Testimonials and Reviews

To everyone who has given me the opportunity to read for them, review here or not, I so appreciate every one of you from the bottom of my little Capricorn Moon heart.

“Ellie blessed me with the most helpful astrological reading I’ve ever had. She provided advice & insight that I was immediately able to implement, observe the difference within me and see how that translated outside of me. As someone who has studied astrology for the last 5 years or so, I was hoping she could help me understand aspects that have been harder for me to grasp and she freaking nailed it on the head. I could have talked to her for hours! I will definitely be coming back as a regular client for more readings with Ellie.”
-xx Vianni S – Los Angeles, CA

“I was very intrigued by Ellie’s YouTube videos on murder investigations with astrological charts, so I decided to request her astro knowledge to confirm my exact time of birth . Ellie clearly explained through solar arc transitions how she was convinced that my time of birth was the same as I saw under deep hypnosis. I will be ordering other chart readings from Ellie in the future.”
-Nancy, Québec City

“I loved Ellie’s energy from the get-go. After stumbling across her YouTube channel when feeling lost on my astro-cartography line, I took a shot with a mini chart analysis to gain some of her insight. Ellie answered my questions with such thoughtfulness in an incredibly thorough report. It truly felt like she had read into my soul!! I feel more clarity now regarding the energy I’m feeling and how this relates not only to my personal chart but also the specifics of my astro-geogrpahical location. She is also super professional in a lovely, personable way. Worth every penny (and incredibly affordable for her expertise!!).”
-Mae, Melbourne. 

“I found Ellie inadvertently while browsing YouTube for some information on an abstract astrological aspect pattern. Her YouTube explanation was so amazing I started reading her reviews to see if she did any natal chart reading – and it turns out she did, so I followed the rabbit. Right from the first introduction Ellie – through our first two readings and into the future – has proven to be much more than any typical astrologer. Her ability to weave together the different aspects, planets and asteroids together with mythology, history, psychology and so much more is even beyond phenomenal – it is a rare gift indeed. Her insights, that have stumped so many before, have given me a profoundly deeper understanding of my whole life and it’s purpose in ways I couldn’t imagine. I am blessed to have stumbled down that rabbit hole upon her path and confirm – Ellie has a truly amazing gift and she is honest, tactful, and kind. Thank you so much Ellie!”

“This was an amazing reading. Very, very informative, insightful and easy to read and understand !! I appreciate your insights and service and you will definitely hear from me in the future!!”

“I ordered the ‘past life/ karmic’ reading from Ellie, and I am so impressed! The reading is long, rich, and meaningful. I will continue to refer back to it as there is so much insightful knowledge that I can apply to this lifetime. It was also exciting to read her interpretation of my past life and how it relates to this life. It felt like a therapy session, and I see this as an investment for my soul. I am also an astrologer, so I appreciate the effort and complexity of it. I was astounded that she turned around such a report so quickly! looking forward to purchasing another reading from her soon. Thanks Ellie!”
-Bec – Australia 

“I’m so glad I found Ellie at a time when I was feeling very lost. She provided me with a thorough, rich and deep analysis of my chart that I see myself referring to for years to come. Ellie is the real deal. She knows her astrology and she listened to all of my questions and addressed them in a realistic and compassionate way. She took care to write a detailed, thoughtful report in her own sweet, fun voice. I highly doubt you will regret asking for her services. I feel I have a whole new understanding of myself and my challenges.”
-Lesley, New York

Hi Ellie. Thanks for sending the downloads and links, and for going the extra mile and sharing your notes too. Having listened to your reading again, and researched more of your videos and writing, I wanted to express my gratitude to you for providing a thoroughly entertaining and a highly educational reading. Your reading style is true to the tone of your website, it is very original and real. I love your courage in thinking about astrology in fresh, yet, still grounded, ways. And your communication style is efficient and down to Earth. During the reading, you were an excellent listener, and graciously pursued my tangents while never veering from producing a solid meaning to the whole. This was the first “past life” reading I have ever tried. Its funny (maybe my North Node 5th House) but this more playful or creative type of reading had the strange result of offering as much insight and truth as a regular natal reading. I agree with so much of what you elucidated, and that gladly confirmed to me that I have developed an increasingly clearer grasp on the archetypes over the years. Thanks for the confidence boost. While enjoyable, I also learned much during and after your reading, especially with our impromptu discussion of relevant asteroids. You added much intel, and clarified a few errors I had assumed, about certain asteroid placements. Ultimately, the best measure of a meaningful reading to me is the feeling of inner awakening it produces. Your reading certainly made me feel more alive inside, more interesting to myself, and more curious to understand myself in a deeper and broader way. Thanks for offering your services and doing astrology the way you do it. I have referred you to my astro interested friends.”

WOW I just want to thank you! The accuracy is beyond amazing and I am so grateful for the in depth write up :-)))) The nodes make so much sense and I’m happy I can make sense of my 4th house (and 6th / 12th) and everything else. You’re amazing!”

“Thank you so much for all of your insight! Everything you wrote up for me is absolutely on point. You really know your astrology :D”
-T from Minnesota

“I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Ellie on a forum in which I posted on asking for some insight on my chart. Eager to understand my chart a little better and definitely a little desperate to seek the vaguest answer to some questions I had, I posted nevertheless hoping for someone to answer. Ellie replied to my post. I asked some more questions, and over the course of a few days she really helped me out. I decided to privately message her to inquire about her services and she recommended a transit chart. I appreciated her taking the time to so kindly reply to a complete stranger over the internet. She got back to me about a week later having completed my chart and she definitely didn’t sugar coat anything. Reading my chart definitely opened my eyes to not only future possibilities, but helped me reflect on a lot of things occurring in my life right now that I needed to look at from different perspectives.”

