I’m going to be starting this blog off with a bang, talking about a subject within Astrology that I absolutely love. 🙂

Draconic Charts….they are absolutely fascinating. The idea behind them is that one’s Natal Chart is the native’s chart of this lifetime (obviously), but the Draconic Chart is the chart of the native’s actual soul, and it’s incredibly karmic. There actually seems to be some debate here as to if the Draconic Chart is the native’s chart of their most recent past life, of any single previous past life, or if it shows the chart of the native’s soul over multiple life times and the souls true nature in its purest form.  I tend to believe the last one…..something about that explanation just feels right. Using that as my definition of what a Draconic Chart is, lets begin.

First off, these charts date back to Ancient Babylonia (so they would fall under the umbrella of “old as fuck” astrology). There was a long swath of history where they were not commonly used, but are now seeing an increase in popular usage (as they should, they are incredibly useful). Draconic, in Latin, translates loosely to something being Dragon-like. This something that is Dragon-Like are the Nodes of the Moon in the Draconic Chart (and the Nodes in the Natal Chart). The North Node is said to be the head of the dragon and the South Node is said to be the tail of the dragon.  In these charts, the 0 degree Aries point is paramount, because this Chart is based on the place where the Moon crosses the elliptic from North to South, thus making the 0 degree Aries point the traditional North Node position for these charts. The Aries point is said to symbolize a point of taking action and new beginnings.

In someone’s own Draconic Chart, the placement of their own Natal North Node aligns with and becomes that 0 degrees Aries Point. For example, if  your Natal North Node is at 20 degrees Taurus, this placement in the Draconic Chart becomes 0 degrees Aries and everything will shift over some. The aspects in your Draconic Chart remain the same as in your natal chart, but the houses will be ruled by different signs due to the shifting and the degrees of the planets and the signs they are ruled by may change. This could cause someone who Nataly has their Moon in Virgo to have their Moon in Cancer in their Draconic Chart. The closer your Natal North Node is to 0 degree Aries, the less your Draconic chart will shift. The further your Natal North Node is from 0 degree Aries, the more your chart will shift. It is because of this shifting that some people may happen to identify with their Draconic Charts more than their Natal Chart. Some people don’t feel that their Natal Chart is “them,” and it tends to be those people that heavily identify with their Draconic Chart…..it just tends to feel more like them somehow. Maybe your Sun is in Libra in your Natal Chart, but that has never felt quite right. However, when you look at your Draconic Chart you find your Sun falls in Pisces and that just feels more like you. (The opposite could also be true, that the Draconic Chart doesn’t feel like you at all, you feel completely in tune with your Natal Chart). And what could that mean?

Since I believe that the Draconic Chart is the chart of the Soul over all lifetimes, of the soul’s true nature, then (just spit balling here, feel free to disagree) I might assume that those who identify somewhat or strongly with their Draconic Charts possibly are more in-tune (at least somewhat consciously or unconsciously), or more aware of their soul’s true nature, whatever that true nature actually is. Possibly then, those that don’t identify with their Draconic Charts at all maybe aren’t as in-tune or aware with/of the true nature of their souls. This isn’t a bad thing (so please don’t take it that way). Maybe in this life, for some reason, the person wasn’t supposed to identify with their soul’s true nature. Maybe they were supposed to be solely focused on this life (thus possibly identifying strongly with their Natal Chart), and not aware of their souls true desires, where they have come from and what they have been through across time and space. Maybe this is implemented to shield or protect the person in some way, for some reason.

This post is getting longish already, so I will proceed on to my next points about Draconic Charts in another post. Such as how to possibly interpret them and what it could possibly mean when your Draconic Chart and your Natal Chart look the same…..which happens when someone’s Natal North Node is at 0 degrees Aries.

*As an aside, there is some debate on which to use for calculation purposes; some astrologers swear by the MEAN North Node, and some swear by the TRUE North Node. Personally, I use the TRUE North Node, but to each its own :)*

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  1. […] I also have a few different guidelines for different types of charts, as you will see below:**For Transit Charts, I do use the same guidelines for orbs listed above for the Natal Chart, but I use them slightly differently. For planet to planet connections, I use the 5 degrees before the transit planet becomes in exact aspect with the natal planet (ascending), and the 5 degrees after becoming exact (descending). For example, if you have your natal Moon at 20 Libra, transit Pluto would be considered to be in opposition anywhere from 15 to 25 Aries. And with the transits, the more exact the orb, the more the particular transit will be felt (usually).**For Synastry Charts, I use the same ascending and descending orb mentioned above, but I really like synastry aspects to be a little tighter. I usually will only go to a 10 degree orb with the luminaries, around 7-8 degrees for the planets and Chiron, with the Nodes, Asteroids, and Fixed Stars remaining the same. **For the Composite Chart (midpoint method), I really like to see even tighter aspects (since this chart is based off of the midpoints between both people’s charts). For the luminaries I usually try to keep it an 8 degree orb, and for the planets and Chiron I try to stay around a 5 or 6 degree orb. I like to keep the aspects made to the Nodes at 4 to 5 degrees. With fixed stars, I really want them between a 0 and 1 degree orb, and for asteroids, around 2 degrees is good with me. **I tend to keep the aspect’s orbs the same as the Natal Chart ones when reading Draconic Charts…..since it is essentially a type of natal chart itself, just the chart of the soul across all incarnations (in this dimension, in this plane. I won’t go into what I mean about that right now. That’s another post for another day). For even more reading pleasure, here is my post on Draconic Charts. […]

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