Draconic Charts Part 3

Recently, talk of Draconic Charts seems to have exploded around the different forums that I frequent (which is super-exciting, I love talking about this stuff!), which gave me the idea to make another entry highlighting these charts and what I believe are the important things to focus on while deciphering them. Kind of a hodgepodge of ideas dealing with these charts, so bear with me if my ideas seem to kind of jump from thing to thing.

Pluto’s importance here in these charts should never be forgotten. Pluto (and it’s polarity point opposite it) has a very special place within evolutionary astrology, almost operating like the North Node/South Node Axis, showing where we come from on a soul level and what we want to evolve into. The position of one’s natal Pluto points to the way we are based on the experiences from our previous incarnations, while the natal Pluto Polarity point points to what our soul wants to evolve into in this lifetime. By reading these two placements in a Draconic Chart, I almost see this as Pluto representing the way that we just naturally (on a soul level) believe things, desire things, and perceive things, but the Draconic Pluto Polarity Point shows the highest possible evolution of our soul (all that our soul could be). It’s once that we’ve actually obtained this soul goal of “becoming” our Pluto Polarity Point that we probably stop reincarnating into this world and then go on to somewhere else. Once we’ve reached that highest elevation of this point in the Draconic Chart, our soul’s mission and evolution over all lifetimes is complete (or that’s one of my theories, anyway). With Pluto being so important, when reading a Draconic Chart by itself, make sure to take notice of where Pluto (and it’s polarity point) are in the chart. This should give you some kind of idea where you have been on a soul level across all lifetimes (by Pluto is by sign, house, and aspects), and where (probably) the highest elevation of your soul’s nature lies (by the Pluto Polarity Point and its sign, house, and aspects). Remember, when reading the Natal and Draconic Charts, the lenses you use are different. Natal Chart is just about this present incarnation, so Pluto and it’s polarity point in this chart points to the evolutionary journey and process for this life. Pluto and it’s Polarity Point in the Draconic Chart point to the evolutionary process and journey across all lifetimes.
**I will TOTALLY be making a post about Pluto in regards to the evolution of the soul in the future**

The Moon is, I believe, another very important planet to take note of in the Draconic Chart, since the Nodes of the Moon are based off the Moon in the Natal Chart (and the Draconic). The Draconic Moon shows how you function emotionally and process your feelings (and the type of feelings that you have) on a soul level. By house, the Draconic Moon shows the areas that your soul at its deepest levels may have the most emotional investment in, or to what and where you are most emotionally tied. By sign, the Draconic Moon can show the way that your soul expresses the Moon’s energy naturally. These are probably very much within the subconscious parts of your mind in this lifetime, maybe not even fully able to be rationalized here, and very innate. When you have feeling about something, and maybe you don’t even know why you feel a certain way about it…..I would bet that’s the Draconic Moon at work.

Sometimes I feel like our souls want an easier time or more difficult time handling things like our emotions (or really anything) in certain lifetimes. I also fully believe that before we are incarnated in each life our soul decides, or at least has a say, in what we want our Natal Charts to look/be like. With that said, if our soul wanted to grow in how we process and handle our feelings in this incarnation, as a way of learning a life lesson to then carry over to the next life, it may throw some difficult aspects between the Moon and other planets/celestial bodies in the Natal Chart. However, the real catalysts for change on a soul level seem to be the more difficult aspects between a planet/celestial body in the Natal Chart and a planet/celestial body in the Draconic Chart. An example of this would be difficult aspects between, say, the Natal Sun and the Draconic Moon. There is some deep soul lesson to be learned (possibly even karmic) about your sense of selfhood in this lifetime and how you really feel, deep down in your soul. This sense of selfhood could even translate to a sense of “soulhood” when we get down to it; something about the soul’s sense of self and the soul’s emotions that could only really be learned through this lifetime by having your Natal Sun in a certain place, making a more difficult aspect to your Draconic Moon. When reading the Draconic Chart on it’s own or in tandem with the Natal Chart, the planets and aspects that I personally take special care in analyzing are as follows:
*The Sun
*The Moon
*The Nodes of the Moon
——-I realize that in Draconic Charts the North Node is always set to 0 degrees Aries, but pay attention here to any planets/celestial bodies that aspect the Nodes in both types of Charts. Also pay attention to any aspects that your Natal North & South Nodes make to the Draconic North & South Nodes.
* All of the major angles by house, sign, and aspects made (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven & Imum Coeli/IC). Take careful note of the IC, though. Being the most private part of your Natal Chart, and where your “roots” are, I feel like this has a special place in Draconic Astrology as well (since the Draconic Chart appear to be like the roots of the soul).
*I take special note of conjunctions and oppositions, because these tend to be karmic (as are square aspects sometimes, depending on the planets/celestial bodies in aspect).
*The Vertex & Antivertex axis is also something that has always struck me as important when looking at these charts together. Connections made between the Natal Vertex and Draconic planets/celestial bodies (and vice versa) could indicate areas of your life (and soul) that just feel really, really fated (and surprising) but you don’t really understand why. Connections made between the Natal Antivertex and Draconic planets/celestial bodies (and vice versa) will still feel really, really fated, but there will probably be a sense of expecting/knowing/more understanding that comes from this fated feeling (something that feels fated, but you already knew would manifest).