“I found Ellie on an online forum and it led me to her website. After reading the other testimonials and speaking with Ellie privately I felt an instant connection with her and wanted her to do a natal chart analysis with some other things thrown in for me. I have to say that it was probably one of the greatest things I have done for myself. I asked that she follow her intuition when reading my chart and I believe it is why my reading was so beneficial. Her report was easy to understand and many things about myself were made more clear, and the depth was incredible. I am so excited to use her reading as a tool to become a better version of myself. I truly do not think I could have gotten the same from anyone else and am looking forward to working with Ellie again in the future!”

“I feel so thankful to have found you, and to have gotten this report! I can tell you’ve put a lot of work and passion into making it, and I love how you tailored it perfectly to deliver both what i needed to know to evolve as an individual, and how to better understand and cope with the issues in my relationship. I am not kidding when I say that it was more enlightening than years of therapy have been. It’s like i can finally see myself as a pin on a map, and now I know a little better how to navigate on the journey that my soul is meant to take :)”
-Nathalie from the US

“While she doesn’t hold anything back, Ellie made the challenges in my chart and life feel possible to overcome. Ultimately a very uplifting and emotional experience, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
-TFC from PA

“I found out about Ellie by reading one of her comments on Reddit about seeing a lot of Moon-Moon conjunctions in her synastry readings. My boyfriend and I have that aspect, which is why I wanted to get our synastry reading from her. I could tell that she was strongly guided by her inution in the reading, which I really appreciated! I think this is VERY important in astrology readings. My boyfriend and I loved the synastry report so much that we each got our individual birth charts read by Eliie. All three reports had a lot of accurate information and sparked some deep conversations between my boyfriend and I that brought us closer. We’re both grateful for the energy that Ellie put into these readings and happy that we found her!”
-Michelle from the US

“I’m so appreciative of the reading I received. I came with a vague question and she was able to give me an accurate and helpful response. I go back to the advice given, often, whenever it pops back up in my life.”
-“I” from somewhere unknown

“Ellie is amazing! She was kind, helpful and efficient in our back and forth communication and it really shines through that she is a genuine and cares about what she does! Her reading of my chart was amazing, not only is her way of explaining things easy to understand (for beginners like me) but her way of doing so is just so relaxed, familiar and intuitive at the same time. It feels like you are having a chat with a friend. And I love that! Also the way she feels you and your chart is amazing and she goes about it in a very honest and real manner. I would warmly recommend her to anyone looking for an astrologer :)”

“Ellie provided a comprehensive astrology reading to help me understand some difficult, confusing events. Her expertise and preparation were very impressive, as was her intuition. I also expect this help me in the future. Specific attention was given to my situations that provided deeper insight about myself and healthy paths to move forward.”
-Happy Customer

“I had a natal chart reading with Ellie. It was highly detailed, well organized, and easy to understand. Ellie not only gave me extraordinary insight into who I was, but also gave guidance on how to use my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. Ellie is a pleasure to work with.”
-Laurie from North Adams, MA

“I had my first natal chart reading with Ellie, and the first thing I want to point out is that within fifteen minutes I asked to extend the time of our session because I just wanted her to keep going! Her understanding and ability to help others understand their birth charts is invaluable. I am very much a beginner in the world of natal charts. I think we all know how complex these charts are, especially to a newbie, so even though there were a lot of things that I was not familiar with, there is NO WAY I would have the understanding that I do now without having the session I did with her first. Ellie was able to thoroughly introduce me to everything I need to know in order to analyze my chart regularly, and since then I’ve only gotten better. It was a very comfortable experience, and I was able to explore my chart with her through things I have experienced recently and in the past. It really gave me a lot of insight into who I am as a person. Ellie even provided me with her notes after so that I could continue to refer back to them. I am scheduled for another session so we can dive even deeper. So if you are like me and feeling hesitant because you aren’t really familiar with birth charts, DON’T BE! Ellie’s session will leave you with a better understanding of yourself than you had before, and an excitement to keep digging!”
-Ellie, 28, Florida

 “My reading with Ellie went really well! She replied to emails swiftly, and made me feel reassured. She went over my 8th house profection year and transits. It gave me goosebumps to know that I had already been working on 8th house themes before even knowing what time lords and profections were. Ellie is so easy to talk to, I wanted to tell her my whole life story. She is kind, professional, and so easy to relate to. She exceeded my expectations and I plan to work with her again when i need some help interpreting what the stars are trying to tell me.”

