Saturn Energy (and why it’s fucking awesome)

A post I saw on Reddit a bit ago had the poster lamenting about how much they disliked all the Capricorn/Saturn Energy in their natal chart. They found all the Saturn/Capricorn Energy difficult and they were wondering how they could access other placements in their chart (such as becoming more in tune with their fire sign moon energy, etc). Essentially they wanted something to counter all the Saturn, something to over-ride it and over-power it. Basically, turning them into someone that they aren’t, that they weren’t divinely created to be. Then I got to thinking…….

Saturn is one of those greatly misunderstood planets (as well as the sign Capricorn). It tends to be regarded by critics as “serious,” “depressive,” “restrictive,” and “responsible,” with the most negative connotation surrounding those words. Not only is it misunderstood but almost fear inducing, especially when someone mentions the *big bad boogey-man* Saturn Return. Christ, if you want to see what I mean, mention this term in some sort of astrology forum. Or search for posts about people asking questions having to deal with their upcoming Saturn Return, what kinds of negative shit they should expect from it occurring, and how they should brace themselves for what’s to come. Now, I’m not getting onto people wanting to know about what’s to come during their Saturn Returns. People like to know things about what’s to come for them, and there is nothing wrong with preparing oneself for things that could, indeed, be a challenge. It’s all the fucking fear that’s almost been drilled into people about Saturn Energy that bothers me. How Saturn is always painted in a generally dour and negative light. This is all because some asshole decided that it was a “Malefic” planet (because of keywords to describe it like “structure,” “discipline,” and “restriction.”) Saturn is all of those things; the structure, the discipline, the responsibility, the restriction. But it’s so much more than that (and, depending on how you look at them, those aren’t necessarily bad things). Above all else, Saturn is a challenge. A challenge that you’re either up for, or you’re not.

I have learned a few things about Saturn over the years, the first of which being that Saturn Energy is necessary. You may not always like the structure that it imposes on the areas of your life that it touches. It may not always be “fun,” but it is necessary for your soul’s evolutionary growth. Maybe while your soul was in the “in-between” before this current incarnation, you wanted these kinds of structures, restrictions and responsible feelings to touch specific areas of your life. Maybe I’m a little bit biased since I have Saturn on the Ascendant and a Capricorn Moon (both of which I heavily identify with), but I find the reins, structure and restriction that both place on me are absolutely necessary. If my moon were anywhere else, I probably wouldn’t have the calmness and clear head that I do under really high stress situations. I would also probably be a much more emotionally volatile person in general, but that Capricorn Moon keeps everything in the emotional arena nicely in check. Also, with Saturn on the Ascendant, it gives a seriousness, depth and “rock solid” quality to the personality that otherwise wouldn’t feel (or be) as pronounced to me. And I kind of like that.

Another thing I have learned about Saturn energy is the more you work against it, the worse it will be for you. This rings true for placements in your own Natal Chart, Synastry Chars, Transit Charts, etc. You can’t work around it, either. Literally, with Saturn Energy, you have to work with it to work through it. Saturn will test you. Saturn has a tendency to throw things in your path that make life more difficult. Some examples could be having Saturn conjunct the Descendant, which could cause that native difficulties within romantic (or just one-on-one) relationships. Another example is the “scary” Saturn Return; during this time, you may find things in your life become more taxing, loss becomes more prominent,”difficult,” and restrictive. If you are someone who doesn’t have a prominent Saturn/Capricorn in your chart and aren’t naturally familiar with this energy, it can feel as if road blocks are constantly going up everywhere and/or that everything is kind of blowing up around you. Saturn, being father time, is there to clean house; to push you away from things, places and people you have just simply outgrown and don’t need anymore. To push you along life’s journey and force you to change in some way. Change can be difficult, and taxing, but oh so necessary. Once the necessary work and perseverance is put into your Natal Saturn/Capricorn Placement(s) to master the lessons that Saturn wants to teach you in this life, you will come out more victorious in that area of life than can be imagined before putting in the work. Saturn does reward hard work and perseverance, after all. (This is true for Transits, Synastry, etc., and especially for Saturn dominant people).

Look, no one said that life was easy (as I’m sure that all of you know). Saturn promises that there will be difficulties in your life, things to persevere through and will test you to see what you’ve learned and mastered thus far. It is these very difficulties, trials, and tribulations though that cause us to grow and evolve into even more complex beings. To evolve us to a higher state of being. And this evolution and growth is what life, I believe, is all about.