth. I actually really like that idea, too (I hope it’s true, lol).

    • I agree with this interpretation. Although I strangely feel like before incarnating I was with God/Source for a while and it was the best. I didn’t want to come back onto Earth, but knew I had some mission, but didn’t actually really want to do it, just wanted to go back to source. I thought this world and still do, think that its really weird, I don’t understand it, like looking at toddlers. As a child, I didn’t understand the concept of family being bounded by blood but the husband and wife aren’t. So, is this my first life on Earth or my last, I don’t know. But I have dreams about some underwater place, and of other planets where there were Four Queens. Sometimes I feel like its a do-over, since I was born feeling like I forgot about something or someone and had to find them. In that sense, perhaps its my last incarnation. Thought my Aries is in 2 degrees. Sept 1987.

  21. I see, thanks! I have five planets retrograde, three squares and five oppositions and four triangles on my MC; basically all difficult natal chart aspects are on MC; what does that mean? Difficulties in building a stable carrier?

    • Hey again 🙂

      It *could* mean that (difficulties in building a stable career), but the triangle aspects (I’m assuming you mean trines?) hitting your MC might balance the more difficult aspects. It could actually be the trines causing issues (while trines are harmonious, they can become “lazy” due to a lack of friction. Square’s and oppositions can end up being the friction necessary to “do something” with the trines.

      I’m not really sure. I’d have to see the chart to know what’s all actually going on and to make connections to things. 🙂

      • Hi! I have also found out that in my natal chart there is Chiron conjunct North Node (within half degree), and Chariklo (Chiron’s wife) – the largest asteroid among the Centaurian asteroids is conjunct my Sun (within 0.19 degree). The description of Chariklo is so nice

        “Chariklo is the largest known asteroid in our solar system. It sits between Saturn and Uranus and is one of the only asteroids that have rings.

        The night Chariklo was discovered was an auspicious one. She was spotted under the Aquarius Sun on February 15, 1997, and together with four other planets and the Moon, she created a perfect six-pointed star in our night sky. Such a remarkable alignment at the time of her discovery indicates a magic to her energy.

        Chariklo’s discovery as part of this six-pointed star indicates an energy of creation, miracles, divination, protection, and destiny.

        Chariklo is considered a celestial body of grace, healing, and compassion. Her energy is pure and gentle, and a reminder of the loving-kindness that lives within us all.”

        Could it be that my natal chart suggest that I have not spend my life in the direction that I should? With such peculiar positioning of Chiron and Chariklo…

  22. I’m N. Node in 00 Degrees Aries. However, I don’t feel like my life is anything special, on the contrary, I just do something without knowing why and always keep on changing directions…

    • Hi 🙂

      I don’t think having the 0 degree North Node necessarily makes one special or makes their life easier or anything like that. I just feel like there is less of a “mask” these people wear in this lifetime (with the Natal and Draconic Charts being extremely similar). As far as your particular situation goes, I don’t really know (since I don’t know what your chart looks like).

  23. I can see the thought process about Pisces NN being at the end of Zodiac and sorting out your Karma for good (I think I’ve read something similar before). Technically though, in the case of the nodes because they move retrograde naturally (though they do go direct sometimes), the last degrees of Pisces are actually the beginning and the last degrees of Aries are the end. I’d have to actually see your chart to know any more about that or karma (lol making connections in my mind….finding patterns….I’m pretty visual). Off the top of my head, it almost feels like you have a chance in this life to “start over” so to speak.

  24. Hi I’m a total newbie to the Draconic Chart, my natal NN is 29 degrees Pisces so everything has stayed pretty much the same just moved a degree or two. My mc/ic axis has changed sign to Gem/sag but that’s the only major difference. Any thoughts? Thank you

    • Hi ^_^

      I gotta ask, lol, are you a November 1987 baby, too? I would think that if the MC/IC Axis is the only thing that changed, there would definitely be something “highlighted” there in terms of what you wanted different from your soul across all incarnations this time around. How exactly that actually plays out and what that looks like would depend on other connections between the two charts (the Natal and the Draconic). It’s definitely highlighted, though. Jupiter and Mercury, I would imagine, would also be important planets to look at in both charts.