“Ellie did an amazing job on my reading! She was able to pinpoint my relationship with my mother very well, and how it correlates with who I am today. First thing, she delivered the reading a day earlier than she stated, so that was a great surprise. Very committed to her work and deliverance. She has an amazing ability to connect with others and talk as if they were life long friends, so her reading came from a very heartfelt space. She’s very intuitive and can pick up on things that wouldn’t be felt otherwise. Overall, I was very pleased with her services, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is seeking to find a better understanding of who they are, and why they do things.”
-Ricky from a place to remain unnamed

“After having responded to a question I had on Reddit (very clearly and concisely), she very kindly offered to go more in depth if I had any more questions. It was immediately clear that she has a solid understanding of what she’s talking about, doesn’t sugar coat or exaggerate, and really takes the time to explain what she sees.  Her website is also FULL of information , so I reached out to have a more in depth conversation about my chart and wow! what a wonderful soul!! Ellie has an energy that brightens the room (even in a virtual room lol) and really made me feel heard and comfortable. Her ability to navigate the intricacies of a birth chart is incredible, but she also knows how to convey that information in a way that’s easy to understand. Despite my numerous questions as the conversation went on, she was able to answer every single one and related them back to my original questions. I very much enjoyed every one of my conversations with her. She really helped me connect the dots in many aspects of my life and spiritual journey. Ellie clearly has a talent for what she does, it speaks for itself . Definitely will be working with her again!”

“Ellie talked me through what she saw as the major aspects of my chart and accurately pointed out parts of my life that I need to work on. Her personal take on it was so unique that I am amazed no one has told me it before. I am really glad I had this chat with her because it provides a fresh new perspective on my life! I have been to other astrologers but she framed some of the aspects in my chart in a way no one else has yet, I am very grateful for this and for the wisdom she provided. She even gave me her notes for the reading and that was a big plus, looking at them made me understand what went through her mind when she saw my chart and now I can rest easy that we are on the same page for many things. If you decide to book a reading with Saturn Season just know that everything she reads into it will be original and honest – no bullcrap!”
-Griffin from Toronto

“I had my Draconic chart reading with Ellie from Saturn Season Astrology on 8/23/2020. At the start of our Zoom meeting, the transit moon was conjunct my Natal Neptune. Setting up our appointment was friendly and accommodating. I was sent a link for our meeting punctually at 15 minutes prior to the start time.The information was clear and delivered with a comfortable conversation. I also received a copy of her notes and audio recording. I am delighted with the results and for anyone wanting a stronger connection to their soul, I highly recommend it.”

“Ellie was a wonderful person to work with. Ellie was insightful, calm and great to talk to about my chart reading. Ellie answered all my questions and figured out a lot of personal struggles I had been dealing with and explained thoroughly how I could work to improve those weaker aspects in my chart and offered great solutions. Ellie, also offered notes about my chart, which was extremely helpful for me to read over after I had my reading. Overall, I would highly recommend Ellie’s services if you’re interested in getting a general reading or if there are things in your natal chart that you really wanna look at, Ellie can help you decipher those things.”
-S. Fields from Texas

“I asked the universe for a sign and it led me straight to Ellie! She is absolutely fantastic at what she does. Not only is she professional, but her warm vibe radiates through and I felt completely comfortable and at ease with our communication. Ellie did a past life synastry for me and I couldn’t be happier. It confirmed everything that I’ve felt over the years and also led me to new directions of growth within myself. She is truly a talented spirit and I would recommend her to everyone! I cannot thank her enough for being so kind to guide me to where I need to be.”

“Ellie did a fantastic job with my synastry chart reading. It was so insightful and helped my understand my relationship in a different way. Definitely recommend her to anyone who would like to know more about their natal and synastry charts.”

“This was my first astrology reading ever, and I am pleasantly surprised at the accuracy. She answered questions that had been wandering in my head. We had a quick chat over the internet and she based some of the reading on that.I told her I wanted her to take out elements in my chart that stood out and I was glad I did. If you are on the fence on doing a reading she has a mini-reading service that might be right for you. ”

“Ellie did a natal, draconian and transit report for me. I really can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me. Ellie’s analysis was very in-depth, her knowledge, insight and attention to detail were incredible. She is also really friendly and fun to work with.Ellie has lifted the veil on aspects of my personality and the trajectory that I am on in my life and provided clarity on issues that are very important to me. This knowledge is invaluable and will no doubt help me in my own personal evolution. This was a very exciting and emotional experience and is something that I will always treasure. Ellie is a remarkable woman and I highly recommend her and her services.”
-L from Australia

“Ellie went above and beyond in her reading; she considered every angle and possible energy surrounding the current transits in my chart, equipping me with insights and possible scenarios to watch out for. She also offered useful information about timing and what factors would be working “for me” as I pursue career-related goals. Her pricing is very good; plus, she’s enthusiastic and I get the sense she puts her whole self into this work. She is also someone I would be comfortable going to again. She’s a positive, trustworthy astrologer who gives her all to clients. Whether you have a small question or larger issue, I think she can help you navigate the astrology around it and you can use those tools to move forward with confidence.”

“And I thought I already knew my birth chart. Lol. The reading went more deep than I expected. I did cry at one point, just with the accuracy. I needed this and it will help me. Thank you so much. Would recommend to everyone. ”

“Ellie has a highly developed gift of insight into the human psyche. She picks up on the subtleties of astrology and elegantly translates them into very interesting analyses. Her interpretations of my chart were spookily accurate and relevant to very obscure aspects of my life. She is also very thorough and puts a lot of work into her readings. Money extremely well spent, plus she is a delight to talk to. She really goes the extra mile, and has given me a lot of very thoughtful, insightful, and interesting material to ponder over. Highly recommended if you want the deep cuts that only a discerning astrologer like her can serve. ”
-J from Mexico City

