Charts where the Natal North Node is at 0 degrees Aries…..these charts absolutely fascinate me. This is because when you have your Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries, your Draconic Chart is the exact same as your Natal Chart.  Since the conjunction and opposition are karmic in nature (especially in regards to this type of chart), it would reason to guess that this type of Draconic Charts would give a real soul purpose to the native in this particular lifetime. What exactly that purpose is? Lets explore some ideas 🙂

*Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries*

This causes ones Draconic Chart to look the same as their Natal Chart; all of the planets and aspects are conjunct when doing a synastry report between the two charts. The closer that your Natal North Node is to 0 degrees Aries, the more similar the two charts will appear. Here though, I’m talking about people that have their Natal North Node either at 0 degrees Aries or conjunct the Aries Point within 5 degrees. There are some theories that I have about what this can mean for the person who has this type of Draconic Chart (and mind you, these are all just theories that feel like they might be right). When studying these types of charts, there isn’t a whole lot out there about these types of Draconic Charts, so I figure I’d throw my ideas out there into the fray. As an aside, these charts are of particular interest to me personally because my Natal North Node is at 0 Aries 17.

I have seen it touted around that having your Natal North Node at the Aries Point could mean things like:
-Since the Aries point is the considered the beginning of a new cycle, it could mean this is your first incarnation in this realm, or that even though you’re soul is in this realm, you have somehow ascended to another level of consciousness in this lifetime (thus starting a new cycle, but not being a “new” soul).
-People that have their Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries are essentially getting a “do-over” life in this incarnation. Since some astrologers believe that the Draconic Chart is the Natal Chart of one’s most recent past life only, it would make sense to think that maybe both charts are the same because something happened in their past life to where they weren’t able to complete their souls mission, that something cut that lifetime short. Thus getting the opportunity in this life to be the same kind of person to try and rectify this and completing their soul’s mission.
-The Aries Point holds a lot of power in general, and having ones Natal North Node here may incline the person to have a powerful sort of destiny here that their soul wishes to act on and act out in this lifetime……if they choose to act on this destiny and desire, that is.
*All of the above seem reasonable to me. However, my ideas are below*

Personally, I believe that when one has this position in their Natal Chart, it causes the person to be who and what exactly they are on a soul level (the good and the bad). There is no ‘Natal-Chart-of-this-lifetime-mask’ to be worn here; these people get the divine opportunity in this lifetime to be exactly as they really are. This makes a lot of sense (to me anyway), since I believe that the Natal Chart is the chart for a particular lifetime in human form, but the Draconic Chart is the chart for the soul across time and space. There is a real vulnerability to this position that I have always instinctively felt, since like it or not, you are who you are. The other people that I have known with this placement tend to be really ‘no bullshit about who they are’ type of people, and this intensifies the closer to exact their North Node is Nataly to 0 degrees Aries. I also feel that for these people this particular life is of paramount importance in their soul’s evolution, and where this evolution is supposed to take place will depend on the House the Natal North Node finds itself in (and of course, any aspects made to the North Node Nataly). If the North Node is one of the soul’s main missions for this lifetime, and the Draconic Chart is the chart of one’s soul across all lifetimes, then it would make sense to me that in this lifetime the person is supposed to really accomplish things that one’s soul actually truly wants. They say that the Natal North is an uncomfortable place for the native to be; they are more comfortable hanging out near their South Node since the South Node is the past (past lives and experience) and it’s what one knows. While I believe this to be true for most people, I don’t quite believe it’s AS true for these people. Since these natives seem to be less confused about who and what they really are, it makes sense that they might have an easier time than some with embracing the uncomfortableness of the North Node, accepting it, and manifesting their destiny and mission from it, whatever that destiny and mission may be.

Anyone else have the North Node at 0 degrees Aries? Anyone else studied it? If you have anything to add or comment, I’d love to discuss! 🙂

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