More to come…..later 🙂
If you have anything to discuss, let’s talk!

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7 thoughts on “Draconic Charts Part 3

  1. Hi there! I enjoyed your take on Draconic charts a lot! I like that you added a great emphasis on the Natal compared to. This is my current wonder- and wanted to see if you might have a word or insight or just simply an objective opinion.
    I met someone earlier this year who immediately became very important to my life, romantically. Kind of came out of nowhere and flipped the script on me. I don’t know why after all these months of personal emotional turmoil considering my relational patterns I’m still patient with him and can still honor his person as it is even without me. It’s been a long journey over the past year. And I try not to expect anything, in fact if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that. However, I made the discovery a couple months ago that my Draconic chart contains his Tropical sun/moon (Gemini, Taurus) (as well as a few scattered placements, including Sidereal, that didn’t stand out as much)
    And his Draconic chart contains my Tropical Sun (Libra) and Sidereal moon (Virgo) (which i have been using a Sidereal mode a lot more often, and see it in the same sort of lens that you do with Draconic. I like to use them all together.)
    Anyway! I’m just very curious and wanted to get your take on that. Thank you. 🙂


    1. Hey 🙂

      Is there anyway that I can see the charts your talking about? When you look at your synastry together, do you get any sort of indication of having had previous lives together?


  2. Hi! Thanks for these articles about Draconic Charts, it’s hard to find something serious online. I’ve found about Draconic Astrology not too long ago and your writing is so helpful!
    BUT, can I ask your opinion on what’s going on when my Natal chart is full opposite to my Draconic chart. Seems so hard to interpret. Thank you in advance!


    1. Hey 🙂

      This is strictly all theory, but I have this idea that since the Draconic Chart is created by setting the chart to the 0 degree Aries point, the people who have their Natal North Node at 0 degrees Aries (or close to it) are supposed to wear “no mask” of this lifetime, so to speak. They are supposed to be out there in the open, warts and all, lol. I only mention all of that because on the flip side, with your Natal North Node being at or around the 0 degrees Libra point (I’m assuming since you say the charts are opposite) that there is supposed to be more cloaking over how you really are on a soul level/between incarnations.

      I feel like there is a soul reason for this, though. I’d have to see your charts (Natal and Draconic) to know more. Perhaps in your most recent incarnation you were too exposed somehow and didn’t want to be that way this time around? Perhaps it’s just that you simply already know yourself on a soul level so well that you wanted to grow into something else this time around (try something starkly different).

      This is an awesome question! Thank you


  3. My draconic chart and my natal chart are nearly identical. I think there’s only slight difference, my natal north node is at 0’17 Aries. I find it frustrating because I’m not getting anymore insight than I already had. I do remember some of my other lives but am looking for a more defined direction. My midheaven conjuncts my sun in Pisces as does Apophys…I feel there’s a path in that. Thank you 🙂


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