“”…it all makes sense” was the sentiment I harbored at the end of our session. What you said – every last word of it – rang true. This speaks to your powers as an astrologer. Your delivery was thoughtful, sensitive, and kind. You took special care answering all of my questions. I felt at ease and comfortable in your company, in the space that you held. You even offered to share pictures of your own handwritten notes with me! I am in awe of what you do. It is a service. I felt remarkably closer to my own truth than I had ever before. Ellie, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I found Ellie through a search online regarding “Skipped Steps” – planets square the nodal axis. One of her offerings was a Karmic and Past Life Reading, which turned out to be absolutely amazing – so DETAILED!!! I was so intrigued by the story she wove together… and yet it was mine! A lot of what she said in her VERY lengthy report felt so familiar, like a book I read a long time ago, but couldn’t recall the details. I plan to meditate on the many insights she provided for hours, days, months, years! Priceless!!! What an amazing gift you have Ellie – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”
-Anne Marie from Ayemology

“Ellie at Saturn Season has done up individual, synastry, and composite readings for me. Ellie was comfortable to communicate with, she clarified all of my difficult questions without any fluff and she knows what she’s talking about. I would go to her again, and I recommend her to anyone looking for an insightful, real, down to earth reading that’s conversational and friendly without beating around the bush.”
– Kate from Canada

“I am so happy with my natal chart reading – I was smiling throughout reading it, because it was so accurate to myself, both the good, the bad and in between. It’s given me a lot to think about it! Ellie clearly spent a lot of time writing up my natal chart reading, and I can feel the feelings and thoughts she put into it on every page. She absolutely knows her stuff!”
-MK, U.S.

“That was an amazing reading! Thanks a lot for the detailed, thorough insights and making things easy to understand for an astrology layman. A lot of what you said is spot on, and in particular I really liked how you explained the yod aspect and its trigger points. I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and family.”
-K from Canada

“It’s nice to have validation from another human; that there is a path and while it may be foggy from time to time- I’m still on it! Thank-you for the time and care you put into your work- I wish I had the ability to help people and use a mind-driven super power to do it!”
-Emily from CO

“Ellie is an AMAZING astrologer. She has immense knowledge and deep understanding of astrology… but I feel that one of the things that make her readings different and really stand out, is her ability to weave the different elements of an individual’s chart together using her intuition, so she truly gets the essence of a person. Her chart reading was very detailed and in depth…and she was able to customize my reading based on my current needs/questions. She is also a very sweet person and so professional!! I highly recommend a reading with Ellie!!”

“I got the mini reading from Ellie and it was anything but mini – packed with so much information and insight on a lot of things in my life, confirmed a lot of things I was unsure of and enlightened me about a lot of things I needed to work on. Her reading was so insightful I’ll definitely be re-reading it for direction for a long time.”

“I am blown away by my birth chart reading by Ellie. I expected to get vague ideas helping me to head in the right direction. I never expected-to learn my ultimate goal in life and the key tools I need to develop in order to reach that goal.-things to avoid when dealing with my family of origin to help reach my ultimate goal.-what I am responsible for in this life.-what my true responsibility is with my children and the home I create for them.-what to work towards to have satisfying, fulfilling relationships.-so much good advice on what is good for me.-lots to think about with how I can communicate better.-what I’m really good at.-some very specific suggestions about what I might enjoy to do for fun.-and lots of tips to help me be happy and reach my potential in my career.Everything Ellie said really resonated with me and is minutely specific to me and my life. I feel a lot more confident throwing my time, energy, and effort into specific directions with my career, home, and relationships.Ellie really delivered the goods on my astrological biography. I have previously done readings over video conference with The Astro Twins Ophira & Tali Edut and Kaypacha from New Paradigm astrology. All three readings were helpful, but barely scratched the surface compared to the in-depth analysis Ellie was able to provide.”
-@aq_eight, Treaty 7 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

“Ellie is very good at what she does and is so so helpful when it comes to understanding your chart or a loved ones chart ! I would recommend her to anyone!!” 
-Adri, OR 

“We were so lucky to have the opportunity to get a synastry reading done by Ellie this week. As two friends who are looking to expand our relationship into more professional realms, it was important for us to understand more about our dynamic and individual traits. Ellie is hands down the most gifted astrologer that either of us have worked with and we were beyond impressed with our session. Ellie is not only extremely professional, but is also incredibly friendly and trustworthy. In only an hour, she was able to give us countless individual and group insights that will undoubted serve our future endeavors quite well. We are so glad we made this appointment and encourage others to do the same – she’s the best!!”
-K & A

“I’m so glad that I stumbled across Ellie via YouTube! Her karmic reading provided a lot of insight into my life challenges, which really resonated with me and gave me a new perspective. I especially liked that she included lots of detail on my skipped steps and suggestions on how to work through them. I would definitely recommend the karmic reading for those interested in past life stuff. Ellie’s YouTube channel also has a ton of helpful info for those interested in learning!”
~Amanda from Canada

“I just received my Mini Reading from Ellie / Saturn Season Astrology. I wanted to know what was in my chart in terms of navigating a career change and creating my own business. Ok this blew me out of the water! Not only was it really helpful and insightful, I was able to draw connections to other things that I thought were outside of this sphere! She explained things in a way that let me apply that same line of thinking to other parts of my chart so it was a learning experience in multiple ways. I also love that she was able to describe things with language that is practical instead of being so abstract that it’s not actionable. I’m looking forward to working more with Ellie!!”
– DK, Seattle

