When I get asked about this particular house in the natal chart (such as what it means when such and such planet finds itself paying rent there), there is usually a sort of fear behind the question. Behind the question usually lurk a sense of “oh my gahhh, I have Venus in the 12th House, I just know it’s bad.” Many of the different Keywords assigned to this house can seem nasty at first glance, so people tend to naturally think having ___ Planet in the 12th is automatically to their detriment. Though planets found in the 12th of one’s natal chart aren’t easy, they certainly aren’t unilaterally negative and their placement in the 12th has a purpose (usually to grow and evolve one in a spiritual way/on a soul level).

Of the houses in the natal chart, the 12th is one of my favorites to explore (along with the 4th, but I’ll get around to that one later). This house is typically given keywords like “karma,””empathy and compassion,” “escape,” “the womb/mother’s labor experience,” “the unconscious,” “spirituality”, “prisons/imprisonment,” “hidden enemies,” “serve or suffer,” and the ever fear inducing “the house of self-undoing.” Unfortunately, in my experience people tend to focus far too much on the negative keywords and not enough on the positive ones. This house has a magical sort of quality to it, especially in terms of all the spirituality and compassion that can be found dwelling here (and even more so once the native has begun evolving beyond the more difficult traits of this house).

All the planets that live in this house live under a sort of fog, a veil, in the unconscious. None of the planets and their planetary energies are easily accessible here in an overt and conscious way, and this is where I believe the keywords “hidden enemies” and “prisons/imprisonment” come into play. Of course, both of those keywords could be taken literally, but I’ve never really read them that way (unless there were other clear aspects in the chart to indicate some type of imprisonment of the person/some kind of enemy hidden in the shadows). Let’s say that you have your Moon in the 12th House. That’s a tough place for the Moon to take up residence. Since the Moon rules our emotions, having your Moon under the fog of this house may make someone not understand their own feelings and emotions about things. They know they have these certain feelings, can sense them on an unconscious level, but can’t consciously (easily) figure out clearly why they feel the way do. This would, I imagine, cause the person to feel imprisoned by their own emotions, by their Moon. Almost as if the 12th House is holding that planetary energy hostage, not letting it leave it’s grasp. The same sort of thing could be said about “hidden enemies.” The planet and planetary energy that is in this House could explode in more destructive ways, thus turning that person’s own planetary placement against the native, becoming an enemy of the chart holder. Again, for example, the Moon in the 12th may cause someone to have emotional outbursts at inappropriate times, in inappropriate ways, directed at the “wrong” person, and for the “wrong” reasons (how this would manifest would really also depend on the aspects made to the planet, what sign the planet was in, etc).

The 12th House is associated with Karma that we bring with us from past life’s, as well as Karma that we may incur during this lifetime. This Karma can be both good and bad. The aspects the planet(s) in the 12th House make with different planetary bodies in the chart are an indicator of if the Karma is positive or negative. (If you don’t have any planets in the 12th House, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any good or bad Karma….there are other places to find such things in a Natal Chart). Since planets and their energy/traits that fall in the 12th House aren’t as easily accessible to the native and are covered by a sort of fog, there is a theory that planets that that reside here in a Natal Chart do so for Karmic purposes. Let’s say you have Mars in the 12th House. In a past life maybe you misused your drive, ambition, and aggression towards the more negative side of the spectrum. In this life, maybe you decided (or it was decided for you) that your Mars would fall here as a way of making this energy less accessible to you, thus making it harder to abuse it in this lifetime. Since Mars here lives under the fog that covers this house, it could incline one to have a difficult time overtly expressing those Martian energies like drive, ambition, aggression, and even anger. This would sort of balance out the karma accrued from the abuse of those energies in a past life (or past lifetimes).

Another interesting notion about the 12th House is the idea that the planets that find themselves here in the natal chart can represent what the native’s own mother’s pregnancy with them was like. For example, Neptune in the 12th can indicate that the chart holder’s mother’s pregnancy was also kind of under a fog of sorts/possibly something unclear here about her feelings towards being pregnant. Maybe she wasn’t quite sure how she felt about the entire situation of being pregnant, impending motherhood and the like. Maybe she had never planned to be a parent at all (but found herself becoming one)? Maybe there was something unclear and uncertain about her life situation at the time she was pregnant that put a haze over her pregnancy? The closer that planet (or planets) is to the Ascendant (I’d use a 10 degree orb or less here), the more likely those planets are telling the story of the native’s birth/the native’s mother’s labor. Does the Native have Saturn in the 12th within a 10 degree orb of the Ascendant? This could indicate that their mother’s labor with them was long, and possibly difficult in someway. As an aside, Saturn here conjunct the Ascendant can indicate that the native themselves wasn’t ready to be reborn into this incarnation; their soul was resistant to come back and do the whole “living on earth thing” again.

The keywords of “The House of Self-Undoing” and “Serve or Suffer” to describe the 12th House are my personal favorites to try and decipher. While the keywords certainly sound very doom and gloom, I tend not to believe them as such. The 12th House is where one shed’s their ego; Ego doesn’t exist here. I actually tend to believe that it is the “self-undoing” (and the “serve or suffer”) keywords that tend to liberate ones from the fog of this house. One of the very best ways to work through the planetary energy in this house is by channeling that typical planetary energy into the 6th House. (I actually believe this to be true for any difficult planetary energy in any house, but specifically for the 6th/12th House Axis.) Since planetary energy in the 12th is more hidden and one may not even really know what energy to channel into the 6th House, I would suggest learning/reading about said 12th House Planet, but learn about it in the 6th House as well. For example, if you have Venus in the 12th House, you may have a harder time easily and naturally showing expressions of love to those around you; there may be some kind of blockage in being able to do so. The way to work through that might be to become actively aware of this, and become of some sort of service towards those you love and other people as well (generally in some way which you spread positivity, beauty, and love to those who need it most). By being of service to others (regardless of the planet in the 12th), the native is able to work through the fog of those 12th House Planets which helps them to see the planet and its energy in a more clear and open way. By working through this energy (these energies), you are essentially “un-doing” yourself. Undoing the natural way/programming that you unconsiously use to handle the energy of the planet(s) that live there, so that you can use these planets in a conscious way. Sometimes we must all “un-do” ourselves to grow and evolve into something better, into a higher state of being.


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