      • Unfortunately not 😆 May 69. So literally everything remains the same or is moved forward one degree. My mc/ic in draconic has moved to 0 degrees gem/sag Mercury is in 10th, Jupiter is conjunct SN, Pluto in 1st & Uranus in 2nd. I kind of felt that 29 Pisces’s NN being the end of the zodiac might mean that you sort out your karma for good, but I’m not sure if I read that or maybe I made it up 🤷🏼‍♀️

  25. Hello! I have Aries NN at 1 degree 56 in the 2nd whole sign house with neptune (5 degrees cap) squaring my nodal axis (october 1987). (I also just read your post about the resolution node and skipped step.) It feels like there is a lot to uncover here for me. From what I understand, the thinking behind the resolution node for me would be to focus more on the libra south node. It’s strange because I do feel that individuation has become really key to finding my sense of self, where emphasizing my libra south node hasn’t seemed to get me anywhere. Without going into too much detail, between libra south node and some big pisces placements, its easy to lose myself in other people’s feelings/strong opinions and in relationships! What I had read previously about draconic charts is that being so close to the aries point is a culmination of past life themes and the truest form of the soul. It makes sense to me that the nodal cycle is completing at 0 aries and beginning again with pisces and the integration of everything– as the nn moves through the signs retrograde, it discards qualities, as opposed to the additive quality of direct planetary motion that sees pisces as final integration. Wow I rambled on! If I left anything to respond to, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts!

    • Hey 🙂

      I can totally see what you’re saying about the Draconic Chart, and the 0 Aries point being the truest form the soul. Definitely agree with that 🙂 It’s always cool to get perspectives from people with this placement.

      As far as the stuff about skipped steps and your natal chart, I’d actually want to see the chart. I’d be curious to know what Venus (especially) and Mars were doing in your chart. It’s not so much about emphasizing the South Node, but learning how to live it the way that you actually needed to be living it (which would also depend heavily on what Venus is doing), thus clearing up the skipped step (what was missed last time). Thus learning the lessons that the South Node has to teach and moving beyond them. Lol I hope that makes sense, and helps somewhat 🙂

      • Thank you for your comments! Venus is in scorpio in the 9th, mars is in libra in the 8th (with my south node, but not conjunct).

        • Definitely pay attention to both, but Mars (the ruler of the North Node) falling in the same sign (albeit not in conjunction) as the South Node speaks volumes in my opinion. Like there is definitely something that you need to understand about Libra energy (in regards to your drive, and the way you approach partnerships, off the top of my head) before you can fully integrate yourself into North Node. Also the skipped step stuff. You’d of course want to take the whole chart into consideration, lol, but I hope this helps some 🙂

  26. Hey! Thanks for this. I totally feel you and I’ve always been the type
    Of person since a young girl that has known myself and didn’t allow for people to really have an influence on me too much. So I believe you are right. I am a Nov 87 baby with true node in aries 0 degrees in my 9th house. I also have Natal Jupiter on the exact same degree as my MC and moon in Aries 17 degrees. Good stuff. I’m glad I ran into this article. I was actually googling Mars in Aries and how it’s impacting my true node currently. Lol. Thanks for sharing your insight! Much love

  27. I am a north node in aries 0 degrees! Just learned that tonight and was looking into and found this page. Thank you for all of that information. Its definitely very interesting to me.

  28. What do you think of SN within 1 degree of AC? Also, Neptune conjunct them both by 3 & 4 degrees. Havent been able to make much sense of it.

    • Hey 😺
      South Node conjunct Ascendant with Neptune conjunct as well….I would think something about moving beyond any illusions that you have of yourself (and the focus being more on yourself, though perhaps in an unrealistic way). I honestly wouldn’t really know more (or even know if that’s correct) without seeing your chart (and knowing what sign the south node is and the aspects it makes…and the north node).

  29. Hi! I just read this in the middle of a quarantine. My natal moon is Aries 0’28” and my North Node is Capricorn 0’20”, which creates a square. I have the Sun Cancer 28′ and Rising Cancer 28’38. Could you please tell me what’s going on? I’ve been studying Astrology since 2015 by my own, and still don’t understand what the Universe is trying to tell me with this Lol.