“This was such a beautiful Astrocartography reading! I was able to learn about what living on a certain line is like and would be like. This was such an eye opening experience! Thank you so much for helping me understand, Ellie!”
-Victoria from the US

“A fantastic reading. Probably the best one I’ve had. Ellie did such a great job with touching all the topics I wanted to discuss. You made me think about the topics discussed on a deeper and intellectual level. And thank you for confirming the thoughts and ideas that I had weren’t just paranoia lol. I loved that we were able to bounce ideas off each other. This made the conversation feel authentic. And because of that, you just found yourself a regular customer. I also recommend a friend to you. Thank you for what you do! I love that astrology brings people together in more ways than one.”
-Lexi from the US

“Well I am blown away at your accuracy at interpreting my chart and transits!! Really amazing reading!! Thank you for shedding light on things I needed to hear. Bravo!!”

“I have had readings with many astrologers, including authors Robert Hand, Donna Cunningham and Jeff Green. I studied with some locals, too, over the last dozen years of the century, and sought the services of other types of esoteric practitioners over the decades. None gave me the tools that you have….you are just a damn fine and truly awesome astrologer!!! ”
-A. de’Anthony from the United States

“Thank you so much!!!! I don’t even have much to say except you’re accurate and on point, really.”

“I will be recommending Ellie/SaturnSeason to everyone I know! She was quick, responsive, super friendly, and most importantly, knowledgeable! She broke down my chart into pieces I could understand while offering a truthful and in depth analysis of my houses, planets, and aspects. The turnaround was quick, the quality was perfect, and she is the best! You will be blown away by her intuition and graceful analysis of the stars.”
-“S” from the U.S.

“I am so happy that I crossed paths with Ellie. She did a Natal Chart Reading and a Draconic Chart reading for me. The report was thorough and thought out, easy to read and understand. She was not only accurate, but very helpful. I highly recommend her services!”
-Natalie M.

“Thank you for the natal chart reading. I feel like it really goes in depth about who I am. And it really feels like Ellie went very deeply to make sure all information was conveyed. I found out things I didn’t even know about myself. Thank you so much! You’re really good at this!” 
– Sincerely, NR USA


 “Getting my synastry chart done was the best thing I could’ve done for my developing relationship. There was connection and generally good feeling, but my partner felt guarded and communication was a little shaky. Ever since getting my reading, I’ve managed to communicate better with my partner and gain traction and direction in the relationship. The reading has become an essential asset for me and I’m very glad that I made the decision to get it!“
-Ryan from Idaho


“The ‘Karma’s Only a Bitch if You Are’ report is so effffing cool! Getting to read about BOTH my most recent past life and where my soul has been throughout time has been such a neat experience. Thank you so much, Ellie!”
-A.M. from somewhere in the United States


“Ellie is so sweet and gave me a very detailed report! I learned things I never knew about my chart/myself. I 100% recommend a report from her.”
-Emma from the U.S.


 “Thank you so much! I feel as though this reading was necessary to understand my biography within astrology, and I found it to be very thorough and easy to understand. You also got SO MANY THINGS RIGHT.”
-Brandi from the United States


 “Ellie contacted me via an online forum and I’m very glad she did. I set up a natal chart reading with her shortly after. She was very helpful and prompt with getting back to me. Everything that Ellie drew from my chart resonated well and gave me further insight as to why I’m facing the challenges in my life. Not only was she thorough, she gave helpful advice to improve and work upon those areas of my life. Just by conversing with her via email, I could tell she has a strong passion for doing this. Once I read the report, it really did show. Not only did her passion show through her work, but her knowledge as an astrologer. For years, I knew what areas of life were in shambles and saw them all entangle one another. I could never find the cause,so I never found any real solutions. But now, I feel like I can truly start to improve my life. Thank you again, Ellie!”
– AXR from CA


“Thank you so much for the reading! This was definitely the best natal chart reading I’ve ever had. You were so in depth and I connected with everything you were saying. I love how you talked about how I can overcome some “challenges” that were in my chart. I also really love how simple yet professional you present the information because it is very informational, and sounds like it’s coming from an actual human who has a personality, sense of humor, etc. Overall, this was such an amazing reading and definitely worth the price!!!”
-“A” from someplace in the U.S.


“Dude, you are like a psychic. I hope you will be doing this for a long time! You’re definitely gifted and I think many people will benefit from what you do.”


“Learning from Ellie was such a valuable and fun experience!! I had a great time conversing with her, and she made me feel very heard and understood. I was looking for insights in certain areas and our conversation illuminated said areas wonderfully. The notes she took for me were beautifully written and chock full of rich information that I will find useful for time to come, especially as someone who is new to astrology. I could feel the authenticity in her curiosity, passion and especially talent as an Astrologer. After we spoke I was wearing a huge smile, and feeling excited to move forward with the new tools and information I gained from Ellie. Thanks again!!!”
-A from Maryland


“Ellie is a very friendly person. It is evident that she has been studying astrology for a long time. I felt my reading was very beneficial and really resonated with me. I will be seeking other astrological readings with her in the future. Worth the price! :)”


“My experience with Saturn Season/Ellie Adams was awesome! She is super insightful and knows her stuff astrologically. She really informed me about my life path and planetary journey. I would recommend getting an hour chart reading because her research goes into great depth. I also appreciate her friendliness and casualness about real world stuff. Thank you Ellie!”


