Astrological Ramblings

**In this post, we will take the House that the North Node falls in out of the equation and just focus on what it means to have your North Node in a specific sign (and what it means to have the South Node in the polarity sign). Usually with things having to do with the Nodal Axis (and growing into our North Node), a catalyst occurs in our lives that edges us out of the comfort of the South Node and into the uncharted territory of the North. This catalyst could be something major and life changing (such as a death, marriage, or divorce), or even something much more minor. Something will kind of shake us internally, saying “Wake up, fucker. You’re supposed to move beyond this,” whatever the “this” in the situation is. Once this waking up occurs, you will begin to move towards the North Node. Though, in all my years of study, this period of waking up usually doesn’t occur until the person’s first Saturn Return, or after it.** North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio: If you have the North Node in Taurus, your North Node mission in this life is all about security and stability in the physical world, to learn to take care of yourself for yourself, to calm down/slow down and relax. In this lifetime, your soul wanted to evolve into something more earthy, grounded and stable in the physical reality. This is probably a far cry from your South Node in Scorpio, […]