Just as a disclaimer – this is literally JUST an idea, I’m just fucking around with this shit and am in no way, shape, or form claiming that this is “correct,” or that I am any kind of expert in this particular area of astrology (I won’t do myself dirty/sell myself completely short though – I have a lot of astrological knowledge in MANY areas of astrology, but this particular are, the GC, is more of a “mystery” to me). I also reserve the right to to find this wrong later on…so, in other words, no one hold me to this shit 🤪Without playing around with ideas and theories and stuff like that, we wouldn’t ever learn anything new.

In the intro article that I wrote about the Galactic Center (GC), I mentioned the idea of bringing stuff FROM the GC “down to Earth.” In case I didn’t make it clear WHY this would be necessary in the first place (sometimes I’m not as clear as I would like to be 🤣), there is an idea that the GC is the source of all creation, and a life-line to the “other side” (or other realms, other dimensions, etc.). There is also an idea that the GC is a way to tap into this source of all creation, to tap into other dimensions, and even to be FED information from the source of all creation and/or from other dimensions. Why would this need to be brought “down to Earth?” Because the GC, I would think, could feed people some really weird shit that may not make a whole bunch of sense, and almost needs to be translated into our language here on Earth (the GC seems like it speaks a language all its own). EVERYBODY has the GC in their natal chart, meaning EVERYBODY has this potential in their chart. I won’t lie, though – the propensity to be really connected to the GC does seem like this would be the strongest with people who have planets conjunct the GC (and probably even planets opposite the GC, albeit in a different way). Currently, the GC is at 27-degrees 3-minutes Sagittarius (or 27 Sagittarius 03), but it moves VERY SLOWLY like a fixed star (it’s not a fixed star, but it moves LIKE one), meaning you will need to pull the GC in your own chart to know exactly where it was when you born.

In the intro to the GC article, I mentioned that there is the Galactic Center (GC), and then there is the Galactic Anti-Center (GaC) which is opposite the GC (right now the GaC is at 27 Gemini 03). I also mentioned that scientifically the Earth is 2/3 of the way from the GC, and 1/3 of the way from the GaC (this may or may not be a rough or crude estimation) – Earth is definitely closer to the GaC than the GC. In knowing ALL of this, in regards to this theory I’m playing with, we’d be looking for the place in the chart where the 2/3 and 1/3 point meet.

There are 360-degrees in a natal chart. Having the GC and GaC opposing each other, we are looking at two different sections of the chart with 180-degrees. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

So, we might theoretically be looking at two spots where the GC information could be brought down to Earth since we’d be looking at one point on the lower half of the chart and another point on the upper part of the chart. In doing the math here, 180 divided by 2/3 you get 120 and 180 divided by 1/3 you get 60. This would put this theoretical point where you could bring information down to earth 60-degrees from the GaC and 120-degrees from the GC on either part of the chart. Since the GC is currently at 27 Sagittarius 03, this would make these points 27 Aries 03 and 27 Leo 03 right now (and from the windows of degrees from 17 Aries 03 to 07 Taurus 03 and 17 Leo 03 to 07 Virgo 03. For example, in my natal chart the GC was at 26 Sagittarius 41 when I was born, so this would make the precise location of the points in my chart 26 Aries 41 (in the 4th House) and 26 Leo 41 (in my 9th House), and would make these windows from 16 Aries 41 to 06 Taurus 41 and 16 Leo 41 to 06 Virgo 41. You would need to see where the GC was when you were born to find the precise location for this in your own chart.

What I think might be really important here is if one has planets conjunct this particular degree, or within a certain window of degrees, to be able to bring the stuff one gets fed from the GC down to Earth. I would use a wider orb here – maybe something like 10-degrees on either side….or that’s what I’m starting out with regarding this theory (casting a wide net like with the initial GC research on reddit). This would put this window from 16 Aries 41 to 6 Taurus 41 and from 16 Leo 41 to 6 Virgo 41 based on my own chart – depending on where exactly the GC was when you were born this might be a little different “minutes” wise.

These windows of degrees in the chart seem, at the moment, where all the shit from the GC could be translated down to Earth. If one has conjunctions to the GC, but no planet (or the Sun/Moon Midpoint, Chiron, cardinal points, etc.) within that window of degree, they might be given a ton of information from the GC but never be able to translate or transmute that information down to Earth in a way that makes sense to them or anyone else. Luckily, there are two windows of degree for this (as of now I’m rolling with this, anyway), meaning it seems like there would be a better chance that something in the chart would fall within those windows.

This also brings the question of planets trine the GC to the forefront of my mind (since these windows of degree are essentially trine the GC). It probably plays in and plays out the strongest when looking at someone who has planets conjunct the GC (maybe even opposing the GC), and something trine it to bring that information down to Earth. The people that just have the trines to the GC but no conjunctions – they are able to translate (or transmute) the GC energy down to earth more easily, maybe, but they might not be as familiar with where that energy comes from if they don’t have a planet conjunct the GC as well (meaning they may not really know what they are able to translate in the first place). It does seem like a planet (or whatever) falling within these windows of degrees could serve as a filter for bringing the stuff the GC feeds someone down to Earth – it could be used as a vehicle this way. The closer the planet (or whatever) is to the actual exact points, 60-degrees on either side of the GaC and 120 degrees from the GC, the better this planet serves as vehicle for bringing shit down to Earth.

Definitely play around with this and I’d love to hear any thoughts that anyone has. I will probably make a video about this over the weekend and link it to this post, lol.

To find the GC in your own chart, go to astro.com and under the fixed star list (once you’ve picked the extended chart selection at the top, you will go the to the bottom where it says “additional objects” after entering your information). Go down to the G’s and pick the option that says “Gal. Center, SgrA*.” Then run the chart 🙂

Here is YouTube video that kind of goes along with all of the above ^_^

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  1. Do you feel like things can can come down to Earth through Pluto?

    Pluto is actually an interesting one to talk about here since it’s so transformational as it is (and the GC does seem rather Plutonian in a way).

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