“This is your craft. You should know that you’re good and accurate at what you do. Not just…..oh, ya, you’re kinda right but….. Seriously. You do great work. Thank you. My soul thanks you.”
-Suzi Day


 “I am so grateful to have found Ellie during such a big transitional period in my life. Her knowledge, intuition and no bullshit attitude really helped shed some light on some important themes in my life and in my relationship. I’m still processing everything but I can tell you she hit the nail right on the head and had me crying within the first two minutes. Her insight is just amazing and I highly recommend speaking with her. I loved receiving her notes afterwards too – they were so detailed and I’m learning so much more about astrology and myself from the experience. Can’t wait to do another session!”


“I received a natal chart reading. I have been interested in having a reading done for awhile now and am very happy that I did. I received the reading in a report format and it was extremely well-written and informative. Ellie made sure to explain everything well enough that someone, like myself, who does not have much experience with astrology can easily understand. I feel like my personality was really captured in the reading and I can use this information to have a deeper understanding of myself and how to really grow as a person. She was very pleasant and professional during the whole process. I am very happy with this service and will definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in having a reading done!”


 “I was amazed by how accurate and on point Ellie was with my reading. You can tell that she has been practicing astrology for a long time and how experienced she is. She doesn’t hold back with anything and a reading with her opens your eyes to who you are, what you should work on, your goals in this lifetime and how to achieve them. I was deeply impressed about her intuition as well, she just “feels and sees” things through the chart, which leaves you shook! Ellie was super friendly, quick in responding and sending the report. Overall I had a beautiful and pleasant experience getting a reading with Ellie and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I would definitely recommend a reading with her to everyone I know! Thank you Ellie!”


 “I found Ellie’s report to be very illuminating. I am a long time astrology student myself, but she provided such rich insight into my chart and shed light on aspects that I had not yet considered. Whether you are new to astrology or already familiar, I recommend working with Ellie! She is knowledgeable and went above and beyond by asking me questions and providing a report that was customized to fit my needs.”
-Rachel H


“You want Ellie to do your readings. She uses her unique perspective, talents, and intuition to help you get to the core of the matter at hand. She is really easy to talk to and I can assure you that you will connect with her right away. I can tell that she has had practice in this area for a long time. She is also good at pointing things out that may surprise you or resonate on a deeper level. I can’t wait for my next reading with her and to have her do a reading for my husband!”
-Alex from IN


I “met” Ellie when she answered my question on Reddit about my synastry chart. The way she replied, and her energy I felt just through that one exchange made me want to know more of what she had to say. She is SUPER knowledgable and is quick to respond; I‘ve already learned so much from her! I’ve ordered 2 card readings and 2 charts readings from her in less than a month and will probably continue to do so as my situation is sort of on going. I appreciate her not getting sick of me yet!” 
-S from Chicago


“I’m so happy I found Ellie to do my chart reading, which was a first for me. It was amazing and exciting how spot on she was through the whole reading. When I was reading it all, I felt that she was directly talking to me, and she knew a lot about me based on my chart and intuitively speaking. She takes her time to really deep dive into your chart and make it very personal, which was really special. It really helped me to get this perspective and I felt that all of what the chart was saying was coming from a place of care. I can’t say enough good things about Ellie, her process and her approach makes it a worthwhile experience, that everyone should at least try once, I promise you will take away a lot from it! Thank you so much! Lucky to have come across you and your gifts!”
-Sophia from somewhere in the US


“Astrology for self-reflection and self-improvement! The “Astrologer’s Astrologer!” Ellie has amazing interpersonal skills; she’s sweet, has a beautiful accent and she genuinely cares about her clients. She is a Real Deal astrologer, affordable and no-nonsense! And she has knowledge of materials that extend beyond contemporary Western astrology. Ellie gave me an incredible amount of material to reflect upon, and I came out of my reading better understanding myself, my strong points, my weak points, what motivates my feelings, my actions, my thought process, and where I might fit into the “larger picture.” I cannot recommend her enough and I especially recommend you get a reading if you are student of astrology. You will come out knowing so much more about the discipline and about yourself!” -Allison R.  


“I’ve received two mini readings from Ellie, and I am so glad I chose her to be my astrologer. Ellie is very thorough in her readings, breaking down the details that are so important to truly understand what the starts are trying to tell us. She revealed some things about myself that I was aware of and had let slip out of my mind from childhood, as well as things I had yet to discover and feel will prepare me to be the best version of myself. I truly enjoyed the readings and plan to use them to reach a level of self-awareness, acceptance, and success in my life. Had I not enlisted her help, these hidden potentials might’ve never been expressed to me, and I might not take risks in my life to go down the best path I can. I’m excited to continue using Ellie as an astrologer, and receive a full natal birth reading, too. I highly recommend Ellie’s services for those seeking self-understanding, improvement and if you want to make a change in your life for the better!”


“I received a mini-reading from Ellie. She wrote a 7-page report discussing four different aspects of my chart. Ellie went above and beyond my expectations as an astrologer as she did not just tell me about my aspects/placements, but described more in detail how they manifest in my life and how I could utilize these placements to my advantage, or how to work with more difficult aspects. I also appreciated the holistic view of my chart – her analyses are not just what you could find on any other astrology site that doesn’t look at the effect of placement on the chart as a whole. She communicated promptly and the report was well written and organized. Overall, it was a great value and I would recommend it to anyone considering it.”
-Maria in Canton, OH


 “Ellie is very competent, kind, and works hard to tailor a reading to the person. The report I received was very well written and informative- I would not hesitate to recommend or use her services again! Thank you so much!”