    • Hey 🙂

      I would think that there is something going on here with your emotional core and any impulses/drives surrounding this that might impede the “maturing” process of growing into your Capricorn North Node. So the North Node falls in the 6th, right? Putting the Moon in the 9th? Moving into the physical & mundane world and becoming a “master” in your own right seems highly likely (like this should be the “end goal”)…becoming the master over your own life, and taking responsibility for such.
      …..that’s just kind of a rough draft, lol. Do you have a chart that you can post to the comments or can you email it to me? I’m a super visual person 🙂

  30. Hi! I just read this in the middle of a quarantine. My natal moon is Aries 0’28” and my North Node is Capricorn 0’20”, which creates a square. I have the Sun Cancer 28′ and Rising Cancer 28’38. Could you please tell me what’s going on? I’ve been studying Astrology since 2015 by my own, and still don’t understand what the Universe is trying to tell me with this Lol.


  31. I’m 0 degrees 17. I’m just learning about North Node/South Mode and what this all means. I would love to connect with others with this placement and to learn more. Be well. April

    • My NN and Chiron are conjunct at 0 degrees Aries in my 7th house. We must be born around same time. 2-17-69 I have always known it was an important aspect for healing. Not sure if it is my Healing, the healing of others, or both. Likely both.

  32. I have NN and Chiron at 0 degree, venus at 6 degrees and Saturn at 20 degrees, all in Aries 10th house (midheaven is 15 degree pisces -9th house), have had ‘shocks’ in this life ..(related to 4th house which has pluto, uranus, jupiter and SN)..sun in 8th house aquarius at 24 degree..shining the light on the occult taboo..certainly elevated soul growth and past life clearing in this life time! Cancer ascendent, scorpio moon (conjoint mars/neptune) in 5th…Sun square neptune is achilles heel. Life has drawn me to working with healing earth energies, the land and space (feng shui) and electromagnetic harmonising!! (uranus!). I do not suffer fools and have never run with the crowd as I am at chiron return I finally feel comfortable in my own skin – still not sure what my destiny is, but feel it is to influence.

  33. Also a 1987 November baby here! Its been an intense 5 years, with Cap as my ascendant, so have been dragged through Saturns School for Hard Knocks! One year left to go before it leaves my first house *phew* I have just starting 0 degrees aries 18 mins today, so thank you for your article x

  34. Dear saturnseason,

    is Saturn one of your favourite planets, because you chose it for your nickname?
    Thank you for your reply. What you write may make sense because this incarnation is felt to be an intense one with lots of introspection. The draconic chart, I mean its positions, does appeal to me as well. The aspects between planets are the very same as in the natal, but my Sagittarius sun turns into a Piscean one which would credit for all the metaphysical stuff that interests me and the spiritual feeling that pervades my life. There are actually no tight conjunctions between natal and draconic, only Saturn and Pluto with an orb of 3 degrees and Mars and Venus with 5 degrees.
    A very happy New Year to you and all your readers

    • Hey again 🙂

      I would look deeper into those Draconic to Natal conjunctions that you mentioned above, for this can show how the Draconic planetary energy can easily come through in your natal chart (into this lifetime).

      I do, indeed, like Saturn very much 🙂 Happy new year to you as well!

  35. Dear authour, my North Node is at 29 degrees Sagittarius, so it is exactly square the Aries Point. Do you have any ideas how this could be interpreted? Generally, 0 degrees Capricorn are also seen as some form of AP. This, by the way, makes my Draconic positions exactly square their natal counterparts.

    • Hey 🙂 thanks for asking this (it’s a good question!).

      So, in the case of having the North Node your Natal Chart square the Aries Point in the Draconic Chart, I would imagine that this would make this particular incarnation important in terms of working through sources of tension in your soul across all incarnations. The kind of tension that there isn’t any escaping/ignoring this time around…it just has to be dealt with.

      You could almost think of this lifetime as being a sort of “skipped step” in and of itself, really. Though how all this plays out would really depend on your natal chart (and the Draconic Chart as a whole (taking the entire thing into account).

  36. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing this.
    I’m new to astro. I just calculated my Draconic chart & it’s completely different from my tropical. In my trop chart I’m a Sag sun & moon, Aqua rising & North node in Cancer. In my Draconic chart I am a Leo sun & moon, Scorp rising & north node in 0 Aries 0. I was born in Nov 1981. I’m searching for answers & I appreciate y