In the first posting about Draconic Charts, I went into what exactly they are and what they are thought to represent, along with my own personal beliefs about these charts. In this post, we’ll get into how one should approach reading a Draconic Chart and the lens in which they should probably be read. The Draconic Chart can either be read as it’s own entity, or can be read in conjunction with the Natal Chart. Really, I find the later is the more complete way to read these charts, but on their own they are also very interesting.

Read in conjunction to the Natal Chart, you are looking at charts with two different types of energy and two different purposes. You can think of the Natal Chart as the outward manifestation energy and the Draconic Chart as the inward manifestation of energy. That’s not to say that the Natal Chart is only an outward manifestation of energy (clearly it isn’t when looked at on its own), but put up against the Draconic Chart the Natal Chart is infinitely more outward than the Draconic. Another way that I like to think of these charts is the Natal Chart is like the EGO and the Draconic Chart is one’s ID (like Freud’s theory of the ID, EGO and SUPEREGO). The Natal Chart is how one presents themselves in this lifetime, how they are in the here and now, the EGO of the charts. The Draconic Chart is primal like the ID, and instinctual. It is how we innately operate on a soul level, all the positive and negative that we truly are. There are astrologers that believe a newborn baby (or a small infant in babyhood) would closer identify with their Draconic Chart….if they were able to identify with charts. This is because the if the Draconic is considered the chart of the soul, then a newborn baby’s (or infant in babyhood’s) soul is so new here on earth that they still identify strongly with their soul-makeup rather than their makeup for this lifetime; they still identify solely with the ID, the EGO hasn’t taken hold yet.

From my understanding, you read the aspects, planets, houses, angles, degrees, etc. the same way that you read a Natal Chart, you just read them through a different lens. This lens needs to be directed inward, deep and probing, and most of all, intuitive.
*For example, the I.C. in the Natal Chart represents your roots, your early home life, and the home that you want to create for yourself. I also like to think of the I.C. as asking the question “what/where is home to you?” Maybe home to you is in the same sort of situation you found yourself growing up? Maybe it’s something completely opposite, or even something avant-garde? The concept and question of home is asked by the I.C., regardless of what the answer is. Now, in the Natal Chart the concept of home is seen through the lens of this lifetime, whereas in the Draconic Chart the concept of home goes much deeper, beyond just this lifetime. It asks the question of “what/where is home to you?,” but it is asked on a soul level. What you are set up to need in this lifetime may not paint the full picture of what your soul really needs. The I.C. of the Natal Chart and I.C. of the Draconic Chart may even feel like they are conflicting somehow, like they are wanting two very different things. When this occurs, it’s my theory that the native set themselves up for this sort of unconscious struggle about what they want and need in the present life v. what they really need on a soul level. Just to be clear, this conflicting present lifetime need v. soul need can occur with anything between Natal Chart and the Draconic Chart, not just with the I.C.
*For another example, say someone has Venus at 17 degrees in Libra in the 7th House in their natal chart. This probably makes them someone that is all about relationships and partnerships, wanting to bring peace and balance to them. If Mars is at 17 degrees in Capricorn in the 7th House in the Draconic Chart, this makes Mars and Venus conjunct between the charts. This can cause that Natal Venus in Libra person to maybe, on a soul level, be a little more aggressive, authoritative, strategic, and assertive than they even realize when dealing with their relationships, what they project onto other people and other 7th house matters. This underlying urge can pop up from time to time (or may always be present under the surface). These two planetary energies are merging (by way of being conjunct), but they don’t always jive well together within the same person. This could be another example of conflicting needs between the soul level and this lifetime. The person needs to figure out a way to bring these two energies together and have them operating in-sync rather than one competing for attention (which can easily happen with conjunctions).

An important point to bring up in talking about these charts being analyzed against one another are the aspects created between the two, specifically the conjunction and opposition aspects. There is something very karmic about these aspects naturally regardless of what chart you are looking at, with the conjunction blending together two energies and the opposition pulling two energies in completely different directions. Since these aspects can be karmic in nature, it only makes sense that they would take precedence in the very karmic Draconic Chart. When looking at the aspects between both of these charts, I would advise keeping your orbs much tighter than usual, probably not more than 3 or 4 degrees. Some astrologers like to go even tighter than that (in the 1 to 2 degree orb range). Usually I will try to keep them tighter than 4 degrees, but it really depends on the what planetary body, angle, etc. is being analyzed and the overall feel of the two charts read in tandem.

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