“Ellie did a natal chart reading for me and she is an absolute pleasure to work with! The report was well thought out and also easy to read and understand. Very in depth reading and non-cookie-cutter insights. I enjoyed reading it and learning more about myself. Definitely recommend her services!”


“My natal chart reading by Ellie had me feeling as though she knew me better than my closest personal relationships, yet we’ve never met or even spoken to each other in person. My own mother said “ Ahhh…It’s amazing that she doesn’t know anything about you and yet somehow knows everything” Ellie is so gifted, I highly recommend her!!”
-Brenna in Boston


“My reading with Ellie was so educational, comforting and informative! As someone with minimal knowledge of astrology she went into depth explaining to me what all of the different terminology and planets meant for me, and answered all of my questions which I really appreciated! Everything that she said was very accurate and things that made complete sense to me. Who knew that there was an astrological reason for me getting such crappy sleep!? She is also such a sweet person that I feel went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my reading. Highly recommend Ellie for anyone wanting astrological services!!”


“We are twins and therefore, our chart doesn’t differ a lot. But Ellie was so amazing and mindful to treat us as individuals and put so much effort and time into finding and working through the individual points in our chart. We are so thankful and felt so valued and understood through the whole process! A reading with Ellie is an experience we highly recommend for everyone! You will end up feeling as though she knows you better than your closest relationships, her intuition is exceptional! ”
-Nadine Maria French & Onida Ines French


“Ellie did a fantastic job! I have ordered readings from a few different astrologers but hers is the only one I’ve come across where she really digs deep into your whole chart. She looks at specifics and the general chart as a whole in her interpretations. She isn’t afraid to say it like it is, which is refreshing, because I find many astrologers just agreeing to whatever their client wants to see. I highly recommend getting a reading!”
-Sarah from California


“I had a one hour reading with Ellie and it was by far the best hour I’ve spent in a while! It was such an informative and eye opening session. I learned so much about myself and I also finally understand some things about myself. I felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend when I was talking to Ellie. She was able to take me back to my childhood and helped me come to terms with a lot of things about myself. She was so kind, understanding, and she was so patient with all my questions. I will absolutely be back for another reading and I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a real, insightful reading.”
-Bell from the US


“It has been so great working with Ellie at Saturn Season Astrology! She corresponded with me so that she could understand my unique situation, and even answered my questions after I received my report. Her thorough readings helped me to wrap my head around a tragic event that happened to a family member, and allowed me to gain a lot of valuable insight into my own personality and life path. Ellie was welcoming, warm, and funny in her correspondence and made me feel like I was talking to an old friend who really cared about me. Ellie knows her stuff when it comes to astrology, I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is seeking answers or clarity. I will certainly be reaching out to her again!”
-Jessica S. 


 “I was lucky and blessed to have crossed paths with Ellie, online. Just that one interaction pushed me to get my chart reading and synastry done with her. The amount of insight you get for yourself and your relationship/partner (if you do synastry) is priceless. If you want to gain insight and invest in yourself I 10/10 recommend Ellie’s services. I have already purchased 3 different readings and will continue to support her and her depth of work. She is sweet, knows her shit, organized, and always there to answer follow-up questions. Thank you, Ellie!”
-Nedi from Florida


“Ellie is AWESOME, First of all her spunky, energized nature was enough to make any client happy. But, it was more her attention to detail and professional insights that got me. My God, I was impressed when she pulled out a six page long sheet filled out with notes about my chart. She was quick and daring to make points that I would not normally think about, as a constant self-analyzer myself. Ha! And she was willing to dive in and go wherever the conversation flowed (even to some depths)! I really appreciate her putting up with me for thirty minutes. But seriously, I more appreciated her layered well of knowledge and experience. I honestly left the conversation feeling very fulfilled and enlightened. Thanks so much to her and I hope to meet with her some time again. And, I would, of course, recommend her to anyone who needs an astrologer.”


“I have always been a skeptic about astrology. Out of curiosity, I decided to dig a little deeper with a reading. And to be honest, I’m floored after going through the birth chart reading Ellie created for me. SO MANY of the things she pointed out in my chart resonate deeply with me. She wrote an incredibly in-depth report, wove everything together in an easy-to-understand way, and even patiently answered all of my questions. Thanks Ellie!”
–K. in Finland


“I contacted Ellie for a natal chart and karma reading after careful documentation. I already had an idea about what she offered from the work examples she posted on her website. She delivered two great readings on time (one of them even earlier), exactly how we agreed during our first interactions. I appreciated that we kept in touch and discussed various aspects of my chart throughout the process before she finalized the readings. This way, the overall experience was more personal and inclined towards the information that I wanted to know more about, rather than just receiving a standard reading. I also appreciated that she added advice in her reading and explained the more technical aspects of astrology. She put a great deal of work and attention into my reports, and it was easy to tell that she is passionate about the work that she does.”
-Adriana B.


