Astrological Ramblings

Recently, talk of Draconic Charts seems to have exploded around the different forums that I frequent (which is super-exciting, I love talking about this stuff!), which gave me the idea to make another entry highlighting these charts and what I believe are the important things to focus on while deciphering them. Kind of a hodgepodge of ideas dealing with these charts, so bear with me if my ideas seem to kind of jump from thing to thing. Pluto’s importance here in these charts should never be forgotten. Pluto (and it’s polarity point opposite it) has a very special place within evolutionary astrology, almost operating like the North Node/South Node Axis, showing where we come from on a soul level and what we want to evolve into. The position of one’s natal Pluto points to the way we are based on the experiences from our previous incarnations, while the natal Pluto Polarity point points to what our soul wants to evolve into in this lifetime. By reading these two placements in a Draconic Chart, I almost see this as Pluto representing the way that we just naturally (on a soul level) believe things, desire things, and perceive things, but the Draconic Pluto Polarity Point shows the highest possible evolution of our soul (all that our soul could be). It’s once that we’ve actually obtained this soul goal of “becoming” our Pluto Polarity Point that we probably stop reincarnating into this world and then go on to somewhere else. Once we’ve reached […]
I’m going to be starting this blog off with a bang, talking about a subject within Astrology that I absolutely love. 🙂 Draconic Charts….they are absolutely fascinating. The idea behind them is that one’s Natal Chart is the native’s chart of this lifetime (obviously), but the Draconic Chart is the chart of the native’s actual soul, and it’s incredibly karmic. There actually seems to be some debate here as to if the Draconic Chart is the native’s chart of their most recent past life, of any single previous past life, or if it shows the chart of the native’s soul over multiple life times and the souls true nature in its purest form.  I tend to believe the last one…..something about that explanation just feels right. Using that as my definition of what a Draconic Chart is, lets begin. First off, these charts date back to Ancient Babylonia (so they would fall under the umbrella of “old as fuck” astrology). There was a long swath of history where they were not commonly used, but are now seeing an increase in popular usage (as they should, they are incredibly useful). Draconic, in Latin, translates loosely to something being Dragon-like. This something that is Dragon-Like are the Nodes of the Moon in the Draconic Chart (and the Nodes in the Natal Chart). The North Node is said to be the head of the dragon and the South Node is said to be the tail of the dragon.  In these charts, the 0 degree […]


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