“I am so happy with my reading from Ellie! It took me weeks to finally decide to spring for the biographical natal chart reading, and she made me feel confident in my choice to do so from day one. She emailed me frequently with questions about my life experiences to not only fact-check and fine-tune her interpretations of my placements, but also to make sure she was creating a reading that really focused on what I was truly needing and wanting her to delve into. I did not expect that at all. It made the whole process so much more personal and meaningful and exciting and thought-provoking than I had anticipated – and that was all before I even received my reading! Ellie was very polite, non-judgmental, and very sharp when asking delicate questions – she was probing and deep yet eminently respectful. As for the reading itself, I read it twice the day I got it – in tears the first time. Now, about a week out from receiving it, I will often find parts of her writing popping into my head as I go about my day, bringing clarity to a behavior of mine that I had previously poorly understood. Ellie succeeded in doing what I really wanted her to do, which was bring clarity to the parts of my chart and life that I was consistently unable to make sense of.”
– D from Connecticut


So so so lovely! Not only did they do a fantastic job on the reading, but they were kind and patient to answer any questions I was curious about in email previously to the reading. The reading was 100% right on the head accurate. Like looking into the darkest parts of my soul. Honestly, cried like a little baby because it’s so rare for me to feel understood, but I felt SEEN. I’m actually booking another reading soon. No one can give you a clear cut answer to your life but you, but if you want amazing guidance 10/10 recommend! Completely satisfied.” 
-Sharon A., Laredo, TX


“I wanted to reach out to you about the Karma/Past Life reading I purchased from you and let you know how thankful I am to have found your page. Girl, thank you so much! I’ve studied the hell out of my birth chart but struggle so much interpreting *past life indicators* or *karmic marks* and have had such a fascination with Draconic Charts. Your reading was jam packed with SO much useful, tangible information and I truly learned/benefitted from. You explained everything with great detail, and the amount of effort you put into it is so appreciated.”
-Ashley F.



Anyway, thank you, Ellie. You are a godsend to me. Bless you for your wisdom and knowledge.”
-Chris from Canada 


“Warm warm hello dear Ellie, I just wanted to follow up with my morning email and to say a gigantic THANK YOU for your amazing work and heart. I just read what you wrote in the synastry report and I can so so so see all what you mention. Totally spot on and so many good guidance peaces to reflect and incorporate. Thank you sweety so much and I want to wish you from all my heart to continue blossoming with your work and in your personal life as you continue to make such positive impact on the world like you had on me. Sending you enormous gratitude and lots of warmth:)))”



“I’ve previously had a reading of my natal birth chart but nothing compares to the very detailed, informative and intuitive reports that Ellie created for me. Ellie has a special gift in astrology and being very intuitive was able to see things clearly that were to hidden to me. I would highly recommend using her for an astrology reading. As they say it’s ‘Written in the Stars.’”
-Ali x

“Ellie was great. I found her on a Reddit post and checked out her website right away. I loved how she gives information very real and raw. She was very thorough, answered the questions I had, and she was very easy to talk to and relatable. I will definitely be having more sessions in the future and I’m loving the Star Cards. They are a great resource in helping me get deeper into astrology.”-Jessica Renee

“Thank you so much for the very informative reading! I enjoyed it very much and feel you’ve given me much to think about. I’m sure the implications of what you shared will continue to unfold for some time to come.”
-VS, Detroit

“I truly value your genuineness and authenticity when it comes to each of my readings, and you have proven to be one helluva guiding light in some very difficult times. It’s rare to have been able to connect with someone on this spiritual level from afar – as most of my friends swear “a spiritual advisor” is someone that can read your energy from in-person interactions – which for them may be true but I have been fortunate enough to have made that connection with you. I’ve tried other online astrological readings/tarot readings and they have been so cookie cutter. Not only have you inspired my life and me to be mindful of my trajectory in life, but you have further sparked my interest in being more knowledgeable of astrology and what the stars/planets/alignments have in store for each and every one of us.”
-Jess R. from Chicago, IL “


“I was so excited to find Ellie’s website and IG account because I’d been searching for info on the galactic center and hadn’t found much out there. I dove head first into her website and so resonated with what she offers and then scheduled a reading with her. Ellie is an interesting mix of what feels like to me, genius, intuition and raw energy. I gained a lot of new insight from my reading with her and look forward to more encounters. She brings a fresh perspective to astrology.” 
-Tammy Roth – Florida

“I ordered the mini reading from Ellie. The breakdown of my chart was so insightful and helpful! She covered so many topics, explaining WHY I live as I do, and what I am able to do to bring out more positive traits of a sigh or aspects within my natal chart. Which I have found to be extremely useful. To me, a Natal chart reading can be so special when you have an experienced astrologer like Ellie to dissect, evaluate and explain all the energies happening within this map of our soul. Thank you again!”-Barbara D

“My astrology reading with Ellie gave me so much clarity and validation. I loved her unique perspective on interpreting past lives and karma. She has a wealth of knowledge about astrology and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future.”
-Alyna, Houston, TX

“For starters, Ellie did an AMAZING job at decoding many specific elements of my birth chart, but it was the overall experience of this reading that really moved me. Ellie has a very kind and personable energy and spirit about her that allowed me to really let my guard down and share some rather personal things with her. I feel like this not only helped her to understand my story more, but it also helped her to explain my astrological placements in a way that really resonated with me. I love that she enlightened me about things in my chart that I was previously unaware of such as the ‘Great Attractor’ and the ‘Avatar Gate’ energy centers that I have. Overall, I would highly recommend getting a reading done by Ellie if you’re looking for an insightful and interactive experience!” 
-Sheyanne 🙂